Minutes 16th December 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Wednesday 16th December 2015 Time: 7.00pm
Place: Committee Room, Bramley Village Hall
Present: Cllr Durrant (Chair) Cllr Bell
Cllr Murphy Cllr Lane
Cllr Capel
In Attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 1 member of the public
  Cllr Robinson (Borough)
Apologies: Cllr Ansell Cllr Clarke
  Cllr Marshall Cllr Tomblin (Borough)
  Cllr Keith Chapman (County)



1 Apologies for Absence

As listed above.

2 Declarations of Interest

The Clerk has received a written declaration of interest from Cllr Capel for item 5.1 in relation to planning application 15/04005/HSE.  She took no part in the decision for that item.

3 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting


The minutes of the meetings held on 18th November and 9th December were unanimously agreed to be a true and accurate record.  The minutes were signed by the Chairman.




Matters arising




4 Open Forum


The Chairman invited questions and comments from those present.



5 Planning & Development


New Applications

15/03888/HSE – 11 St Marks Close Bramley

Erection of porch to front of property

No objections.  Clerk to process.

15/04005/HSE – 2 Pheabens Field Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension, two storey side extension and replacement of hanging tiles to front elevation

Extension will fill property footprint, but nothing material to be objected to.  Hanging tiles will maintain appearance of building when replaced.  No objections.  Clerk to process.











Approvals/Refusals – there have be none in November (appendix A).


Consultation for land north of Goddards Lane, Sherfield-on-Loddon  – this consultation is for approximately 95 homes on the site.  It has not yet reached the planning application stage.  Information leaflets have been sent out to nearby residents in early December.  It was agreed that councillors would look into the proposals in more detail, and make formal representations once the planning application is in.  Councillors are concerned about the impact on the strategic gap, traffic, and local services.  Cllr Durrant to draft a response to consultation.







Cllr Durrant


Update on The Street/Cufaude Lane Development – the original outline planning application has been amended, with the total number of dwellings being reduced from 82 to 65.

Bramley Parish Council will be meeting with Hollins Strategic Planning on 17th December to discuss the application.  Clerk to request a formal agenda.

It was noted the Strawberry Fields has been deferred whilst flood assessments are carried out.






Local Development Plan update – no progress.  Portfolio holder has used his delegated powers to recommend a change the wording for Bramley NDP from ‘up to 200 houses’ to’ at least 200 houses’ for the number of new houses that Bramley is expected to receive.


6 Clerk’s Report & Correspondence

Actions from previous meeting:

  • Clift Meadow Trust re supply refreshments on the day of the 2016 Bramley Road Race – CMT in favour of the idea.  Contacted race organisers, who informed me that they organise their own refreshments, with the proceeds going towards their own charity.
  • Current police details still to be placed on noticeboards
  • Contacted Manage Mentors re community projects.  Meeting to be set up in January 2016.


  • I am booked onto an Introduction to CiLCA course in January 2016, and the first formal CiLCA training session in February 2016.










7 Reports


Reports from Parish Council representatives


Allotments & Burial Ground Update – see appendix B.

  1.          i.            Following Cllr Ansell’s report, it was unanimously agreed that Bulpitts are to clear plot 6 of any overgrowth, and when the ditching work is complete, they will erect fences and gates where necessary.  Clerk to obtain more detail on ditching work from contractor before it is agreed.
  2.        ii.            A renewal quote has been received from Bulpitts for the ongoing maintenance at the Burial Ground.  This is in line with fees for previous years.  It was unanimously agreed to accept the quote.



Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Bell has now completed amendments to the NDP following the recent consultation.  Documentation has been distributed to all councillors.

Cllr Bell has received various comments from councillors, which have been taken on board.

After a full discussion, a small number of additional amendments will be incorporated.  Cllr Durrant proposed and Cllr Lane seconded that the amended NDP should be approved subject to these amendments.  Unanimously agreed.



Village Hall Trust – see appendix B.  Next meeting on 23rd November.  Cllr Capel and Cllr Lane to liaise on events for Clift Meadow and the Village Hall.  Some discussion on website launch, which well attended by village groups, but not by general populace.  Clerk to check if link to new website is available on PC website.

Cllr Capel/ Cllr Lane




Clift Meadow Trust – see appendix B.  No meeting for December.



Education & Schools – see appendix B.  Clerk to find out if new head has been engaged.  Clerk also to ask for removal of school fair signs.



Policing and Neighbourhood Watch – see appendix B.  A break-in at the local One Stop shop was noted.  It was also noted that Bramley crime statistics appear to be creeping up.  Clerk to contact PCSOs and invite them to a future meeting.





Highways & Road Closures

  • Bullsdown Farm field path repair – Cllr Ansell’s report refers (appendix B).  To take the project further, the PC need to formally agree to the licence and deed of dedication.  This will mean that BDBC will still formally own the land, but Bramley PC will take on the maintenance for the path.  It was proposed by Cllr Bell to agree to the licence and deed, and seconded by Cllr Durrant.  Unanimously agreed.  Clerk to contact BDBC for some idea of issues and costs for maintenance.

The Clerk finally noted that she is awaiting information on costs from Hedleys Solicitors.

Clerk also to contact BDBC to find out who looks after hedge cutting for The Green and Bramley Green Road, and from the Green to Campbell Road.

Speeding  – Lane End.  Hedging needs cutting back on blind bend.  Clerk to make enquiries.

  •  Campbell Road bus stops – the Clerk has received a quote of £180 for installing a window in the south bus stop.  It was unanimously agreed to accept this quote.  Clerk to give go ahead for work.

Road Closures/Works – the following were noted:

  • The Street – drainage works are being carried out near Lantern Courtyard and Cufaude Lane.  The Clerk is awaiting further news on when work will be implemented.  Clerk to obtain update.
  • Clerk to enquire about tidy up after work on Bramley Road towards Little London after the recent ditching work.























Road Safety proposals – see appendix B.



Borough Councillor Report – Cllr Robinson gave a verbal update.

  • Basingstoke Leisure Park is going to completely revamped over the next 10 years.  The re-development will include a biodiversity centre.
  • Gleesons – BDBC are not expecting them to make any submission re flood risk.  It seems likely that they will take any planning rejection directly to the Secretary of State.
  • Completion of work at Black Dam is now delayed until March 2016.  The overspend is being paid by Highways UK
  • Taylor Drive – Cllr Robinson has been in touch with Wimpey about road adoption.  The relevant contact is on holiday until after Christmas.  Cllr Robinson will follow up in the New Year.
  • Cllr Robinson has attended a public meeting re Goddards Farm in Sherfield-on-Loddon.  100 people attended – residents are against it.  Cllr Durrant outlined the PCs thoughts (see item 5.3).  Sherfield EGM on 4th January – Cllr Robinson to confirm date in due course.









Cllr Robinson




Cllr Robinson


County Councillor Report – see appendix B.  Cllr Chapman had little to note other than the numerous cutbacks at HCC will make things very difficult in 2016.  Cllr Chapman plans to attend the January PC meeting.


Chairmans Report – no report.




8 Parish Environment


Longbridge Road Green – Cllr Durrant recapped his report from last month, and noted that the landowners are keen to sympathetically develop the land.

He also noted that Village Green status will need to be removed, and that another piece of land needs to be offered to replace it.  Cllr Durrant is working with Cllr Tomblin on this issue, and proposed offering the strip of land by Bullsdown Farm, which runs alongside the path the Parish Council will be adopting.

Cllr Durrant has received a letter from agents for the landowners, who are keen to get development going, and are offering to assist the PC with getting the Village Green status rescinded.  Cllr Durrant noted that any proposals would need to be fully considered by PC in due course.



Salt bin – the Clerk has received a suggestion from a resident in Pheabens Field that a salt bin be installed in the area, particularly for the use of residents on that side of the level crossing.

It was suggested that the logical place for a salt bin was on the green area at the end of Oakmead – this then would be available for use by residents of Pheabens Field, Oakmead, The Cresent, and nearby residents on The Street.

Cllr Lane proposed getting a salt bin installed at Oakmead; Cllr Bell seconded the motion, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to action.

Clerk to put item on website asking for other possible areas for salt bins.










Bramley Green grass cutting – a quote has been received from the existing contractors for the next three years.  It includes cutting the grass and strimming areas around posts, signs and ditches.  It is in line with previous years, with increases built in for inflation.  It was unanimously agreed to accept the quote.  Clerk to action.  It was noted that extra cuts could be requested if required.  Also pricing for 2017/18 can be reviewed if necessary.






9 Consultation Documents requiring consideration



10 Grant Applications


Bramley Fun Day 2016 – the Clerk has received a request for start-up funding for the 2016 Fun Day for £1500.  This is not yet a formal grant application.  Cllrs agreed the grant in principle, pending a formal application.  It was suggested that the organising committee also contact local landowners for funding.

Cllr Durrant noted that an informal request has been received for funding for the Christmas decorations at Bramley Bakery.  A formal application was requested but not received.  Cllr Durrant suggested making a donation to St Michaels Hospice in lieu of a grant for decorations.  Cllr Bell proposed a grant of £500, Cllr Murphy seconded the motion.  Unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.









11 Finance


Payments and Reconciliation Approval – see appendix C.

The clerk outlined the payments and reconciliation for December.  She noted the following:

  • The cheque for the pre-design fees for the Memorial Garden at the Burial Ground needed to be re-issued as it was made out to the incorrect payee.

All other payments are as expected.

It was unanimously agreed to approve the payments for December – Clerk to process.










Acknowledgement of Receipts – see Appendix C.


2016/17 Budget/Precept – the Clerk is working on the budget for 2016/17, and will have a draft ready very soon.  She recommended that the Finance Committee meet to review the budget ready for adoption at the January meeting.  This was unanimously agreed.

The precept request needs to be sent to BDBC by 31st January 2015.




12 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 20th January at 7.30pm, in the Bramley Room at the Village Hall.


13 Resolution – To exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings i.a.w Public Meetings – Admission to Public Meetings Act 1960

No confidential business to discuss.


The meeting closed at 10.00pm






Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….   Date:………………………………………             


Appendix A – Planning Summary

Planning Applications for Consideration


1. 15/03888/HSE – 11 St Marks Close Bramley

Erection of porch to front of property

2. 15/04005/HSE – 2 Pheabens Field Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension, two storey side extension and replacement of hanging tiles to front elevation






Pending Applications


1. 15/02708/OUT – Land To The North Of Sherfield Road Bramley

Outline application for residential development of up to 50 dwellings, including affordable housing with associated access, highway works, drainage works (SUDS), public open space, landscaping and any other associated infrastructure with all matters reserved except for means of access


Decision deferred until Feb 2015

2. 15/02682/OUT – Land Adjacent The Street Bramley

Outline planning permission for up to 49 market dwellings and 33 affordable dwellings, together with associated open space, landscaping and new site access at land to the south of The Street, Bramley

3. 15/03077/HSE – Ringshall The Street Bramley

Erection of two storey side and front extensions, with single storey front extension to form entrance porch. Erection of new boundary fence and entrance gates

4. 15/03423/FUL – Land Adjacent The Street Bramley

Erection of two no. 4 bedroom dwellings with detached garages and associated landscaping and access works

5. 15/02304/RES – Land Minchens Lane Bramley – AMENDED

Reserved matters application for Phase 1 for the layout, scale, appearance and landscaping of 57 dwellings, (pursuant to Outline planning permission 14/01075/OUT for 200 dwellings)

Comments submitted, no objections
6. 15/02513/RES – Razors Farm Cufaude Lane Chineham – AMENDED

Reserved matters application for the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of 143 no. dwellings with associated infrastructure, landscaping forming phase 1 of outline planning permission BDB/77341

Comments submitted
7. 15/03638/ROC – Land At Minchens Lane Bramley

Removal of condition 7 (relating to the Code of Sustainable Homes) of planning permission 14/01075/OUT

No objections
8. 15/03907/LBC & 15/03906/HSE – Bramley Corner House Bramley Corner Bramley

Conversion of outbuilding to annexe

No objections



Appendix B – Briefing Notes


Total plots currently under lease agreement

  • X6 full plots
  • X10 half plots

Available plots

  • X4 half plots


Waiting list

  • The waiting list is at 16; however the proposed work will release 4 from the list in time for 2016 growing season.


Required sub-contractor work –

The released plot 6 requires land clearance to remove overgrown areas and return to an arable plot. Plot 6 & 7 require replacement fencing posts and fencing.

Linked to the ongoing proposal of expansion of cremation memorial facilities within the Parish and as advised within the initial design stage quotations have been requested for full clearance of the drainage ditch which runs along the burial grounds and through the back of the allotments, the image below indicates the route of the drainage ditch. Investigating the route has clearly indicated that the ditch has not had any clearance for over 20 years. The ditch is blocked with large hedgerow bushes, built up debris & trees.

Drainage issues are increasingly causing major issues with existing plots within the burial grounds and overgrowth from the drainage ditch is also causing continued costs to the Parish Council in relation to the allotments.

The proposal is to completely clear the ditch and restore a full drainage clearance route; major tree roots will be left to maintain bank bounding.  Two quotes have been obtained, Bulpitts and a RC Saunders, Parish Clerk to provide copies of quotes.

My proposal is that the Parish Council commission RC Saunders to carry out the work, their quote offered an extremely professional proposal and also considered major safety & risk elements of the program. The current Plot 7, unleased, will be used for spoil and heavy equipment storage, on completion of the ditch clearance the plot will be returned to the necessary state for leasing.




  • Health and safety assessment required of Allotment area
  • Parish council to approve Bulpitts quote for work related to Plots 6 & 7.
  • Parish council to approve ditch clearance proposal from RC Saunders.



Memorial Ground expansion

Sub-contractor work required for the ditch clearance as indicated in the Allotment briefing section.



No written report



Village Hall Trust Meeting  – 30th November 2015

1)      Heating Controls – New instructions are being sent out to all user groups as some people have been tampering with them and the rooms are then too hot or too cold

2)      Lighting review – Looking at timers and dimmer switches for both inside and out

3)      Friends of the Village Hall – need helpers for general set up/ put away and also people who can help out with specific events.

4)      Windows – some need attention and possibly replacing

5)      Borough funds – S106 money – ideally would like to use on external lighting and the car park entrance – SL to chase for update

6)      Fire Safety – New signs plus tape around doors to ensure they are kept free

7)      HallMaster – New Booking system – Moving over on 1st January (separating from Clift Meadow)

8)      Feasibility Study – Scheduled for Mid-December – Looking at change of access and use.

Past Events

  • A successful ‘Blues Night’ where over 50 people attended and the Village hall made approx. £500
  • Mistletoe Fair – not as successful as was hoped but still a good turn out – made approx. £400
  • Web site Launch – a very disappointing turn out from the people of Bramley, but a good turn out from the Users Groups and Activities

Future Events

Looking to run a cheese / wine event for the user groups in February – website update – general update from the trustees about activities and future plans.


Sharon to Speak to Liz re co-ordinating events between the Clift Meadow and the Village Hall ie Craft Fair, Advent Fair, Summer fair??


Next meeting 11th January 2016



No written report



Beat Report November 2015

Burglaries – Burglaries are a Local Beat Priority across the whole of Basingstoke. There have been three reported Burglaries this month across Bramley and Sherfield which unfortunately is an increase over last month. There have been no burglaries in a dwelling which is great news!

Even though the advice below has been on every beat report for nearly two years I will still promote this advice due to Burglaries being a beat priority set by the local community and I still visit addresses where the owner has not completed any of the following advice. I ask what would you rather do, spend a little time and money on ensuring your property is properly secure or risk it and end up having to pay much more replacing stolen property or your insurance excess?

Please consider this advice:

Shed/ Outbuilding

  • Multiple (different types) locks on your shed doors – Most locks require different tools to remove
  • Place net curtains in the windows of your shed/ outbuilding.
  • Ensure you have all valuable garden equipment serial numbers stored somewhere safe.
  • Consider placing a ground anchor lock within your shed/ outbuilding and secure valuable equipment to that with a heavy duty lock.
  • Consider moving your high value items into your house.
  • Take pictures of your valuables so if they are stolen and recovered it is easier to find out who the owner is.
  • Use a UV pen to write your postcode on any equipment so it’s easier to identify the owner.
  • Register your property for free on www.immobilize.com


  • ·         Check your insurance documents for any specific security requirements or upgrades.
  • ·         Ensure side gates are locked to prevent access to the rear of the property.
  • ·         Ensure rear fencing is in good repair.
  • ·         Lock all windows and doors, remembering to double lock UPVC doors (lift handle and turn key)
  • ·         Keep all keys out of reach and sight from the letterbox (remember a device could be used to hook keys through letterbox).
  • ·         Do not leave ladders and garden tools in your garden, lock them away in your shed.
  • ·         Improve natural surveillance at the front of your property i.e. trim high hedges.
  • ·         Consider fitting security lighting and a burglar alarm.
  • ·         Mark your property with postcode and house number and register your property for free with www.immobilise.com
  • ·         Make use of timer switches to make the property appear occupied.
  • ·         Get a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property.
  • ·         Remove valuables from view of ground floor windows.
  • ·         Store any high value items (i.e. jewellery, passports) in a properly secured safe or bank vault.


Anti Social Behaviour – There have been 9 reports of ASB this month. If you are a tenant of social housing then you must inform your housing officer. ASB often carries no criminal activity and therefore Police have very little powers regarding it. Residents who live under social housing agree not to cause anyone distress, alarm or annoyance when they sign their tenancy agreement, if they are breaching this then the Housing Association will have more powers than the Police. Evidence will be needed for any action taken against the people acting in an anti-social manner such as photo’s or CCTV. If you can safely obtain either of these and those pictures/ videos show them acting in an anti-social manner then it is more likely that we will be able to help resolve the issue.

A lot of residents have a negative view of how Social Housing Officers deal with ASB however they work much in the same way we do, if there is no evidence or independent witnesses (someone who has witnessed the incident that has not been involved with either the aggrieved or offending family.) Then they cannot take strong action against the offending person/ family.

I would like to encourage all residents to report any incidents of anti social behaviour to us on 101, or if you are a resident of social housing and your issues are with a neighbour also living in social housing accommodation, please report any incidents to your local housing officer, if the problem then persists then your Housing Officer will contact me. Please do report ASB because if it doesn’t get reported then I will not know that it’s happening and therefore I will not be able to focus my patrol time efficiently.


Speeding/ Traffic offences – There have been 2 report of speeding/ dangerous driving reported to us over the last month, this has not caused any traffic collisions.

Speeding is a local beat priority and we use the information gathered from our various Community Speedwatch Schemes (CSW) to target where our speed enforcement operations will be carried out. PC Dean Stickland carries out regular speed checks at various times of the day and on occasions, invites members of CSW to observe him when he does this. PC Stickland has been carrying out speed enforcement around the area and has given verbal warnings to numerous people. PC Bradley has also been carrying out such enforcement.

CSW is an effective way of dealing with speeders, in my opinion it can work better than us carrying out speed enforcement. A visit to a third time offender is utilised to educate them face to face regarding the consequences of speeding both if they are caught by a Police Officer and the effect on a person if they are hit by a vehicle travelling at 40mph compared to 30mph.

If you do not have a local CSW running or you are interested in joining your local CSW then please don’t hesitate to email me on Nathaniel.johnson.15740@hampshire.pnn.police.uk


Suspicious Incidents – There have also been 8 suspicious vehicle/ person reports. The majority of these ate Suspicious “Other” incidents, these vary from alarm activation to a bag being left at the Bramley Railway (which turned out to be legitimate).


Overall – ASB as expected is now decreasing due to bad weather. I suspect that ASB will remain rather low during cold and/or wet weather. We will still get the odd report but I don’t think it will be as big a problem as it has been over the last few months (famous last words!)

Both theft incidents listed in the stats are linked. Due to the fact there were two aggrieved parties, both incidents needed to be recorded separately.

Theft of Vehicle: a male whilst drunk, took his father’s vehicle without consent. He was located, arrested and charged with a variety of offences.


November Crime Stats

ASB – 9

Sherfield on Loddon – 0

Bramley – 9

Assault – 5

Sherfield on Loddon – 0

Bramley – 5

Burglary (Non Dwelling) – 3

Sherfield on Loddon – 2

Bramley – 1

Criminal Damage – 7

Sherfield on Loddon – 4

Bramley – 3

Domestic Incidents – 3

Sherfield on Loddon – 0

Bramely – 3

Driving Complaints – 2

Sherfield on Loddon – 0

Bramley – 2

Harassment – 3

Sherfield on Loddon – 0

Bramley – 3

Suspicious Incidents – 8

Sherfield on Loddon – 4

Bramley – 4

Theft – 2

Sherfield on Loddon – 0

Bramley – 2

Theft of Vehicle – 1

Sherfield on Loddon – 0

Bramley – 1

Other Crime – 3

Sherfield on Loddon – 2

Bramley – 1


Emergency. As always, please can I ask all residents to report any suspicious persons, vehicles or incidents using the 101 telephone number; please only ring 999 if it is a genuine emergency. An easy guide on which number to use is this:

Is the incident in progress and is there a risk of injury or damage to property? – 999

Has the incident already happened and there is no longer any risk? – 101

Anything else we need to know about? – 101


Many thanks, PCSO Nath Johnson



Paths and Rights of way –

Issues –

o   No reported issues received via the Parish Council since last Parish Meeting.

o   Pigeon Close, off Bramley Green Road, – BDBC informed the Parish Council on 25th November that work would commence in the next 2 weeks. This work would address the damaged tarmac and extend the tree pit. However, no work has commenced to date, a clarification email has been sent to Linda Searle, BDBC.

o   Bullsdown Path, between Campbell Road and Bramley Green Road.

•        We have received communication from BDBC that they are happy for the Bramley Parish Council to adopt the Bullsdown Path. BDBC require an accepted Heads of Terms agreement.

•        Parish Clerk has established a legal support with Hedleys to assess and complete the necessary document, fees are yet to be received.

•        BDBC have requested a project overview for the path upgrade –


  • Generate Project overview for the Path upgrade and supply to BDBC – Jan 2016.
  • Complete Small Grants Scheme application – Deadline now 25th Jan on remaining funding.
  • Obtain sufficient quotes for application of Small Grants Scheme – ongoing
  • Update the 2010 Bramley Walks leaflet to present to the council. – Feb 2016 (HCC offer leaflet services and also a ‘mapboard’ service
  • Obtain printing costs for an updated ‘Bramley Walks’ leaflet – Feb 2016



The Parish Council are awaiting the proposal from Hampshire County Council contracting services for the feasibility survey; this is due to be received by Friday 18th December.



No written report.






Appendix C – Finance

Bank Reconciliation
16th December 2015
Closing Balance from statement #028 1st December 2015 £181,724.57
15 Dec 15 000054 Burial Ground Fees -Porter £41.00
18 Nov 15 416  R M Kerswill – Allotment deposit return 25.00
30 Nov 15 417  Sarah Plested – Pre-design fees – burial ground 290.00
16 Dec 15 418  Mrs J Shore – Litter Warden’s salary 291.67
16 Dec 15 419  Mrs M J Thomas – Clerk’s salary 1,149.55
16 Dec 15 420  HMRC – Tax & Nics Q3 2015/16 1,258.10
16 Dec 15 421  Mrs M J Thomas – Clerk’s expenses 108.50
16 Dec 15 422  Bramley Village Hall – Hall hire Apr-Dec 345.00
16 Dec 15 423  SLCC – Membership 119.32
 Balance including uncleared cheques £178,178.43