22/00744/FUL – Bramley Garage, Sherfield Road, Bramley

Bramley Parish Council has submitted further objections to the planning proposals for the Bramley Garage site, which were recently amended.  The objections are below, and the full submission document can be viewed here.

Bramley Parish Council has now met to consider the amendments to the above planning application, and have voted to object to it for the following reasons.

  • The proposed amendments have little material effect on Bramley PC’s original objections, most of which still stand.
  • There is no guarantee that the bakery will remain. The bakery is listed in the Bramley Neighbourhood Plan as a Community-Valued Asset, and therefore the loss of the bakery would not be in line with Bramley Neighbourhood Plan policy CVA1
  • The loss of Bramley Garage will have an impact on employment in Bramley.
  • The parking per dwelling at the rear of the property is likely to be inadequate, with only one space per dwelling.
  • The proposed 2.5 storey buildings are not in keeping with the local street scene, and will be closer to 3 storeys in any case. There will be overshadowing of nearby properties.
  • Access will continue to be an issue, despite possibly fewer vehicle movements. Cllrs felt that there would actually be more vehicle movements.
  • Part of the proposed car park is Network Rail land. Network Rail are unlikely to allow any development that impinges on their land.  This will be the case with these proposals. 
  • The area looked after by Network Rail will increase in future when the line is electrified. This will cause issues for residents if these proposals are approved.
  • Plans are not sufficiently safe for pedestrians using the footpath.
  • Vibration and noise from trains is a concern, especially as NWR are likely to increase traffic on the line in the future.
  • Members expressed concern for safety of pedestrians whilst the development is being built – the footpath is well used by residents, particularly at peak times, and is used a great deal by parents and children getting to and from the School.
  • Builders will access the site via the main entrance from the main road, which will contribute to congestion at the level crossing and beyond.
  • Bramley continues to be unsustainable for new development due to overcapacity at the Doctors surgery, school, roads, and issues with sewerage.

In summary, Bramley Parish Council continue to strongly object to these proposals.