Minutes 19th November 2019


Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Tuesday 19th November 2019 Time:                                    7.30pm
Place: Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall  
Present: Cllr Bell (Chair) Cllr Oborn
  Cllr Tomblin Cllr Munday
  Cllr James Cllr Capel
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 6 members of the public
  Cllr Robinson (Borough)  
Apologies: Cllr Durrant Cllr Ansell
  Cllr Flooks Cllr Vaughan (County)
  PCSO Emma Page  


  Before the meeting opened, Cllr Bell noted the sad death of Oliver Warner.  Oliver’s battle against Neuroblastoma has been well documented on social media, and the Parish Council’s thoughts go out to the family at this difficult time.  
1 Apologies for Absence  
  As listed above.  
3 Declarations of Interest  
3 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting  
3.1 The minutes of the meeting held on 15th October were unanimously agreed to be a true and accurate record, were signed by the Chairman.  


3.2 Matters arising  
          i.            Outstanding minutes actions/task list

The list was reviewed.

·         Land at the Coopers Lane junction – Cllrs Tomblin and Robinson to follow up.



Cllr Tomblin/ Cllr Robinson

4 Open Forum  
  Cllr Bell invited comments and questions from the public.

·         A resident noted that the gullies on The Street and Sherfield Road urgently need clearing.  Clerk to contact Highways.




5 County Councillor Report – see appendix B  
  Apologies have been received from Cllr Vaughan.  No report.  
6 Borough Councillor Report – see appendix B  
  Cllrs Tomblin and Robinson gave a verbal report:

·         Cllr Tomblin has had meetings with various Borough staff, with particular reference to the SHELAA and Local Plan review.    The updated SHELAA is the first part of the review.  All sites put forward will be put into the SHELAA, which is a very high level assessment as to whether sites are suitable.  Anything site for below 5 properties will be listed but not categorised.  There is no selection by default – sites will be selected as part of the Local Plan review.  There will be a number of new sites across the Borough.  Cllr Tomblin has requested that Parish Councils are involved in the site selection process, just as the Ward Councillors are.

·         5 year land supply calculation – this is due in December, but may not be made public until early 2020.

·         Manydown – Cllr Tomblin has met with the project manager for Manydown.  There is a very complex contractual set up, which has been part of the delay.  Talking to HCC has proved very difficult.  However, an outline planning application is due in February for the north part of the development, with a 2 or 3 day DC Committee meeting planned to fully discuss it.  Developers are queueing to get Mandown built.  Sustainable transport will be looked at, as well as low energy housing, and other sustainable measures as well.

·         Cllr Robinson noted that the official developer for Manydown is BDBC and HCC, which means that they will have a lot of control over what is built.

·         Planning Permission – Cllr Robinson noted issues with granted planning permissions not being brought forward for building for larger developments.

·         Land adjacent to Clift Surgery, Minchens Lane – the planning application is in, and Cllr Robinson stated that he feels it cannot be processed due to how it has been written.

·         Traffic and signage – Cllr Robinson has been looking at road signs in Bramley, and pointing out the lack of capacity in Bramley with traffic and the level crossing.  He has met with Cllr Vaughan and and HCC traffic and safety representative.  Councillors noted that they do not want more signage in the village.

·         BDBC Budget – there has been a presentation from the BDBC finance team re the BDBC budget for next year.  BDBC are looking to balance the budget for 2020/21.  Approval is due in February, with the public consultation deadline on 1st January.  Details can be found on the BDBC website here: https://www.basingstoke.gov.uk/priorities.  Cllr Robinson noted that there may be Cllr discretionary grants available from April 2020.

·         Local Infrastructure Fund – Cllr Robinson confirmed that this fund will continue into 2020/21.

7 Parish Environment

Wildflower meadow – Cllr James has contacted a local consultant, and she is meeting with Hampshire Wildlife Trust next week.  She will submit a proposal after that.  Funding will be available for information boards should the PC decide to install one.

7.1 Parking working group update – Cllr Flooks submitted the following report on parking issues in Ringshall Gardens and Pound Close:

·         Non-resident parking was observed over 82 working days between 19 July 2019 and 15 Nov 2019.  A total of 540 car/days were noted giving an average of 6.6 cars per day.  This parking is gradually spilling around the corner into Pound Close.

·         Numerous cars stay overnight and occasionally for the entire working week.

·         Some cars visited very regularly – the most regular visited on 68, 59, 50, 43, 41, 31 and 20 days.

·         Incidents have occurred with delivery trucks finding it difficult to turn round thus hitting trees.

·         Turning in or out from The Street is difficult due cars parked up to the junction.

·         Numerous roads in Bramley suffer similar problems including Bramley Lane, Bromelia Close, Longbridge Road, Jibbs Meadow, Pheabens Field, Oakmead, and Coopers Lane.  The commuter parking is also spreading to the Clift Meadow car park to the detriment of users or that facility.

Cllr Tomblin noted that Cllr Ansell needs to chase on camera survey for parking.  Clerk to chase Cllr Ansell.


















Cllr Ansell

7.2 Clift Meadow path & footbridge – Cllr Tomblin has met with Sue Tarvit and Mike Townsend at BDBC – full information from this meeting can be found in the Planning Committee meeting minutes at appendix A.

Two items are of particular note:

·         Bollard lighting – BDBC has asked if the PC want the lights replaced to an agreed plan (which was not followed when the lights were installed), or if the PC want them removed completely.  After some discussion, it was proposed that there should be lighting along the footpath to ensure pedestrian safety at night.  This was unanimously agreed.  It was also suggested that any lights should be on a timer or motion sensor, and vandal proof.  Cllr Tomblin to feed this back to BDBC officers.

·         Footpath flooding issues – BDBC have asked if the footpath needs to be raised, is the PC happy that the builder digs part of Clift Meadow to grade the land up to a raised pathway?  After some discussion, it was agreed that this should be the case.  Cllr Tomblin to feed this back to BDBC officers.

Cllr Flooks has submitted a precis of points to note from the Minchens Lane development Biodiversity report, as below.  Cllr Tomblin to highlight this to BDBC officers, who have said that this will be looked into.











Cllr Tomblin




Cllr Tomblin


Cllr Tomblin

7.3 Community Speedwatch update – Paul Holland presented a brief update on the team’s recent activities.  There have been a total of 4 deployments of the camera in October and November, each for several days.  In summary:

·         Over 4 deployments of approximately 28 days in totals, 168,539 vehicles passed the Speed Indicator device

·         24,921 vehicles could have be prosecuted for exceeding 35mph (APCO guidelines 30mph+10% +2mph)

·         There is no peak time for speeding offenders – it is reasonably steady during the day

·         Average offenders 900 per day

·         Average fine is £100 and 3 Points on their Licence or Speed Awareness Course.

·         £90,000 pounds every day

·         CSW team are applying pressure where they can to get policing in place, and for speed safety measures.

Clerk to place CSW information on the PC website and social media.


i.            Chargeable Lengthsman work – the Clerk has been supplied with a lengthy list of tasks to improve the visibility of road signs, and to enable the CSW to deploy in other areas.  A quote for the work is awaited from the Lengthsman, although it is likely that he will not be able to do a few of the larger tasks.  If this is the case, these will be escalated to HCC Highways for action.  The Clerk will circulate the quote once she receives it.  Drain/gulley clearance along The Street and Sherfield Road will be included with this.
























7.4 Use of Clift Meadow as a temporary depot for railway station – Carter Jonas has contacted the PC on behalf of Network Rail.  There will be platform extension work in the early part of 2020 (February to May), and they have requested the use of part of Clift Meadow as a storage depot for equipment.  Three areas have been identified:

·         The south east corner, by the pub

·         The southern end of the car park

·         In between the car park and the tennis courts

The following points/questions were raised:

·         If permission is given and a charge for the land use is agreed, then a day rate charge should be agreed, and Carter Jonas/Network Rail should make good the land at the end of the contract.  This should all be part of a legal contract/agreement.

·         Work will be at same time as storage shed work – this will make the car park difficult.

·         Clift Meadow Trustees are willing, and see it as a good way to earn some money for the Trust.

·         CMT feel that there may be some leeway for benefit for the community from Network Rail/Carter Jonas.

·         There were concerns on equipment tonnage and how that might affect the car park.  The height barrier may also be an issue.

Clerk to set up meeting between Carter Jonas, the PC, and CMT.





















7.5 Traffic Diversions – Cufaude Lane – Councillors noted recent incidents where there were roadworks on the A33, and the official diversion was via Cufaude Lane.  This has caused Cufaude Lane to become completely gridlocked, as has happened on previous occasions.  Councillors requested that official diversion routes should not include Cufaude Lane, which is narrow and not suitable for heavy traffic, and that diverted traffic should be sent via either Vyne Road or the A340.  Cllr Oborn to draft a letter to HCC Highways and Cllr Vaughan.  





Cllr Oborn/ Clerk

8 Clerk’s report & Administration  
8.1 Parish magazine article – the December issue of the Parish Magazine is a double issue, with no issue in January.  Therefore the next deadline is not until 15th January.  The next author will be discussed at the December meeting.  
8.2 IT Project update – the Clerk gave an update.  Confirmation on the email addresses is awaited, as is training for the Clerk and others.  Cllr Ansell is chasing the supplier.  

Cllr Ansell

8.3 2020/21 draft budget – the Clerk presented the draft budget.  Work is still needed to identify fixed costs against more flexible expenditure on special projects and grants.  Until BDBC release the Council Tax base figures, it is difficult to determine the level of precept, although it is unlikely to be less than it was last year.  It is hoped that and idea of the base figure will be available by the December meeting, although it will not be confirmed until January.

Cllr Bell noted that Parishes will need to pay for PC elections from May 2020, if they do not coincide with Borough Council elections.  It is thought that the charge is likely to be 30 pence per elector.  There is also some discussion on whether the charge for the 2020 local elections would be made in the same financial year or in 2021/22.  Clerk to check details with BDBC.












8.4 PC Policy Review – the Clerk has reviewed and circulated draft versions of the following policies:

·         Code of Conduct

·         Standing Orders

·         Financial Regulations

·         Social Media Policy

·         Health & Safety Policy

·         Equality & Diversity Policy

·         Scheme of Publication

·         Freedom of Information Policy

She noted that all policies are in line with current legislation and best practice, and that any major changes to the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations are mostly statutory requirements.  The Code of Conduct has been brought into line with the BDBC Code, which was updated in 2018.

Cllrs to read policies thoroughly and send comments back to Clerk by the end of November.  Subject to such comments, Cllr Bell proposed that the policies be agreed at the December meeting.















9 Reports  
9.1 Reports from Parish Council representatives  
a. Planning Committee report (see appendix A).  The report was noted by Councillors.  The Clerk noted that there will be no Planning Committee meeting in December, and that planning matters will be handled at the full Council meeting.

i.            New applications – there have been two new applications since the committee meeting on 13th November:

o   19/03004/HSE – 6 Tudor Close, Bramley

Erection of rear extension to garage, two dormer windows to front elevation of garage and conversion of roofspace to additional living accommodation

·         No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.

o   19/03100/FUL- Land Adjoining Clift Surgery Minchens Lane Bramley

Formation of vehicular and pedestrian access

·         Councillors questioned why this application has been submitted, since the PIP application has been granted, and therefore the technical application should be the next stage.

·         The proposed site access diagram (HDC/DP/301)  is incorrect, as it does not show the current exit to the surgery car park and does not take into account the recent changes to the surgery car park.  The block plan (083/CEP/002) is correct, however.

·         Cllrs noted this will add a 5th junction in a very short distance, which will be dangerous to all users.  The two access points for the surgery are in very close proximity to the proposed access, with one being extremely close.  The access to Frith Woods and the electricity sub-station is also within 60 feet of the proposed access.  With the entrance to St James Park being directly opposite, this section of Minchens Lane is already busy, especially during surgery times, and sees a lot of pedestrian traffic as well.  The proposed access point would make an already dangerous area of road even more hazardous.

·         A point in is made in the application made that if it is refused then access can be made through the surgery car park.  However, there is some doubt about this.

·         The application states that the site is not close to a water course.  However, Cllrs noted that the site is 90m from a water course.

·         The application states that this is not a new road scheme (1.1.a); however, Cllrs believe that it is.

·         The application states a waste collection point is not incorporated, and that arrangements have not been made for the separate storage and collection of waste.  However, the plans show a clearly marked proposed bin collection point.  If a collection point is not required, why is one marked on the plan?

Cllr Tomblin abstained from the vote.  Objections outline above agreed by all other councillors.  Clerk to process.

ii.            Proposed development at Tudor Farm site – no update at present, as there is no validated planning application.  Clerk to continue to monitor.

iii.            SHELAA Review – the call for sites consultation is now complete, and the results will be published on the BDBC website in December.  Cllr Tomblin stressed that it does not determine whether a site will be allocated as this will be considered through the Local Plan Update process.  It will, however, include a high level strategic overview assessment of the deliverability/ developability of each site in terms of its suitability, availability and achievability in line with national planning policy requirements.

It was noted that the site east of the new Bewley development down to the Campbell Road roundabout is likely to be in the SHELAA, with a view to building up to 900 houses.  As stated above, this is not an allocated site at present.

iv.            BDBC Settlement Study questionnaire – Cllr Tomblin and Cllr Bell have put together and circulated a draft executive summary of the infrastructure survey, traffic study, air quality monitoring, and flood survey, which will be submitted along with the completed BDBC questionnaire.  Responses to the questionnaire have also been circulated.

It was proposed that, subject to some minor changes for consistency, these should be submitted electronically to BDBC by the closing date of 22nd November.  Unanimously agreed – Clerk and Cllr Bell to take forward.  The full infrastructure reports will also be submitted.  Cllr Tomblin will send info directly to Joanne Brombley, and then invite her and other officers on a tour of Bramley to see directly issues the parish is facing.  Hard copies will be available early next week.









































































Clerk/ Cllr Bell




b. Neighbourhood Plan working group – no update as present.  
c. Environment

i.            Air quality monitoring update – the mesh pod has now been repaired and redeployed.  The issue was that the OPC was blocked inside the pod. This is from the PM inlet into the pod itself.  The manufacturer has cleared this and cleaned the OPC. The have also updated the pod to the latest firmware.  The Clerk is now investigating a service contract for the equipment.

ii.            Infrastructure report update – the report is now complete, and Cllr Bell has written an executive summary of this and other infrastructure studies carried out recently (see item 9.1.a.iv)









d. Allotments and Burial Ground (see appendix B)

·         Allotment ditches – the ditch does not need clearing at present.

·         Allotments – rent demands are going out with new T&Cs

·         Allotments – BDBC to check into allotment space at the Minchens Lane development.  See planning minutes.

·         Burial Ground – Cllr James has sourced possible suppliers for a memorial wall – need to look at capacity to determine the possible size of the wall.






Cllr James/ Clerk

e. Village Hall Trust (see appendix B)  
f. Clift Meadow Trust – Cllr Capel gave a verbal update:

·         ASB issues – a severe ASB incident was reported to the police and PC this week.  Unfortunately, 101 proved not to be very helpful in this instance – the Hall user felt very unsafe for the whole incident.  A formal complaint has been made, and the PC has escalated the issue with the Police.  CCTV footage is being checked.

·         There will be a power outage on 17th December which will affect much of the village.

·         CMT website is now being managed by Chris Wright

·         The fireworks event was a great success.  Planning for next year has already begun.  Councillors recorded their thanks to CMT and B School Association for organising the event.

·         Salt bins have been installed at the Minchens Court area.

·         The Christmas Fair at Clift Meadow will be on Saturday 14th December

·         The wine tasting event was well attended and raised £500

·         Coffee mornings continue to be successful

·         The defibrillator will be fitted in early 2020.

·         Shinfield tennis club are looking to offer coaching at the tennis courts.  CMT are keen to take this forward

·         Storage container is now in place, in preparation for the building of the new storage facility



g. Police & Neighbourhood Watch – see appendix B.  
h. Highways/Footpaths – see appendix B  
i. Road Safety Project – a trial of the proposed layout is to be carried out at the end of November, specifically to check the impact of the traffic island on neighbouring households.  
i. Chairman’s report

i.            HALC – Cllr Bell has recently attended the HALC AGM. The annual membership fee is set to increase slightly.

ii.            BDAPTC – Cllr Bell has recently attended a BDAPTC meeting.  Of particular note are the following:

o   From May 2020, Parish Councils will be expected to pay for Parish Council elections.  The estimated cost will be around £0.30 per elector, but this is to be confirmed.

o   The presentation from Matthew Evans on the Local Plan update and SHELAA was noted.

10 Consultation documents requiring consideration  
11 Grant Applications  
11.1 Annual donation to the Royal British Legion – Cllr Durrant’s attendance at the recent Remembrance Sunday service in Bramley was noted.  Previous years have seen a donation to the RBL for the Poppy Wreath.

Cllr Bell proposed that a donation of £200 be given this year.  This was unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.





12 Finance  
12.1 Payments and reconciliation approval – see appendix C

The Clerk noted the payments on the reconciliation.  An extra payment for travel expenses for Cllr Bell also needs to be made, for a total of £31.

It was unanimously agreed to approve the payments on the reconciliation and above.

Clerk to process.







13.2 Acknowledgement of Receipts – see appendix C

Receipts were noted.



14 Date of Next meeting  
  The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 17th December 2019.  
15 Resolution to exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings  
16 Confidential Items  


The meeting closed at 10.06pm






Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….      Date:………………………………………


Appendix A – Planning Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee

Date: 13th November 2019 Time:                    7.30pm
Place: Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall  
Present: Cllr Chris Flooks (Chair) Cllr Liz Capel
  Cllr Malcolm Bell Cllr Chris Tomblin
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 2 members of the public
Apologies: Cllr Alan Munday Cllr Nick Robinson (Borough)


1 Apologies for Absence  
  As listed above.  
2 Declarations of Interest  
3 Minutes of the Last Planning Committee Meeting  
3.1 The minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 9th October 2019 were unanimously agreed and signed off by the Chairman.  


3.2 Matters arising  
4 Planning & Development  
4.1 New Applications  
a. 19/02686/HSE – 32 Kirby Drive Bramley

Conversion of loft to living accommodation including raising of the roof, dormers to the front elevation and dormer and rooflights to the rear

  • No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.




b. 19/02943/HSE – 6 Kirby Drive Bramley

Erection of a single storey front and side extension

  • No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.



c. T/00471/19/TPO – Land To The Rear Of 11-19 (Odds) Wallis Drive Bramley

Crown reduce 6 Lime trees

  • No objection, subject to tree officer view.  Clerk to process.



d. Any other new applications

19/03004/HSE – 6 Tudor Close Bramley

Erection of rear extension to garage, two dormer windows to front elevation of garage and conversion of roofspace to additional living accommodation

No documents as yet.  To be considered at full council

4.2 Approvals/Refusals/Pending (see appendix A) – these were noted.  
5. Planning Appeals  
5.1 17/00942/FUL – Land adjacent to The Oaks Cufaude Lane Bramley

There were six separate appeals for the above site, which were all heard together in April and September 2019.  The Planning Inspector dismissed all six appeals, and directed that existing enforcement should be carried out for three of them, with variations and corrections to the enforcement notices.  Compliance should be within 7 months in most cases, and 12 months for Plots 2 and 6/7.  The appeal decision can be viewed here: https://pad.basingstoke.gov.uk/documents/4753/01/21/62/01216274.PDF

5.2 19/00483/HSE – 6 Churchlands Bramley

The appeal was dismissed by the planning Inspector.  The appeal decision may be viewed here: https://pad.basingstoke.gov.uk/documents/4753/01/21/80/01218033.PDF

5.3 19/01467/FUL – Land West of Cufaude Lane Bramley

This application for the formation of an access track and associated works, was refused by BDBC in August 2019.  It is related to 17/00942/FUL, for which the multiple appeals were dismissed.  Interested parties should submit additional comments by 10th December 2019.

There are no further PC comments at this time.

6. Proposed development at Tudor Farm site  
  A public exhibition was held on 30th October.  70 – 80 residents attended the exhibition, and there was a strong Parish Council presence as well.  Feedback received by Councillors was that most attending residents were against the proposed development.

Residents have been very vocal by email, sending in their opposition to the developer and to both the Borough and Parish Council.

There is no validated planning application as yet.

7. Monitoring of the Bramley Neighbourhood Plan – update  
  BDBC is carrying out is annual monitoring exercise of the Neighbourhood Plan.  This was distributed to all members.  Feedback received was that members did not agree with the statement of housing against policy SS5. This is reference to Razors farm. Part of Razors Farm falls within the Parish of Bramley.  It is not within the Settlement Policy Boundary of Basingstoke and Deane, only within the proposed SPB of BDBC.  It lies within Bramley Parish and therefore contributes to SS5 housing, 200 at least.  
8. BDBC Settlement Study questionnaire  
  This has been circulated to all committee members.  The deadline for responses is 22nd November.  This is a key opportunity to supply BDBC with local knowledge of the issues facing Bramley parish with regards to infrastructure and development.

Cllr Tomblin and Cllr Bell to take forward and prepare responses for approval at full council.  Clerk to contact consultants for advice.




Cllr Tomblin/ Cllr Bell

9. Village Gates by Minchens Lane development  
  The developer has been in touch with two possible designs of gates, and asked which the Parish Council would prefer.  Installation of the gates will fulfil a requirement of the s.278 works.

The designs have been circulated.  Members agreed that the preferred design would be the sloping fence type.  Clerk to contact Persimmon with the Parish Council’s views and to ask for the specification from Persimmon so that other gates may be matched to them should the PC wish to install them.






10. Water Issues  
10.1 Update on sewerage issues – Cllr Bell has again written to Thames Water expressing the Parish Council’s deep concerns about the sewerage issue, and noting that proposed development at Tudor Farm which will add further pressure to an already straining system.  A response has been received today from Thames Water, stating that they will provide the PC with a substantive response by 25th November.

Cllr Tomblin stated that BDBC will also be chasing Thames Water on the issue.

10.2 Update on surface water issues – No further update.  Cllr Tomblin to chase up with HCC. Cllr Tomblin
11. Minchens Lane s.106 issues  
  Cllr Tomblin has met with Sue Tarvit and Mike Townsend of BDBC Planning to discuss the ongoing lack of action from the developer on outstanding s.106 issues at Minchens Lane.

  • Playground – the land the playground is on will not be adopted by BDBC, but will be managed by a management company who will own the land.  Therefore it is likely that the responsibility for the playground will be with the management company, with the commuted sum going back to the developer.
  • Bollard on bridge – BDBC to chase developer to do finishing work.
  • Footpath – BDBC has asked if the PC want the lights replaced to the agreed plan (which was not followed when the lights were installed), or if the PC want them removed completely.  Members felt that some lighting is necessary, but something at knee height and pointing downwards would be adequate – however, final decision should rest with full council.
  • Footpath flooding issues – BDBC have asked if the footpath needs to be raised, is the PC happy that builder digs part of Clift Meadow to grade the land up to a raised pathway.  Members felt that this might be possible, but would need some sort of drainage gulley to take water down to ditch.  Final decision to rest with full council.
  • Highways – BDBC to investigate why highways works are nowhere near where they should be.
  • Biodiversity – BDBC to check and investigate further with developer, particularly with reference to the ditch.
  • Allotments – there is no specification agreed for the allotments, but BDBC expect that they will be created to BDBC standards.
  • Cycle Barriers by surgery – these will be chased by BDBC.
11. Date of Next Meeting  
  The date of the next Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for 11th December 2019.  However, due to councillor commitments and a clash with the BDBC DC Committee meeting, it was agreed that planning matters will be covered in full council in December.  There will therefore be no Planning Committee meeting in December.


Meeting closed at 8.50pm





1. 17/00942/FUL – Land Adjacent To The Oaks Cufaude Lane Bramley

Change of use of site as a private gypsy site for one family comprising a mobile home, utility room and touring caravan

Appeal dismissed



2. 19/01879/AOP – Land Off Minchens Lane Bramley

Prior approval notification for a new access to serve the proposed ‘Feeder Site’




3. 19/02175/GPDADW – Land At OS Ref 463475 160006 Latchmere Green Little London

Notification of proposed change of use of Agricultural Building to 1 no. dwellinghouse (Class C3)




4. 19/02214/HSE – Bailons Coopers Lane Bramley

Erection of a single storey rear extension with balcony over, a single storey side in-fill extension and conversion of garage to living accommodation. Construction of a dormer window, installation of rooflights and alterations to fenestration




5. 19/02294/HSE – 67 Coopers Lane Bramley

Erection of single storey conservatory to rear


No objection

6. 19/02524/HSE – Long Barn 1 Razors Farm Doric Avenue Chineham

Erection of a Gazebo on the patio of existing house


No objection

7. T/00437/19/TCA – Clover Cottage Silchester Road Bramley

Cherry tree: reduce by 1.5m, shape and remove deadwood.

Hawthorne tree: reduce away from cable and shape



No objection


Pending Applications*

1. 19/00464/FUL – Upper Cufaude Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

Erection of two no. 4 bedroom barn-style dwellings and access

2. 19/01710/FUL – Qps House The Street Bramley

Change of use of ground floor of building from a Barber shop (A1) and Tanning Salon ( Suis Generis) to a two bedroomed flat (C3) on one side and a 3 bedroomed flat (C3) on the other

3. 19/01753/ROC – The Clift Surgery Minchens Lane Bramley

Variation of conditions 1 and 8 and removal of condition 9 of permission 14/01458/FUL to allow alternative access arrangements with the original southern access re-opened for ingress only and the ‘new’ northern access used for egress only

No objection
4. 19/01778/FUL – Bramley Village Hall The Street Bramley

Extension and alteration of existing village hall to provide improved facilities and an additional function room. Resurfacing of the existing car park. (Amendment to planning consent 18/01623/FUL)

No objection
5. 19/02277/FUL – Land Rear Of 6 And 7 Pond Road Bramley

Change of use of land to residential garden land enclosed by a 1.83 metre high fence

No objection
6. 19/02684/HSE – Laurel Lea Cottage, Bramley Green, Bramley

Erection of a greenhouse

No objection
7. T/00449/19/TCA – Silvermede, Silchester Road, Bramley

T1 Magnolia:  cut back from wires by 1m and remove branches over footpath back to boundary line

No objection

*Objections/no objections listed are the decision of Bramley Parish Council only, and do not reflect any submissions placed by members of the public or other bodies with Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.



Appendix B – Reports



No written report received



No written report received.



Air Quality monitoring – the monitor has been received back from the contractor and been re-deployed.  The Clerk is investigating a service agreement with the contractors.

Infrastructure Survey – this is now complete.



No written report received.



The building work is progressing well.

Bookings for parties is up, now that the building work is almost complete and with the onset of the winter season.

The Mistletoe Fair is on 23rd November.

There will be no electricity supply to the Hall (and much of the Village) during the day on 17th December, due to essential works in the Bramley Green substation area.  With this in mind, it is likely that the Hall will be closed for the day (although open in the evening once the supply has been restored).



No written report received.



Your Neighbourhood Policing Team includes:

  • PC Lee Stanbrook PCSO Emma Page
  • PCSO Luke Edwards PCSO Adam Steele

You can contact the team at Basingstoke.rural@hampshire.pnn.police.uk — though this address is not monitored every day. For reporting crime, call 101 or go to the Hampshire police website www.hampshire.police.uk


Community Priorities – The current neighbourhood priority is Burglary.

The numbers of burglary reports have been low in this area throughout October. On 25 October, two overnight burglaries were reported in Vine Tree Close, Tadley, in unoccupied addresses where jewellery items were stolen. Police officers and forensic teams were deployed and investigations are ongoing.

Some facts about burglaries (sources in brackets):

  • Most burglaries take place between 10am and 3pm. (Safestyle UK)
  • The average burglary lasts for eight minutes. (Dr Claire Nee, Unviersity of Portsmouth)
  • Many burglaries are ‘spur of the moment’ decisions by a burglar who notices an open door, open window, valuables on display or some other weakness. (Thames Valley Police)
  • The vast majority of burglars will want to avoid meeting the home’s occupants at any cost. (The Independent)

A burglar may typically examine many houses before finding one that looks like an easy target to steal from. Homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures. Good window locks and strong deadlocks can make a big difference.

In most burglaries, the criminals broke into the house or flat through the door, either by forcing the lock or kicking it in. So make sure your doors are strong and secure. In our previous newsletter, we also mentioned the benefits of making sure your home looks like someone is living there if you are going away on holiday. Visit www.police.uk/crime-prevention-advice/burglary/ for more advice.

Bramley and Sherfield on Loddon – There was one report of ladders being stolen from a Ford Transit van in Goddards Close, Sherfield on Loddon. No suspects have been identified.

A trailer was stolen from a field off Cufaude Lane.

We had fewer reported incidents of ASB in October, with the number of reports down for Clift Meadow and none at all were reported in Minchens Lane. Police have been conducting regular evening patrols in the area to help combat this. If you are affected by ASB, please report it to us.



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