Minutes 16th February 2015

Minutes of   the Meeting of the Council

Date: Monday 16th   February 2015 Time: 7.30pm
Place: Committee   Room, Bramley Village Hall
Present: Cllr Bell   (Vice Chair) Cllr   Clarke
Cllr   Murphy
In   Attendance: Maxta   Thomas (Clerk) 5 members   of the public
Apologies: Cllr   Durrant Cllr Capel
  Cllr   Wright Cllr   Ansell
  Cllr Keith   Chapman (County) Cllr   Tomblin (Borough)
  Cllr   Jayawardena (Borough) PCSO   Nathaniel Johnson



1 Apologies for Absence

As listed   above.   The high numbers of Parish   Councillor absence was noted; three are ill and one is on holiday.  Cllr Bell noted that it was unfortunate   that neither of the Borough Councillors were able to attend, given the   current issues with the Local Development Plan and its impact on   neighbourhood planning.  He   congratulated Cllr Jayawardena on the birth of his baby daughter.

2 Declarations of Interest


3 Council Vacancies


The   vacancies have now been publicised in the Parish, with no-one coming forward   to request an election.  The Council is   now free to co-opt as soon as at it is ready.




4 Minutes of the Last Parish   Council Meeting


Cllr Murphy proposed and Cllr Clarke seconded that the minutes of the   meeting held on 19th January 2015 were a true and accurate   record.  Unanimously agreed.  The minutes were signed by the Vice Chairman.

Cllr Bell   noted that a ‘Matters Arising’ item should be included on future agendas.





5 Open Forum


The Vice Chairman invited questions and comments from those   present.

Judy Foyle   noted concerns from Moat Close residents about the recent road closure for the   Bramley Road Race – does the PC get any say in road closures?  Cllr Bell confirmed that the Council are notified   of closure road closures, but have no say.    Cllr Murphy noted there were also safety concerns for participants   after they had completed the race.   Clerk   to contact BDBC and organisers with residents’ concerns.







6 Planning & Development


15/00010/FUL – 130 Kirby Drive   Bramley

Erection   of single storey extension and single storey rear extension to replace   conservatory. Relocation of garden wall to include land from open space to   residential land, following demolition of existing wall

Concerns   about taking over open space were noted.    However, on checking the title plan, it is apparent that the space   concerned is part of the property footprint.    No objections.

15/00142/LBC & 15/00141/HSE   – Minchens House Minchens Lane Bramley

Erection   of rear extension with first floor accommodation following demolition of   existing single storey rear extension

Cllr Bell gave   some background to this application.    No objections.



Approvals/Refusals – recent approvals and   refusals were noted.  Cllr Bell noted   the parking conditions on QPS House application.


Update on   Strawberry Fields development – no further news.


Emerging   Local Development Plan – Cllr Bell outlined the recent meetings held at BDBC with   regard to the Local Development Plan, and also how this will impact on the   number of houses to be built in the Borough.    He particularly noted the recent meeting of the Manydown Committee,   which considered three proposals:

  •   The percentage of affordable housing for the Manydown site.  The final resolution was ‘To encourage the   management to achieve the 40% affordable housing target’.  It was noted that this figure was   questionable in terms of viability for developers.  Cllr Bell noted that the financial   viability of Manydown will not be known for at least 18 months.
  •   An increase of 400 houses at the Manydown site.  No decision will be made until a viable   solution to improvements at the Fiveways junction is available.  It was also noted that this would take the   number of houses at Manydown over a 4000 home limit.  Cllr Bell observed that this was contrary   to the 8000 houses mentioned in a recent publication circulated to all   households in the village.  Cllr Bell   further noted that no planning application has been made to date for   Manydown.
  •   Increase density of proposed district/neighbourhood areas.  This was agreed.

Cllr Bell   went on to note that the current timetable for the Local Development Plan   shows that it is unlikely to be in places until March 2016 at the earliest,   which will leave sites identified for possible development vulnerable.

Cllr Bell   finally noted that BDBC appear to be keen to honour NDPs that are nearing   completion.

7 Clerk’s Report &   Correspondence

The Clerk   noted her recent attendance on a Cemetery Management Course.  She has since met with Cllr Ansell to   discuss various aspects, particularly with regards to health & safety and   risk assessments.

The Clerk   has also attended a HALC Clerk’s update, which focused on the upcoming   elections and also on audit procedures.


Councillor   Training Event – the   Clerk now has possible dates for this event.    She will contact Councillors with details.


Fundraising   Seminar – the   Clerk has now has possible dates for this event, and will be in touch with   local organisations in due course.  The   cost for this event will be £275.


IT Support   Assistant – this   position is being advertised.  There   have been no applications to date.  Cllr   Murphy suggested advertising the post at QMC sixth form college.


Website   upgrades – Cllr   Wright has made the necessary upgrade to the web hosting package, which means   that there is now more storage for the website.  He has also obtained two quotes for the   work on upgrading the website to the new version of software and is awaiting   a third.  Cllr Wright was unable to   give any further update as he is unwell.

8 Reports


Reports   from Parish Council representatives


Allotments   & Burial Ground Update – See appendix A.

No report   as Cllr Ansell is unwell.




Neighbourhood   Development Plan – See   appendix A.

Cllr Bell   noted that timescales are all consecutive – each step cannot be carried out   concurrently.  Cllr Murphy also observed   that BDBC also have their own time constraints that may cause delays. Cllr   Bell stated that Parish Councillors can see the draft in its current form,   but it is not ready to be released to the wider Bramley community.


Village   Hall Trust – See   appendix A.



Clift   Meadow Trust – See   appendix A.


Education   & Schools – See   appendix A.

No report as   Cllr Ansell is unwell.


Policing   and Neighbourhood Watch – See appendix A.

Problems   with youths at Longbridge Road and Bramley Green Road were noted – PCSO   Johnson is aware of these, but cannot do much unless he catches the perpetrators   in the act.  Advised residents to call 101   when problems arise.

Cllr   Murphy noted that Neighbourhood Watch will now not be sending out regular   alerts – members will need to register via the relevant website.  The Clerk has already signed up on behalf   of the Council.


Highways   & Road Closures – the   Clerk has been in touch with Highways about the flooding in Cufaude   Lane.  There are two areas of   concern.  The first is under the   railway bridge – the gullies have been cleared, and the flood is clear for   the moment.  A more permanent scheme   will need to be put in place, but it is unclear when and what this will be.

The second   area is the flood on the double bend near Sandwick House.  Highways are aware of this, but are able to   do little until the weather dries up more, as the area will need to be pumped   out to allow investigations.  Because   of this, and also budgetary constraints, there is unlikely to be any work   done on it until at least April, and it will more likely be the summer before   any major work is done.

Cllr Bell   requested that the recent Highways newsletter should go on the website.

Campbell   Road Roundabout – Cllr Bell noted that the central reservation looks to be   very narrow, but it is apparently legal.    Bus shelters will be re-instated at their original locations, although   set further back from the road, when the work is completed.  Cllr Bell noted that mounds of earth   bordering the road will be seeded when work is complete.  However, soil and rubbish on the south side   of the road will not be seeded; this will need to be addressed by the   contractors and HCC.  Lost time has   been made up, and work will be finished middle to end of March.

Farriers Close   traffic island – Cllr Bell noted that this is illegally narrow, and that the   Council can request a traffic safety audit, which will report safety issues   on the island.













Road   Safety proposals – no   report as Cllr Ansell is unwell.  Cllr   Bell noted the report for the Parish Magazine which covers a lot of   points.


Borough   Councillor Report

No report   as both Borough Councillors were absent.



County   Councillor Report

No report.

9 Parish Environment


Ditching   work at Bramley Green – Cllr Bell gave an update.    No response so far from contractors re ditch clearance.  He noted that residents are using the land   bordering the path on the south side of the green as a facility for garden   rubbish – this is not acceptable and residents will need to be informed.  Clerk and Cllr Bell to follow up with   contractors.

Bullsdown Farm   side – the ditch has been dug, but is too deep.  SSE are infilling ditches to proper depth.  Cones will be removed after this is   done.



Clerk / Cllr Bell


Coopers   Lane Flooding – the   Clerk reported that the proposed ditching work at Coopers Lane has been   partially completed.  The main source   of the flooding was a blocked up ditch on or near a property at the end of   Coopers Lane – this has now been re-dug and connected properly to the   drainage system.  Highways are to   return in the Spring to tidy up the area and re-seed it.  Sand bags should also be removed – Clerk to   monitor this and liaise with Highways.    More investigative work needs to be carried out on the other side of   the road, as this is a different drainage system.  This will be carried out in due course.






10 Consultation Documents   requiring consideration



11 Finance


Payments   and Reconciliation Approval – see appendix B.

The clerk   outlined the payments and reconciliation for February.  She noted the following:

  •   Invoices for furniture at Brocas Hall and for electrical work at   the Pavilion – these are as per the Clift Meadow grant agreement of 2014.
  •   Invoice for outdoor gym equipment – the s.106 money has been   received from BDBC to cover this.
  •   Invoice for grave digging services – this was for an ashes   interment in early January.  The client   was unwilling to go through a local undertaker and wished to organise the   interment privately.  Therefore, the   Clerk had to organise the grave digging.
  •   Invoice for shutter repair at the Pavilion – as per agreement at   a previous meeting.
  •   The bill from Basingstoke Voluntary Action for the funding of   the two Youth Workers is expected imminently.    This will be for £2559, and will cover the salaries for 12   months.  The invoice will need to be   paid as soon as it comes in.

All other   payments are as expected.

It was   unanimously agreed to approve the payments for February – Clerk to process.





















Acknowledgement   of Receipts – Appendix B

S.106   money has been received for the outdoor gym equipment, and the final payment   on a grant for the NDP has also been received.


VAT update    – HMRC have finally paid the VAT claims for   2012/13 and 2013/14, after clearing up the confusion between this Council and   Bramley, Surrey.  The claim made in   September 2014 is still awaiting payment.    The Clerk is chasing HMRC to find out when payment may be expected.  


Brocas   Hall Sound Proofing – Graham   Miles and Simon Gill outlined the quotes they have received for this work,   together with recommendations of which quote should be accepted.  Cllr Clarke proposed and Cllr Murphy   seconded accepting the Trustees recommendations and approving the grant.  Unanimously agreed.  Clift Meadow Trust to engage the contractor   and arrange for the invoice to be sent to the Clerk for payment.  




CMT / Clerk




Grant Applications



14 Date of Next Meeting

The   meeting closed at 8.42pm

The next   meeting will be held on Monday 16th March 2015 at 7.30pm, in the   Bramley Room at the Village Hall.

Appendix A – Briefing Notes



No report



No report



The Neighbourhood Plan is in Draft Form and final editing is near completion. There is going to be a delay of 10 weeks before presentation to the Parish Council waiting for the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) requested by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council (BDBC). It can only be presented to the PC when this is available. The Final Version of the SEIA can be found on the web site  www.bramleyndp.org.uk. The timescale is longer than expected because of the time given to the Strategic Consultees, who have to be given a period of 5 weeks to reply to the report from the Independent Consultants. The Consultant from AECOM has been instructed to produce the report.


In this period, work will continue producing the summary of the results of the community engagement. These along with the Appendices expanding on topics in the NP will then be presented to the PC for agreement. The timetable for presenting the NP to the community will also be worked on so that at the end of the presentation to the Strategic Consultees we shall immediately be able to present it through Open Meetings, making the plan available throughout the village and on the web site to the community to view and comment. The plan going to referendum is now February/March 2016 because there are going to be further delays. The Examination of the plan by BDBC and an independent examiner clashes with BDBC finalising the Local Plan. As a result Officers will be tied up with the Local Plan and not have the time for Neighbourhood Plans.



No report



No report



No report



No report



No report



No report



1. Expenditure.

Over the last month Clift Meadow have continued to upgrade the Park area courtesy of Parish Council grants. All the work proposed in the original October request has now been completed with the new car park lights the latest upgrade. There are still some funds to be spent including installation of wi-fi, and play mats for toddlers. Recent grant expenditure includes redirecting funds for signage to purchasing tables and chairs for Brocas Hall. I understand the delivery is imminent. We shall have permanent cafe style seating by the kitchen, and more traditional folding tables and stacking chairs for irregular users. In addition the emergency grant has been called upon to mend the shutter over the front door of the Pavilion, a genuine issue which has been a problem for a while and at its worst stops people from entering the building.  The latest grant request is for Acoustic tiles in Brocas Hall. We have had 4 potential users refuse the Hall because of the echo. We shall be in touch with them again once the issue is resolved mid March (hopefully!)


2. Booking Activity.

In terms of new users we have 5 for Brocas including a new Mums and Tots group. This initiative is to coincide with the Health Visitors and will be a forum for new Mums to socialise with each other. It is really for those with new-borns‎, and is not a rival to 0-5’s. This initiative is being launched by Helen Wallace and Caroline Wadsworth. If popular we shall look to make it more regular.

The Youth Club’s first introductory session is on Monday. Much work has gone into its preparation with invaluable advice and input from BVA (part of Band DC). It is expected to be a slow-build but growing to 2 meetings a week.  The Scouts have adopted Brocas as their new venue.


3. Events.

The Farmer’s Market had its second outing and is proving popular. We are trying to source a grocer/fruiter (?) but it’s the wrong time of year. We probably want 1-2 more food stands.

We will run a Beer and Wine evening to meet local producers in April, and a Beetle Drive shortly. We are considering running a Big Lunch in the summer. This is a nationwide initiative to encourage communities to share picnics etc… once the new tables arrive‎ we plan to hold a series of Table Top sales.

Of concern is the complete lack of interest in cricket in the village. A new initiative needs to be launched to try and reverse this. Old Basing are using the pitch once more this summer on a few occasions.


4. Conclusion.

We continue to be in negotiations with the architect and builders regarding snagging, and the fitting of the acoustic tiles will be the final piece of the jigsaw. Looking ahead, the Pavilion needs some cosmetic upgrading; we need to be more able to host the summer FunDay and thoughts need to go into planning for that, and we are woefully short of storage for our users and we need to find a solution for them.

Interviews for a Facilities Manager start in March.


Our next meeting is on Mon 9th March at 7.30pm. Venue tbc.

Appendix B – Finance