Minutes 17th December 2012

Minutes of the Meeting of Bramley Parish Council

Held in the Bramley Room of the Village Hall on Monday 17th December 2012 at 7.00pm.




Parish Councillors present were:

Richard Wood, Chris Holland, Claire Penfold, Alison Jayawardena, Anthony Durrant, Malcolm Bell (joined later)


Also present were:

Borough Cllr. Ranil Jayawardena, Borough Cllr. Chris Tomblin, press, and 10 members of the public


ITEM          COMMENT                                                                                                                                                                   ACTION


1.0                    Apologies

Cllr. Murphy, County Cllr. Keith Chapman

2.0                    Minutes of the last meeting

                   Proposed Cllr. Durrant, seconded Cllr. Mrs. Jayawardena


3.0                    Highways Update

Cllr. Holland reported on the highways improvements throughout Bramley.

Bramley Traffic and Environmental Improvement Scheme Updates

During recent weeks we have all endured planned changes to our roads and transport environment and I have been reporting monthly to the PC and my reports are on the website.

Tonight we were expecting representation from the HCCs Environment Department to brief us on progress; I regret in HCC there has been a change in organisational structure and consequently I have a report but no team to thank or question.


In HCC there is now a distinction between planning & feasibility and delivery.  Tom Robison and Simon Found used to cover all aspects of the scheme are now only responsible for delivery; they will continue to keep us updated.  Feasibility study work will be led by Hannah Baker and Holly Drury from the HCC Local Planning Team; we will develop a close relationship with these ladies and hope to ask them to join us at one of our monthly meetings in the NY.


If I may review the delivery aspect of the transport upgrade programme:  five phases of the plan have been completed with five still to come:



Pedestrian crossing improvements to Sherfield Rd, with associated traffic calming and junction improvements to side roads, in order to slow traffic.

Improved footway connections from Sherfield Road, via Strawberry Fields, towards the Primary School

Pedestrian and traffic improvements to Silchester Road and The Street

Accessibility and car parking improvements to Bramley Lane/Moat Close

Road resurfacing to Silchester Road, The Street and Moat Close


In addition five phases have been agreed to be implemented and are in the HCC Capital Programme for delivery next year; the following list is in likely delivery date order;


Addition of alternative road surfacing at the village boundaries and other locations, to warn drivers and act as part of the traffic calming package.

Application of tarmac to provide a better surface on the Cinder Track; this is ordered with Amey, but there have been delays due to the need to get a footpath closure order to carry out the work. This is in hand and work on the track should commence in the new calendar year.

Addition of a “rural” style footway across the open space by the Bramley Lane/Sherfield Road junction.

Addition of pedestrian features across the junction of Phaeben’s Field.

New roundabout at the junction of Campbell Road and Sherfield Road.


The majority of the budget is now fully committed; whilst there are other issues still to be resolved, like the footbridge over the railway and traffic calming on Campbell Rd, these schemes will not be taken any further until additional funding is identified.


While it is not impossible that feasibility work on ‘new issues’ could be undertaken in Bramley it should be noted that HCC’s budget for highway feasibility studies is reducing and therefore prioritisation for future studies will be on a Countywide basis.  Schemes that have no funding for implementation will have a lower priority than those that do.


Last month I produced a Transport Brief for Oct – Dec I have also added articles on Transport to the PC Newsletter which will come out in the next month.   I would like to focus this month on Parking in Bramley


Since 2008 and in particular since we have been working with HCC to improve the transport infrastructure in Bramley we have been trying to convince B&DBC that extra yellow street markings and possibly signs are required to protect our streets from unwanted parking.  There appears to have been a significant increase in the number of car parked with 500 m off the village railway station; we believe the cost of season car parking in Basingstoke is £3,000+ it may be fair to say people are joining the train at Bramley to save money.


Our hope is to deter outside rail commuters from using Bramley as a free car park; if they must park in Bramley we need to ensure the parking is away from junctions and safe.  There is likely to be a short and middle-term solution to the problem.  In the short-term I am working closely with Councillor Jayawardena to apply the necessary pressure within B&DBC to get the required marking and signs added; in the middle-term we need to consider building a car park; there is no obvious space within 300m-500m of the railway but we are keen to explore options.


All the issues outlined above have been discussed at length during the last 3-5 years; we accept there is no easy fix to the middle-term challenge, however we believe we are close to agreement to enhance the pattern of restrictive road marking, along with the possible introduction of signs.  We believe our proposals would enhance deterrence and allow the community and B&DBC, supported by the Police, to develop a strategy of enforcement.  We have urgently requested the support of Barry Ford who is the B&DBC Principal Engineer (Community Design and Regeneration) Community Services to resolve this matter.


Barry Ford has written to all Borough and County Councillors as well as the Police and PC; he has offered a meeting with Parish Council Chairman Cllr. Wood, Cllr. Holland other stake holders on January 13th 2013.

Councillor Chris Holland


Cllr. Durrant commented that the pot hole which had been filled in near Farrier’s Close was already braking down. He also explained that there was some metalwork in the road with some sharp edges. Cllr Holland would speak to HCC about these concerns.


Cllr. Wood explained that more discussions were taking place about the traffic calming in Campbell Road and that some suggestions had been made about a rumble strip. It was noted that nearby residents may object as they can create additional traffic noise. All would be consulted on. Cllr. Holland reiterated that it was planned to complete the roundabout first and that the impact of that on traffic could be assessed before additional calming in Campbell Road was agreed.


Peter Hayes from the public pointed out that some of the cats eyes had been dislodged. This was noted.

Cllr. Ranil Jaywardena commented as a resident that some levels need to be looked at as there is still some puddling, particularly near the bus stop opposite the Bramley Inn.

4.0             Accounts for payment:

Chairman’s Allowance                                                                                             £125.00

Tadley CAB Grant                                                                                                     £1,500

Clift Meadow Grant                                                                                                  £5,000

Litter Warden Pay                                                                                                    £279.10

Clerk’s Pay and reimbursements                                                                           £913.31

Increase to insurance premium                                                                            £148.40

Total monthly expenses                                                                                          £7,965.81


Proposed Cllr, Penfold, seconded Cllr. Bell

5.0                        Granary

It was agreed to pay the quoted £375 to fund the full costed-schedule that Hampshire Conservation Team could prepare, in support of the application for Grant funding for essential preservation repairs to the Granary.

Proposed Cllr. Penfold, seconded Cllr. Durrant


6.0                Planning and Development Committee

                      Cllr. Durrant explained that there was a key meeting at the Civic Offices on 17th January to discuss the selected sites as detailed in the SHLAA. Hey asked for key dates to be put on the website by the Clerk.

He explained that the Cttee would meet with both Borough Councillors on 28th December to discuss the matter in advance.

He explained that all sites in the SHLAA which affect the parish were being considered by the Cttee and that there are defined criteria with which the PC may object, which are clear ‘planning grounds’.


Neighbourhood Planning

Cllr. Bell has submitted the application to BDBC which defines the ‘neighbourhood area’ which would be the whole of the parish, in order to proceed with neighbourhood planning. They explained the necessity for the neighbourhood to get involved, as this initiative is not just for the PC to lead, but that the public should contact Cllr. Bell and the Cttee if they have any views.


7.0             Community Wellbeing Committee

                   One of the matters discussed was about the refuse collection by contractors, where wheely bins were left in awkward places, glass bottles would be broken and not swept up etc. It was agreed that the parish clerk would write to the managers of the contract and explain the concerns.


Cllr. Holland explained that the Horse Chestnut tree on the green near Minchens Corner is diseased and would need to be felled with the work due to be carried out at the end of January. It will be replaced with a 4m Oak and would be moved more centrally onto the green to give more Highways clearance.


Cllr. Holland reported that the date was agreed for the summer fun day of 6th July 2013, which will be managed by representatives from Clift Meadow Trust and the Church. He explained that they were likely to seek some grant funding at the January PC meeting.


He gave a further update on the Royal British Legion site, which explained that the National RBL are discussing some proposals for the parish council to consider. He explained that they will discuss draft plans for the development of potentially 8-10 houses on the site.


8.0             Police, County and Borough Councillors Reports

Advice passed on by the police, as per last month, is to remain vigilant as there are opportunist burglaries in the area.


Cllr. Jayawardena explained that the cabinet put forward proposals that the Council Tax remain at the same level.

He also explained that the Basing view development was moving ahead which was creating good investment in Baskingstoke. In addition the town centre project for the old part of the town, known as the top of town was due to get more attention and focus.


He reported that the Manydown investigations by the Audit Cttee had cost £100,000 and it was his view that this was enough investigation into the history of the matter, and that it would be more beneficial to start looking forwards, and that public money would be better spent driving the site forward and not funding further backwards-looking investigations. It would be up to the Local Planning Authority to decide which sites are developed.


Cllr. Tomblin discussed the flooding issues at Cufaude Lane and explained concerns about ice as the flooded areas freeze in colder weather. It was explained that the water was drained from the area and that the ditches were the responsibility of the local landowners to maintain to assist in preventing further flooding. He explained that it formed part of the priority 2 route for gritting.


He reported that there would be a public meeting on 10th January to try to expedite the Basingstoke Live festival, but that the debate was likely to largely focussed on finance.


Public Interval

Peter Hayes made further reference to the refuse collections and wheely bins being haphazardly thrown back. It was noted that there was a general lack of respect for equipment, including glass recycling containers with one being broken by being thrown down heavily.


Nick Bywater from the SARS campaign group attended to reiterate their concerns about the Razor’s farm development which were duly noted. Chris Wright asked what the deadline was for objections to be lodged over the planning application.



9.0             Representatives reports


                   Parish Plan: Cllr. Penfold reported that the group had recently had a good meeting with reps from the Borough Council who were assisting with the data capture, and that they were formulating the responses ready to publish in February.


Village Hall Trust: Cllr. Wood said he would find out when the next meeting was and noted that there had been some complaints about such things as dirty tables from groups booking the facility.


Clift Meadow Trust: It was reported that there were still concerns about the Pavilions after the flooding, as the humidity was still very high and the building did not seem to be drying out very quickly. Dehumidifiers were in place to try to deal with the remaining damp. It was reported that they were potentially suffering a loss of income to around £400 or more a week but it was thought that the Insurance would cover this as well as the cost of repairs.


10.0           Items for the next meeting


Vote to approve Costs for Bramley Green protection – it was noted that the costs to further protect the Green from future invasions was expected to be around £6,822, with Stratfield Saye Estate offering a contribution of around £3,000 in total over two financial years. This leaves £3,822 to be covered by the Parish Council. It was stated that it was too wet to carry out any work at the moment, but that this also prevented caravans from entering the site, and that once the ground is dry enough the work can be done.



There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.50pm.