Annual Meeting minutes – 17th May 2021


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Council
Date: Monday 17th May 2021 Time: 7.00pm
Place: Brocas Hall, Clift Meadow
Present: Cllr Tony Durrant (Chair) Cllr Liz Capel
Cllr Malcolm Bell Cllr Chris Tomblin
Cllr Colin Shimell Cllr Bruce Ansell
Cllr Steve Day Cllr Keith Oborn
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 0 members of the public


1 Apologies For Absence – None.
2. Election of Chairman

Cllr Durrant stood down as chairman, and Cllr Bell took over the meeting in his capacity as Vice-Chair.  Cllr Tomblin proposed that Cllr Durrant be elected Chairman, seconded by Cllr Oborn.  Agreed unanimously.

Cllr Durrant took over as Chairman and continued the rest of the meeting.

3. Election of Vice-Chairman

Cllr Capel proposed that Cllr Tomblin and Cllr Bell be elected Vice Chair.  Seconded by Cllr Oborn and agreed unanimously.

4. Co-option of Councillor to Bramley East Ward

Two candidates have come forward to stand for co-option, Chris Flooks and Alan Munday.  Cllr Durrant summarised their previous work on the parish Council.  After some discussion Cllr Durrant proposed electing from the two candidates, Cllr Tomblin seconded.  Chris Flooks elected by a 6 to 2 vote.  Clerk to notify both candidates.






5 To receive declarations of interest relating to items on the agenda – none.
  At this point, Cllr Durrant gave a brief summary of the Council activities over the last few years, and invited comments from other Cllrs.

Cllr Bell read out a personal statement welcoming the new councillors, outlining some past differences, and expressing his desire to put any past differences to the side and work together for the whole of Bramley.

Cllr Shimell responded – he is unhappy about the letter sent to him being publicised on social media and via mailshot.  Cllr Durrant gave some background on the issue.  Cllr Durrant also noted that the PC is transparent in everything it does, via social media and website.  Newsletters are sent out periodically.

All Cllrs agreed to draw a line under the issues expressed and move forward with a fresh start.

6. To appoint representatives to committees and other organisations, as follows:
       i.            Planning Committee

a.       Committee members – Cllrs Bell, Tomblin, Oborn, and Capel all stepped forward to stand on the Planning Committee.  Cllr Flooks was also nominated for the Committee.  Cllr Tomblin noted that he may well have a continued role on the BDBC Development Control Committee and will therefore be unable to vote on planning applications.

b.       Committee Chairman – tabled until 8th June Committee meeting.

It was also noted that a Neighbourhood Plan working group should be considered very soon.  It was unanimously agreed that this should be put in place ready to consider any upcoming Local Plan changes and should be in place by September 2021 at the latest.

     ii.            Budget & Finance Committee

Cllr Durrant noted that this committee has not met in some years, but should do so moving forward, particularly for the budgeting cycle.  It is unlikely to need to meet monthly, but perhaps quarterly.  Clerk to send draft Terms of Reference to all members ready for a final decision at the July PC meeting.

a.       Committee Members – Cllrs Day and Shimell put themselves forward.  Cllr Durrant said that he would bring the two Cllrs up to speed on financial matters.  A meeting between Cllrs Day, Shimell, Durrant, and the Clerk to be arranged.  It was noted that for a formal committee to be established a minimum of three Councillors must stand.  At this time three Councillors have not come forward.







Cllr Durrant


     iii.            Well-being Committee

Cllr Durrant outlined the remit of this Committee.  It should cover issues that affect the happiness and well-being of the community.  He noted the need to reach out to Vyne Park residents, and Upper Cufaude Farm residents once it is built.  It was felt the this would work better as a working group.

Cllr Capel suggested liaising with organisations that make grant applications – following up on grantees to see how they are doing and how they are using the funds.  This was generally agreed to be a good idea.

a.       Committee Members – Cllrs Tomblin, Capel, Oborn, and Day stepped forward to stand on this Committee.

b.       Committee Chairman – this will be a working group, so a Chairman is not required.

c.       Clift Meadow Trust representative – It was unanimously agreed that Cllr Capel should continue as the PC representative to the Clift Meadow Trust.

d.       Village Hall Trust representative – It was unanimously agreed that Cllr Oborn should continue as the PC representative to the Village Hall Trust.

     iv.            Allotments & Burial Ground representative

Cllr Shimell stepped forward to take responsibility for the Allotments and Burial Ground.

     v.            Basingstoke & Deane Association of Parish & Town Councils representative

Cllr Bell stepped forward as the PC representative to BDAPTC.

     vi.            Hampshire Association of Local Councils (HALC) representative

Cllr Bell stepped forward as the PC representative to HALC.

7. Resolution that all Councillors be authorised to sign cheques/authorise online payments

This was unanimously agreed.  Clerk to amend the bank mandate.   




8. Appointment of Responsible Financial Officer

It was unanimously agreed that the Clerk Maxta Thomas should continue as the RFO.

9. Review of Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

It was agreed by all that these are currently fit for purpose, although a full review will be required over the summer of 2021.  Clerk to take forward.




10. Closure of meeting

Cllr Durrant closed the meeting closed at 8.26pm





Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….      Date:………………………………………                (Chairman)