Appeal Decision – Land Adjoining Clift Surgery 21/02588/TDC

The appeal for the above planning application has been dismissed by the Planning Inspector.  The application was for technical details consent for 4-6 dwellings next to Clift Surgery.  In the summing up, the Planning Inspector stated:

“I have found that the proposal would not harm highway safety, in terms of access, and that the character and appearance of the area would not be harmed.  However, on the basis that an executed copy of the planning obligation has not been provided, I cannot be satisfied that appropriate arrangements would be made to secure adequate infrastructure to mitigate the biodiversity impacts of the proposal.  Therefore, the appeal scheme would conflict with Policy EM4 of the Local Plan and Policy RE3 of the Bramley NP.  As a result of this conflict, the proposal would conflict with the development plan when read as a whole.  There are no material considerations, that indicate a decision should be made other than in accordance with it.  The appeal should therefore be dismissed.”

The full appeal decision notice can be read here.