Minutes 17th November 2014

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Monday 17th November 2014 Time: 7.30pm
Place: Committee Room, Bramley Village Hall
Present: Cllr Durrant (Chair) Cllr Bell (Vice Chair)
Cllr Holland Cllr Ansell
Cllr Clarke Cllr Murphy
In Attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 7 members of the public
  Cllr Chris Tomblin (Borough) Cllr Keith Chapman (County)
Apologies: Cllr Grieve Cllr Wright
  PCSO Nathaniel Johnson Cllr Jayawardena (Borough)



1 Apologies for Absence

As listed above.

2 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Holland declared an interest in item 6.5.

3 Co-option of Councillors/Welcome of New Councillors


The Clerk noted that a new person has come forward to stand for co-option; however, she is not ready to do so until the December meeting.  The Clerk will email further details to all councillors in due course.

Cllr Durrant welcomed Cllrs Murphy and Clarke to the Council.  They duly signed their Declaration of Acceptance of Office forms.





Cllr Durrant noted that now the Council has almost a full complement of councillors, then roles and responsibilities should be reviewed and distributed for a more even workload.  He stated that a Finance Committee was an urgent requirement.  Cllrs Murphy, Clarke and Durrant volunteered for this Committee.


4 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting


Cllr Holland noted the error at 7.1b – the numbering is incorrect, and it should read ‘an extraordinary council meeting may be required to discuss the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan prior to submission to BDBC.’

Cllr Bell proposed and Cllr Ansell seconded that the minutes of the meeting held on 20thOctober 2014 were a true and accurate record, subject to the above amendments.  Unanimously agreed.  The minutes were signed by the Chairman.


5 Open Forum


The Chairman invited questions and comments from those present.

Judith Foyle noted that the Local Plan allocates 200 new homes for Bramley Village, but that the proposed Minchens Lane and Strawberry Fields developments would take this to over 400.  She asked why the allocation has doubled.   Cllr Durrant stated that there is no change to the allocation of 200 homes in central Bramley.  However, neither the Local Plan nor the Neighbourhood Development plan have been formally adopted, which has resulted in a free for all for developers and land owners, and all the PC can do at this stage is to review each application individually.

Sam Willoughby representing the Bramley Development Action Group asked for more information on when the Parish Council intended to engage and communicate with the residents on the proposed footbridge and safety measures.  Cllr Durrant noted that the Parish Council is not necessarily against a footbridge, but is opposed to the  current proposal as it is not accessible to all.  The priority for the PC is improved safety and access in the level crossing area.  There is still a lot of work to do on the safety proposal, and there will be community engagement in due course.

Ray Morton questioned the lack of PC support for the current footbridge proposal in light of the questionnaire that gave 75% community approval for a footbridge.  Cllr Durrant noted that whilst the questionnaire has been taken as a basis for the current proposal it did not ask enough detailed questions on what the public actually require.

Cllr Durrant noted that LIF proposals for the footbridge will not be discussed at this meeting, as the decision made by BDBC is subject to the Scrutiny Committee meeting on 20thNovember.

Geoffrey Hunt asked for clarification on the timeline on the safety proposals.


6 Planning & Development


14/03086/HSE – Walmar The Street Bramley

Single storey rear extension following demolition of existing lean to

No objections.

14/03111/HSE – Lime Tree Cottage Vyne Road Bramley

Demolition of existing brick wall and erection of new brick wall and fence.

Cllr Bell noted that this is in a Conservation Area, and is a listed building.  It was agreed that comments should be made that the new fence should be sympathetic to the area, otherwise no objections.

14/03119/LBC – Bullsdown Farm Bramley

Alterations to planning application BDB/75376 to include rearrangement of internal layouts of Units C, D & E, alterations to finished floor level of Units C and E and minor change to elevation 2 (Unit C)

No objections. Cllr Durrant noted that this was yet another change to the original application

14/03268/FUL – MoD Bramley Training Area Campbell Road Bramley

Change of use of land and buildings for filming and associated activities for up to 60 calendar days per year

Cllr Holland noted that the camp has been used already for filming, but that it has so far been restricted to small areas of the camp.  Concerns were raised about the impact on military training at the camp, and on other consequences if the scale of filming is to be increased dramatically.  Clerk to respond to BDBC accordingly.

14/03280/HSE – Windrush Coopers Lane Bramley

Construction of first floor involving raising of the roof with dormer windows to the rear and side extensions. Erection of side and rear extensions

Cllr Durrant noted that raising the roofline will not be in keeping with other properties close by.  Otherwise, no objections

14/03307/LDPO – 78 Kirby Drive Bramley

Certificate of Lawfulness for the proposed loft conversion incorporating 3 no. roof lights on the front roof slope and 5 no. roof lights on the rear roof slope

No objections

14/03385/AOP – Bridge Crossing Broad Street Cufaude Lane Bramley

Alteration to the current single span structure of engineering brickwork supported on masonry abutments with 6 no. pre cast reinforced concrete portals on new cil beams. Installation of new handrail to each parapet, refurbishments and minor repairs to all associated sub-structures

Cllr Durrant noted that this is necessary maintenance work.  No objections.

14/03085/HSE – 17 Wallis Drive Bramley

Erection of first floor extension over garage and two storey rear extension following demolition of conservatory

No objections

14/03114/HSE – 58 Coopers Lane Bramley

Erection of conservatory

No objections.

14/03343/OUT – Aurum Crockford Lane Basingstoke

Development of up to 130 no. residential dwellings, with associated access, parking and landscaping

Cllr Durrant proposed the principle of objecting to development in the Crockford Lane area due to the impact on Cufaude Lane and surrounding area.  However, if the Clerk obtains an extension on the deadline for comment, this application will be looked in more detail for the December meeting.  This was unanimously agreed.

Cllr Tomblin noted work to bridge and bend in Cufaude lane and possible changes to road structure in area.

























































Approvals/Refusals – recent approvals and refusals were noted.


Update on Strawberry Fields development

No further information.  No outline planning application has been submitted to date.



Update on Minchens Lane development

The application is due to go to the BDBC Development Control Committee on 3rdDecember.


Development of RBL site

Councillors met with RBL representatives earlier this month.  Cllr Durrant briefly outlined the results of the meeting (appendix A), and then proposed that the Parish Council support RBL’s efforts to maximise the potential income from the site.  It was noted that the most favourable development for Bramley is the current proposal for 8 executive homes on the site.  The proposal was unanimously agreed.



LIF – Road Safety at the Level Crossing

Cllr Ansell gave some background to the recent safety proposals, and where they came from (school travel plan and 2012 questionnaire).  The safety scheme proposals from Bramley Parish Council and the footbridge proposals from Cllr Jayawardena were considered at the recent BDBC Cabinet meeting, with the footbridge gain agreement, and the safety proposals to be included if and when funding was available.  However, the footbridge decision has now been called in to the BDBC Scrutiny Committee, who are meeting is on 20th November, and representatives from Bramley PC will be speaking at the meeting.

Cllr Durrant noted that the PC is prepared to push forward the safety proposals even without LIF funding.

Two proposals were made for the next steps:

  • A committee should be formed to pursue the safety scheme, and to put a project plan together.
  • An independent survey should be carried out, which should include engagement with the community, BDBC and Network Rail.  Cllr Ansell has obtained an initial quote for such as survey of £4500.  This would be funded by the Parish Council.  Cllr Murphy noted that strong Terms of Reference would need to be set, both for the survey and for the committee.

Cllr Holland noted many of the issues were highlighted at the time of the German Road development – HCC feel that all monies from this development have been now been used.  He also expressed concern that the PC could be wasting it’s time if Borough is not engaged with the safety proposals.

Cllr Chapman observed that the Highways funding structure is changing and that the impetus for schemes such as this now needs to come from the Borough.  He further noted that Network Rail is considering investment in developing Basingstoke Station and services at Waterloo.  Freight trains are to be diverted from Basingstoke.  Network Rail policy is to remove all railway crossings, which will directly affect Bramley.

Both proposals were made by Cllr Durrant and seconded by Cllr Clarke, and were unanimously agreed.  Cllr Ansell to convene a meeting of the new committee before the next PC meeting, and also to obtain full quotes for the survey with a view to engaging consultants.
































Cllr Ansell

7 Clerk’s Report & Correspondence


Litter Warden Vacancy

The new Litter Warden, Jo Bolland, has now been engaged, and has been very busy catching up on the litter warden round.  She is also periodically checking the Folly Lane area for fly tipping.  Cllr Holland asked if Longbridge Road could be included as it tends to get a lot of litter.  Clerk to action.






BDBC Community Fund Charity

The Clerk has received notice from Borough Cllr Dan Putty of the above charity.  The aim of the charity is to support voluntary run charities and community groups that are working hard to make the borough a better place to live.  Donations can be made via the following website: http://localgiving.com/charity/basingstokecommunityfund

This will be further considered at the December meeting.






8 Reports


Reports from Parish Council representatives


Allotments & Burial Ground Update – See appendix B.

Allotments – the Clerk noted that she has received a quote for making allotments 1 and 2 ready for cultivation for £100.  The quote for fencing from the same supplier is for £430.  Cllr Ansell proposed, Cllr Bell seconded that the quotes are accepted and the work carried out.  Unanimously agreed.  Clerk to action.

Burial Ground – the Clerk has received a renewal quote from Bulpitt Brothers for maintenance of the Burial Ground.  The quote is £180 per visit.  Cllr Ansell proposed, Cllr Bell seconded that the quote is accepted.  Unanimously agreed.  Rev. John Lenton noted that the Burial Ground is looking much improved.







Neighbourhood Development Plan – See appendix B.

Cllr Bell noted that further spend on consultants of approximately £5000 is required.  Cllr Holland proposed setting a higher upper limit not to exceed £10,000.  This would cover any potential last minute work.  Cllr Ansell seconded, unanimously agreed.  Cllr Bell noted that initial feedback from BDBC has been positive.




Village Hall Trust – See appendix B.  Cllr Holland gave some background on LIF funding for facilities manager.



Youth Facility Project & Recreational Facilities – See appendix B.  Cllr Holland noted a slight delay on completion of building.  It should be complete by the end of November.

Cllr Holland noted that a significant amount of work is being generated by new Clift Meadow Trustees, which should allow greater community engagement.


Education & Schools – Cllr Ansell noted the Head Teacher’s support for the proposed safety scheme.


Policing and Neghbourhood Watch – Cllr Holland observed that the police have noted that Bramley and the surrounding area is very peaceful – there are very low levels of crime.

Cllr Durrant noted the theft of the Lane End post box – this has been reported to both the police and Royal Mail.


Borough Councillor Report

Cllr Tomblin gave a verbal report.  He noted the Cabinet decision on LIF proposals, and also noted the Scrutiny Committee meeting on 20th November.

A full BDBC Council meeting has been held.  A motion that all Ward Councillors should be closely involved with s.106 funding on behalf of their parishes was agreed.

The Chief Executive of BDBC, Tony Curtis is retiring – recruitment for his successor is being carried out now.

Dixon Road traveller pitch – plans has been rejected, and owners are being prosecuted for felling trees.

Local Plan – the Inspector has had a brief look at the Plan.  Concern has been expressed on low housing numbers, housing around the incinerator and sewage works, and lack of improvement to the A33.  An open meeting is being held on 11th December with the Inspector – Cllr Durrant is to attend on behalf of the PC.  Cllr Bell noted that the NDP is also with the examiner as input to the Local Plan.



County Councillor Report

Cllr Chapman gave a verbal report.  He asked if any war memorial ideas had been taken forward.  Cllr Durrant confirmed that it has not.  Cllr Chapman observed that he can give a County Councillor grant towards such a project if it is approved.

MORI have recently conducted a poll on highways satisfaction – HCC came top in the south and fifth in the country.  However, £5 million of cuts need to be made over next few years, which will have an impact on how quickly things are actioned.

HCC are still negotiating with BT on broadband.  The programme has slipped slightly time wise.

Cllr Chapman noted library closures in county – particularly at Kingsclere.

Cllr Bell asked about weight restrictions on of heavy vehicles travelling through Kingsclere.  Cllr Chapman confirmed that most HGVs in Kingsclere were delivering to the village, and could not therefore be excluded.  He also noted that the police would be unable to enforce such a restriction.


Chairman’s Report

Nothing additional to the agenda items to report.


Council IT support assistant – Cllr Durrant noted receipt of the job description.  This item postponed until December meeting.



9 Highways


Issues – Coopers Lane is flooded near the junction with the C32.  This has been reported to HCC Highways, who have referred the matter to contractors.  The matter should be resolved soon.  Clerk to email Highways and copy Cllr Chapman in.

Cllr Holland noted that road markings opposite Longbridge Road need to be refreshed – these should be done this month, subject to weather conditions.





Campbell Road Roundabout Work – work has begun on the roundabout, with delays caused at times by traffic light phasing.  The contractors are aware of the problem, and have said that they will take complaints into consideration.  Cllr Durrant noted that the PC did not request a roundabout at Campbell Road, and did not support a four exit roundabout, although a three exit roundabout was approved by a majority voted in May 2012.



Speed Limits – Bramley Green Road – Cllr Bell went over background to speeding complaints in area, and proposed a speed limit of 20mph in the area.   Cllr Holland confirmed that HCC will not restrict speeds at the current time, although they are investigating this in school areas county wide.  Cllr Bell suggested ’20 is plenty’ signs in area as an interim measure.  It was noted that these signs cannot be legally enforced without County backup.

Cllr Chapman noted trial schemes in Whitchurch – he suggested writing to HCC for Bramley to be considered for pilot schemes.


11 Consultation Documents requiring consideration


CIL – Draft Charging Schedule – the Clerk has received details of this consultation, which has a closing date of 19th December.  Clerk to distribute to all councillors, and to be considered at the December meeting.



11 Finance


Payments and Reconciliation Approval – see appendix C.

The clerk outlined the payments and reconciliation for November.  She noted that the Youth Facility payment to Strongbond has already been made for this month, and that final bills from Strongbond and Macallan Penfold are expected in due course.  Other payments are as expected.  She noted and additional payment of £37.49 to be made for printing supplies for the NDP.

Cllr Durrant proposed, and Cllr Holland seconded a motion to approve all payments.  Unanimously agreed.  Clerk to action.










Acknowledgement of Receipts – Appendix B

S.106 money has been received for the Youth Facility.  Minor monies have been received for Allotment deposits and rent, and a credit note has been received from RBS software against and overpayment from last year.


2014 Poppy Appeal – Cllr Durrant proposed making a donation to the annual Poppy Appeal of £50.00.  He noted that a poppy wreath was laid on behalf of the Parish Council at recent Remembrance Day commemorations.  This was seconded by Cllr Ansell and unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.






2015/16 Budget – Extraordinary meeting – the budget is now almost ready for consideration.  The Clerk strongly recommended a separate meeting for councillors to consider the budget, in preparation for setting the Precept at the December meeting.  This was unanimously agreed.  Clerk to organise.






Update on VAT reclaim – the Clerk noted that the VAT reclaim for the previous three years has now finally been approved, and approximately £9000 will be paid to the Council by HMRC in due course.  Another claim was made in September for VAT paid in 2014/15 – this has not been processed yet due to severe delays at HMRC.  It is expected that this will be processed by the end of the year.



Funding for Clift Meadow Trust – Cllr Durrant summarised the agreement for using Pavilion for committee meetings and £200 per month for use of office space in youth facility as sole tenant.  The plans for a new facilities manager have complicated this plan.  He proposed sharing the facility with facilities manager on a trial basis for 3-6 months, at a cost of up to £1500.  The arrangement would then be reviewed.  Cllr Holland noted that the situation will become clearer once the building is finished and it can be seen how much space there is in the office – it is very small.  The proposal was seconded by Cllr Holland, and unanimously agreed.

The Clerk has received a quote for moving and replanting three trees in Clift Meadow – this is for £150, and also £300 for hedge cutting.  Cllr Durrant proposed accepting the quote, with the Parish Council paying for the work as part of the grant to Clift Meadow.  Seconded by Cllr Bell and unanimously agreed.


12 Grant Applications


Cross House – an application has been received for funding replacement furniture, a dishwasher, and a new tap at Cross House.  Remaining funding is coming from church funds.  All bills to come through PC for VAT.  Cllr Durrant proposed giving the grant, Cllr Holland seconded, unanimously agreed.  Rev. John Lenton gave his thanks to the PC.



Bramley Bakery – an application has been received for funding of a Christmas tree, lighting for same, and Santa gifts for children at the lighting ceremony.  The Clerk noted that there is no specific power for such a grant, although it may be covered by s.137 funding.  She has sought advice on this, and is awaiting a reply.  Further discussion for finance committee meeting or December meeting.  Need to ensure that Bakery makes no commercial profit.







13 Resolution – To exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings i.a.w. Public Meetings – Admission to Public Meetings Act 1960

The resolution was proposed by Cllr Durrant, seconded by Cllr Holland and unanimously agreed.  The public and press left the meeting.


Clerk’s Salary – Cllr Durrant noted that the pro rata calculation in the Clerk’s contract is incorrect.  He gave the correct figures, and proposed that the correction be made and backdated to July 2014.  Unanimously agreed.

Proposed national pay increase – it was proposed by Cllr Durrant to accept the increase when it is formally approved.  This was seconded by Cllr Clarke.  Unanimously agreed.

14 Date of Next Meeting

The meeting closed at 9.42 pm

The next meeting will be held on Monday 15th December 2014 at 7.30pm, in the Bramley Room at the Village Hall.


Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….   Date:………………………………………


Appendix A


RBL Briefing

The total size of the site is around 1.65 hectares, although much of this fall within the blast zone area of the MOD land.  The current proposed development for 8 executive dwellings occupies just under half a hectare.  He noted that this will fall within the limits for building affordable homes – affordable housing must be built if the site is over half a hectare, and if 15 or more units are built.

Andrew noted that there are problems with these limits – they are higher than those set in the proposed Local Plan from BDBC (which has not yet been adopted).  He also noted that the site was identified in the SCHLAA of several years ago, as a possible site for up to 20 homes.  This is for the whole site, including the blast zone area.

The proposed scheme has not been worked to any great detail at this stage.  The plans is to submit it to BDBC as a pre-application.  This will establish whether it would be accepted for development, and whether BDBC are likely to force a higher density development for the site.  RBL plan to submit the plans very soon (some time this week).  They are keen to submit the full application before the Local Plan is adopted, as adherence to the Local Plan will substantially affect what they are able to do.


Points to bear in mind:

  • The whole site is owned by RBL; however, the MoD will have the final say on whether the blast zone area may be developed.
  • Recent NDP survey shows that residents would prefer smaller developments.
  • The current scheme is the one identified as most profitable for RBL.  Higher density housing means taking affordable housing into consideration, which affects how much income can be generated from the site.
  • Normal CIL rules will apply.
  • Ordnance Road has not been adopted by HCC – it is owned by the MoD.  RBL has established rights of access.
  • There are some trees on the site, which may need to worked around if BDBC insist that they are kept.
  • If the land in the blast zone is not developed at this stage, there is a possibility that it will be at a later stage.  RBL will not seek to retain this land.


Points from Bramley PC:

  • Bramley PC has support RBL over recent years in trying to maximise their return on the site.
  • Bramley PC has argued that 40% affordable housing in Bramley is unworkable – Bramley is out of town, which would cause travel issues for people on low incomes.
  • Need to bear in mind that if this proposal is rejected by BDBC, then RBL will very likely develop the whole site, with up to 20 houses, 40% of which are likely to be affordable housing.  Bramley PC has supported the maximisation of return on the site, NOT this proposal specifically.


The recommendation to Bramley Parish Council as a result of this meeting is to continue to support RBL in the maximisation of their return on the site.  Bramley PC should look favourably on the current proposals, which are in keeping with other buildings on The Street; however, if RBL are forced to develop the whole site, then Bramley PC will need to support this too.



Appendix B – Briefings


Briefing Notes – November 2014


Allotments –

Total plots currently under lease agreement

  • X9 full plots
  • X4 half plots

Total plots available for lease –

  • x2 ½ plots


Currently waiting list has 16 applicants.



Plots 1 & 2 although cleared are not ready to be used as allotments.

There is spoil and large roots across the areas. Simple fencing is required to mark out the 4 ½ plots. I have requested a quotation through the Parish Clerk for this work.


Future ideas


The offers for Plots 2a / 2b have not been responded to although email and telephone contact as a follow up has been tried, if no response we will move down the list towards the end of November.


The car park area requires a clear up and at the same time we could install a shelter area and also a composting area. I will look to put together a proposal for councilors to review by the next PCM.


Footpaths/Rights of Way –

Issues –

  • No Paths issues have been directly report to the Parish Clerk.
  • I have no current update from the cases reported by Cllr Bell in September.
  • There is no update concerning the path linking the German Road and Lane End Roads to the C32 along the side of the railway. As explained the path link is in breach of the Rights of Way. There is an outstanding challenge through planning to the developer concerning this, however at the moment I cannot provide any further information.

Actions ongoing –

  • There are more timed capture video to be taken around the crossing focused on the number of pedestrians and also vehicles using the crossing.



Neighbourhood Development Plan – The results of the housing questionnaire have been analysed. There were 453 replies by post and on line. The stamped addressed return envelope improved the response from previous surveys.


The results confirmed previous comments that the community prefer the idea of housing on a site to be at a lower level in keeping with a rural aspect.


51% voted for max of 50 houses per site

16% voted for maximum of 100 houses per site

26% voted for other levels of housing, from zero up to 900. This included 51 replies that said no housing. In line with the Local Plan, this from Neighbourhood Plan perspective is not possible, so if that number was taken out of the analysis, the percentages increase to 57% saying 50 max, 18% saying 100 max and 17% saying other levels which spanned 10 houses up to the 50 mark. The missing percentages are taken up by figures of 150 and 200 houses per site.


The residents saying zero housing are not ignored but in writing a policy on housing to conform to the local plan then the figure zero cannot be considered, However, again it indicates the concern of the community that Bramley has taken enough development and that housing numbers in the future should be low. As was said in comments, Enough is Enough.


The Re-edited policies of the Neighbourhood Plan have been produced and are waiting proof reading. Comments have been received from the planning officers of BDBC and they are encouraging that in taking into account their comments, we are nearing a Plan that will be acceptable, meeting all the strategic requirements.

The formatting of the plan will be completed in November.

Presentation will then be made to BDBC for the 6 weeks scrutiny, and to the PC for approval. Further editing might be required before presentation for Examination.

A Consultation Statement and Basic Condition Statement are required when submitting to the Local Authority. The work involved in producing this in format required is beyond the scope and capabilities of the steering group. The Characterisation assessment plus the appendices required are being produced by the group but are time consuming, but are being professionally produced.


As Chair, asking for the PC to support these required reports to be provided by the Consultant. Estimate is 8 days further work at £500 per day. The Grant Money has contributed £7000 to the cost so far.

Breakdown was supplied to Cllrs by e mail.


Village Hall –

Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF) – The Parish Council are aware that the Village Hall Trust put in a LIF request in March this year to resource a manager to promote the VHT and CMT facilities. The funds are for a Facilities Manager role over three years to a total value of £50,000. The Village Hall Trust has been advised that this funding has now been approved by B&DBC.

This will be a shared resource for the Village Hall and Clift Meadow Trusts to use in collaboration over the next 3 years. The main focus of the role is outreach to the community, events management and organisation, researching various types of activities and future funding  for the benefit of the whole community, utilising existing venues and facilities.

The Village Hall Trust will employ the person as defined in the proposal and the process will be overseen and monitored by the B&DBC Community Team. A preliminary meeting has therefore been held with a representative of the Community Team and they will advise and support the appointment at each phase, and organise the Funding Agreement and Service Level Agreement with representatives from VHT and CMT. There are also specific reporting requirements and measures to be send to Cabinet to ensure valid use of these funds.

The monies will not be released until the New Year when sourcing candidates can begin so the appointment will most likely be made around March next year.


Fire and security alarms – The new fire exit gate has been fitted and the fire doors are to be upgraded shortly. The new security alarm has been installed with all key holders having their own code which makes the building much more secure.


Website – The new website is being developed with information on all user activities including Little Apples.


Marketing – In conjunction with Greenhouse Graphics, banner frames have been organised which can be used and re-used for Village Hall events. These have also been offered to CMT and BPC.



Saturday 29 November – Mistletoe Fayre:  Advertising will appear around the village prior to the Fayre with the aim of attracting as many visitors as possible.

Saturday 14 February – St Valentine’s:  – Murder Mystery evening

30/31 May  – Art Exhibition

A full User meeting is scheduled for 26th January 2015.

Community Youth & Recreational Facilities –

Youth Facilities Building – The new building will be ready this week and handed over to the Clift Meadow Trust. Some outside work and tidying of the surroundings will be needed before the opening which is planned for Saturday 6 December. The CMT organising committee have sent invitations (including to the Parish Council) for a sequence of events on the day and the Mayor will arrive to open the Youth Facilities Building at 7pm.


Recreational equipment and amenities – Following the allocation of funds for the outside gym on Clift Meadow Park, a company has been appointed and the equipment will be put up in January. The exact timing will be due to the providers and the weather.


Bromelia Close recreation area – The Community Team representative at B&DBC, Richard Warehan, was unable to support the proposed redevelopment of Bromelia Close recreation area due to its close location to a few adjacent houses, despite the majority of residents who are near or overlooking the area being in favour. Because this is Borough land tighter restrictions imposted on the type of development. As a result new proposals have been drawn up with B&DBC Communtiy Team as follows:


Moat Close will be given small goals in the centre of the open space with additional planting of fruit trees to screen the play area plus a path are proposed. This is instead of a goal area at Bromelia,


At Bromelia Close recreation area low level features such as play logs and tunnels are proposed with stepping stones for play and a newly defined path, plus hopefully a climbing feature away from the few residents who are against the proposal. New quotations are being sought so that funds can be allocated in the New Year.


Ongoing projects for allocation of funding: Funds need to be allocated before the end of the tax year so proposals are in hand for the following:

  1. Cricket net at CMP
  2. New lines on the Ball Court / MUGA
  3. Extension and widening of the path around Clift Meadow Park which was part of the original proposal.


Remaining funds: Once funds for the above projects have been allocated there will be some remaining funding especially with the VAT refunds via the Parish Council. These funds are likely to be in the region of £5-10,000, so ideas for more projects need to be defined and put to the B&DBC Community Team or the funds will be lost. The criteria for proposals is open space and recreation and it is suggested that local organisations are contacted to see if they could benefit.


Appendix C – Finance


Bank Reconciliation

17th November 2014

Closing Balance from statement #015, 1st November 2014





14 Nov 14

BACS S106 for Youth Facility


17 Nov 14

000013 Allotment deposit & rent


17 Nov 14

000013 Allotment deposit & rent


17 Nov 14

000013 Memorial Stone – Herridge


17 Nov 14

000013 Credit note – o/p 2013




10 Nov 14


 Youth Facility


17 Nov 14


 Litter Warden Salary


17 Nov 14


 Clerk Salary


17 Nov 14


 Clerk Expenses – Mileage


17 Nov 14


 Clerk Expenses – Postage & Stamps


17 Nov 14


 Clerk Expenses – Stationery


17 Nov 14


 Allotments work


17 Nov 14


 Burial Ground maintenance


17 Nov 14


 Grass & hedge cutting – Bramley Green


17 Nov 14


 Parish Magazine – November


17 Nov 14


 Poppy Wreath Donation TBC

17 Nov 14


 Planning Leaflet



Nett Balance including uncleared cheques