22/00444/PIP – Land North of Cufaude Cottage, Cufaude Lane

Bramley Parish Council has received notice of a ‘Planning in Principle’ application for 4 new dwellings on Land north of Cufaude Cottage in Cufaude Lane.  The application may be viewed online here.  There is a quick turnaround on the consultation for this because it is a ‘Planning in Principle’ application, and the deadline for comments is 2nd March 2022.  If you have any comments to make on the application, this should be done via the planning portal.  A guide on how to do this is on the Bramley Parish Council website.

The Bramley PC Planning Committee will be discussing the proposals at their next meeting on Tuesday 8th March, having obtained an extension to the consultation deadline from the planning officer.  Details will be on the Parish Council website in due course