Minutes 15th September 2014

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Monday 15th September 2014 Time: 7.30pm
Place: Committee Room, Bramley Village Hall
Present: Cllr Durrant (Chair) Cllr Bell (Vice Chair)
Cllr Wright Cllr Ansell
Cllr Grieve Cllr Holland
In Attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 7 members of the public
Apologies: Cllr Chapman (HCC) Cllr Jayawardena (Borough)
  PCSO Nathaniel Johnson



1 Apologies for Absence

As listed above.

2 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Grieve declared an interest in the Village Hall grant agenda item.

3 Minutes of the Last Parish Council meeting


The minutes of the meeting held on 21st July 2014 were proposed by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Bell as a true and accurate record of the meeting, and agreed unanimously.  They were duly signed by the Chairman.



Standing Orders – the Council discussed the draft Standing Orders, as distributed by the Clerk prior to the meeting.  Subject to obtaining the correct wording re SO 3L, the draft SO’s were proposed for adoption by Cllr Holland and seconded by Cllr Bell.  Unanimously agreed.  Clerk to progress.  Cllr Holland noted that there are issues surrounding electronic communications which will need to be clarified in the near future.  




4 Open Forum

The Chairman invited questions and comments from those present.

Ray Cooper asked if the Council were objecting to the proposed solar farm at Berry Court Farm – Cllr Durrant replied that the PC has responded to past applications with objections.  Any objections will be carried forward to repeated applications.

5 Planning & Development


New Applications

14/02197/FUL – Lilac Cottage Lane End Bramley

Erection of new 3 no. bedroom dwelling and garage following demolition of existing garage. Formation of new access and parking to Lilac Cottage

It was noted that the house in within a Conversation Area.  It is very close to an existing property, but in keeping with local area.  Object on grounds of Conservation Area.

14/02235/LDPO – 16 Olivers Close Bramley

Certificate of lawfulness for the proposed conversion of loft to living accommodation with dormer to rear elevation and roof lights to front elevation – No objections

14/02300/HSE – Aspley Villa Sherfield Road Bramley

Erection of two storey rear extension – No objections.

14/02353/HSE – The Forge Sherfield Road Bramley

Construction of a double garage with ancillary accommodation – No objections

14/02418/HSE – 17 Wallis Drive Bramley

Erection of first floor extension over garage and two storey rear extension following demolition of conservatory – No ojections

14/02539/HSE – Orchard Cottage Coopers Lane Bramley

Erection of two storey rear extension to include rooflights

Cllr Durrant noted that it will overlook neighbours – Cllr Ansell has also noted this previously.  However, no objections.

14/02648/HSE – Bramley Corner Lodge Silchester Road Bramley

Erection of garage/garden store following demolition of existing building – No objections

14/02346/LBC & 14/02345/HSE – Beaurepaire Park Bramley

Erection of new three storey plus attic and basement extension to side (south) elevation of existing house, to form new principal wing, following demolition of existing modern single-storey rear (west) extensions. Erection of new orangery to east of existing house and construction of new central pond, and new garden pavilion to west of existing house. Erection of twin bridges and lightwell to new basement to south flank of moat plus associated parking / turning area within moat and new drive south of moat. Replacement of existing north bridge. Construction of balcony and boat landing stage to west flank of moat. Erection of 2no. garages to north of moat, including associated parking / turning area. Relocation of tennis court to south of walled garden. Relocation of manège to north of existing indoor riding school. Associated landscaping works – No objections

Cllr Holland noted that there will be a large number of heavy lorries, which will be directed away from Bramley, but this should be kept an eye on.  It was suggested that a meeting be set up with the estate to keep up to date on the work planned.  Cllr Durrant to take forward.

14/02347/FUL – Beaurepaire Park Bramley

Construction of new vehicular access onto Morgaston Road, and associated new sections of drive across park, and associated landscaping works

Cllr Bell noted the access was very close to a corner, which may make it dangerous.  It would be better to be on straight area of road.  No objections, but with comments appended.











































Cllr Durrant








Approvals/Refusals – recent approvals and refusals were noted.


Update on Strawberry Fields development

No further information.  Bramley PC due to meet with the developers and SSE in early October.


Update on Minchens Lane development

The application is going to Committee in November – a number of questions have been raised by Highways re possible traffic volume and safety the corner near the railway bridge have resulted in delay.


Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF) – road safety at Level Crossing

Meeting in August did not happen due to holidays.  Cllrs Durrant and Holland to take forward.  Cllr Holland noted that communication with BDBC re the LIF has been difficult.  BDBC are looking at a footbridge, whilst Bramley PC is looking at the safety of the whole area.  Cllr Tomblin was asked if there was any point in Bramley PC going forward with proposals – he confirmed that alternative proposals were a good idea.  Cllr Holland to produce a synopsis of plans and actions to date, and distribute to council and Cllr Tomblin.  Clerk to organise initial meeting.






Cllr Holland



Update on transport related activities

Cllr Holland gave a verbal update.  Part of the C32 Bramley West has been resurfaced and ditches have been cleared; this should alleviate long standing flooding problems.  The resurfacing of the C32 through Bramley East needs to be addressed – In 2013 HCC engineers assessed the C32 throughout Bramley; they recommend spot maintenance throughout Bramley East and consideration for resurfacing during FY 2016; crossing islands and pinch points are key areas for potholes.  Cllr Holland agreed to seek confirmation that the plan remains unchanged; he advised the meeting that HCC Transport Department state they have no new money.  Cllr Wright asked if overgrowth at islands etc was going to be addressed – the majority of grass and undergrowth trimming is now done by vehicle mounted machines this tends to cause the build-up of vegetation at traffic islands and other pinch points.  Cllr Holland will liaise further with HCC Transport Department.











Cllr Holland

6 Clerk’s Report & Correspondence

The Clerk noted the HALC AGM on 4th October in Hartley Wintney.  A place has been booked for a Bramley Councillor.


Update on Casual Vacancies

Two candidates have come forward.  Both were asked to attend this evening’s meeting, and invited to stay for a brief informal chat with Councillors after the meeting.


Litter Warden Vacancy

The current Litter Warden has handed in his notice, and will be leaving at the end of September.  The post will be advertised on noticeboards and via social media from 16thSeptember onwards, with a view to filling the post ready for early to mid October.

7 Reports


Reports from Parish Council representatives


Allotments & Burial Ground Update – See appendix A.

Quotes have sought for clearing allotments 1 and 2.  Unfortunately, not many companies were willing to quote, so only one has been received.  The quote is for £200.  Further, the company have also tendered a quote for £100 to clear the rubbish area in the Burial Ground.  Cllr Wright proposed and Cllr Durrant seconded accepting the quote – agreed unanimously.  Clerk to action.

The Clerk noted that she has received a number of calls and emails commending the Council on the improvement at the Burial Ground since the new contractors took over.  However, she also noted that a couple of complaints have been received with regard to the grass being cut too short on the graves, and some items being damaged.  The Clerk is to meet with the contractors to discuss and address any concerns.

Cllr Ansell noted that the charges for the Allotments are due for review.  Cllr Ansell proposed, Cllr Wright seconded no change to Allotment charges – unanimously agreed. Cllr Bell asked if splitting allotments would make a difference to charges – Cllr Ansell stated that it may.













Neighbourhood Development Plan – See appendix A.  Cllr Bell confirmed that the questionnaire would be a vote per household, not a vote per person, although votes can be registered online individually.


Village Hall Trust – See appendix A.

A grant request from the Village Hall Trust has been received.  This is to repair and update the existing heating and add an air conditioning system following the recent break in, and is for £15,000.  Philip Lewis and Richard Wood from the VH Trust gave some background to the application, and noted that extra security is also being put in place.  The cost of this is not part of the grant request.  Cllr Ansell proposed, Cllr Bell seconded that the grant be given – unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.

Richard Wood stated that the Trust on behalf of the community are very pleased that the grant has been given.

Cllr Holland noted his concern that grants in general should be viewed in the round as well as on an individual basis.  Cllr Durrant observed that applications would all be considered on their individual merits and what the PC has available.  This particular request will not eat into reserves as another project has been cancelled.  Cllr Durrant also noted that PC budgets for such items need to be reviewed in the near future.

Cllr Tomblin added that there may be funding via s106 for community buildings – clerk to contact June Balcombe.


















Youth Facility Project – See appendix A.  It was noted that there are proposals for the naming of the Youth Facility, and for an Opening Ceremony.  A competition to name the building has been proposed.  Cllr Durrant asked if there would be any legal costs or tax implications in the PC handing over building to Clift Meadow Trust – Cllr Grieve confirmed that there was not.


Education & Schools – Cllr Holland gave a brief update – the new Head has been in place for a term.  He has written as strategic plan for the school, which is due to be published very soon.


Borough Councillor Report

Cllr Tomblin gave a verbal report.

Local Plan – due to be submitted to the Inspector on 9th October – should be examined in early 2015.  He noted that the SCHLAA version 9 is now in the plan.

Razors Farm – a public enquiry should be at end of September.

Cufaude Lane – chalk dumping.  A digger was flattening piles of chalk in September.  This is technically not breaking injunction.

A33 – improvement works – briefing due on 16th September.

Cllr Tomblin asked the Council for an update on horses that have been grazing in public areas in Bramley.  The Council confirmed that all horses have now been removed.


County Councillor Report

No report.


Chairman’s Report

Cllr Durrant stated that the summer had been quiet, as there was no Council meeting.  The planning education flyer has been progressed – it will be distributed next week with NDP questionnaire.


Council IT support assistant – Cllr Durrant noted that Cllr Wright has done an excellent job in keeping the various Council IT areas up to date in recent months.  He also noted that this does not fall within the Clerk’s remit.  Therefore he suggested that the Council consider employing a part-time IT support assistant.  Cllr Wright to write a job specification, and this will be taken forward to the October meeting.





Cllr Wright

8 Parish Environment/Maintenance

8.1, 8.2

Update on s.106 funding & Community Recreational Facilities

Cllrs Grieve & Holland gave a brief update on the current position.  Funding has been agreed for the drainage work at the Football Field, and the work has now been completed.  Cllr Holland gave a brief history on why the Football Ground project was approached and taken forward as quickly as it was.  He noted that the Football Club are extremely happy with the work.

Funding of £20,000 has been agreed for the outdoor gym project at Clift Meadow, and Cllr Grieve is in the process of obtaining quotes for this.

Ball court needs lines re-doing – this will be around £600.

Bromelia Close – the results of a direct consultation due in near future; however, most residents appear to be in favour of the recreation area.


Youth Workers – Cllr Durrant outlined plans for a paid youth worker.  Cllr Holland noted that the Clift Meadow Trustees need to look at this.  Carried forward to October.


Renaming of Clift Meadow – Clift Meadow to be renamed to Clift Meadow Park in a rebranding exercise.  Cllr Durrant noted that the Parish Council as Custodian Trustee does not have any influence on the decision to rename the Meadow.


Footpath maintenance – See appendix A.  Cllr Bell noted that many of the footpaths in the parish are very overgrown at the moment.  Some are due to be cut back during September by BDBC, but it was felt that a more ongoing approach is needed.  Cllr Ansell to contact BDBC to see if the Environmental Care team are able to do anything.

The Clerk noted that there may be funding for a further Parish Lengthsman cluster in 2015/16, and that she would be prepared to administer the scheme if Bramley were to be the lead Parish in the cluster.  This was proposed by Cllr Wright, seconded by Cllr Bell and agreed unanimously.  Clerk to take forward.




Cllr Ansell






Community Assets – Cllr Durrant has drawn up a list – he will distribute to all councillors to review.

Cllr Durrant


Parish Magazine – An update on the youth facility was published but nothing else submitted for August, as there was little to update.  The editors have asked if the PC are going to continue to publish in mag – Cllr Durrant confirmed that it will, and that the Council could fill two pages regularly.  He noted that the magazine is a commercial enterprise, and therefore not eligible for grants.  He proposed that an extra pages over two pages required by the Council would be chargeable at a standard rate.  No decision to be made at this time.


Noticeboard – Forge Field – the Clerk noted that a new PC noticeboard could be required.  Cllr Durrant proposed and Cllr Wright seconded a motion to erect a new noticeboard.  Unanimously agreed subject to quotes and planning.  Clerk to take forward.




9 Highways


Issues – covered elsewhere on agenda.  Campbell Road works to be started in 4th quarter of the year.

10 Consultation Documents requiring consideration


11 Finance


Payments and Reconciliation Approval – see appendix B

The clerk outlined the payments and reconciliation for September.  She noted that the Youth Facility payments were made in August as scheduled, and that one other invoice for the Royal Mail reply service for the NDP had also been paid.  Items of note for September are:

  • An invoice for the work on the Football Field – the s.106 payment from BDBC has been received
  • Hall hire bills for this calendar year

All other payments are as expected.

Cllr Wright proposed, and Cllr Bell seconded a motion to approve all payments.  Unanimously agreed.  Clerk to action.












Acknowledgement of Receipts – Appendix B

S.106 money has been received for the Youth Facility and for the Football Field.  The second half of the precept is due at the end of September.


Insurance Renewal – the Clerk has received the insurance renewal for 2014-15.  She noted that the premium for asset cover has been reduced slightly, due to an up to date asset register being sent to the insurers.  The fidelity guarantee has been increased to £250,000 at no extra charge – this will cover fluctuating bank balances whilst the various s.106 projects are underway.  The 3 year long term agreement is due to expire next year, and the Clerk recommended carrying out a full review of the Council’s insurance requirements in the early part of 2015.

Cllr Holland proposed and Cllr Grieve seconded a motion to renew the Council insurance in line with the Clerk’s recommendation.  Unanimously agreed.  Clerk to action.










12 Grant Applications

Village Hall grant was covered under item 7.1c.

13 Date of Next Meeting

The meeting closed at 9.35pm

The next meeting will be held on Monday 20th October 2014 at 7.30pm, in the Bramley Room at the Village Hall.


Signed:            ………………………………………………………………….  Date:………………………………………


Appendix A – Briefing Notes


Paths Network – Through our work in the NDP related to forward transport development options in the village I have made contact with Matthew Beal of the Hampshire Area Countryside team.  He has kindly offered to meet at his office in Old Basing. His team is currently establishing a core network, probably suitable for walkers and cyclists and routes which users should have every confidence in using. Essentially routes where they can commit to a higher level of management or have been able to invest in a high quality surface to provide year round access. I’m hoping to get the NDP draft plans before him for feedback and guidance. I will provide a separate brief once I have had the meeting, of course any other councillors can attend as well, just let me know, as of yet we have not established a date/time.

http://www3.hants.gov.uk/countryside/countryside‐development.htm – The Access Development Team is part of the Countryside Service and was established in 2004 with the aim of increasing the profile of countryside access and to make practical access improvements through planning, innovation demonstration and community involvement. The team is responsible for producing a Countryside Access Plan for Hampshire, managing and maintaining the Hampshire Countryside Access Forum and running the Hampshire Paths Partnership scheme. In addition the team responds to strategic planning and planning applications and will be developing planning policy.

C32 – crossing linked to path network – I am continuing to pursue this option, as a potential project it has been listed since 2000! I personally refuse to accept the comments provided by the county councillor who attended the NDP meeting last year to discuss transport. I am of the firm belief unless we achieve a safe route to school for the children of the village we are failing to offer protection for parents and children.  The option for a crossing is listed under BDBC0322 (School Travel Plan)

Issues – Malcolm has kindly raised the following issues (many thanks Malcolm, good to work as a team).

  • Ref 21115959 is regards the trees overhanging the pavement toward strawberry fields
  • Ref 21116985 is regards the pavements being overgrown with grass from Campbell rd. to Bramley green
  • Ref 21116092 is regards the footpath from Bramley green to strawberry fields being overgrown with grass
  • Ref 21116098 is regards the trees overhanging and branches dumped in the hedgerow along the c32 from Campbell road to Bramley green.

Actions required –

  • General ongoing information and contact gathering
  • Capture of timed video around crossing area from 0700 – 0900 working /school day to show the dangerous issues currently being created.


Following on from the Parish Councils decision to suspend expansion of further allotments within the Parish until we are clearer on the development situation, we have looked to try and optimize the existing allocation. Sadly we received no response to the written approach to existing allotment holders if they wished to change their current arrangements.

  • Plots 1 & 2 are vacant and can be cleared for allocation this autumn, quotes required from contractors.
  • Plots 5 & 6 are leased by a Mr. Reed, however currently the allotments are severely under utilized and consist of 80% grass. I have tried to contact Mr. Reed through post, as our current records for existing leaseholders was limited. However he has not responded to mail and there was no answer on 2 occasions when I visited his address, I shall continue to try and make contact.
  • Plot 8 is leased by a Mrs Helen Keene, as indicated we have received no response from postal contact. However Plot 8, has been unused since Spring and is now badly overgrown. This lack of upkeep is outside of the conditions of the lease and I suggest the Parish Clerk be asked to contact the leaseholder and advise that if the plot is not tidied to a sufficient standard the lease will be withdrawn and re‐allocated. The leaseholder’s deposit of £25 should not be returned if this is the outcome to be used in part for the required clearance.

Actions required –

  • Within the allotments policy it is indicated the lease value of the current plots shall be reviewed by the Parish Council each September. The current cost for a single plot is £24 and from current records this has remained the same cost since 2011.
  • Example allotment rental costs for 5 rods – (approximately 25.29 square metres)

Alton ‐ £21 PA

Eastleigh ‐ £40 PA

Basingstoke ‐ £25 PA

Neighbourhood Plan

Draft policies have been put forward by Mick Downs of Urban Vision which were presented to the Steering Group on the 26th August at a meeting attended also by Stella from Planning Aid. Revisions were made at that meeting and it was decided that for housing then we take the Tattenhall approach by registering the maximum number of houses per site. To be able to do this, then an input from the community is required which will highlight specific areas in bramley asking them what they consider to be an acceptable number of houses per site in keeping with the present character of Bramley.

A questionnaire is being prepared which will be circulated to all households with a pre-paid envelope, will be on the web for electronic replies. The closing date is to be the 10th October when results will be analysed and be the basis of the housing development policy for future developments.

Other policies have been modified. A Character Assessment of Bramley is being undertaken on the 30th September by Planning Aid. This will highlight protected views, the character of houses, green spaces which will help with some of the comments in the policies.

The pathways and cycleway proposals associated with the safety of residents in the village is being progressed through the help of BDBC who have put us in touch with various organisations who can give advice and support as regards these policies.

The target is to get the draft plan with policies to the PC and to BDBC by mid to late October. BDBC will look at the policies over a 6 week period and decide whether or not we require Strategic Environmental Assessment. If that is the case, it adds a further time to the plan being accepted by BDBC.

In the meantime, the results of the surveys and comments logged which are the evidence base supporting the Neighbourhood Plan have to be tabulated to be presented as Appendices to the NP.

Village Hall

Break in – As you are no doubt aware the Village Hall was broken into on the night of 21/22 July. The thieves were after the copper pipes linking the heating and boiler etc.

The break in was discovered by Little Apples who were moved to the Pavilion for their last day of term by prompt action from Eileen Gulston, Booking Secretary. In the meantime the Caretaker, Helen Willans had called the Police. There was a gas leak so Helen called the gas company. The Bramley Room was flooded and there was considerable damage.

Helen and the Chairman Richard Wood gave statements to the Police and once the area was considered safe and the Police had the information they needed Helen got to work to clear the mess with a few helpers. This took a lot of hard work and quite some time.

The thieves left with some copper pipes but the gas leak seems to have scared them off. However, they ripped pipes from the walls and destroyed one of the boilers, and then went on to vandalise where they could breaking china and all the spare bulbs. The mess and damage was considerable.

The maintenance company PSC Services assessed the damage and gave prompt quotes for insurance which was dealt with by the Chairman assisted by the Treasurer Philip Lewis.

Temporary repairs were made so the Main Hall and the Committee Room could be used within a few days – although without hot water. As a result there was minimum disruption to the users and activities in the Village Hall.

Because not all the copper pipe was taken the Police said the thieves may try again and they did, but fortunately didn’t gain access on that occasion.

The loss adjuster agreed the insurance and work is underway on the boiler repair/replacement and heating the week commencing 8 September. Fitting in with existing work has meant that Little Apples can start their new term although some access will be required. Other work will be done in the afternoon and evenings which will mean some disruption to users but these repairs are now urgent as heating will be needed quite soon.

The security at the Village Hall has been assessed and a new alarm system is to be put in along with some strengthening of the fire doors which was how access was gained.

This unfortunate incident has highlighted how much we depend on the work of a small number of people to keep the facilities of the village up and running. We owe a big vote of thanks to Helen Willans and all the contacts she uses to help when there is extra work to be done.

Also many thanks to Richard Wood and Philip Lewis for the hours they gave meeting with the police, insurance and maintenance people to get everything done as soon as possible.

Next month I hope to be able to advise that the Village Hall is not just back in service but with heating too.

Fire and safety – Prior to the break in there were plans to put in proper fire access gates from the main hall fire exist via the childrens garden and this will go ahead as planned. This is part of a review of safety which has been undertaken and will now be enhanced.

Coming Events:

Saturday 29 November – Mistletoe Fayre

Saturday 13 December – Christmas Tree Lighting Up

Saturday 14 February – St Valentine’s evening

Website – The Village Hall website is now under development which will enable information on events, activities and users to be publicised. This will link to the new Clift Meadow Park website as part of the collaboration between venues and facilities in the village.

Community Youth & Recreational Facilities Project – September 2014

Youth Facilities Building – The new building is progressing well – nearly all the brickwork is done and the match to the Pavilion is excellent. The shutters are fitted and all the electrics are there including potential for phone and wifi. The scaffolding is due to come down on 8 September and the windows are due to be fitted on the 9th. The cladding will be done next and solar panels added to the roof on the road side of the building which will generate some income and keep costs down.

The Clift Meadow Trust are being kept up to date, and organising insurance for the building handover, as well as setting hire charges, and organising cleaning and maintenance. Key potential users of the new building such as the PCSC and Scouts will be contacted soon.

Updates, advertising and promotions are being planned via the new Clift Meadow Park website, the Magazine and other social media and posters.

A competition to find a suitable name for the new building will be launched in the October edition of The Magazine and the Youth Club members will be asked to make the final selection.

The handover of the building by B&DBC Community Team representatives to the Chair of the CMT will take place on 11 November, the date the building is due to be completed. The building will then be fitted out and the plan is currently to open the building on Saturday 6 December with a Youth Club event. The Major of B&DBC has been contacted to see if he is able to open the building but no answer has been received to date.

Plans are underway to relaunch the Youth Club with an initial meeting of a management team on 17 September.

Recreational equipment and amenities -Funding has been allocated for the outside gym on Clift Meadow Park and final quotes are coming in. As long as the planning elements are met with assistance from Richard Wareham of the B&DBC Community Development Team then this will be progressing about the same time as the building is finished.

The lines on the Ball Court need to be redone and quotes have been requested for this.

Bromelia Close recreation area -Richard Wareham was critical of the proposal to rejuvenate the Bromelia Close recreation area because of nearby housing. As a result direct consultation is underway with all residents who adjoin or are close to the recreation area and the outcome will be known within the next week or two. If a considerable majority are in favour the aim is to go ahead with the plans and request funding.

Bramley Football Club pitch -Funding has been approved and work on the drainage of the pitch is underway, which will enable use of the pitch in bad weathers and have a positive impact on the Football Club.

Appendix B – Finance


Bank Reconciliation

15th September 2014

Closing Balance from statement #013, 1st September 2014





06 Sep 14

000011 S106 for Youth Facility – Aug


06 Sep 14

000011 S106 for Youth Facility – Aug


15 Sep 14

BACS S106 for Football Ground


15 Sep 14

BACS S106 for Youth Facility – Sept




21 Jul 14


 Grant – tyre park


5 Sep 14


 o/s PAYE May & July 2014


15 Sep 14


 Litter Picking


15 Sep 14


 Clerk’s Salary – Sept


15 Sep 14


 Clerk’s Expenses


15 Sep 14


 Youth facility


15 Sep 14


 Football Ground Drainage


15 Sep 14


 Burial Ground maintenance


15 Sep 14


 Hall Hire – NDP


15 Sep 14


 Hall Hire – Apr-Dec 2014


15 Sep 14


 Hall Hire – Jan-Mar 2014


15 Sep 14


 Software maintenance


15 Sep 14


 Grass & hedge cutting


15 Sep 14


 Parish Council Insurance


15 Sep 14


 Youth Facility



Nett Balance including uncleared cheques