Minutes 17th June 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of Bramley Parish Council

Held in the Bramley Room at the Village Hall on Monday 17th June 2013 at 7.00pm.


Parish Councillors present were:

Chris Holland (Chair), Janet Grieve, Malcolm Bell, Chris Wright, Tony Durrant Alison Jayawardena arrived late due to congestion caused by an accident

Also present were:

Parish Clerk, Borough Cllr. Jayawardena, Tom Robison from HCC, PCSO James Rickarby, and 3 members of the public

1.0                    Apologies

Richard Wood who was unwell.

Claire Penfold had tended her resignation before the meeting. Cllr. Holland wished to minute thanks for her efforts and his gratitude that she will continue to serve the community through the Parish Plan steering group.

2.0                    Minutes of the last meeting

               Proposed Cllr. Durrant, seconded Cllr. Bell

3.0                   Decision: to agree Committee and working group structure following the AGM

It was resolved that the project-based work of the Community Wellbeing Committee would now be undertaken through working groups and that the Planning and Finance Committees would meet as formal committees for which their Terms of References would be reviewed.

All in favour.


4.0         Monthly Income and Expenditure

              It was noted that the NDP grant would be reported on a separate cash book for better reporting.


4.i          Accounts for approval June 2013

Proposed Cllr. Durrant, Seconded Cllr. Bell

1628   Litter warden pay, £291.67

1629   Sarah Smart – clerk pay and expenses, £1,182.20

1630   Sarah Smart – clerk back pay following pay review, £798.47

1631   Cllr. Wood expenses, meeting room keys, £6.66

1632   Cllr. Holland, Chairman’s allowance 1st half, £125.00

1633   Cllr. Bell expenses – NDP cash book, £26.97

1634   Greenhouse Graphics NDP questionnaire printing NDP cash book, £258.72

Total for approval, £2,689.69

5.0                   Guest from Hampshire County Council Highways: Tom Robison, Strategic Transport Delivery, to review the recent Highways Improvements in Bramley.

Cllr. Holland had circulated a briefing note to update Cllrs on the three schemes which had been delivered to date, which will be summarised on the website. It was noted that the fourth scheme was the roundabout at the junction of Campbell Road which is scheduled for delivery 1st quarter of 2014. It was clarified that the Parish Council does not support an allowance in design for a 4th exit from this roundabout.

Tom Robison reported that he had walked the village that morning and while there was a clear improvement to the quality of the highway in Bramley, some minor issues for attention were discussed.

Following an opportunity for Cllrs and members of the public to raise matters relating to the agenda item, Tom Robison took an action to report back to the Council on the status of some complaints and unfinished works.

There are opportunities for the Parish Council to assist in a future decision about gateway signs to the entrance to the village which are to be amalgamated into one, more suitable sign.

The yellow lining scheme for some residential side roads is also progressing and due for consultation imminently though BDBC.

              Public Interval

              Some issues relating to the highways item on the agenda were raised and Tom Robison was asked to investigate the water sitting on the road, which is caused by the run-off not draining away from the curb.

              It was also noted that some bollards which had previously been knocked down have been replaced but that the finish was not very good and the contractors would be asked to look at this.

              The matter of pot holes was also brought up and will be looked at by HCC.

              Peter Hayes brought up the matter of speeding through the village. It was noted PCSOs had carried out visual reminder exercises and that the Community Speed Watch volunteers would carry out a watch shortly.

              The effectiveness of various options was discussed including SLRs.


6.0         Police, County and Borough Councillors Report

              PCSO James Rickarby reported that there had been a few incidents of ASB with noise nuisance or children playing football. He explained that the PCSOs were spending time cycling around their areas which was enabling more interaction with the community.

He also reported on the traveller issues being faced in Bramley and explained the Police were disappointed with the level of disruption and unease it causes residents, but explained that ASB issues were not large scale.

Borough Cllr. Jayawardena delivered his verbal report. In particular he reiterated that the housing numbers have now been set by Cabinet at 748 per year of the Local Plan period.

7.0          Planning Committee Report

               Cllr. Durrant explained that there were six planning applications currently under consideration.

               Please see appendix.

8.0          Development Matters

               Local Plan

               Cllr. Durrant updated the parish council on the current status of the local plan in a briefing note which would be incorporated into the next edition of the Parish Council Newsletter.

              Neighbourood Development Plan

              Cllr. Bell reported that the second meeting of the steering group had taken place and that there had been two resignations since inception of the group due to other commitments. He explained that there was a new website for NDP which linked through from the Parish Council website. He explained that the NDP group had been awarded a Grant of £3,218 which would be managed by the Parish Clerk on a separate cash book for clear reporting.

              Parish Plan survey

              It was confirmed that while Claire Penfold was no longer working with the parish council, she was continuing to lead on the parish plan steering group and was meeting with separate councillors to begin sharing information from the survey relevant to their projects.

9.0         Community projects

              Youth Facilities

              It was explained that the S106-funded youth facilities project was progressing well with a preliminary open session to consult with the public planned for 6th July at Clift Meadow. It was noted that VAT was a considerable issue to understand as it affects the budget and Janet Grieve was looking into this issue.

              Allotments project

              A meeting has been arranged with BDBC to progress this project.

              Granary restoration project

              The Councillors were informed about the CHEF Grant awarded to contribute towards the renovation costs, although this would not meet the full project costs. The Parish Council had carried over some funds to the 2013-2014 budget, however there was a further shortfall. Following a vote of the parish council, it was resolved that the funding shortfall of £7,000 would be met from the parish council reserves to enable the project to proceed and the Grant utilised within the guidelines and expiry date.

              Proposed Cllr. Grieve, seconded Cllr. Jayawardena, all in favour.

              A meeting of the Finance Committee was planned to consider how to replenish the reserves.

              Parish lengthsman Scheme

              The Parish Clerk explained that the pilot scheme had proved to be successful and the second phase was now being rolled out across Hampshire. The Clerk had registered Bramley for this scheme which offers each Parish signing up an additional £1,000 of funding for highway related maintenance matters through a dedicated employee, managed by a ‘lead parish’ within a group.

10.0        Other representative reports

               Village Hall Trust

               It was reported that there was a new Chair of the Village Hall Trust as Richard Wood had agreed to take the position. Cllr. Grieve is taking on the role of secretary on the Trust with Anna Kier remaining on as treasurer for the time being.

              Clift Meadow Trust

              It was noted that the proposed fun day for 2014 was proceeding for which the Parish Council may be asked to contribute funds.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9pm.

Chairman ……………………………………………………………………………………Date…………………………..


Allotments – new setup (to be paid 2013-14)  £    70,000.00  £    80,000.00 -£   10,000.00
Burial Ground extension works  £    20,000.00
Granary essential repairs  £      6,000.00  £    13,000.00  £      7,000.00
SLR/SID/CSW/Other  £      3,000.00  £      2,000.00 -£      1,000.00
Contingency fund  £    10,000.00  £      8,700.00 -£      1,300.00
Grants and Donations (S37)  £    12,000.00  £    10,000.00 -£      2,000.00
Community Wellbeing Fund  £  121,000.00  £  113,700.00 -£      7,300.00
Litter Warden salary  £      7,000.00  £      7,000.00
Clerk Salary  £    12,000.00  £    18,000.00  £      6,000.00
Tax & NI tbc  £      1,200.00  £      1,600.00  £         400.00
Chairman’s Allowance  £         250.00  £        125.00 -£         125.00
Members expenses (travel etc, not equipment)  £        150.00  £         50.00  £                –
Staffing Costs  £    20,600.00  £    26,875.00  £      6,275.00
Insurance  £      1,280.00  £      1,280.00  £               –
Burial Grounds Maintenance  £      3,000.00  £      3,000.00  £                –
Allotments running costs  £         250.00  £         250.00  £                –
Bramley Green Cut/pond/stones/ditch clearance  £      1,500.00  £      3,000.00  £      1,500.00
Seats and Bus Shelters maintenance  £        400.00  £         400.00  £                –
Notice Boards  £        300.00  £         600.00  £         300.00
Asset/property maintenance/insurance  £      6,730.00  £      8,530.00  £      1,800.00
Administration, allowances, equipment, travel  £      2,250.00  £      3,400.00  £      1,150.00
Room hire  £       460.00  £       350.00 -£         110.00
Audit Fees (internal and external)  £        900.00  £        900.00  £                –
Admin/Office costs  £      3,610.00  £      4,650.00  £      1,040.00
Other costs to consider:
Parish Plan expenses  £      1,000.00  £      1,000.00  £                –
Neighbourhood Development Plan Costs  £    10,000.00  £    10,000.00  £                –
Subscriptions (such as HALC) and publications  £      700.00  £         700.00  £                –
Training and conference attendance  £      1,000.00  £      1,000.00  £                –
Info/publicity website (newsletters)  £      2,000.00  £      2,250.00  £      250.00
Subtotal ‘other’  £    14,700.00  £    14,950.00  £      250.00
BUDGET ADJUSTMENT EQUATES TO  £  166,640.00  £  168,705.00  £      2,065.00
We set the budget in Oct/Nov last year based on certain assumptions, these have changed and are reflected as follows:
It was expected that the working capital would be £222,426
According to the year end numbers this is now £222,414
A difference (decrease) of -£12
It was expected our expenditure would be  £  166,640.00
The above would change it to  £  168,705.00
A difference (increase) of  £      2,065.00
Our carry over into 2014-15 was expected to be  £    55,786.00
This is adjusted in line with above  £    53,709.00
A difference (decrease) of -£      2,077.00