Minutes 16th May 2011

Minutes of Bramley Parish Council
held in the Village Hall on 16th May 2011, at 7.30pm.

Parish Councillors present were:

Richard Wood, John Ferguson, Philip McCorry, Claire Penfold, Janice Spalding, Allan Douglas, Hugh Tottenham, Dalton Hopkins

Also present were:

The Clerk, Borough Cllr. Rhydian Vaughan, WPC Mandy Jewell, 7 members of the public

ITEM         COMMENT                                                                                            ACTION

1.0             Apologies

County Cllr. Keith Chapman, Borough Cllr. Ranil Jayawardena, Cllr. Holland

2.0             Election of Chairman

Richard Wood declared that he was standing down as Chairman for this coming year. He has been asked to be more active in the Parochial Church Council and has taken on the role of Deputy Church Warden. As the Church currently has a part-time Vicar, there is more onus on the Parochial Church Council, and Cllr. Wood felt that he would be unable to carry out both roles fully.

Cllr. Wood therefore nominated Cllr. John Ferguson to take the Chair.

Proposed Cllr. Wood. Seconded Cllr. Douglas. All in favour.

Cllr. Ferguson took the Chair for the remainder of the meeting.

3.0 Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Cllr. Ferguson read aloud the Declaration of Acceptance of Office, which was duly signed by himself and The Clerk.

Chairman Cllr. Ferguson extended huge thanks to the outgoing Chairman for all he has done in his years of office. He stated that the role had become and very full time job.

The Council wished Cllr. Wood good luck with his other duties.

Cllr. Ferguson expressed gratitude that Cllr. Wood was to remain on the Council.

4.0             Election of Vice Chairman

Cllr. Ferguson explained that the Parish Council was due to hold elections next year (May 2012) and explained that he felt the Vice Chairman role was a good training ground for those Councillors wishing to become more involved. He suggested that in the mean time, he propose that Cllr. Wood be invited to stand as Vice Chairman, with a view to supporting training over the coming year to anybody who may wish to take over Chair or Vice Chair next year.

Proposed Cllr. Ferguson. Seconded Cllr. Tottenham. All in favour.

Cllr. Wood accepted the position.

5.0             Appointment of Representatives

Following up recent suggestions, Cllr. Ferguson explained that the Council would be incorporating Sub-Committees into Cllr’s. roles. A spokesperson from each Committee would report at the Parish Council meetings. Cllr. Ferguson explained that as Chairman, he felt it was important that he hold a right to attend any Committee meeting, but that they could decide how to run their own business and he would not interfere.

Starting with the Finance Committee, Cllr. Ferguson felt that this was the most important committee. He invited Cllr. Wood, Cllr. Tottenham, and Cllr. Spalding to set up this new Committee. All agreed.

The Planning Committee was to consist of the current representatives for Planning, but would be formalised into a Committee which would meet to discuss applications, rather than the plans just being circulated.

The Highways and Transport Committee was to include those Cllrs. currently working on these duties.

It was agreed that a new ‘Environmental and Community Wellbeing’ committee also be established, to incorporate roles currently being managed separately. This would include German Road liaison, as many of the outstanding issues there are environmental, and Tree Warden.

Other special duties were confirmed and will be updated on the website and notice boards.

Following on from the discussion about the Environment Committee, Cllr. Penfold commented that a large tree had been felled near The Smithy, and asked tree warden Cllr. Douglas whether he had been notified as to why. Cllr. Spalding reported that she had challenged the workmen at the time, who explained that the tree was diseased and had to be felled. It was noted that this had left a horrible gap in the hedgerow and that the works vehicles had flattened the area.

It was understood that the Parish Council were only informed of works to ‘residential trees’, and not necessarily made aware of planned works to Highways owned trees.

Cllr. Wood volunteered to contact the correct department at Borough and/or County level and request that we are notified of future works, and also to request any details of replanting where this gap has been left.                                                                                                         RW

Returning to the mater of special duties, Cllr. Ferguson explained that Cllr. Holland would be invited to remain on the Beat Panel.

Cllr. Penfold explained that she was going to become increasingly busy with her other duties on the Parish Plan Steering Group, and may wish to request some support in performing her duty as Allotments representative if things get busier in that role if a suitable site is found for new allotments.

In relation to discussing Cllr’s. roles, Cllr. Ferguson also explained that our Borough Councillors have new responsibilities. Borough Councillor Rhydian Vaughan is now the Chairman of the Development Control Committee, which Cllr. Ferguson reported was marvellous for Bramley. Also, Borough Cllr. Ranil Jayawardena has been given a new Cabinet role with a portfolio for property, which is a huge role due to the levels of redevelopment in Basingstoke.

6.0             Minutes of the last meeting

Proposed Cllr. Douglas, seconded Cllr. Spalding.

7.0             Matters arising

Cllr. McCorry asked whether an item was missing from the minutes, as a matter had been discussed which did not appear. It was confirmed that this discussion was a part of the Annual Parish Meeting which preceded the Parish Council meeting. However, the matter was brought up for further discussion:

A resident at Lane End had reported some problems with traffic crossing over the footpath, which presented a danger. Cllr. McCorry asked what had been done to prevent this.

Cllr. Wood reported that the permanent bollards were still awaited, but the developers had agreed to place a large concrete drain pipe in the way of the access, which would be difficult for residents of the German Road estate to remove to regain access. It was noted that a small digger had been operating in the area and therefore the pipe had not been positioned but the Developers would be chased to locate this temporary solution.

It was reported that a meeting was being set up with the Developers, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and The Parish Council to resolve for all time the issue of street lighting, and to relieve any excuses. Cllr. Ferguson explained that it was fair to say things were advancing, but very slowly.

8.0 Finance

All ok.

Accounts for Payment

Approved, proposed Cllr. Penfold, seconded Cllr. McCorry

Reconciled Balance of accounts as of 27/4/2011
Current Account


Business account


National Savings Account




Plus receipts (banked but not on this statement)
Burial ground fees



Less Cheques Outstanding






Income Received since last meeting


True balance as at 27th April 2011


Cheques for approval
J Snow – Litter Warden Salary


S Smart – Clerk Salary


HALC Affiliation fee 2011/2012**includes £156 NALC Levy


HALC allotments training session, £40pp


Cross House meeting room hire


Millennium Garden (at Clift Meadow)


Came and Company Insurance


Clerk and Councils Direct subscription renewal


Data Protection renewal


South East Water


R Gregory



9.0 Planning

No questions or comments.

10.0           Police Report

WPC Mandy Jewel, reporting on local crime statistics, explained that there had been a burglary where somebody had left the front door keys in their lock. In separate incidents there was a stolen car, and some reports of damage to fencing, a gate and three vehicles.

She also explained that she had been in contact with the Borough Council about the access at Lane End.

Cllr. McCorry commented that agricultural vehicles which may not be considered roadworthy were going through the village at a rate of knots. WPC Jewell agreed to look into this. Cllr. Tottenham commented that traditionally the farmers were given some leeway during the busy harvest but that the harvest is a long period and speeds may be excessive. Cllr. Hopkins commented that he has seen some old-style tractors in the area which were sticking well below the limit and wanted the PC to note that not all tractors are speeding.

Borough Councillor Report

Cllr. Vaughan said that things have been fairly quiet. He explained that the election results were available on the website, and that there was not much change. He also explained that he had spoken with Mike Townsend regarding the planned meeting about the German Road development and was ensured it would be imminent.

11.0 Public Comments

See appendix

12.0           Transport and Highways

Cllr. McCorry reported that Highways had carried out a survey as part of the feasibility study looking into a footbridge over the railway. He commented that there are people living close who hate the idea of a footbridge, and stated that the idea must not run away and that it should not be assumed that everyone is for it. He also commented that this could be an expensive solution to a problem which may not be the main issue in the village, and stated that the worst problem is the volume of traffic.

Cllr. Ferguson confirmed that it all comes down to “feasibility”, and that nothing will be done if it is not right.

13.0           Community feasibility study update

Cllr. Ferguson offered an update into the process for this study and stated that again this does not limit anybody to anything but is generally speaking looking at whether a new community centre is wanted/where/how it would be funded. He stated that he has received tenders from three companies who may be interested in carrying out the study, and that together with Cllr. Vaughan, they will decide who is best to carry this out. He again stated that they are just exploring the idea and that no decisions have been made.

14.0           Environmental Matters

i                  Cllr. Penfold explained that we were looking 5-10 years ahead and were looking into both the options of leasing or purchasing land. She also explained that she was awaiting feedback regarding enquiries about the possible purchase of a part of the land at Tudor Farm which is currently for sale. She explained that about 4 acres would give scope for catering to the requirements for allotment gardens for many years to come. She reminded the Council that the current allotments site would at some point be consumed by the necessary extension to the burial ground.

Mr R Morton from the public stated that there were some plots on the current site which were not being used properly. The Council is aware of one vacant plot, soon to be filled, and that all others had paid their rent and can cultivate as much or as little of the plot as they wished. She explained that some plot holders rotate their crops and may not use the whole plot all of the time.                                                                                                                     CP

ii                 Cllr. Ferguson explained that there were some concerns about the Granary, as one corner sits over a ditch and the bank is eroding. He explained that the PC tried some years ago to resolve this, but that complications regarding approval from the Environment Agency prevented progress. He explained that this is going to be looked at again before there is damage to the historic building. Cllr. Penfold asked whether it could be moved, but Cllr. Ferguson explained that it would most likely fall to pieces and that it would in any case be too expensive to move it. Cllr. Wood explained that he had been speaking with an Engineer about the Granary and that he had obtained some ball-park figures, including repairing the Saddle stone at the front which has become damaged, but that more time was needed to decide on the best approach. The Clerk would look out the paperwork from when this was last looked into so that it could be taken up again.                                                                                                                   RW, Clerk

iii                Cathy Baker from the public was invited to speak about the land at Longbridge Road, as she has been following the progress on this matter. She explained that this was to go to Committee in June and that the Inspection Report was thought to be in favour of the land becoming ‘Village Green’ but that she believed there was to be another public enquiry.

iv                Cllr. Ferguson spoke about the current litter clearing provision and explained that the litter warden was struggling to cover the whole village and that once the new development at German Road was adopted it will be even more of a challenge. It was suggested that the PC discuss the possibility of increasing the hours worked by the litter warden.

It was noted that some villages have a wheeled trolley but this had been discussed before and it was explained that the current litter warden had nowhere to store large equipment so this was not an available option.

15.0 Parish Plan Update

Cllr. Penfold explained that 65 questions have been formulated for the Parish Plan questionnaire with all the major areas covered. The Borough Council were assisting in consolidating the questions. Cllr. Ferguson asked whether the Parish Council would be able to see a copy of the questionnaire. Cllr. Penfold, Chair of the Parish Plan group, agreed to circulate a copy once it was at final stage.

16.0 Representative Reports

i                  Cllr. Holland was absent but his report was given by Cllr. Ferguson. He reported that Cllr. Holland had been in meetings with the school and the local police representatives regarding the safety of children being dropped off and collected from the school. It has been agreed that the steel barriers should be extended by about a further 5 sections to control the areas where children cross.

Cllr. Ferguson has also been making enquiries about the future of the school and has contacted Hampshire County Council on this matter. He was not clear whether there would be a requirement to expand or relocate the school due to increasing numbers, so this measure was considered adequate in the short-medium term. It was noted that Education is not a Parish Council matter but that it was appropriate that we looked into the Health and Safety matter for our villagers.

Cllr. Tottenham raised again the previous discussion about the 30mph speed limit signs being moved backwards towards Holly Cross, and WPC Jewell confirmed that we have been told that it does not fit the criteria.

Cllr. Douglas asked who is going to pay for the additional railings to be installed. Cllr. Ferguson explained that the PC had supported the school in gaining access to S106 funds which were specifically set aside for Education. He explained that these funds had been ring-fenced for Education and that this could be considered a justifiable expense.

ii                 Cllr. Tottenham as Trustee for the Clift Meadow thanked all those who came to the fun day, and those who helped. He also thanked the Mayor for his attendance. He explained that although fund-raising was not the main point of the event, they were able to raise £1,500. He then explained that that have booked to hold a Diamond Jubilee Celebration next year.

Cllr. Tottenham said they had not heard back about the Grant that they had applied for and asked whether Cllr. Vaughan would be willing to make enquiries.                                                                                                              RV

Cllr. Tottenham explained that he is currently the Chairman and also the Secretary as the previous secretary had gone on to University and was no longer able to assist. This is a voluntary position and he asked whether anybody was aware of a candidate who would be willing to help out.

iii                Cllr. Douglas explained that he had spoken with Ian Foley from Hampshire CC about the re -infestation of Japanese Knotweed near the entrance to Cufaude Lane. They are going to spray the foliage.

iv                Anna Keir was invited to join the meeting to report on the AGM for the village hall which was also in progress. See appendix.

v                 Cllr. Ferguson explained that there had been a major change in the Highways Division and that Peter Ede had moved to Winchester. It is planned to meet with his replacement in Bramley to progress a few outstanding issues, including the completion of the Cinder Track.

17.0 Correspondence/Consultations

Nothing to report.

18.0 Items for next meeting


  • The new Vicar has been invited to come along and give a brief talk.



  • Annual Return to be approved.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.45pm.

Chairman ……………………………………………………………………………………Date……………………………

Appendix – Public Comments

Catrina Stockwell spoke about the tree which has been cut down at The Smithy and asked whether a notification could be put onto trees before they were cut down to let people know what the plans are. She explained that she challenged the workmen to ensure they were not stealing the timber or cutting down a healthy tree and was told that the tree was diseased and had to be felled. She commented that we don’t want to suddenly find the village is missing 400 year old trees.

Mr Bryant form Kirby Drive wanted to know what was happening with the green in front of their house. He explained that there was a problem with litter and also ball games causing damage to cars, and that there had been cases where people have been abused by both the children playing and their parents. He said that his garage door was being used when children were kicking a ball about and that they run over people’s gardens.

He also asked who will look after the trees on the development and stated that some unfinished land is being used like a sand pit and that bottles had been left there.

Cllr. Hopkins explained that these issues will form part of the agenda for the meeting which is planned soon, as there are some parts of the development which need finishing off.

5.0             Planning Applications







Householder Erection of first floor side extension 16 Lane end, Bramley, Tadley, RG26 5AP With planning team
BDB/74275 Householder Erection of a garage following demolition of greenhouse Lime Tree Cottage, Vyne Road, Bramley, Tadley, RG26 5DE With planning team





BDB/73941 Householder Erection of a single storey extension to east elevation Peregrine House, Sherfield Road, Bramley Green, Tadley, RG26 5AJ Granted
BDB/74002 FULL Erection of 1 detached 4 bedroom dwelling Tudor Farm, Silchester Road, Bramley, RG26 5DG Note yet been decided
BDB/73847 Householder Erection of single storey rear extension Sheila’s Cottage, Bramley Corner, Bramley, RG26 5DJ Not yet been decided
BDB/74088 Householder Construction of additional first floor living accommodation involving raising of the roof and installation of windows in the front and rear elevations Springfield Cottage, The Street, Bramley, Tadley, RG26 5BS Note yet been decided
BDB/74172 Householder Erection of a single storey extension to east elevation Beaurepaire Park Stud, Beaurepaire Park, Bramley, Tadley, RG25 5EH Note yet been decided
bdb/74170 Householder Erection of a part two storey, part single storey rear extension Cyprus, The Street, Bramley, Tadley, RG26 5DD Note yet been decided
bdb/74110 Householder Installation of rear roof light and conversion of loft to office 11, Tudor Close, Bramley, RG26 5DB Note yet been decided