Minutes 16th April 2012

Minutes of Bramley Parish Council
held in the Village Hall on Monday 16th April at 7.30pm.

Parish Councillors present were:
Cllr. Ferguson, Cllr. Holland, Cllr. McCorry, Cllr. Spalding, Cllr. Penfold, Cllr. Douglas

Also present were:
10 members of the public


1.0 Apologies
Parish Cllrs. Wood and Hopkins, Borough Cllrs. Vaughan and Jayawardena, County Cllr. Keith Chapman, PCSO


2.0 Minutes of the last meeting
Proposed Cllr. Douglas, seconded Cllr. Penfold.


3.0 Finance
It was noted that the latest bank statement had once again not yet arrived.
The Clerk would visit the branch and find out why they seem to be coming late.

Accounts for payment were approved, proposed Cllr. Douglas, seconded Cllr. Penfold

Cheques for approval:
Jamie Snow salary £279.10
Sarah Smart – Clerks Pay, allowances, expenses, reimbursements £957.21
South East Water £20.01
HALC affiliation fee £628.00
HALC bespoke training £60.00
HALC CILCA mentoring £120.00
Information Commissioners Office – data protection £35.00
Total payments £2,099.32


4.0 Election nominees announced
It was reported that there were 4 candidates for Bramley West and 4 places, so the Councillors standing in Bramley West would be elected uncontested. There were 7 candidates standing in Bramley East for the 5 places so there would be an election on 3rd May. Notices would be put into the notice boards and the Clerk would put some information on the website to explain the process to the public.

5.0 Planning
See appendix for applications

BDB/75085 – Residents from Wallis drive attended the PC meeting and were invited to explain their application for a change of use of land to residential. The planning application would be circulated among the Councillors for formal comment.

6.0 Police, Borough and County Cllr. reports

Public interval

The matter of litter around the village was discussed and in particular Mr Moreton was concerned about the issue of duplicated workload being funded by the Precept if the Parish were to hire a lengthsman. It was explained that we currently receive a grant for the litter warden and that the role of the lengthsman did not overlap this role as it was more about preserving and maintaining the village assets, such as the bus shelters and seats, and carrying out repairs etc where necessary. He stated that there was not a litter problem near his home as people simply pick up after themselves and people should be encouraged to do this.

It was noted that the village might benefit from an anti-litter campaign and perhaps some co-ordination with local neighbourhood watch schemes may be able to highlight the problem around the village. Clerk


7.0 Highways, transport
The Chairman explained that the highways improvements works which were due to start in Sherfield Road on 19th March were delayed as the contractor had gone into voluntary liquidation. This contract had since been awarded to a new contractor and the works was to be rescheduled.

The matter of the roundabout at the junction of Campbell Road was discussed further. It was noted that at the presentation by Simon Found, Senior Engineer (Highways), no objections had come forward from within the PC. After a spell two Councillors came back to the Chair asking for this to be looked at again. Cllr. Penfold stated that she felt there should have been a further opportunity for the PC to discuss the proposals and felt that it was not made clear at the presentation that the work on the roundabout would be going ahead.

It was also noted that the concept of a footbridge over the level crossing may be back on the table for further discussion as it appeared that Network Rail have reconsidered their criteria and how it applies to Bramley, given the high volume of rail traffic passing through the village. This would not only mean that there was an opportunity to discuss co-operation with funding such a scheme but that if it were decided to proceed, there would be co-operation obtaining ‘track time’ so that works could take place. This would be discussed/consulted further in the future when it was clearer what Network Rail’s position was.


8.0 Environmental matters
It was reported that the area including Bramley was under water restrictions and that residents must not attach a hose pipe to a tap for any domestic purpose. This would exclude building works and small businesses such as window cleaners who relied on the use of water to earn their income.

It was unclear why the lighting along the cinder track was in place but not yet connected. This would be investigated.


9.0 Representatives’ Reports

Parish Plan Update
The final draft of the questionnaire was ready for sign-off, however there were some good points arose during checking and the final version has been altered slightly. This has now gone back to BDBC to implement. Penfold

Community Facility Update
The Chairman reported that there would be an up to date report on this at the Annual Parish Meeting. Ferguson

Beat Panel
Cllr Holland made a report to the PC and asked for support with his recommendation that the PC
proceed with a trial for the Community Speed watch scheme. All in favour. See appendix. Holland

Clift Meadow
It was noted that Clift Meadow are asking for assistance from the PC with regard to acting as an employer to the two adults who are being hired to assist the Youth Club. This will be discussed further.
They are also looking for administrative assistance and the Clerk had put somebody in touch with the Trustees who was looking for some volunteer work.


10.0 Items for the next meeting
The Chairman read out some notices for Cllrs consideration:

The Clerk had circulated some information about a ‘Have Your Say’ scheme whereby funding was available for local community projects, with residents invited to ‘have their say’ about which projects would be taken forward. The Clerk had registered an interest with the organisers and put forward some suggestions for Cllrs. considerations and asked for other ideas to be brought forward. Clerk, all

There is to be a garden party for any couples in the area who had been married for 60 years this year, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. Anybody who knows a local couple was asked to let the organisers know. All Cllrs

It was noted that the Annual Parish Meeting was on 23rd April and the Chairman asked all Cllrs to try to attend, even though this is not a Council meeting, but a coming together of the Parish.

The Chairman explained that there would be a new Chairman appointed at the AGM and that a whole new PC would swing into being after the elections, ready to take on the challenges of the coming years.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.00pm.

Chairman ……………………………………………………………………………………Date……………………………





Erection of two storey side extension following demolition of existing garage

30 Coopers Lane, Bramley, RG26 5BY



MINOR DWELLINGS Conversion of farm buildings to 3 no. four bedroom live-work dwellings, erection of 2 no. new 2 bedroom live-work dwellings following demolition of existing outbuildings, conversion of 1 no. farm building to car ports and work unit together with associated parking, amenity areas and alterations to existing access road

Bullsdown Farm
German Road
RG26 5AR


Listed Building consents (alter/extend) Conversion of farm buildings to 3 no. four bedroom live-work dwellings, erection of 2 no. new 2 bedroom live-work dwellings following demolition of existing outbuildings, conversion of 1 no. farm building to car ports and work unit together with associated parking, amenity areas and alterations to existing access road

Bullsdown Farm
German Road
RG26 5AR


Erection of porch and erection of first floor side and rear extensions

16 Lane End
RG26 5AP



Erection of two storey rear extension following demolition of conservatory

Moggies Roost
Sherfield Road
Bramley Green
RG26 5AJ




Supply deliver and erect one double modular temporary classroom to provide two extra general teaching spaces HCC contact: Kristina King Ref: PLAN/WJA/BAE026 Please note the decision on this application is made by Hampshire County Council Bramley

C E Primary School, Bramley Lane, Bramley, Tadley, RG26 5AH

With planning team

BDB/76063 Conversion of part of integral garage to living accommodation 29 Taylor Drive, Bramley, Tadley, RG26 5XB

With planning team


BDB/76093 Erection of a part two storey, part single storey side extension forming double garage following demolition of existing garage

Stye House, Bramley Corner, Bramley, Tadley, RG26 5DJ

With planning team


BDB/76002 Erection of single storey rear extension, open oak framed porch to north elevation and braced canopy porch to front west elevation. Alterations to external walls of existing south lean-to extension

Willow Tree Cottage, Sherfield Road, Bramley, Tadley, RG26 5BA

With planning team


BDB/75085 Change of use of open space to residential land and erection of a chain link fence

Land adjoining 32 & 34 Wallis Drive and 6-9 St James Close, Bramley, Tadley

With Parish Council

8.0 Beat Panel / Community Speed Watch
Update on CSW as at 16 Apr 12 Cllr. Holland

Last month we asked Sarah to advise how much the existing system costs per month; she managed to find an old 2010 email that indicated the cost per month last year was about £200 per two week period. For those councils that have purchased their own sign B&DBC charge approximately £100+ per four week period to manage the deployment which includes erection, weekly battery changes, battery charges and relocation to the next site. I assume these costs remain roughly correct. We in effect have little to do although no usable data is gathered to enable police law enforcement.

With regard to CSW; I have been working with Martin Slatford of Baughurst PC; they have decided to purchase a CSW system and are coming to an agreement with Silchester to rent the equipment to Silchester PC on a daily basis; they have respectively 7 & 5 volunteers. Martin has been working with the Police who have provided Vetting Forms for level 1 & 2 volunteers; the process for level 1 volunteers can take up to 8 weeks and about 4 weeks longer for the level 2 supervisor. I have the forms electronically but have not circulated them or sought additional volunteers in Bramley. At the moment Bramley have 7 responses to an initial request for volunteers; we probably have enough to create a group of 2 teams of 3 to operate once each per month. If Cllrs wish to volunteer I will happily add them to our band of happy warriors?

If we purchase a system if will cost us in excess of £2,000; we have discussed sharing the cost with other PCs; alternatively we could hire the CSW equipment from Baughurst PC for about £25 per day – seems a sensible temporary solution. We would also have to arrange to borrow or buy High Visibility Vests.

The challenge is not the cost or availability of equipment the challenge is the enduring requirement for trained volunteers. I am advised PCSO Coe or another PC or PCSO will provide the Level 2 action until we have a team leader trained.

I recommend:

1. You authorise me to contact our volunteers and arrange for them to be briefed; if they remain volunteers I will coordinate the filling in of vetting forms which I will return to the Police.
2. You authorise me to work with Baughurst and Silchester to arrange to hire the CSW equipment Jul / Aug for a trial period of 4-6 days. I assume we will be able to hire High Visibility jackets from Baughurst PC or buy from Halfords. PC APPROVED 16 Apr 12
3. You authorise a Bramley CSW Trial for upto 6 days in Jul / Aug 12; if the Trial is successful we can review our purchasing and storage options in Sep 12. If you support the Bramley CSW trial; could you authorise a budget not to exceed £300. PC APPROVED 16 Apr 12