Minutes 15th July 2013

Held in the Bramley Room at the Village Hall on Monday 15th July 2013 at 7.30pm.


Parish Councillors present were:

Chris Holland (Chair), Richard Wood, Janet Grieve, Malcolm Bell, Chris Wright, Tony Durrant Alison Jayawardena

Also present were:

Parish Clerk, Mark Penfold, and 8 members of the public

  1. Apologies

Borough Cllrs Jayawardena and Tomblin and County Councillor Chapman who were all at other meetings.

Claire Penfold who tended her resignation before the June meeting was noted to be reconsidering. The Clerk was checking the process and would let her know whether it was possible to withdraw a resignation which had been reported to the district monitoring authority.

  1. Declaration of Acceptance of Office

              Bruce Ansell stood and read aloud his declaration of acceptance of office which was duly signed by Cllr. Ansell and the Proper Officer of the Council. He then joined the remainder of the meeting as a Member.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting

There was a point of clarity over a statement made at the previous meeting which lead to a discussion about the item on the roundabout. It was clarified that the Parish Council did not support a 4th exit from the proposed roundabout discussed with Tom Robison from HCC last month and an action point was clarified to write to HCC to re-state this. Having been reflected in the minutes it was resolved that they were a true record.

Proposed Cllr. Grieve, seconded Cllr. Wright

  1. Monthly bank Reconciliation and Accounts for approval

Proposed Cllr. Durrant, seconded Cllr. Holland. Please see appendix.

4.i Decision: to approve the revised budget for the financial year 2013-14

A revised budget had been prepared by the Finance Committee for proposal to the Parish Council.

The budget for the financial year had been prepared in January and it had since become clear that some expenses were higher than predicted. Some budget lines were amended to make the budget more relevant for the financial year.              

Proposed Cllr. Durrant, seconded Cllr. Holland. All in favour of amending the budget by resolution.

4.ii Decision: to approve the purchase of RBS financial management software

It was noted that for the upcoming period there was expected to be higher capital expenditure on special projects with increased income and expenditure, which would likely subject the parish council to intermediate audits and require improved financial management and reporting. The auditor had recommended a particular package and this was researched by the clerk who had also received recommendations from CPALC and other parishes.

It was resolved that the parish council would purchase the RBS Alpha Financial Management software with the first year’s licence and the training support at a cost of £627 for the first year with an ongoing licence agreement of £107p/a as long as it was required. All in favour.

4.iii Decision: to approve changing bank, and setting up electronic banking

Due to recent problems with the current bank, which the clerk had established other parishes were also experiencing, it was decided that other banks might be investigated.

It was also noted that the auditor had measured Bramley Parish Council’s financial controls and determined that they were satisfied that the council may consider electronic banking.

The clerk had sought recommendations from other Responsible Financial Officers for Parish Councils and had also heard from the Auditor about Unity Bank, who provide accounts tailored for Parish Councils, and who offer electronic banking facilities with dual and triple authority systems. Details about Unity Bank and their Terms and Conditions were circulated prior to the meeting.

It was resolved that the clerk would set up new bank accounts over the summer recess ready for use from the September meeting onwards.

All in favour.


5.0 Review of procedures

It was resolved that the following documents and procedures, having been circulated, would be adopted for the upcoming period. It was noted that the Terms of Reference for the Committees had been amended at their recent meetings, that the Document Retention Policy was new, and that the Burial Ground regulations had been slightly amended.

Standing Orders, Code of Conduct, Financial Regulations, Asset Register, Committee Terms of Reference, Document Retention and Disposal Policy. It was noted that the risk assessment was also due to be reviewed to ensure its relevance.

All in favour.

6.0 Proposed new youth facility

After an update from Cllr. Grieve into the current status of this S106-funded project, and following the circulation of a briefing note to all Cllrs, it was resolved that the project team would continue to refine the plans for the proposed new youth facility on Clift Meadow, and submit them to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council for Planning Approval.

6 Cllrs were in favour, 2 Cllrs abstained from the vote.

It was noted that there would be further public consultation stages for this project.

It was also noted that the business plan would be circulated to Cllrs for information once it had finished being prepared.

It was explained that there was a proposal to purchase some booking-system software which would enable the Village Hall Trust, Clift Meadow Trust, and Cross House to work together to get the best use out of the spaces available for community use. It would also then incorporate the new youth facility when that was available.

The Parish Council resolved to approve the purchase of a computerised booking system for all community facilities out of Parish Council reserves, to be replenished as part of the allocation of S106 funds for the new community facility project if possible. If this was deemed not to be possible the goods would be donated by the Parish Council under S137 Grants and Donations powers.

All in favour.

Public Interval

The Parish Council were pleased to welcome some of the members of the Bramley Youth Club, and also some parents of smaller children in the village. They confirmed the need for the new facility and said they were looking forward to having it. The parents of smaller children also came to ask the Parish Council to help with a request they had made some time ago to the Borough Council to have some play equipment installed in the open space near Bromelia Close. The Parish Council had been contacted about this over a year ago and had supported the idea in principal, but the project had not progressed. Cllrs. Grieve and Holland agreed to liaise with the Borough Council to see if there was something which could be delivered out of S106 or other Borough funds.

One of the mums is also the current caretaker for the Village Hall and Clift Meadow and she was able to explain some of the difficulties people have booking space within the village. She explained that Bramley sometimes loses custom to other neighbouring parishes because we do not have enough available space to hire, and felt that the new facility would help, while not taking away income from the current facilities.


7.0 Police, County and Borough Councillors Report

None present to offer reports

8.0 Allotments

The parish council were asked to make two decisions regarding allotments.

It was resolved that the project team may meet with the engineers to finalise plans and costs, and would continue to progress the project over the summer recess incurring costs as approved within the budget where necessary.

It was noted that some plots at the current site had been neglected and as such there were very high weeds. It was noted that following complaints from members of the public and some people on the allotments waiting list, letters had been sent to the tenants of the neglected plots. As a result some explained that they would end their tenancy whole others decided to stay so they would secure their position at the new site, and said they would clear their plots. Deposits are held by the parish council in case tenants do not clear their own sites upon leaving, but it was not clear whether this would cover the whole cost of clearing a site.

It was resolved that the parish clerk would arrange for the clearance of the neglected sites, and keep them weed-free until those affected by the burial ground extension are relocated to the new site, and that if the deposits did not fully cover the costs they would be covered by parish council reserves.

9.0 Planning Committee recommendations

Current applications. Please see appendix.

There was a discussion about the proposed Solar Farm just outside of the parish boundary, and it was agreed that the parish clerk would register the parish council’s objections to this application.

There was also a discussion about the planning application for change of use of some land in Cufaude Lane for a gypsy caravan, noting that this application is part retrospective as work has already begun at this location. It was resolved that the parish clerk would write to the Borough Council using our consultee status to object to this application. There were serious concerns that this was a ‘test-case’ for the whole site which consists of 48 plots in total, being sold without planning permission. The clerk would also ensure other grounds for objecting were researched and properly mentioned in the response to the Planning Authority about this application. A copy of the response would be posted on the website.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.30pm.

It was agreed that there would be an extraordinary meeting of the parish council on 9th September 2013 to further discuss the Local Plan and also to receive an update on the new youth facility project.



Appendix: 9.0 Planning Applications

13/00751/FUL Provision of photovoltaic solar park and ancillary infrastructure Land at Beaurepaire Farm

New Road



RG26 5ED

Parish Council: Objection
13/00998/FUL Change of use of land to use as a residential gypsy caravan site for one family with two caravans, including one static caravan/mobile home, laying of hard-standing, erection of utility building and improvement of existing access (part retrospective) Land At 464750 158383

Cufaude Lane



Parish Council: Objection
BDB/77341 Some amendments to the plans: Outline application to include access for residential development comprising up to 425 dwellings (including up to 40% affordable homes), public open space (inc. children’s play areas), associated landscaping, infrastructure and the formation of 2 no. new vehicular accesses from Crockford Lane Razors Farm

Cufaude Lane



RG24 8LS

Pending Consideration

Appendix 4.0: Monthly bank Reconciliation and Accounts for approval

BRAMLEY PARISH COUNCIL                                                               


BANK RECONCILIATION JULY 2013                                                  


Business Account sheet 40-41                                                           £              132,558.17

Receipts                                                                                                      £                           9.87

Payments                                                                                                   £                 20,000.00

Closing Balance                                                                                        £              112,568.04

Current Account sheet 49                                                                    £                 15,684.07

Receipts                                                                                                      £                   1,535.50

Payments                                                                                                   £                   4,977.09

Closing Balance                                                                                        £                 12,242.48


National Savings Account                                                                    £                 16,183.63

Interest                                                                                                      £                                  –

Closing Balance                                                                                        £                 16,183.63

Totals                                                                                                          £              140,994.15


Cheques for approval                                                                           

1641          Litter warden pay July (+ back pay April-May)          £                       316.81

1642          Clerk pay July                                                                         £                   1,182.20

1643          Clerk expenses/office allowances July                        £                       110.88

1644          Litter warden pay August                                                  £                       291.67

1645          Clerk pay August                                                                   £                   1,182.20

1646          Clerk expenses/office allowances August                 £                         26.79

1647          Macallan Penfold                                                                  £                   1,000.00

1648          Macallan Penfold                                                                  £                   1,000.00

1649          Macallan Penfold                                                                  £                   1,000.00

1650          HALC chairman skills course                                             £                         36.00

1651          Bulpit Bros Bramley Green Cut                                       £                       400.00

                                                                                                                        £                   6,546.55



Checked By Chairman Chris Holland                                               Date





………………………………………………..                                                         15th July 2013