Bramley Road Race – 20 February 2022


The Reading Roadrunners will be holding their annual road race in Bramley on 20th February 2022, after a break of a couple of years.  In order to minimise inconvenience to local residents, they will carry out the usual practise of placing ‘no race parking’ signs at the entrance to the side roads along the Sherfield Road and The Street.  The main race parking will be at the MOD site.  These signs will be removed after the event.  There will also be a half road closure on Sherfield Road for 30 minutes between 10.15am and 10.45am due to the large number of runners on this stretch of the road.  This will make it much safer for the runners but the Reading Roadrunners hope it does not inconvenience local residents as the closure is only for a short period of time.  An authorised traffic management company will be employed to manage the event and also have a Traffic Management Plan that is agreed with Basingstoke Council and the police.

More details can be found on the Reading Roadrunners website.