Minutes 18th November 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Wednesday 18th November 2015 Time: 7.30pm
Place: Committee Room, Bramley Village Hall
Present: Cllr Durrant (Chair) Cllr Bell
Cllr Murphy Cllr Ansell
Cllr Capel Cllr Lane
In Attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 0 members of the public
  Cllr Tomblin (Borough) Cllr Robinson (Borough)
Apologies: Cllr Marshall Cllr Clarke
  Cllr Keith Chapman (County) PCSO Nathaniel Johnson



1 Apologies for Absence

As listed above.

2 Declarations of Interest


3 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting


Cllr Murphy proposed and Cllr Durrant seconded that the minutes of the meeting held on 21st October 2015 were a true and accurate record.  Unanimously agreed.   The minutes were signed by the Chairman.




Matters arising




4 Open Forum


The Chairman invited questions and comments from those present.



5 Planning & Development


New Applications

15/02304/RES – Land Minchens Lane Bramley – AMENDED

Reserved matters application for Phase 1 for the layout, scale, appearance and landscaping of 57 dwellings, (pursuant to Outline planning permission 14/01075/OUT for 200 dwellings)

Cllr Durrant noted that many of the PCs previous points have been actioned.  No further comments other than ensuring that all points are met.  Clerk to respond with PCs comments.

15/02513/RES – Razors Farm Cufaude Lane Chineham – AMENDED

Reserved matters application for the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of 143 no. dwellings with associated infrastructure, landscaping forming phase 1 of outline planning permission BDB/77341

There is an issue with height of buildings (flats) on the ridgeline, and with noise mitigation from AIR products.  Any possible increase in size of site will be opposed by the PC.  Drainage from Razors Farm is an issue, as drains do appear to be running free through the MOD camp.  This is being addressed by the Borough Councillors.  Clerk to respond with concerns raised.


15/03638/ROC – Land At Minchens Lane Bramley

Removal of condition 7 (relating to the Code of Sustainable Homes) of planning permission 14/01075/OUT

Cllr Durrant stated that this application is due to a change in government policy on the Code of Sustainable Homes since the planning permission was granted.  Councillors felt that the developers should be held to original planning permission, but otherwise no objections.

15/03907/LBC & 15/03906/HSE – Bramley Corner House Bramley Corner Bramley

Conversion of outbuilding to annexe

No objections provided the integrity of building is honoured.





























Approvals/Refusals – recent approvals and refusals were noted (appendix A)


Strawberry Fields & The Street Developments –   HSL have written to Cllr Bell requesting a meeting re The Street development.  Cllr Bell to respond that they need to write to PC requesting a meeting.

Strawberry Fields – Application is due to go to the BDBC Development Control committee on 2nd December.  Cllr Tomblin has requested a viewing for members on 27th November.  The PC is permitted to address the committee at the DC meeting.  Clerk to check whether PC and NDP is already registered to speak, and if not then process.   Notice of the DC meeting to be placed on the PC and NDP websites


Cllr  Bell







Local Development Plan update – the inspection is now complete.  Cllr Durrant attended several sessions.  The Inspector will make his determination and report back in spring 2016.  Cllr Robinson noted that feedback already received from the Inspector is favourable, and BDBC are not anticipating any major changes.


6 Clerk’s Report & Correspondence

Actions from previous meeting:

  • Clift Meadow Trust re supply refreshments on the day of the 2016 Bramley Road Race – contacted Simon Gill of CMT, awaiting reply.
  • Current police details still to be placed on noticeboards


  • I have attended the recent HCC Economy, Transport & Environment event, held in Winchester.  This was a general update on HCC activities, and the major message was that the current budgetary cuts are almost complete, with more heavy cuts to come in the next 2-3 years.  Having said that, HCC has once again been rated well nationally for the upkeep of its highways.
  • Manage Mentors are a local company who are celebrating their 20th anniversary, and want to get involved with supporting the community throughout the next year.  They have been put in touch with the Clift Meadow Trust, the Village Hall Trust, and with the Parish Council.  They are very open to suggestions of community projects that they could support.  Activity day.  Councillors to think about it and contact Clerk ready for next meeting.
  • The PCC are looking at placing a permanent sign for St James Church on the grass triangle by the main road to the entrance of the church.  They have asked whether the PC would have any objection to this.  General approval – concerns about amount of signage in village were raised.  Clerk to distribute email to all.
  • Travellers – two caravans are currently parked on Highways land at the entrance to Ordanance Road and the football ground.  BDBC are aware of this, as are HCC Highways.  HCC will issue a notice to quit in the next day or two.  Cllr Robinson noted that he has been looking into BDBC strategy for travellers, and stated that BDBC currently have 3 tolerated sites and 13 accepted sites for travellers.  They have identified that another 16 pitches are needed in BDBC by 2025.  He will follow this up further.
  • Sign at Bullsdown – does it need planning permission as in a Conservation Area?  Clerk to chase.  Also need to ensure integrity of the green is ensured when formal access to the site is done.


























Cllr Robinson



7 Reports


Reports from Parish Council representatives


Allotments & Burial Ground Update – see appendix B.

Allotments – One allotment has been relinquished, due to problems with a neighbouring plot becoming overgrown – this is being followed up.  Clerk to find out about eviction and enforcement.





Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Bell gave a verbal update.

Responses are now almost complete.  There is still a lot of editing to be done.  The Plan will need to be reviewed again by the PC when complete, and formally approved.  Cllr Bell is unsure at this stage how to efficiently present to PC.  It may be that a preliminary work session will be required ahead of any EGM. EGM is to review proposed changes.  Working meeting for next week – councillors to let clerk know availability.








Village Hall Trust – see appendix B.  Next meeting on 23rd November.



Clift Meadow Trust – see appendix B.



Education & Schools – see appendix B.



Policing and Neighbourhood Watch – see appendix B.  No update as Cllr Marshall absent.  Clerk to request a written report from PCSO Johnson for the next meeting.




Highways & Road Closures

  • Minchens Lane flooding – this has been inspected, and is not considered a high priority at present.  Situation to be monitored.
  • Collapsed culvert at Folly Lane – Highways believe that this culvert is the responsibility of the landowner and not Highways.
  • Cufaude Lane flooding – the railway bridge flooding is being addressed, and is likely to be an ongoing issue.  Flooding at the S bend has been addressed, with ditching and pipes repaired within the last week.
    • Pigeon Close – Cllr Ansell stated that BDBC have put a work order in place, and work to expand the pit around the tree, and then resurface the area will be carried out.  A resident has put in a screening order to get the tree thinned out, which BDBC have confirmed will happen.
    • Bullsdown Farm field path repair – ongoing.  Cllr Ansell has now sourced the correct person in BDBC for repairs.  BDBC acknowledge that the work needs doing and that BDBC will fund it.  However, Bramley PC need to put in a full proposal and plans, funded by Bramley PC.  A legal agreement will need to be drawn up.  Clerk and Cllr Ansell to follow up.
    • Cinder Track lights – ongoing.  Clerk is chasing.


Road Closures/Works – the following were noted:

  • The Street – drainage works are being carried out near Lantern Courtyard and Cufaude Lane.  The Clerk has been in touch with Highways, who state that the planned work was unable to be carried out due to some gas pipes that were not as deeply buried as anticipated.  The Clerk is awaiting further news on when work will be implemented.














Cllr Ansell/ Clerk


  1.          i.            Campbell Road Safety – not safe coming out of Campbell Road; however little is likely to be done about this at this stage.
  2.        ii.            Campbell Road roundabout bus stops – the Clerk has obtained a quote for work on the bus stops, which has been distributed to all councillors.  Both shelters need roof tiles replaced, with one needing them all done, and the other needing ridge tiles only replaced.  Both shelters need repainting.  The current quote stands at £1850.  Cllr Durrant noted that the south side shelter also needs a window to be installed, as users cannot currently see if a bus is approaching from inside the shelter.  Clerk suggested getting existing work done – unanimously agreed. Quote to be obtained for window.











Road Safety proposals – see appendix B.


  1.          i.            Feasibility Study funding – Cllr Ansell proposed up front funding for up to £20,000 for the feasibility study, which is likely to be refunded by LIF.  BDBC have asked if PC will consider partner funding for initially the feasibility study and later the full project.  It was unanimously agreed that:
  • funds should be made available for the feasibility study up front.
  • the PC would wholly finance the feasibility study  if necessary.

It was finally noted that any partner funding for the main project, should it go ahead, will be minimal.

Clerk to contact BDBC with PC decision.











Borough Councillor Report – Cllr Tomblin and Cllr Robinson gave a verbal update.

  • Council Tax may go up in 2016/17
  • Village Hall car park resurfacing – s.106 money is with Richard Wareham.  Also remedial works at Clift Meadow.
  • Black Dam opening is now February/March 2016.  Overspend is being paid for by Highways England
  • The next Manydown meeting is for all BDBC members, and is on 14th December.  It is open to members of the public.
  • A Christmas event in the town centre is on 4th December.



County Councillor Report – Clerk to request a written report for December meeting.


Chairmans Report – Cllr Durrant has submitted an article to the parish magazine with update on general PC activities.

Cllr Durrant noted that he has not received a reply to his question to the local MP, requesting support for PC objections to the two new development sites in Bramley.  This will be noted on website.  However, the MP has written a letter to BDBC in support of the NDP.  This will also be placed on the website.






8 Parish Environment


Longbridge Road Green – Cllr Durrant has met with the owners of the site.  They are supportive of removing the village green status.  This now needs to be rescinded, and swapped with land at Bullsdown Farm.  This needs to be put to BDBC, with notes on how unsightly the area is and the problems with anti-social behaviour.  There may also be some positive conservations to be had with regards to developing the land, but this is a separate issue.



Litter/Fly tipping – Cllr Durrant noted that there has been an increase in littering and particularly fly tipping in recent weeks.

The Clerk has met with the litter warden and clarified areas that are covered as part of the litter picking round.  This includes:

  • Bramley Lane from The Street to the school – weekly
  • Clift Meadow (including emptying of bins) – weekly
  • The cinder track – weekly
  • Lane End, including the pond – weekly
  • The Street from Bramley Green up to Clift Meadow – weekly
  • The Street from Clift Meadow to the Church – occasional
  • Longbridge Road – weekly
  • Footpath from North Row and past Strawberry Fields – weekly

The litter warden also does regular checks for fly tipping on Folly Lane, Olivers Lane, and will include Cufaude Lane in the future.

Cinder track, North Row and Clift Meadow needs to be covered more heavily than at present.  Agenda for next month – extra litter warden.
















Dog Fouling – the Clerk has received multiple complaints about an increase in dog fouling, particularly at Clift Meadow and Moat Close.  This appears to be an increasing problem.

The Clerk has recently met with the local Community Safety Patrol Officer (CSPO).  They are employed by BDBC, and have powers to issue fixed penalty notices for items such as littering and dog fouling.  They are conducting a campaign in some areas concentrating on dog fouling.  This includes posters, leaflet drops, and increased patrols in problem areas.  The Clerk recommended that something similar take place in Bramley in the near future.

Cllr Murphy asked if more dog waste bins were a good idea, and whether rubber glove and bag dispensers could be installed at the same time.  Clerk to investigate.












Station car parking – the situation is getting worse with cars parking in side roads – cars are beginning to park right on the corner of junctions, which is causing major problems.  The police are aware of these issues; however, regular patrols are difficult.  They have suggested that BDBC enforcement may be able to help.  It was suggested that evidence of parking problems be forwarded to Barry Ford at BDBC.  Cllr Capel and Cllr Robinson to take forward.



Cllr Capel/ Cllr Robinson

9 Consultation Documents requiring consideration


HCC draft Walking Strategy – the PC support the strategy; however, no comments.



BDBC draft Cycle Strategy – Councillors expressed disappointment that Bramley has been excluded from any improvements, with no option for a safe route to Sherfield from Bramley.  Clerk to respond accordingly.




BDBC draft Council Plan 2016-2020 and Medium Term Financial Strategy – no comments.


10 Grant Applications


Youth Work funding – Cllr Durant noted last year’s grant is working well.  He proposed continuing with it for next year.  Unanimously agreed.  However, it was noted that the grant may not continue beyond that.  Clerk to request a plan on how the youth club is going to continue.




11 Finance


Payments and Reconciliation Approval – see appendix C.

The clerk outlined the payments and reconciliation for September.  She noted the following:

  • Payment now due for clearance of the pond at Lane End.  More work still to be done.
  • An allotment deposit is to be returned as the holder has relinquished the allotment.

All other payments are as expected.

It was unanimously agreed to approve the payments for November – Clerk to process.











Acknowledgement of Receipts – see Appendix C

The Clerk noted that she will be placing a VAT claim for Q2 in the next few days.


2016/17 Budget/Precept – the Clerk is working on the budget for 2016/17, and will have a draft ready very soon.  She recommended that the Finance Committee meet to review the budget ready for adoption at the December meeting.  This was unanimously agreed.

The precept request needs to be sent to BDBC by 31st January 2015.




12 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th December at 7.30pm, in the Bramley Room at the Village Hall.


13 Resolution – To exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings i.a.w Public Meetings – Admission to Public Meetings Act 1960

No confidential business to discuss.


The meeting closed at 9.40pm






Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….   Date:………………………………………             


Appendix A – Planning Summary


Planning Applications for Consideration


1. 15/02304/RES – Land Minchens Lane Bramley – AMENDED

Reserved matters application for Phase 1 for the layout, scale, appearance and landscaping of 57 dwellings, (pursuant to Outline planning permission 14/01075/OUT for 200 dwellings)

2. 15/02513/RES – Razors Farm Cufaude Lane Chineham – AMENDED

Reserved matters application for the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of 143 no. dwellings with associated infrastructure, landscaping forming phase 1 of outline planning permission BDB/77341

3. 15/03638/ROC – Land At Minchens Lane Bramley

Removal of condition 7 (relating to the Code of Sustainable Homes) of planning permission 14/01075/OUT

4. 15/03907/LBC & 15/03906/HSE – Bramley Corner House Bramley Corner Bramley

Conversion of outbuilding to annexe




1. 15/02321/ROC – Bow Brook Farm Vyne Road Bramley

Variation of conditions 1, 3, 4 and 13 of planning permission BDB/76293 to allow alterations to fenestrations, internal layout and installation of rooflights to barn and stables. Erection of new horse walker, amendments to landscaping, fencing, hedgerow and extended earth bund (part retrospective)



Pending Applications


1. 15/02708/OUT – Land To The North Of Sherfield Road Bramley

Outline application for residential development of up to 50 dwellings, including affordable housing with associated access, highway works, drainage works (SUDS), public open space, landscaping and any other associated infrastructure with all matters reserved except for means of access

2. 15/02682/OUT – Land Adjacent The Street Bramley

Outline planning permission for up to 49 market dwellings and 33 affordable dwellings, together with associated open space, landscaping and new site access at land to the south of The Street, Bramley

3. 15/03077/HSE – Ringshall The Street Bramley

Erection of two storey side and front extensions, with single storey front extension to form entrance porch. Erection of new boundary fence and entrance gates

4. T/00319/15/TPO – The Royal British Legion The Street Bramley

T1) Goat Willow: fell at 1m height. T2) Hawthorn: crown reduce to no smaller than 2m in height with a canopy spread of no less than 1.5m. T3 Ash: fell.

Comments submitted
5. T/00397/15/TPO – 6 North Row Bramley

T4 Oak – rear of 6/7 North Row. reduce leader with stem damage/decay by 2m and reduce lateral branches above damage by 1m and remove deadwood. T5 Oak – rear of 5/6 North Row reduce two main scaffold limb strructures on south side to reduce loading by 5m T7 Oak – reduce to 5m monouth due to major decay in stem at 2m

Comments submitted
6. T/00400/15/TCA – 4 Churchlands, Bramley



Comments submitted
7. 15/03423/FUL – Land Adjacent The Street Bramley

Erection of two no. 4 bedroom dwellings with detached garages and associated landscaping and access works




Appendix B – Briefing Notes



Total plots currently under lease agreement

  • X7 full plots
  • X10 half plots

One full size plot (7) has been released and re-allocation as 2 ½ plots in progress.

Notice has been served on leaseholder of Plot 5 & 6, the plots are severely under utilized and 30% overgrown. We have offered the leaseholder to keep one of the 2 full size plots currently they lease.


Waiting list

The waiting list has increased to 16, with a new application in recent weeks.

Total plots available for lease –

  • All plots available are under offer/lease


  • Health and safety assessment required of Allotment area
  • Bulpitts to quote on new fencing and gate for plot 7
  • Bullpitts to quote on clearing overgrown land on plot 5 & 6 & also undergrowth along brook at back of allotments.



Health and Safety assessment carried out by Parish Clerk and Cllr Ansell, Parish clerk to report.



No written report



No written report



No written report



No written report



Paths and Rights of way –

Issues –

  • o   Pigeon Close, off Bramley Green Road,  – BDBC have received a quote to remove the damaged tarmac and extend the tree pit. They have authorised this work and an order has been issued.
  • o   Bullsdown Path, between Campbell Road and Bramley Green Road.
    • The deadline for applications for funding has been extended to 25th January
    • We are awaiting a response from BDBC about the proposed repair and upgrade to the path, request is with Community Services, Richard Wareham.


  • Complete Small Grants Scheme application – Deadline now 25th Jan on remaining funding
  • Obtain sufficient quotes for application of Small Grants Scheme.
  • Update the 2010 Bramley Walks leaflet to present to the council. – Nov 2015 (HCC offer leaflet services and also a ‘mapboard’ service
  • Obtain printing costs for an updated ‘Bramley Walks’ leaflet – Nov 2015



  • Hampshire County Council has provided a business case proposal for carrying out a feasibility study on proposal safety improvements around the level crossing/bakery car park and junction.
  • We have the backing of Cllr Chris Tomblin for the proposal; currently we have not had a response from Cllr Nick Robinson.
  • The proposal will be passed to the portfolio holder for the LIF fund and they will make a decision.
  • A copy of the HCC report has been shared with members of the Parish Council.
  • Meeting with HCC Strategic Transport planning team, Winchester Monday 21st September. LIF discussion, need for HCC support on feasibility study





The allocation of S106 funds for recreation and open spaces allocated earlier in the year is now going ahead.

B&DBC have appointed a Project Manager, Terry Martin, who will be putting in recreation facilities and also landscaping and paths at Bromelia Close and Moat Close.

The approval is for lower level play and recreation at Bromelia Close along with revised path and some seating. At Moat Close two small goals will be put up along with path, seats and landscaping – the latter with the aim of protecting the residents outlook.


Bromelia consultation was undertaken by Janet Grieve and representatives of Bromelia Close over 12 months ago, and this has been passed to the Project Manager. Any consultation at Moat Close will be the responsibility of the Borough.


Jo Bolland from Bromelia Close and Janet Grieve met with Terry Martin a couple of weeks ago to show him around and fill him in on the residents’ preferences and ideas along with those he has received from the Borough Council.

The aim is for the refurbished recreation areas to be completed sometime in the New Year before the end of the financial year at the end of March, so ideally will be available by Easter. Terry Martin will be keeping us up to date on progress.





Appendix C – Finance


Bank Reconciliation

18th November 2015

Closing Balance from statement #027 1st November 2015





17 Nov 15

000053 Burial Ground Fees -Jones




21 Oct 15


 HALC – The Knowledge course fees


21 Oct 15


 HALC – Core Skills course fees


21 Oct 15


 Bramley Apple Design – Pre-design fees – burial ground


18 Nov 15


 Mrs J Shore – Litter Warden salary


18 Nov 15


 Mrs M Thomas – Clerk Salary


18 Nov 15


 Bulpitt Brothers – Churchyard maintenance


18 Nov 15


 Bulpitt Brothers – Grass cutting Bramley Green


18 Nov 15


 Bulpitt Brothers – Lane End pond clearance


18 Nov 15


 R M Kerswill – Allotment deposit return



Nett Balance including uncleared cheques