Minutes 18th June 2019


Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Tuesday 18th June 2019 Time:                                    7.30pm
Place: Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall  
Present: Cllr Durrant (Chair) Cllr Bell
  Cllr Tomblin Cllr Flooks
  Cllr James Cllr Capel
  Cllr Ansell Cllr Oborn
  Cllr Munday  
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 3 members of the public
  Cllr Robinson (Borough) Cllr Vaughan (County)
Apologies: Cllr Rowland (Borough) PCSO Emma Page


1 Apologies for Absence  
  As listed above.  
3 Declarations of Interest  
3 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting  
3.1 The minutes of the meeting held on 21st May 2019 were unanimously agreed to be a true and accurate record, were signed by the Chairman.  


3.2 Matters arising  
          i.            Outstanding minutes actions

The list was reviewed.  Clerk to add expected completion dates.



4 Open Forum  
  Cllr Durrant invited comments and questions from the public.




5 County Councillor Report  
  Cllr Vaughan gave a verbal report:

·         A £9.5 million re-development of the Thorneycroft roundabout in Basingstoke is starting at the end of June.  Work is scheduled to take just over a year.

·         A consultation on the HCC budget is live.  The ‘Have Your Say’ consultation can be found at www.hants.gov.uk/balancingthebudget.  Clerk to place on website and social media.

·         HCC received an outstanding report from Ofsted on its childcare services.

·         The new leader of HCC is Cllr Keith Mans

·         Number 14 bus – HCC is a expecting report back from consultation by mid-July.

·         Cllr Tomblin enquired about the proposed bus service for the Vyne Park development.  Cllr Vaughan stated that the s.106 is unlikely to cover funding a bus service.

·         Cllr Tomblin expressed dissatisfaction with lack of notice from HCC on the installation of toad signs for Cufaude Lane.  A number of residents have also complained.








6 Borough Councillor Report  
  Cllr Rowland submitted the following written report:

As you may be aware that the Borough is carrying out meetings with Parishes with regard to Planning and Neighbourhood Plans.  Also you may have heard reports from the meeting on Friday at Sherfield Park with regard to the borough and housing supply.

An update has been supplied to Borough Councillors which you should be aware of.

National planning policy requires Local Planning Authorities (LPA) to actively manage their supply of land to accommodate new housing, and demonstrate that they can identify a supply of specific deliverable sites to meet needs over the next five years. An additional buffer of 5%, 10% or 20% must also be added to the supply, depending on relevant circumstances. Where an area cannot demonstrate a five year supply of such sites, national planning policy states that the ‘presumption in favour of sustainable development’ applies. This means that the relevant policies of an area’s Development Plan (Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plans) are, effectively, considered out of date. Planning applications will therefore be judged with specific reference to national policy with limited weight given to relevant local policy. In this context proposals for new housing should be permitted unless the adverse impacts of doing so would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits.

The current position in Basingstoke and Deane is the borough council has a positive approach to growth and takes a proactive approach to housing delivery and the Local Plan sets out a spatial strategy for meeting housing needs over the Plan period and annual housing completions have increased year on year since 2014/15. The number of homes with planning permissions is also high, standing at approximately 5,500 units, reflecting the positive approach being taken.

In 2018 the council could demonstrate 5.3 years of deliverable housing sites. This position was published through the council’s Authority Monitoring Report which is published annually (each December) and is discussed at EPH Committee. Whilst this meant that the council could meet its land supply requirements, it was acknowledged that this was a relatively fragile positon that could be subject to challenge through the planning process.

This position has now been challenged through a forthcoming appeal concerning a site for 90 homes at Sherfield On Loddon. This appeal has been subject to the Government’s new accelerated appeal approach which has resulted in the case being considered in August rather than towards the end of the year. The council therefore needs to provide an updated position much earlier than it would normally do so. National planning policy dictates that the council’s land supply position will currently need to include a 20% buffer as a result of the recent under delivery of housing in the borough compared to the targets set out in the Local Plan (850 homes per year).

Current monitoring shows that the land supply position is such that 5 years of deliverable sites cannot be demonstrated at this time. Whilst the precise extent of the shortfall is difficult to determine, as the annual monitoring process has not yet been concluded, it is estimated to be significant when a 20% buffer is added.

In terms of the Goddard Farm appeal, land supply can no longer be used as part of the reason for refusal. Other reasons for refusal such as the impact of the proposed development on the local landscape and heritage assets remain and will continue to form the basis for the council’s case, even with the presumption in favour of development engaged. Beyond the appeal, whilst a 5 year supply cannot be demonstrated, the relevant policies of the adopted Local Plan and made Neighbourhood Plans will be considered out of date and the council will not be able to refuse relevant planning applications for new housing unless the adverse impacts of doing so would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits when assessed against policies in national guidance. The only locations where this position would not apply is in parishes with recently made Neighbourhood Plans that allocate land for housing. The parishes with this extra protection are Whitchurch, until the end of September 2019, and Kingsclere until October 2020. Reports on individual planning applications will explain the impact of the lack of housing land supply with regards to the policy context and assessment of the application.

Current monitoring suggests that the lack of 5 year supply may be a temporary position. In light of the high numbers of homes delivered in 2018/19 it is likely that a reduced 5% buffer (rather than the current 20% buffer) will need to be added to land supply calculations come the end of the year, resulting in a more favourable land supply position. This will be confirmed through the Government’s publication of the Housing Delivery Test, expected in November, which assesses an area’s housing delivery over the last three years against housing targets. Any change to the buffer cannot be made until the day after the Test is published and therefore any delay in its publication will have a significant impact on the council. The council is also due to publish a Housing Delivery Test Action Plan in July, setting out a range of actions for the council and its partners to take forward over coming months to ensure that the land supply position is strengthened. This includes continuing to take a proactive approach to turning allocations into permissions and permissions into completions, and working closely with developers and other stakeholders to overcome site specific barriers to delivery. As a result, completions are predicted to exceed the Local Plan housing target over coming years.

I think it is important that you are aware of this situation given Bramley has a made NP and has taken significant development whilst the Local Plan was not “made”.


Cllr Robinson gave a verbal report:

·         Buses – Cllr Laura Edwards is taking issue of the Vyne Park bus service further.

·         Sherfield Fete was cancelled due to weather conditions.

·         Police –Michael Lane, the current Police & Crime Commissioner, was deselected.  Candidates are being sought for elections next year.

·         Cllr Robinson will raise the issue of bright lights at Clift Meadow in the next week.

·         Current SHELAA reports – reasons for unsuitability for development will still stand, but housing supply arguments will not stand in the immediate future.

7 Parish Environment  
7.1 Update on St James Park playground – there is no update at this time.  A response is awaited from officers at BDBC.  


7.2 Update on Lengthsman tasks – a number of items have been completed in the last month, including grass cutting at the Campbell Road roundabout, and in various other locations.  The log has been removed from the pull in at Bramley Green Road.

The pavement between Campbell Road and The Green is still to be cleaned, and branches cut back in the same area.

Other tasks include:

·         A broken tree near the Lane End pond needs clearing.

·         The Cinder Track needs vegetation cutting back.

Clerk to action.










7.3 Parking issues and possible consultation – postponed until July meeting.  
7.4 Safety signage for Cufaude Lane – information has been circulated on the Community Funded Initiative.

Highways have confirmed that changes to speed limits are only considered where there is a clear and evidence led need in terms of road casualty reduction. The County Council complies with Department for Transport criteria, which has some emphasis on the existing mean speeds and safety history. The guidance also encourages that speed limits should be self-explaining and self-compliant, and it is therefore important that speed limits are set to reflect the road layout and conditions.  Cufaude Lane is considered a low priority for review and it is unlikely that low priority sites will be considered in the foreseeable future.

Postponed to July meeting.  Cllr Tomblin and Cllr Oborn to look at possible schemes.











Cllr Tomblin/ Cllr Oborn

8 Clerk’s report & Administration  
8.1 Parish magazine article – Cllr Oborn is due to write the next article.  The deadline is 15th August. Cllr Oborn
8.2 Parish Council Polices – since last month’s review of the Freedom of Information policy and Vexatious policy, it has become apparent that a number of policies need review, including the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.  With this in mind, the Clerk proposed that a working group be formed to consider these and propose updates to full council ready for the September meeting.  This was unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward.  






8.3 Litter Warden salary review – the grant from BDBC has now been received.  This is enough to cover an increase in the salary to bring it line with the national living wage, backdated to April 2019.  Cllr James proposed that this be adopted.  Unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward.  




8.4 Speedwatch equipment – a request has been received from the Community Speedwatch (CSW) team to include the CSW equipment on the Parish Council asset register, thereby also including it in the Parish Council insurance.

The Clerk has checked with the PC insurers, who have stated that the PC should only insure items they are legally entitled to ie due to ownership or contract.  This is not the case in this instance.  However, there is a policy available to the CSW team that would insure the equipment for around £200.

It was unanimously agreed that the equipment should not be added to the PC asset register.  If the CSW team wish to consider a grant application to the PC to cover the cost of insurance, then this would be given due consideration.  Clerk to send grant application form to CSW team.












8.5 Monthly reporting for website – Quarterly expenditure against budget, grants etc has been agreed for website.  Clerk to present document at July meeting.  


9 Reports  
9.1 Reports from Parish Council representatives  
a. Planning Committee report (see appendix A).  The report was noted by Councillors.

i.            New applications – there no new applications to consider at this time.

ii.            It was noted that a number of residents are not receiving details of applications and consultations as they should be.  Clerk to write to BDBC.

iii.            Cllr Bell has received a reply from Thames Water, expressing concern over issues raised by the PC.  Cllr Bell is trying to set up a meeting with Thames Water.  They are carrying out a survey in the area which should be complete by 19th July.  Cllr Tomblin also noted issues with surface water and drainage associated with it – Cllr Vaughan is taking this forward.

iv.            Cllr Bell noted that any NDP without allocated sites are vulnerable to extra housing due to the housing supply issue at Borough level

v.            Local Plan review – Cllr Durrant noted the recent meeting with Joanne Brombley from BDBC, and introduced a discussion on the wider issues and how this is shared with the community.

There are concerns about Government policy on housing density by railways stations.

BDBC are not going to push back on Government housing figures.

Cllr Durrant proposed a public meeting to inform the residents about the issues, and to encourage them to respond to BDBC and higher.  This was unanimously agreed.  There will be a leaflet drop to inform residents.  Residents will be presented with facts, and will be given tools to respond appropriately.  Suggested meeting date to be sooner rather than later – beginning of July, with another possible date later in July.  Clerk to investigate room booking.









Cllr Bell


















b. Allotments and Burial Ground – see appendix B.  
c. Village Hall Trust – the Village Hall extension project is continuing, with work planned for the summer period.  After consultation with BDBC and the PC, more s.106 funding has been allocated, which will primarily pay for the resurfacing of the car park, and urgent drainage works.  PC support was agreed by email – it was unanimously agreed to ratify this.

There is a meeting on 27th June for user groups about the extension project and management.

d. Clift Meadow Trust – Cllr Capel gave a brief verbal report.

·         The fete was a success

·         Coffee mornings for new residents are being planned

i.            Update on shelter proposals – no update at this time.  Postponed to July meeting.

ii.            Clift Meadow disabled access – advice has been sought from BDBC on whether the exit from Clift Meadow onto The Street would be adequate for disability scooters, thus enabling the closure of the exit into the pub car park.  However, the response was inconclusive.  Clerk to contact charities who might be able to advise, also insurers.

iii.            Footpath flooding – at present this should be highlighted to the planning officer and the developer.  Clerk to take further – copy ward councillors.

iv.            Clift Meadow Park playground update – the LIF application has now been submitted. The plan is to improve the equipment and extend the area.  It is possible that planning permission will be required – the Clerk is investigating.

Cllr Durrant noted meeting with an interested resident and her invitation to speak at a Toddler Group meeting.  Clerk to take forward.



















e. Police & Neighbourhood Watch – see appendix B.  
f. Highways/Footpaths – the Clerk noted a report from a resident that the footpath 6, from Grays House to Bramley Frith is overgrown.  Clerk to check when this is likely to be cut back, and take action accordingly.

Clerk to report to Highways the poor state of the rumble strip by Bewley development, and request it’s removal.





g. Road Safety Project – see appendix B.  
h. Chairman’s report

Cllr Durrant noted that there should be noticeboards at Vyne Park.  This was unanimously agreed.  Clerk to investigate costs and planning permission.




10 Consultation documents requiring consideration  
11 Grant Applications  



12 Finance  
12.1 Payments and reconciliation approval – see appendix C

The Clerk noted the payments on the reconciliation.

It was unanimously agreed to approve the payments– Clerk to process.




13.2 Acknowledgement of Receipts – see appendix B

Receipts were noted.  The Clerk noted that the VAT claim made in April has not yet been received.  If that has not been forthcoming in the next couple of weeks, this will be chased.

The quarter 1 VAT return will be submitted in July, and will be for around £2700.




14 Date of Next meeting  
  The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 16th July 2019.  
15 Resolution to exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings  
16 Confidential Items  


The meeting closed at 9.11pm






Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….      Date:………………………………………


Appendix A – Planning Minutes


Date: 12th June 2019 Time:                    7.30pm
Place: Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall  
Present: Cllr Chris Flooks (Chair) Cllr Malcolm Bell
  Cllr Chris Tomblin Cllr Alan Munday
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 1 member of the public
Apologies: Cllr Nick Robinson (Borough)  


1 Apologies for Absence  
  As listed above.  
2 Declarations of Interest  
3 Minutes of the Last Planning Committee Meeting  
3.1 The minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 15th May 2019 were unanimously agreed and signed off by the Chairman.  


3.2 Matters arising  
  ·         Councillors have met with Joanne Brombley of BDBC re the Local Plan review.  Meeting notes will be distributed shortly.  
4 Planning & Development  
4.1 New Applications  
a. 19/01236/HSE – 18 Strawberry Fields Bramley

Erection of a two storey side extension

No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.




b. 19/01237/HSE – 22 St James Close Bramley

Erection of front porch

No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.




c. 19/01332/HSE – 4 Bartlett Close Bramley

Erection of single storey extension to side and rear following demolition of existing conservatory. Part conversion of garage to habitable accommodation

No objection unanimously agreed.  Comment that officers should ensure that there is adequate parking at the property as the garage facility will be lost.  The conversion of the garage will restrict the property to three bedrooms due to the loss of parking.

Clerk to process.









d. T/00243/19/TCA – Sunnyside The Street Bramley

T1 Dead Elder: fell.

T2 Cypress (in the grounds of Cedars) remove branches back to source that are encouraging into the crown of the Pear.

T3/T4 Cypress: remove primary and secondary branches to clear space around Cypress and Bayt trees.

T5 Bay: fell.

T6 Ivy clad stem: fell.

The Committee is happy to follow BDBC tree officer’s view.

Clerk to process.












e. 19/01470/PIP – Land Adjoining Clift Surgery Minchens Lane Bramley

Application for Permission in Principle for 4-6 no. residential units

Councillors detailed reasons why Bramley PC should object to this application:

·         Local Plan policy SS6 – the proposed development is outside settlement policy boundary, and no housing need is demonstrated.  This is also against Neighbourhood Plan policy H1 and H2.

·         Access to the site via the surgery car park will be problematic.  Logical progression of the surgery car park is for separate in and out access – the Parish Council has already written to the surgery in support of this.  Should planners be minded to pass this application then access to this site will conflict with the surgery car park.  If this progression does not happen, this issue will be even worse, and the number of surgery parking spaces will be compromised.   A separate access onto Minchens Lane will cause road safety issues due to the number of access points onto a short space of narrow country lane.  It should also be noted that when the surgery extension was built, the car park had to be closed for safety reasons.  Therefore this development is against Neighbourhood Plan policy T2.

·         Self build/custom build plots may well lead to a protracted development period, thus causing a longer inconvenience factor for the surgery patients

·         The SHELAA statement is that this site is not suitable or in line with Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan at this time.

·         Local Plan policy EM1 – with the recent development of the St James Park site and the permission given for conversion to residential units of Minchens Court, further development in this area is considered to be ‘overdevelopment’.

·         Local Plan policy EM4 – this land is currently an open field, and building on this site would significantly change the nature of the neighbouring land.

·         Local Plan policy EM10 – Councillors felt that this development would not enhance the local area, but would lead built up feel in what is currently a fairly rural area.  This is also against the Neighbourhood Plan policies D1 and D2.

·         Neighbourhood Plan policy RE3 – this site is close to are large area of green space identified by the Neighbourhood Plan.

Objections as outlined above unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process, and to request that Cllr Rowland call the application in to the Development Control Committee.  The application is likely to require a site visit.





































f. 19/00018/OUT – Land At Upper Cufaude Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley AMENDED

Residential development for up to 350 dwellings and land reserved for a primary school with associated access, community facilities, drainage works (SuDS), areas of open space and landscaping. Demolition of existing farm buildings.

The projected increase in traffic to Chineham roundabouts was noted – Councillors asked if the traffic movements on Cufaude Lane will increase similarly.

Other objections still stand, as the issues have not been addressed.

Clerk to process.












g. Any other new applications

19/01467/FUL – Land West Of Cufaude Lane Bramley

Formation of access track and associated works

Councillors detailed reasons why Bramley PC should object to this application:

·         Local Plan policy CN9 – the application states that the sight lines and access into this site are not safe.  This application does not appear to allay those concerns.  Cufaude Lane is a narrow, rural road which is already struggling with the traffic movements it already has.

·         Local Plan policy CN5 – as stated above, the potential traffic movements from this site would have a detrimental effect on Cufaude Lane

·         Local Plan policy CN6 – the site is in a rural position, and the application is for additional infrastructure that would be detrimental to the rural nature of the site.

·         Neighbourhood Plan policy T2 – the application would not improve road safety on Cufaude Lane.

·         Neighbourhood Plan policy D1 – the application does not protect, enhance or complement the rural nature of Bramley in general, and Cufaude Lane in particular.

·         Neighbourhood Plan policy RE1 – the application states that the site is on a flood plain, but there is no flood risk assessment.  The site is known to flood on a regular basis.

·         Trees and hedges – the application states there are none.  This is because the owners have already removed these without planning permission.  Should the application be agreed, then hedges and trees previously removed should be re-instated.

·         The site is still under appeal so any decision should be delayed until that is settled.

Objections unanimously agreed as outlined above.  Clerk to process.




























4.2 Approvals/Refusals/Pending (see appendix A) – these were noted.

27 The Smithy – the issues with this were noted.  This is now not being called in to Development Control Committee.

5. Planning Appeals  
a. 18/03304/FUL – The Upper Barn, Middle Barn And South Barn Minchens Court Minchens Lane Bramley

This appeal is with the Planning Inspectorate, and a decision is expected shortly.

b. 18/03486/OUT – Land At Goddards Farm Goddards Lane Sherfield-on-Loddon

The appeal for this application is due to be held on 14th August 2019.

6. Update on sewerage for new developments  
  The letter has now been submitted to all relevant parties.  No response has been received other than an acknowledgement of receipt.  The letter is now on the PC website.

No further progress.  Cllr Bell to contact Thames Water and set up a meeting.





Cllr Bell

7. Neighbourhood Plan Review working group  
7.1 Letter to BDBC re planning concerns about the NDP – a response from BDBC has now been received.  This was noted.  


8. S.106  
8.1 Minchens Lane development

·         A letter has been sent to HCC Highways re the issues with the junction.

·         An email has been sent to the BDBC Planning department and the developer about other outstanding issues.




9. Supplementary Planning Documents – Borough Council  
9.1 Heritage SPD – March 2019 – this was noted.  
9.2 Upper Cufaude Farm SPC – March 2019 – Cllr Tomblin noted that more respect should be shown to existing property with the layout of the proposed development.  This has been noted by planners.  However, this is now 6 months after the planning application went in.  There is no evidence that the developer has taken any notice of this guideline.

Cllr Tomblin noted the comment that residents of Vyne Park and Upper Cufaude Farm are more likely to use community facilities at Sherfield Park or Chineham.  It was felt very strongly by members that as these properties will fall inside the Bramley Parish boundary, efforts should be made to engage with these new residents by the Parish Council.  The comment in the SPD implies that officers feel that the developments are completely separate from Bramley.

Issues to be brought to full council.

10. Date of Next Meeting  
  The date of the next Planning Committee meeting will be on 10th July 2019


Meeting closed at 9.08pm.





Appendix A


1. 19/00483/HSE – 6 Churchlands Bramley

Erection of a garage extension with accommodation above and dormer windows




2. 18/03133/RET – 8 Pheabens Field Bramley

Change of use from open space to residential land including the erection of outbuilding and fencing



No objection

3. 19/00864/HSE – 6 Minerva Road Bramley

Erection of rear conservatory


No objection

4. 19/00946/ROC – Land At Minchens Lane Bramley

Variation of condition 1 of application 16/04505/RES to amend drawing numbers




5. 19/01127/HSE – 14 Yew Tree Close Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension


No objection

6. 19/00896/LBC – Barefoot House Olivers Lane Bramley

Repair and replacement of windows and doors

No objection


Pending Applications*

1. 17/00942/FUL – Land Adjacent To The Oaks Cufaude Lane Bramley

Change of use of site as a private gypsy site for one family comprising a mobile home, utility room and touring caravan


Continuation of Appeal to be heard in September

2. 19/00018/OUT – Land At Upper Cufaude Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

Residential development for up to 350 dwellings and land reserved for a primary school with associated access, community facilities, drainage works (SuDS), areas of open space and landscaping. Demolition of existing farm buildings.

3. 19/00464/FUL – Upper Cufaude Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

Erection of two no. 4 bedroom barn-style dwellings and access

4. 19/00700/HSE – The Stables Cufaude Courtyard Cufaude Lane Bramley

Erection of part single storey, part two storey front extension. Erection of part single-storey with balconies above and part two-storey extension to rear

5. 19/01180/HSE – 27 The Smithy Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension and conversion of loft to living accommodation with rear dormer and front rooflights


*Objections/no objections listed are the decision of Bramley Parish Council only, and do not reflect any submissions placed by members of the public or other bodies with Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.






Appendix B – Reports


  • The new site build has started, you can view this – http://bramley.eyelid.co.uk/password: bram27 – Please free to have a look. We are currently loading the historical agendas, then moving on to the minutes, this is quite labour intensive and will take until the end of June.
  • We are seeking high quality images of the village to populate the new site.
  • We are reviewing the current .ukhosting service based on provided customer feedback, we have 2 choice redirect or migrate registration.
  • The aim is to migrate to the new address and councillor email addresses by September.
  • Early engagement with suppliers for councillors surface devices has commenced.



No written report received.



No written report received.



Clift Meadow LIF application – Play area regeneration – The LIF application has been submitted and met the deadline of Friday 13th June.



Your Neighbourhood Policing Team includes PC Lee Stanbrook and PCSO Emma Page

We are pleased to welcome some new people to the Rural East team: PC Kersten Studd and PCSO Adam Steele

Community priorities

Violent crime has been nominated as a community priority for the Basingstoke Rural East Area following the survey that was circulated in March. Violent crime incorporates several different crime types including: assaults, public order offences and child sexual exploitation. Neighbourhood Policing Teams are involved in many aspects of safeguarding and preventative work. We carry out follow up visits where incidents of domestic violence are reported.

This month, an assault has been reported in Mulford’s Hill, Tadley. The information has been reported but the victim does not want any other action taken.

A public order incident was reported in Bramley where a resident has reported the driver of van attending the vicinity of his address. We have assisted with a neighbour dispute at a Tadley address, and a parking dispute was reported to police at the Health Centre in Tadley.

Bramley and Sherfield-on-Loddon

On the 13th May, a building site on Cufaude Lane was been broken into and tools were stolen. On the 22nd May, a stable block at Wildmoor Lane was also broken into, items were stolen. On 8th May, old car batteries that had been left at the front of a house in Osler Close were stolen.

A works van was broken into in Woodland Drive on 13th May. On 20th May, a Swift Challenger caravan has been stolen from a barn where it was being stored in Sherfield-on-Loddon.

On 3rd May, the lights and wing mirrors of a vehicle were damaged while it was parked overnight at Hills Way. Around the same time, stones were thrown at a house in the same street.

Between 19-30 May, a number of burglaries have reported in Bramley. Sheds have been broken into at addresses in Kirby Drive, The Smithy, Hills Way and German Road. The main target has been push bikes.



No written report received.



LIF funded safety project – GRG review HCC – The scheme has achieved a green/amber status which means it’s got approval, subject to clarification on the  question on the safety audit, the consulting will check that this is ok before we proceed. They expect to be able to resolve this week or next.
Another point raised by the board is that we’ll need to consider as we progress is getting formal agreement from the property owner (Dave from Mekanix) who would be affected by the new traffic island. We have suggested that we’d meet with HCC and Dave again before too long to address this.
The board has said that HCC will be looking at delivery in the school Easter holidays 2020 at the earliest, if not then the summer holidays to avoid any issues for the school. This allows sufficient time for detailed design and HCC’s internal sign off processes.
Overall, this is a very good result and, subject to the safety issue being resolved next week, we are planning a meeting later in June to which HCC will bring their delivery team who this scheme will pass to shortly.



Air pollution monitoring –

  • We have received the feedback for the appointed BDBC consultant on the data collected by our AQ Mesh device.
  • His conclusions below;
    • The Bramley AQMesh sensor operated throughout 2018 with excellent data capture.
    • The NO2 annual mean of 34 µg m-3 is unreliable because of the underlying measurements: long-term upward drift, little day-to-day variation, little sign of rush peaks and little difference on Sundays. These are common problems with the twelve AQMesh sensors in our networks. The AQMesh sensors produce results for indicative purposes which may be followed up with quality assured measurements.
    • The PM10 and PM2.5 annual means are reasonably reliable. The peak concentrations during the pollution episodes are grossly overestimated for PM10 and far too high for PM2.5. The peaks coincide with the automatic measurements but are unreliable.
    • The Ozone measurements agree well with the automatic instruments.
    • The Bramley measurements were typical of other AQMesh sensors.
  • I will be sharing with the supplier of the AQ Mesh for their comments.
  • The consultant has offered he would be happy to work with the Parish Council to manage the AQmesh including quality control checks and data analysis.   The fee for this work would be £250.00 plus VAT per annum and would include a weekly data report. I am not sure I see the benefit in this, and especially as our data would be used in income generation for his company.



No written report received.



No written report received.




Appendix C – Finance