Minutes 19th March 2012


Minutes of Bramley Parish Council

held in the Village Hall on Monday 19th March at 7.00pm.


Before the main Parish Council meeting Steven Lugg, Director of Hampshire Association of Local Councils, gave a talk to the Parish Council and the public. He gave a brief overview of many aspects affecting Parish Councils including new issues moving forward, such as The Localism Act, The General Power of Competence, the new Community Infrastructure Levy, the new Code of Conduct, Neighbourhood Planning and Development Orders and Parish Council Finance.


He spoke about the benefits of Committees and briefly covered some of the Duties a Parish Council must deliver. He touched on the high number of Legislations being delivered every month, and explained that Parish Councils are going through their biggest change since 1894 when they came into being.


He also explained the various training courses run by HALC and in the light of the elections, noted that there may be some new Cllrs. seeking training, and it may be worth considering asking Mr Lugg to return to Bramley to train our Cllrs. as a group, possibly covering more than one topic at a time. There are courses on Chairmanship skills, and Committee members should seek training on the subject they are representing, such as Planning or Finance.




Parish Councillors present were:

Cllr. Ferguson, Cllr. Wood, Cllr. Holland, Cllr. McCorry, Cllr. Spalding, Cllr. Penfold, Cllr. Douglas, Cllr Hopkins


Also present were:

Borough Cllr. Vaughan, Borough Cllr. Jayawardena, 11 members of the public


ITEM          COMMENT                                                                                                                                                                   ACTION


1.0                    Apologies

County Cllr. Keith Chapman, PCSOs


2.0             Minutes of the last meeting

                   Proposed Cllr. Douglas, seconded Cllr. Penfold.


Cllr. Penfold stated that although the discussion about Highways had been minuted, a request for more information about the roundabout on the Campbell Road Junction had not been specifically minuted.


3.0             Finance

3.i              It was noted that the latest bank statement had not yet arrived.


3.ii             Accounts for payment were approved, proposed Cllr. Penfold, seconded Cllr. Spalding.


Cheques for approval:


J Snow Salary & allowances



S Smart – Clerk salary, overtime, travel, expenses, reimbursements



R Gregory (burial grounds maintenance)



Clerk and Councils Direct – subscription



Bulpit Brothers – Bramley Green Cut



D Seward – website domain name & 2 years hosting



HMRC Tax & Nat Insurance (Post Office)



Cllr. Ferguson Chairmans Allowance second half



C. Baker – reimbursement bollards Longbridge Green



Cross House – meeting room hire x 2 occasions


3.iii            Rewiew working hours for Clerk

It was suggested by the Chairman that the clerk’s working hours should be formally increased from 20 per week to 25 per week. Proposed Cllr. Penfold, seconded Cllr. Holland



4.0             Planning                             

See appendix for applications


4.i              It was noted that the planning application for Bullsdown Farm had, since the agenda was published, been approved.


4.ii             The Chairman asked the Council to approve the Parish Council’s response to the LDF Core Strategy document. All in favour. Clerk will respond online.


4.iii            The Chairman drew the attention of the Council to some meeting notes which had been circulated. These notes summarised a meeting with the developers who have an option on Razor’s Farm, and was intended only as a fact-find.

                   See appendix    


5.0             Representatives’ reports

                   Police Report

                   No PCSOs present


                   Borough Councillor Report

                   Cllr. Vaughan reported that some key staff at the Civic Offices are moving on, either through redundancy or to new positions elsewhere. Mike Townsend will be the new Head of Planning. Dorcus Bunton the returning officer is leaving and will be replaced.


In response to a comment made by Cllr. Penfold, Cllr. Jayawardena made further reference to the LDF. He explained that the big housing survey demonstrated that the majority of people selected the option for some extension to Basingstoke through large settlements. Razors’ Farm would be considered an extension to Basingstoke even though part of it falls within Bramley and part within Chineham, much like Taylor’s Farm falls within Sherfield but its’ residents are reliant on Basingstoke’s services and does not really form part of the main village.


He reiterated that the other allocations are for the PCs to decide where they are built. The signs are that Bramley will get a breather of 2-3 years before being asked to consider any further development. This will give the village a chance to create a proper plan and think about local people. This project could start after May when there is a new council in place.


He commented on the meeting between Bramley PC and the developers of Razor’s Farm and stated that the authorities approve the process of engaging with developers so that PCs can make reasonable arguments about what should or should not happen within a site or outside of it.


With regards to Manydown, Cllr. Jayawardena reiterated that the inclusion of Manydown in the LDF would not save us from smaller allocations. He stated that in 2006 the Borough and County Councils decided not to develop the site. He explained that he would be chairing a committee to reverse the decision not to develop the site and begin the process of work with the Manydown Executive Committee. He explained that a lot of work needs to be undertaken and so far they have identified two stages, with various options which could work including reviewing the plans which had been thrown out by the Inspector, and all options would be presented to residents. He explained that this is a big issue as the site is the size of Tadley, so it would not just be the nearby residents being consulted but the whole of Basingstoke. Decisions would then be made about whether to promote the site for development during the current LDF phase or whether to wait until 2027 to go some way towards meeting the next target of 8,000 or so homes. He confirmed that Cllr. Vaughan and himself were open minded despite the concerns of residents who feel that they may have decided not to develop it.


He spoke about the level of affordable housing and stated that 40% of dwellings is not ‘standard’ and may not necessarily need to be provided on each development and that the PC may be able to discuss evidence of affordable housing requirements within the village when consulting on the level of affordable housing on any new developments.


He went on to discuss some broader issues around the Borough in particular some developments at the Leisure Park, and the top of town.



Beat Panel

Cllr. Holland explained that there was to be a Beat Panel meeting the following day. Cllr. Holland was asked whether there was any information about the closure of the Tadley Station and he replied that there was no formal notification of this yet.


Public interval

Pat Murphy asked whether a reserve site has ever been built on before.

The response was that this was the first time there had been an LDF like this and there had been no similar process before which identified ‘reserve’ sites, so this question could not really be answered effectively.


Ray Morton spoke about the article explaining that the level crossing is currently closed for an average of 38 minutes in each hour and wondered whether any thought had been given to the future when this problem may get worse. It was explained that Network Rail were currently stating that their criteria for funding a solution had not yet been met but that if the traffic increased and the problem became worse they would be challenged on this issue again.


Catrina Stockwell explained that there had been a previous discussion about installing signs requesting that drivers turn off their engines when waiting at the level crossing but nothing had happened. The Clerk would write to HCC to try to get an answer on this.                                                                                                                                     Clerk


6.0             Highways, transport

The roundabout at the junction with Campbell Road was discussed. Cllr. Ferguson explained that following the specific request from Cllr. Penfold and Cllr. McCorry he had approached County Cllr. Keith Chapman about this issue. HCC stated that they will consider what they do next but explained that much work has been undertaken, including the purchase of some land. The total cost for this project was to be around £340,000, but if Bramley PC insist this is a waste of money and wish not to let this project continue, there is no guarantee that this money would remain available for improvements in Bramley. This is a Highways allocated pot of money and they have consulted on the infrastructure deficits in Bramley, and engineers have come up with this along with other solutions. The idea that Bramley PC can decide to spend the money on something else is misleading as the money would go back into the HCC pot and they may spend it outside of the Parish if the PC decide the roundabout is not required. Not all of the Cllrs. are against the scheme and those who live near the junction and experience the issues there are in favour of it.


7.0             Environmental matters

Parish Lengths-man

The clerk circulated some information about an historic role which some parishes are looking at reintroducing.

The PC was asked whether they wished to further consider this role for Bramley, and for the Clerk to investigate such matters as training and health and safety, in addition to staff costs. Cllr. Douglas explained that he had lived in an area where there was a parish lengsth-man and thought it would be of benefit to Bramley.

Proposed Cllr. Douglas, seconded Cllr. Wood. All in favour.



It was explained that due to the availability of some land without a purchase fee attached to it, the PC would only be looking at developing the site near Bullsdown Farm for new allotments. It was confirmed that the funding was in place to begin the process of drawing up plans and applying for Planning Permission and the Borough Council would be asked to continue working with the PC on this project.


8.0             Representatives’ Reports


                   Parish Plan Update

Cllr. Penfold explained that she had met with Sarah Shepherd at BDBC and the questionnaire should be ready April/May time.


Community Facility Update

Cllr. Ferguson explained that he had now met with most of the 24 user groups of the current village hall to ascertain their requirements, with the majority stating that more space is needed. He stated the fact that the PC were unable to book a hall in Bramley for the Annual Parish Meeting illustrated the need of a further facility in the village. Cllr. Hopkins asked whether there was a timetable for this survey, but no firm date has been set although progress is being reported at the monthly meetings.


Clift Meadow

Cllr. Spalding spoke about the Bramley Village Diamond Jubilee Celebration and explained that Dusty Taylor is asking for donations for the raffle.

It was confirmed that RAF Odiham would be providing a Chinook subject to operational restrictions. It is hoped that there may be an outline schedule to promote around April/May time to explain what events are taking place on 2nd June.


Cllr. Holland spoke about the CSW initiative and explained costs of £2,500 per system and this could be compared to the cost of hiring/purchasing SLR/SID equipment.


9.0             Items for the next meeting

CSW initiatve


There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.10pm.







Chairman ……………………………………………………………………………………Date……………………………

Appendix – Meeting note – Razor’s Farm fact-finding

(Policy SS2.3 LDF core strategy document, 20 ha site north east of basinsgtoke)

Present were: Cllr John Ferguson, Cllr Wood, Borough Cllr, Rhydian Vaughan, the Clerk, Huw Edwards from Barton Wilmore, Allan Carey from Croudace.

Before this meeting commenced it was noted that the Parish Council had been approached by the Chairman from Chineham Parish Council who felt that the meeting should not be allowed to take place. Cllr. Vaughan explained that he has spoken with Mike Townsend who had stated that there was nothing inappropriate about a fact-finding meeting as the Parish Council should be aware of the plans for this development. Huw Edwards stated that he would be happy for those present to receive the fact-finding presentation and that it was appropriate in the current climate for developers to engage with the community and to meet with Parish Councils. There were to be no decisions made at this meeting and the information would be formally noted and published.

The information was helpful in constructing the PCs response to the LDF core strategy consultation.

Meeting notes

The presentation made maps and outline plans available, and also explained the timetable involved.

Key points are as follows:

The largest part of the site falls within the current boundary of Bramley Parish, with the remainder within Chineham Parish.

Some listed buildings fall with Bramley’s boundary and these will remain. Usage for these to be determined, although Croudace suggested converting these to a pub and/or community facility.

The site would represent approximately 480 new homes.

Although the largest part falls within Bramley Parish, it was felt that residents would associate more with Chineham and the development would face South towards Chineham.

It was noted that the majority if not all off the Community Infrastructure Levy resulting from this development would be directed towards Chineham Parish.

There is a ‘shopping list’ of CIL/S106 funded plans including £720k for a new community facility although Croudace have built a new village hall in nearby Taylor’s Farm so this may change.

The Plan shows a new railway Station, but it is not yet known whether this will be included in the final plans. This is mostly down to negotiations with Network Rail who currently say that cannot accommodate another station along the route due to timetable limitations.

Croudace explained that they have no interest in any development at Cufaude Farm, the reserve site within the LDF core strategy document.

There would be extensive landscaping particularly along the Northern boundary of the development, planted at an early stage of the construction to allow some maturity, screening and noise reduction to be achieved as early as possible.

A school was not included in this plan reportedly because this means that the density of housing required on this site would be more favourable.

The currently proposed proportion of affordable housing is 40% for which Bramley Parish may have some nomination rights.

The preferred vehicular access for this development would be via the business park/A33.

There would be a complete ban on heavy/construction vehicles passing along Cufaude Lane during works.

The plans show facilities for a local bus service.

There would be improvements to footpaths and walks in the area.

There will be community involvement exercise and consultations.

An outline of the proposed timescales:

Croudace aims to submit outline plans to the Planning Authority this summer, with an environmental survey etc taking around 6-9 months. There will be a period of around 6 months developing the first plans for access and services. There would be around 10 months of the first consultation phase. There would be at least a further 2 months until the 1st phase commences. The rate of build is determined by the rate of occupation so that dwellings are not left empty for any period of time, and would typically be around 70 per year.

 4.0         Planning Applications         





BDB/75681 Erection of two storey side extension following demolition of existing garage 30 Coopers Lane


RG26 5BY

BDB/75757 Erection of an agricultural storage barn Land at Cufaude Lane

Cufaude Lane


BDB/75684 Diversion of overhead line Land at Bramley Lane and Browns Close, grid ref: 465580 159569, Bramley GRANTED
BDB/75467 T4 & T5 – Lime – Removal of growth from main stem up to crown break 1 St Marys Avenue


RG26 5UU



Conversion of farm buildings to 3 no. four bedroom live-work dwellings, erection of 2 no. new 2 bedroom live-work dwellings following demolition of existing outbuildings, conversion of 1 no. farm building to car ports and work unit together with associated parking, amenity areas and alterations to existing access road Bullsdown Farm

German Road



RG26 5AR






Listed Building consents (alter/extend)

Conversion of farm buildings to 3 no. four bedroom live-work dwellings, erection of 2 no. new 2 bedroom live-work dwellings following demolition of existing outbuildings, conversion of 1 no. farm building to car ports and work unit together with associated parking, amenity areas and alterations to existing access road Bullsdown Farm

German Road



RG26 5AR





BDB/75874 Erection of porch and erection of first floor side and rear extensions 16 Lane End



RG26 5AP

BDB/75753 Erection of two storey rear extension following demolition of conservatory Moggies Roost

Sherfield Road

Bramley Green

RG26 5AJ