Highways Maintenance Newsletter – November 2018

Hampshire Highways’ salting vehicles are ready for winter and a campaign is already in full swing to raise awareness of the County Council’s winter service. In addition, we have been visiting local schools to share important road safety messages and give the school children the opportunity to name their local gritter.

The 43 dedicated winter vehicles were brought in last year as part of the new Hampshire Highways fleet. These state-of-the-art vehicles are fitted with the latest technology to ensure  alting is accurate and efficient, and this includes full GPS guidance and automatic salt delivery. The vehicles also have Euro VI environmentally efficient engines and dedicated snow ploughs that can be fitted when required. Highways teams remain on standby 24/7 throughout the winter season, which runs from 1 October to the end of April. They use detailed Hampshire-specific weather forecasts in combination with real time information from a network of electronic roadside weather stations to make decisions about the best time to salt the roads, where to salt, and how much salt to use.