Minutes 16th March 2015

Minutes of   the Meeting of the Council

Date: Monday 16th   March 2015 Time: 7.30pm
Place: Committee   Room, Bramley Village Hall
Present: Cllr   Durrant (Chair) Cllr Bell   (Vice Chair)
Cllr   Ansell Cllr   Clarke
Cllr Capel
In   Attendance: Maxta   Thomas (Clerk) 5 members   of the public
  Cllr   Tomblin (Borough)
Apologies: Cllr   Murphy Cllr   Wright
  Cllr   Jayawardena (Borough) Cllr Keith   Chapman (County)
  PCSO   Nathaniel Johnson


1 Apologies for Absence

As listed   above.   Cllr Capel noted that Cllr   Jayawardena had again sent his apologies, and that he has not attended a   Bramley PC meeting for 16 months, since November 2013.  She enquired what the Borough Councillor   role is towards the parishes in his ward.    Cllr Durrant stated that Borough Councillors are not obliged to attend   PC meetings, although they traditionally have.  He noted that the PC do appreciate the   support it receives from its Borough Councillors.

2 Declarations of Interest


Cllr Durrant stated that the upcoming elections will not be discussed   at this or the next two PC meetings.

3 Council Vacancies


The Clerk   noted that two potential candidates for co-option have come forward, and are   likely to be co-opted at the next meeting.    Their details will be circulated to all councillors prior to the April   meeting.

Cllr Bell asked what the position was with Cllr Wright moving out of   the village.  Cllr Durrant stated that Cllr   Wright is moving within 3miles of the parish boundary and can therefore   remain a councillor, and plans to do so for the foreseeable future.




4 Minutes of the Last Parish   Council Meeting


Cllr Capel proposed and Cllr Bell seconded that the minutes of the   meeting held on 16thFebruary 2015 were a true and accurate   record.  Unanimously agreed.  The minutes were signed by the Chairman.




Matters   arising




5 Open Forum


The Chairman invited questions and comments from those present.

Judy Foyle   queried the hire amounts to Clift Meadow Trust as noted in the February   minutes.  Cllr Durrant stated that the   PC has agreed to help the CMT on a number of items.  The bills cover 12 months in advance of   hire of rooms at Clift Meadow, and also the hire of the small office at   Brocas Hall for informal meetings and storage space.  Two emergency funds have been set up for   emergency repairs at the Village Hall and Clift Meadow, and the CMT fund was   used for shutter repair at the Pavilion.    This will be refunded to the council in due course.

Nick   Robinson asked if the PC has taken steps to deal with position of the bus   stop at the Campbell Road roundabout.  Cllr   Ansell stated that the subject has been raised, with a case being submitted   to HCC.  Cllr Durrant noted that the bus   stops need to be checked for public safety when they are in their final   position.















6 Planning & Development


15/00599/HSE – Dunsandle   Silchester Road Bramley

Raising of   roof to create new first floor living accommodation with erection of front   and side extensions

Cllr   Durrant noted that it not just creating a single floor extension, as the   garage is being removed, thereby making it a 2 floor extension.  The character of the house is also being changed   by removing chimney pots.  Objections   on the above basis agreed by majority vote – 3 to 2.

15/00603/HSE – 5 Meitner Close   Bramley

Erection   of two storey and single storey rear extension

No   objections unanimously agreed.

15/00619/HSE – Bramley Corner   Lodge Silchester Road Bramley

Erection   of garden room/store following demolition of existing building

No   objections unanimously agreed.

T/00072/15/TPO – 6 Churchlands   Bramley

Fell 1 no.   Fir

It was   unanimously agreed that the Clerk request that the Conservation Officer check   the application carefully – not sure why property owner is applying as it is   not on their property.

15/00648/HSE – 15 The Mews   Bramley

Erection   of two storey and part single storey rear extension

It was   noted that this is a significant enlargement of the property footprint.  This application was received on the day of   the PC meeting.  Clerk to see if an   extension on the deadline can be obtained, otherwise, comments by email.
























Approvals/Refusals – recent approvals and   refusals were noted.


Cufaude   Lane traveller site – Cllr   Durrant noted that a second static caravan has been placed at the site, and   is now occupied.  Enforcement at BDBC   are aware of this, and are taking the necessary legal steps.  Unfortunately, there is little more that   the PC can do except report developments to BDBC as they happen.  Cllr Tomblin confirmed that this was the   case.  He stated that the whole site   has a prohibition on residential use on it.    He noted that legal proceedings inevitably take some time, despite   officers acting very quickly.  Clerk to   contact officers thanking them for their prompt attention, and to request a   monthly update on the situation, which will be reported back to Council at PC   meetings.









Minchens   Lane – s.106 legal agreement – Following the closed meeting last week   with the developers, the final terms in the document have now been   agreed.  Cllr Durrant observed that the   reason the PC are involved is as land owners of Clift Meadow, and agreement   to the terms on this section does not mean that the PC are agreeing to items   for other organisations.


Strawberry   Fields Development – no   further news.


Local   Development Plan update – Cllr Durrant noted the item in the BDBC Basingstoke Today   publication.  Otherwise, no further   updates other than in Cllr Tomblin’s report.

7 Clerk’s Report &   Correspondence


Councillor   Training Event/Fundraising Seminar – the Councillor training event is now   unlikely to take place until September.    Unfortunately, HALC are unable to hold the event at the weekend, which   makes it difficult for those who work to attend a week-day event.  It was suggested that two separate evening   sessions be held; however, this would mean an extra cost.  This was unanimously agreed – clerk to   contact HALC.

The date   for the fundraising seminar has been pencilled in for 29th   April.  Clerk to contact key members of   village organisations with details.









Risk   Assessment – the   Clerk has updated and distributed the risk assessment for this year.  It was proposed by Cllr Durrant and   seconded by Cllr Bell to adopt the 2014/15 risk assessment, and unanimously   agreed.  Cllr Durrant noted that the PC   need to be very careful that appropriate insurances are in place for Clift   Meadow.


IT Support   Assistant – this   position has been advertised.  There   have been no applications to date.  This   will be discussed more under 13.1 along with related matters.  Cllr Bell noted that it is particularly   important that NDP website is up to date – Cllr Bell, Cllr Wright and Clerk   to work on this.


Cllr Bell / Cllr Wright


Website   upgrades – the   Clerk gave an update on behalf of Cllr Wright.

Cllr   Wright has obtained quotes for upgrading the website; however, these have   been extremely expensive.  Cllr Wright   is chasing other alternatives.


Cllr Wright

8 Reports


Reports   from Parish Council representatives


Allotments   & Burial Ground Update – See appendix A.

Creation   of extra cremation plots – the Clerk noted that space is very tight for   cremation plots.  Cllr Ansell stated   that since the recent clearance of the rubbish area, space has become   apparent that could potentially be used as cremation plots.  There are issues that need to be   investigated, particularly the fact the ground is quite wet at this point,   and right by the brook.  Cllr Ansell to   investigate moving rubbish area.






Cllr Ansell


Neighbourhood   Development Plan – See   appendix A.

Cllr   Durrant noted that consultees can be moved along to expedite timescales.

Cllr Bell   has applied for a further £8000 grant and is awaiting further news.  This will help cover further consultation   work.

Cllr Bell   believes that the NDP will be ready for presentation to Council at end of   April.


Village   Hall Trust – See   appendix A.

Cllr   Durrant noted that a PC representative for the Village Hall Trust is required.



Clift   Meadow Trust – See   appendix A.

Cllr   Durrant noted the completion of the work on the sound proofing of Brocas   Hall, and the use of the emergency fund for repair of the Pavilion   shutters.  Cllr Durrant proposed that   these two items should be paid for out of the spare VAT claim for the   building work on Brocas Hall.

Grass   cutting – will PC consider funding grass cutting of Clift Meadow?  It was generally felt that this was not   feasible.  However, it may be possible   to channel all grass cutting for the whole parish through one resource and   thereby creating economies of scale.

Concerns   were noted about possible plans for a football club – the CMT was set up as   open space and a cricket pitch.  This   needs to kept in mind when considering future options.


Education   & Schools – See   appendix A.


Policing   and Neighbourhood Watch – See appendix A.

No report   from PCSO Johnson for this month.    However, he has been trying to find a Bramley PC meeting that ties in   with his shifts so that he can attend.

The Clerk   noted a parking issue near the level crossing, which was reported to PCSO   Johnson.  This appears to have been   resolved.  Any further issues should be   reported to the police via 101. A reminder of this is to be placed on the PC website   and in the Parish Magazine.








Highways   & Road Closures – see   appendix A.

Campbell   Road Roundabout – Cllr Ansell stated that he has received an assurance from   HCC that all ditch clearance and rubbish will be removed once the roundabout   is complete.  The project is around 5   weeks behind on completion, which is now expected towards the middle to end of   June.  Cllr Ansell and Cllr Bell are   monitoring the situation with bus stops.    Cllr Bell suggested sponsorship from local business in the centre of   roundabout – this is to be investigated, along with the possibility of   flowering beds.  Cllr Durrant noted   that maintenance could be an issue.    Clerk to investigate Sherfield traffic island flowers and who   maintains them.  Cllr Tomblin noted that   the contact at BDBC for sponsorship is Richard Wareham.

Level   Crossing incident – Cllr Capel gave the background to this incident where a   vehicle crashed into the barriers.  Cllr   Capel wrote on behalf of the PC to Network Rail (copying in their CEO, Mark   Carne) thanking them for their swift and efficient response to a recent   accident at the level crossing.  Positive   responses from Network Rail and Mark Carne have been received.  There has been another incident with parked   cars at the Bakery, and drivers driving recklessly – however, no accident or   injuries.  The situation is being   monitored.  Cllr Bell asked if yellow   hatching could be replaced at the level crossing – however, Network Rail have   said they will not replace this.    Hatching to be requested of NW again – Cllr Capel to take forward.


















Cllr Capel


Road   Safety proposals – see   appendix A.

LIF safety   proposals – as per report.  Cllr Ansell   particularly noted the meeting with John Sorrell of HCC on 31st   March at 2.00pm at Bramley Bakery, open to all councillors.  He also noted the response from Network Rail   re the Bramley footbridge and match funding – match funding has never been   part of NR’s planning for the footbridge, as the risk in Bramley is low.  Cllr Ansell has written to BDBC to ask that   the ring fencing be lifted on LIF funds.    No response received from BDBC as yet.

Network Rail   have confirmed that land by Mekanix does belong to them.

Level X   App – councillors have had time to consider the app and the proposed spend to   support a trial in Bramley since the presentation in January.  It was unanimously agreed to go no further   with the trial for now, as there would appear to be little value to the community,   and it would be hard to justify council expenditure.

Community   Speedwatch – Cllr Durrant noted that a scheme was put in place for a trial   period, and a further trial failed due to lack of volunteers.  He also observed that the significant   speeding in area is on the back roads, where CSW cannot be implemented due to   the lack of speed limits.  It was   unanimously agreed not to take this further.    Clerk to let PCSO know.

Cllr   Durrant noted that the Speed Limit Reminder sign has now been removed.




















Borough Councillor   Report – see   appendix A.

Cllr   Tomblin gave a brief update on his written report.  He will be attending the Members briefing   on infrastructure road improvements re A33 roundabouts.

Cllr   Tomblin noted that Chineham PC are using web design company – Clerk to   contact Chineham PC Clerk to find out information.

Cllr Bell   asked whether the Five Ways junction assessment has progressed.  Cllr Tomblin confirmed that it is being   looked at, but no progress as yet.  MB   also asked about infrastructure requirements – Cllr Tomblin confirmed that   BDBC are around £190 million short on providing infrastructure.





County   Councillor Report

No report.


Chairmans   Report –

Parish   Council newsletter – Cllr Durrant suggested re-introducing the PC   newsletter.  The PC is coming to the   end of the financial year, and need to keep the community informed of its   achievements.  The Parish Magazine is   not necessarily the right forum for such a communication.  The newsletter should be published around the   end of April.  Cllr Clarke suggested   linking in with NDP communication.    Agreed unanimously in principle.    Cllr Durrant asked all councillors to think about what to include in the   next week, with an informal meeting by end of March.







9 Parish Environment


Ditching   work at Bramley Green – Cllr Bell gave an update.

A quote   has been received for the ditching and pond clearance work at Bramley Green   for a total of £1000.  Cllr Durrant   noted that springtime wildlife needs to be considered if work is carried   out.  Cllr Bell proposed accepting the   quote.  This was seconded by Cllr   Clarke and unanimously agreed.

Spoil at   Coopers Lane – this will be tidied up when work complete.  Clerk to obtain a timescale.







10 Consultation Documents   requiring consideration



11 Finance


Payments   and Reconciliation Approval – see appendix B.

The clerk   outlined the payments and reconciliation for March.  She noted the following:

  •   A further bill from Basingstoke Voluntary Action has been   received for the funding of two Youth Workers for 2015.  This is due to an error on their part in   calculating the final figure.  It is   still within the budget set for the project by Bramley PC.
  •   An invoice has been received for the sound proofing work at   Brocas Hall.
  •   Work to get allotments 1 and 2 ready for cultivation has been   completed and invoiced.
  •   An invoice has been received from the Information Commissioners   Office for the PC registration.  This   is in addition to the bill paid two months ago, which was a late payment for   2014 registration.  The current bill is   for 2015 registration.

All other   payments are as expected.

It was   unanimously agreed to approve the payments for March – Clerk to process.

Cllr   Durrant requested a budget synopsis by the end of the financial year.

Asset   register- it was noted that safety checks on seats around the village need to   be carried out.  Ownership of the   Coopers Lane noticeboard needs to be verified.






















Acknowledgement   of Receipts – Appendix B

Payments   were received in late February for:

  •   NDP grant – final payment
  •   VAT claim – April-September 2014
  •   BDBC part refund on SLR payment


VAT update    – as noted above, HMRC have finally paid the   outstanding claim for 2014/15.  The   Clerk will place a claim for the remainder of the year at year end.




Finance Regulations – draft regulations have been   circulated to all councillors.  It was   proposed by Cllr Durrant and seconded by Cllr Capel to adopt the new   regulations.  This was unanimously   agreed.  
12 Grant Applications


An   application has been received from Tadley Citizens Advice Bureau.  The Clerk noted that grant was made to them   in 2012/13, and a grant made to Basingstoke CAB in 2013/14.  No grant has been made so far for this   year.  Cllr Durrant noted that Bramley   PC have always traditionally supported Tadley CAB.  Cllr Ansell proposed making a grant of £1500   to Tadley CAB.  This was seconded by   Cllr Capel and unanimously agreed.    Clerk to process.






13 Resolution – To exclude press and public   from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial   proceedings i.a.w Public Meetings – Admission to Public Meetings Act 1960


The   resolution was proposed by Cllr Durrant and seconded by Cllr Bell and   unanimously agreed.  The public and   press left the meeting.



Clerk’s 6   month review – review   was held in January 2015.  Cllr Durrant   requested comments from councillors prior to this – all comments were   favourable.  Some discussion was held   on future plans for Bramley and the growth of the Parish in the next few   years, and it was noted that this will ultimately lead to more hours for the   Clerk, possible from spring 2016.  Cllr   Durrant suggested employing a part time administration assistant for the next   year for more routine items, particularly as clerk plans to study for the CiLCA   qualification.  This may also cover IT   support role as well.

Clerk’s   salary – she is currently on SCP28 – 4% increase would take it up SCP29.  Cllr Durrant proposed a 6% increase in   acknowledgement of professionalism shown so far and in the knowledge of what   is coming up in the next year.  This   will put it in between SCP29 and SCP30.    Cllr Clarke seconded the motion, which was unanimously agreed.


14 Date of Next Meeting

The   meeting closed at 9.30pm

The next   meeting will be held on Monday 20th April 2015 at 7.30pm, in the   Bramley Room at the Village Hall.


Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….   Date:………………………………………                              (Chairman)


Appendix A – Briefing Notes



Total plots currently under lease agreement


  • X8 full plots
  • X8 half plots


Total plots available for lease –


  • All plots      available are under offer/lease

Plots 1 & 2 have now been prepared and fenced ready for the growing season

The composter has been delivered.




  • Installation of composter within car park area
  • Pursue outstanding payments for 2015 fees (3 are currently outstanding)
  • Arrange handover of Plot 1a/b & Plots 2a/b to the new leaseholders.
  • Produce a small article on the Allotments for the Parish Magazine.


No report



The Scoping report for the Neighbourhood Plan has been written and presented by AECOM to the strategic consultees. They have until the 17th April to respond with comments. The Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) of the Neighbourhood Plan will then be completed, the draft plan edited on the basis of the SEIA and the plan presented to the PC for approval. We are now at the stage of consultations, consultations.

The latest timetable presented by the consultants and agreed by BDBC is that the Plan will not be in place, presuming that it has the 50% majority at referendum in favour, until May 2016. This is because of the long Consultation periods allowed. We have been asked by BDBC to push it back further because of Examination possibly clashing with approval of the local plan, and officers being tied up with the local plan. This has not been incorporated in the timescale because there is no guarantee as to when and if the local plan will be agreed.


No report



I have been in contact with the Head Teacher Andy Higgs, we have been in touch concerning all the LIF application elements as these directly relate to the ‘Safe routes to school,’ program.


He explained their renewal of the travel plan has been slightly delayed due to a county teaching and learning review and expects the plan to be updated for the end of Feb.

We have agreed to meet March 30th.




No report from PCSO Johnson.  The Beat Panel meeting will be held on Sunday 22nd March at 7.00pm at Tadley Police Station.



Issues –


  • I have received complaints of motor vehicles (most probably motorcycle/scooter) using the cinder track path. The path lacks any standard railing protection to discourage or prevent motor vehicle use along the path.
  • There is no update concerning the path linking the German Road and Lane End Roads to the C32 along the side of the railway. As explained the path link is in breach of the Rights of Way. There is an outstanding challenge through planning to the developer concerning this, however at the moment I cannot provide any further information, no change on this item since November 2014.
  • I have received a number of requests related to the ‘Bramley Walks’ leaflet issued by the Parish council in 2010. The leaflet has run out at the distribution places like the bakers and the Bramley Inn. We do have the template for the 2010 leaflet, but it would require some updating.



  • Pursue the BDBC and HCC for some form of resolution to the ‘cinder track’ issue and a formal statement from all parties as to the responsibility. – April 2015
  • Update the 2010 Bramley Walks leaflet to present to the council. – April 2015
  • Obtain printing costs for an updated ‘Bramley Walks’ leaflet – April 2015



Establishing LIF project plan


  • An article was      submitted to the Parish Magazine covering the Borough Councils decision      for Bramley LIF application and also the element of community engagement.      I hope to now continue updating the process of feasibility covered by the      Cabinets decision.
  • I have contacted      HCC to discuss the safety proposal elements. We have arranged a meeting in      Bramley on March 31st with John Sorrell, Strategic Transport, Hampshire County Council, to      review the whole elements listed within the LIF application and general      transport considerations in the village.

Footbridge feasibility study


After making direct enquiries with Network Rail we have received the following response.

“Bramley is not included in our funded programme for the installation of footbridges across our Route.  Our programme is designed to eliminate or reduce safety risk and therefore focuses primarily on crossing closures.  Decisions on which crossings are part of this programme are made using a criteria which is agreed between ourselves and our Safety Regulator, the Office of Rail Regulation.   As Bramley Level Crossing has a full barrier, and the operation is managed by our Signallers, the safety risk is low.  The installation of a footbridge does not reduce safety risk sufficiently for it to meet the criteria for us to fund a footbridge.   


 At their request, we agreed with Basingstoke and Deane Council that we would undertake a feasibility study for the installation of a stepped footbridge at Bramley.  The Council proposed that they ring fence a sum of money to install the bridge, while this feasibility study was completed.  We committed to understand whether the bridge was affordable within that sum and if so work in partnership to design and install it, subject to planning permission being granted.  This study is now complete and we are arranging a meeting with the Council to take them through the results. “

The same information has been confirmed in discussion with HCC, however we have not had any information from BDBC. I have asked Borough Councillors Chris Tomblin & Ranil Jayawardena to enquire with the relevant officers the current position, as it seems clearly stated that ‘Matched Funding’ is not available from Network Rail and if this is the case then I would expect the ring fenced funds should be released to support the other projects listed and approved within the LIF application.

Network Rail

Information of land owned by Network Rail that has been provided indicates that Network Rail owns the land by the Mekanix Car Park.

Options to assess Speed within the village


At the January parish council meeting I accepted the action to investigate options in to speed assessment through the village. There is an ongoing Police sponsored scheme.


  • Speedwatch –
    • I believe we may have tried as a council at looking at this       program.  Other parishes such as       Silchester have carried out the Police sponsored scheme.

SpeedWatch is a community scheme that can only take place in 20mph, 30mph and some 40 mph limits or zones.

The scheme is managed by the police local Safer Neighbourhood teams but run by volunteers. Volunteers use equipment that can monitor the speed of passing traffic and record the details, later adding them to a database. Vehicle checks are undertaken by the police and letters are then sent to the registered keepers advising them of the speed and reminding them of why it is a community concern.

SpeedWatch is not enforcement, it is education. It is important to know that SpeedWatch now forms part of our response to speeding issues.  It is the first tier in our response to dealing with this problem.  If a problem persists, we will escalate to tier two, meaning that enforcement can be undertaken by the police Safer Neighbourhood teams.

There are no other methods considered by Hampshire Police that are suitable to monitor speed within the parish. It seems for use to highlight speeding issues we must 1st implement the Tier 1 of the scheme to then initialise a Police presence.

Cllr Murphy has indicated that the ex Cllr Chris Holland ran the scheme but lack of resident participation meant the scheme collapsed.

We could attempt to re-run the scheme; perhaps deciding how is promoted to the Parish in a different.




  • Meeting with John Sorrell HCC 1400 31st March to discuss and review transport issues through the parish.




It was reported that the CMT accounts now have a plus balance which was very encouraging.


CMT are looking to employ a Facilities Manager who will focus on developing The Pavilion and Brocas Hall, focusing on bringing in new business. This post will be for 1-2 years initially and if they bring in enough business to sustain BH through years 3 and 4 the job will remain. Candidates already in place (all living fairly local) and interviews 16/3 with a final selection interview 18/3.  Looking to employ just after Easter.


By this PC meeting the acoustic tiles should have been fitted and CMT will call anyone who expressed an interest, but said it was too noisy, in BH and invite them back to relook at it with a view to securing bookings from them.


Lots of interest in booking BH and several new regular bookings have been secured. Brocas Hall is booked out most evenings. Also several new groups interested in regular daytime slots.  Also looking at possibly running something for the children in the holidays. Several regular events being looked at to help raise profile of The P and BH—— table top sales and Farmers Markets on a regular basis and The Big Lunch instead of the Fun Day on an annual basis


Other business included;


  • Looking into a PA system for BH
  • Getting quotes for hard standing for The Pavilion (about £5K      possibly)
  • The BH furniture is in place and looks good and cafe area      looks smart
  • Pop up cafe doing well looking at running in school holidays      (no details as yet)
  • Loddon Bridge Boys Football team interested in playing at      meadow but subject to price. CMT speaking to Steven Bates about possibly      getting an Open Spaces Grant to help fund goal posts etc
  • Simon will be speaking to BPC about including the meadow in      parish council grass cutting as this would save them £1200-1500 a year
  • Alcohol Licence been applied for….in place hopefully in      about 4 weeks
  • Trolley now purchased
  • Quotes for redecorating Pavilion will be forwarded to PC shortly
  • Looking at getting grants from BPC for redecorating Pavilion,      Storage, dehumidifier, gazebos bin shed and cleaning kit….other grants      for LB Football, PA system, picnic benches, extend playground and large BBQ      all to help keep and attract business in BH and The Pavilion. Provide      facilities for local people of all ages


Update on Youth Club;

Lots of interest from 11-14 yr olds on Monday evenings and it now has 25-30 members. Looking at adding a Friday evening as well in the future for ages 14-19 yrs. This could eventually lead to clubs for 7-11s, 11-14s and 14-19s. Lots of under 11s have also been wanting to go. Seems to be working well.




Budget – Full council approved the 2015/16 budget after a long debate where there were requests to include more support for the less fortunate residents of the borough , especially given proposed HCC cuts to services, were voted down.


The Local Plan – The EPH (Economic Planning and Housing) committee received a report from officers with ways forward to answer the inspector’s questions and suggested direction that the submitted plan should take if it were to gain his approval. This means 850 homes per year and where this greater number should be sited. Density and work within the Manydown site was seen to be able to bring forward some houses but the biggest news was the inclusion of a site at Hounsome fields for 750 homes. Extra sites west of Cufaude had been in the mix plus a possible increase in houses required for NDP areas. The published report did not support these potential solutions. Cabinet will decide on the report and the EPH committee’s comments this Tuesday and then this will go to full council for approval before another round of public consultation.


Planning Applications – A site for 200 houses in Overton has just been granted planning permission by the Secretary of State after appeal. We now have seen Kiln Farm, Razor’s Farm, Kennel Farm, Worting Road plus this site all rejected by the planning committee yet overturned at appeal. 150 houses at the Aurum site on the Chineham Business Park are also likely to go through. All because they are sites within the SHLAA and we can’t demonstrate a 5 years housing supply (even given the above sites).


Railway  Footbridge – I have been in contact with officers to discuss the current situation given recent emails from Network Rail that suggest match funding may not be available. I am awaiting the officer response once they are back in the office (from 23rd March).

Appendix B – Finance