Constituency Conservation Charter – Bramley PC response

Ranil Jayawardena MP, MP for NE Hampshire, has published his Constituency Conservation Charter.  This can be viewed online on his website –

A resident in Bramley has requested that the Parish Council review the Charter and respond accordingly.  The review was carried out at the April 2021 PC meeting, and the formal PC response to the Charter is below.  The full document can be viewed here.


Dear Ranil

In response to a resident’s question asked of the Parish Council following his exchanges with you.

Bramley Parish Council considered your Constituency Conservation Charter at the April 2021 full Council meeting and reached the following conclusion.

The principle of promoting the use of safe and healthy hazard free brownfield sites in preference to any greenfield sites is acceptable.  However, Bramley Parish Council cannot support the charter in its current format as it fails to specifically refer to sites west of the A33 and appears to be very Hart District centric in its approach.   In particular it makes no specific mention of the entirety of Bramley Parish, your home Parish and the community this Parish Council represents.

The document would have to be rewritten to include the entirety of Bramley Parish with a commitment from you to offer the same protection as the existing charter offers other areas before support may be given.

Yours sincerely


Maxta Thomas

Clerk to Bramley Parish Council