Manydown Update – 29th September 2022

A presentation was made at the recent meeting of the Basingstoke & Deane Assocation of Parish & Town Councils meeting, updating members about the current status of the Manydown development in south Basingstoke.  The slides can be found here, and the presentation notes are as follows:

Debbie McLatch introduced herself as Project Head Commercial & Development Delivery.


Slide 1 – Council’s Manydown Land

Manydown basically falls into two parts – the northern area in pink on the map and the southern area which is the council’s orange lump in the middle, in combination with the Society of Merchant Ventures site right at the very bottom.


Slide 2 – Vision of Manydown (2014)

Land was acquired on a leasehold interest for the purpose of proper development and comprehensive planning of the wider area. And are master planning to develop into a good environmental and infrastructure led delivery solution under the Garden Towns agenda.


Slide 3 – The ten principles (2016)

Originally, the 10 main principles around what Manydown would deliver, not in any particular priority order, as they are all equally valid.


Slide 4 – Programme Structure

The programme falls in to 2 main parts after the principles and vision had been established:

  • The North which has subsequently achieved planning
  • The South, which is in the current promotion programme


Slide 5 – New Community in Manydown North – Title divider slide only.


Slide 6 – Outline planning application

Outline planning was submitted in 2017 and achieved planning permission following the Resolution to grant in July 2020.

The proposal – up to 3520 homes and supporting infrastructure for a new community, including a countryside park, primary schools and reserved land for secondary schools, shops, businesses and community facilities.


Slide 7 – Development partnership

Following a long OJUE market procurement process, a joint venture agreement with Urban & Civic and Welcome Trust was established. It is a complex structure but ultimately the Manydown Development Vehicle LLP will be the vehicle that will be delivering the development and it’s led by the development manager, Urban & Civic.


Slide 8 – Planning strategy

Planning – following the completion of the s106 legal agreement and planning permission being granted, Urban and Civic have now submitted draft site wide strategies to the Local Authority for their consideration as part of the discharge of conditions, currently in the internal consultation stage with the LPA. Various stakeholder groups will be contacted to discuss & work on that.

Following the successful conclusion of that stage, the development manager will then lead into the key phase framework stage of the planning process.

Basically, working the way through the various tiers of planning permissions required.


Slide 9 – Emerging first phase

Aerial view of what the first phase of development would look like.

The green area to the north is the countryside park that already is an existence in the form of green wooded areas and farming occurring there

This will be improved and developed through the delivery stages of the planning so more work will be done as we bring more housing forward.

The first two areas of housing are on the east 1A which is off Roman road and 1B which is off Worting road – 1200 homes in total across this first phases.


Slide 10 – Progress Update:

  • Archaeological digs have taken place working with County Archaeologist & various local interest groups have been invited to visit
  • Manydown Life website – – has been set up for regular updates and there are ongoing updates to local parish & community groups


Slide 11 – Joint Local Plan promotion of the Manydown South (including the wider Southern Manydown) – Title divider slide only


Slide 12 – Joint master planning

Manydown South is jointly owned by Basingstoke and Hampshire and the neighbouring part by the Society of Merchant Ventures. The combined areas are known as Southern Manydown.

As part of the LPA local plan process Southern Manydown has been promoted as a hopeful draft plan allocated site.

Slide 13 – Work carried out to date

The slide summarises the process to date:

  • Been involved in this since 2013 working with HCC and our consultant AECOM masterplanning on Southern Manydown.
  • Worked through various draft masterplan iterations focussing on delivery our visions and options.
  • Working on the technical papers in the background as to what our strategies might be and we have an emerging masterplan now which is identifying what we could physically deliver across that land engaging with the planning authority on appropriate technical evidence that’s required to support what we believe is achievable on that site


Slide 14 – Evidence to date

The slides summarise the technical work to date.

The evidence will be around the technical areas as included in the topic papers.

Initial strategies are formed and currently working with technical stakeholders to engage as to whether the strategies are deliverable and the evidence base is sound, in terms of what the LPA is being asked to consider


Slide 15 – Emerging vision

  • The slide shows the emerging vision – and it is very green led.
  • It’s about green connections and active transport, ecology and addressing climate emergency considerations.
  • Predominantly about active modes of transport across the development.


Slide 16 – Emerging principles

It formulates an evolution of the original principles going forward and it sets out where those principles relate to the masterplan.


Slide 17 – Evolving Masterplan

This slide shows the plan evolves the principles into sustainable development, starting with green infrastructure and active transport (being green led) with walkable neighbourhoods and other supportive transport systems connecting into the local neighbourhood.


Slide 18 – Delivery benefits

The benefits that have been identified in the master plan currently:

  • The entire southern area will deliver up just over 8600 homes (over a 30 year period)
  • It would form part of health campus with potential hospital land being safeguarded.
  • Employment areas, green connections to countryside links, heritage farms and infrastructure supporting district and local centres support the housing.


Slide 19 – Next steps

Next steps are very dependant on the local plan process at the moment.

Delivering an ambition document so that it can be used as the basis of stakeholder engagement to work with the local communities to explain what we’re doing and to get feedback and the options will be refined.

Engagement in preparation for the regulation 18 formal consultation stage. Work alongside the LPA to support their process.