Minutes 16th September 2013

Held in the Bramley Room at the Village Hall on Monday 16th September 2013 at 7.30pm.


Parish Councillors present were:

Chris Holland (Chair), Richard Wood, Janet Grieve, Malcolm Bell, Chris Wright, Tony Durrant, Alison Jayawardena, Bruce Ansell

Also present were:

Parish Clerk, Borough Cllr. Tomblin, 3 members of the public

1.0                    Apologies

Borough Cllrs Jayawardena and County Councillor Chapman who were all at other meetings.

2.0             Minutes of the last ordinary parish council meeting

It was resolved that the minutes were a true and accurate record.

Proposed Cllr. Grieve, seconded Cllr. Jayawardena

Minutes of the extraordinary parish council meeting

It was resolved that the minutes were a true and accurate record.

Proposed Cllr. Durrant, seconded Cllr. Wood

3.0                    Finance

Monthly bank Reconciliation and Accounts for approval

It was resolved that the accounts for payment would be approved. Please see appendix.

Proposed Cllr. Wright, seconded Cllr. Ansell.

4.0             Burial Ground

              It was resolved that the parish council would cover the cost, expected to be £125 +VAT, to repair a grave stone which had become unsafe, as no known relatives are available to send a request to. Cllr. Wood was liaising with both the Church Council and Spencer and Peyton who had quoted to make the stone stable.

              It was noted that the grave stone was for the late famous scientist Lise Meitner.

              Proposed Cllr. Holland, Seconded Cllr.Durrant


5.0             Planning – please see appendix for applications

It was noted that there was only one full planning application for discussion, that being the conversion of outbuidlings at the Bramley Inn.

It was resoled that the parish council would respond: No Objection


6.0             Local Plan

Cllr. Durrant explained that there were set criteria against which the parish council could comment. There had not been time before this meeting to formulate a full response on behalf of the parish council and it was agreed that this would be done between meetings in order to meet the consultation deadline of 4th October, by circulating a copy of the response by email. This will then be ratified at the October monthly meeting.

There was some further review of the information available and whether the parish council felt it could ask for the allocation of 200 new homes to be delivered through neighbourhood planning within the settlement boundary to be reduced. It was noted however that a local housing need of 72 new affordable homes had been identified for Bramley residents and given the enforced percentage of 40% affordable new homes for any development, this would likely result in a number so close to the original 200 that it would not likely be possible to ask for the number to be reduced. There was further discussion about infrastructure concerns, traffic etc and this would be fed into the formal response where possible under the format required, relating specifically to whether the plan is lawful and sound.


7.0             Police, County and Borough Councillors Report

Borough Cllr. Tomblin continued the conversation about solar panels and said that he would be in favour of utilising Borough Offices, car parks etc, to install solar parks rather than green fields.

Public Interval

Ray Morton asked how members of the public are expected to be able to respond to the local plan consultation when the criteria was so difficult to understand, and that responses had to refer to the soundness of specific polices. It was noted that the Borough Council would also accept an email with an overview of the views or concerns of members of the public. He also commented that the Local Plan surely cannot be sound when the allocation of 200 homes through NDP was taken out, but was put back into the final draft.

Phyl Davies asked if there was an update for the proposed solar park at Beaurepaire Farm and it was noted that the decision on this application was still pending.

8.0             Transport Update

There was an update about the roundabout at the junction of Campbell Road as a question had arisen following the release of the final plans by Hampshire County Council Highways engineers. The Chairman and Vice Chairman had been to visit the Agents for the Sratfield Saye Estate to discuss the inclusion in the final design of the additional exit into the farm. The parish council had always insisted they would not support the inclusion of a 4th exit which could be seen as potentially indicating a future desire to develop the fields. It was noted that the PC as consultees had strongly opposed this exit, but that the PC do not have the final say, and as one of the other consultees Stratfield Saye Estate who are allowing the use of some of their land so that the roundabout could be developed, had insisted that this additional exit would be useful as farm access. Hampshire County Council noted the PCs objections, but had made the position clear that they would proceed with the roundabout including the fourth exit.


It was proposed that the Parish Council would re-start the use of these devices. The arrangement to hire these from BDBC had been put on hold while the roadworks were undertaken in the village, and while the community speed watch was being trialled, however there were not enough volunteers to make this a long term solution to managing the speed of vehicles passing through the village. It was noted that the parish council budget had allocated £3,000 for the hire of these devices and this would not all be needed to cover the months leading up to year-end if we were to hire the signs, with assistance from the Borough Council who supply the equipment, move the devices every 4 week period, and report the information recorded by the devices.

It was resolved that the hire arrangements would be restarted as soon as the Borough had availability.

9.0             Items for the next meeting

None specified

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.30pm


 Appendix: 5.0 Planning Applications


13/00998/FUL Change of use of land to use as a residential gypsy caravan site for one family with two caravans, including one static caravan/mobile home, laying of hard-standing, erection of utility building and improvement of existing access (part retrospective) Land At 464750 158383

Cufaude Lane



13/01227/HSE Construction of pitched roof to replace flat roof to garage/porch with 2 no. roof lights 6 Pheabens Field



RG26 5BX

13/00751/FUL Provision of photovoltaic solar park and ancillary infrastructure Land at Beaurepaire Farm

New Road



RG26 5ED

Pending Consideration
BDB/77341 Some amendments to the plans: Outline application to include access for residential development comprising up to 425 dwellings (including up to 40% affordable homes), public open space (inc. children’s play areas), associated landscaping, infrastructure and the formation of 2 no. new vehicular accesses from Crockford Lane Razors Farm

Cufaude Lane



RG24 8LS

Pending Consideration
13/01228/RET Construction of children’s wooden climbing frame and slide (Retrospective) 16 The Mews



RG26 5QX

Pending Decision
13/01021/FUL Conversion of outbuilding to 4 no. flats with new vehicular access Bramley Inn

The Street



RG26 5BT

Pending Consideration



Appendix 3.0: Monthly bank Reconciliation and Accounts for approval

Business Account sheets 45-46  £       159,251.96
Receipts  £                 13.05
Payments  £         20,000.00
Closing Balance  £       139,265.01
Current Account sheets 50-51  £         12,242.48
Receipts  £                       –
Payments  £           8,935.90
Closing Balance  £           3,306.58
National Savings Account  £         16,183.63
Interest  £                       –
Closing Balance  £         16,183.63
Totals  £       158,755.22
Cheques for approval
1652 Litter warden pay Sept  £               291.67
1653 Clerk pay Sept  £           1,251.33
1654 Clerk expenses/office allowances Sept  £               266.83
1655 Do The Numbers (Internal Audit fee)  £               320.00
1656 Greenhouse Graphics (NDP)  £               132.00
1657 Greenhouse Graphics (PC newsletter)  £               551.20
1658 Rialtas (alpha financial software)  £               800.46
1659 Rialtas 1 year licence/maintenance  £               128.40
1660 Guildford Survey Company ref Clift Meadow*  £               875.00
1661 Cllr. Bell NDP expenses  £               105.30
1662 Bupitt Bros Bramley Green cut  £               450.00
1663 HALC affiliation fee inc NALC levy  £               654.00
1664 R Gregory, burial grounds maintenance  £               750.75
1665 Village Hall – Parish Plan room hire  £               195.00
1666 BDO – external audit fee  £               360.00
 £           7,131.94
* S106 will be refunded
Checked By Chairman Chris Holland  Date
……………………………………………….. 16th September 2013