Minutes 19th October 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Wednesday 19th October 2016 Time: 7.30pm
Place: Main Hall, Bramley Village Hall
Present: Cllr Durrant (Chair) Cllr Bell (Vice Chair)
Cllr Tomblin Cllr Capel
Cllr Flooks Cllr Ansell
In Attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 4 members of the public
  Cllr Robinson (Borough)
Apologies: Cllr Lane Cllr Marshall
  Cllr DiMascio Cllr Rowland (Borough)
  Cllr Keith Chapman (County) PCSO Johnson



1 Apologies for Absence

As listed above.

2 Declarations of Interest


3 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting


The minutes of the meetings held on 21st and 27th September 2016 were unanimously agreed to be a true and accurate record.  The minutes were signed by the Chairman.




Matters arising




4 Open Forum

The Chairman invited questions and comments from those present.

A resident noted the Network Rail consultation being held on 20th October, and enquired what it was about.  Cllr Ansell confirmed that it was about work to replace the Broad Street underbridge which is situated on the Ministry of Defence Land some 600m to the West of Bramley station.  The Clerk confirmed that official notification of the consultation has not been received.  Details to go on PC website.

A resident noted that there is speeding in village and drivers using mobile phones.  He asked if there were any measures to combat this.  Cllr Durrant suggested discussion with PCSO Johnson.  The issue will be on the agenda for November.  Clerk to enquire with BDBC about different types of Speed Limit Reminders.











5 Planning & Development


New Applications

16/03525/HSE – Ringshall The Street Bramley

Erection of two storey side and front extension, with single storey front, side and rear extensions, following demolition of existing conservatories

Councillors noted that this is very similar to the previous application for the same site.  It was agreed unanimously to repeat objections about the size of the extension in the plot, and also to note that the exit from the property was not clear on the plans.


16/02770/HSE – 1 Ellen Gardens Bramley

Erection of part first floor side extension above garage and conversion of roof to living accommodation, to include dormer window and roof lights

Councillors observed that the site plans were not informative.  It was further noted that the proposed extension is an over-development of the plot; it will overlook several other properties; and is out of character with rest of the area.  Objections unanimously agreed.

16/03462/RES – Aurum Site Crockford Lane Chineham

Reserved matters application pursuant to outline planning permission 14/03343/OUT, for the erection of 130 dwellings, including appearance, landscaping, layout and scale

The outline application was not subject to the considerations of an EIA

It was noted that house style 404 is a 2.5 storey house planned for highest point on site and therefore not sympathetic.  It was further noted that the location of social/affordable housing is not well integrated with the rest of the site.  Clerk to pass councillor comments on to BDBC Planning.
























Approvals/Refusals – these were noted.  See appendix A.


6 Clerk’s Report & Administration

The newsletter is currently with the printers and should be ready for delivery by the end of this week.

Bulpitt Brothers have been given the go ahead to clear the culvert by the Cinder Track.  They will also be clearing away fallen tree debris from the Lane End pond area.


7 Parish Environment



Update on Level Crossing – the Clerk confirmed that she has responded to Network Rail with the thoughts and comments of residents and councillors from the September meetings.  This response has also been copied to HCC and BDBC, and is on the PC website and social media.  Cllr Ansell noted that the PC is still awaiting a meeting with HCC, BDBC and Network Rail – HCC have not responded to date.  Clerk to chase, and place an update on the PC website.



BT proposals for phone box closure – the Clerk has distributed details of a consultation to close two phone boxes in Bramley – one at Strawberry Fields and one at Coopers Lane.   It was noted that both phone boxes are still used, especially the box at Strawberry Fields.  Objections were unanimously agreed on this basis, particularly with the proposed expansion of the village.   Clerk to send response to BDBC.






8 Reports


Reports from Parish Council representatives


Allotments & Burial Ground Update

Burial Ground – the Clerk gave a verbal report.

Councillors will be aware of the recent health & safety inspection carried out by BDBC on the churchyard at St James Church.  This has resulted in 31 memorials in the PC Burial Ground being marked as unsafe, with the majority of these having been laid flat.  The inspection was totally unexpected, and upon checking with BDBC, it is apparent that only the area around the church should have been inspected.  It was also noted that the PC has done its own inspection within the last 12 months, and did not find that any memorials were in a bad enough condition to lay flat.  BDBC have apologised unreservedly for the error, and are going to pay for work to restore the memorials to NAMM standards of safety.  A contractor is about to be appointed, and the work should be carried out over the course of the next four or five weeks.  The Clerk is preparing a formal statement for the website, and to send to families of the affected plots.  Moving forward, the Clerk made two proposals:

i.            That the regulations for new memorials in the Burial Ground be updated to include the most up to date NAMM standards

ii.            That 5 yearly inspections of the memorials are carried out by a qualified memorial specialist of the Parish Council’s choosing.

Both proposals were unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.

Allotments – Cllr Ansell gave a verbal report.

The annual review of lease pricing is now due.  Cllr Ansell recommended maintaining the current lease price – this was unanimously agreed.

He noted complaints about the size of trees on the side of the path – a couple of plots are shaded completely.  Clerk to find out ownership of the trees from BDBC and find out about maintenance.

Annual maintenance of the ditching is also due over the winter, and quotes need to be obtained for this work.  Clerk to process.



























Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Bell gave a verbal report.  The NDP is due back from the external Examiner on 21st October, and members of the NDP working group will be meeting with BDBC next week.  There is no indication as yet on what the Examiner has said, although nothing dramatic is expected.  The Examiners report will go on the BDBC website, and also be placed on the PC website.  The next stage is to agree the Examiners recommendations, edit the Plan, and make the final decision on whether to submit the plan for referendum.  Clerk to organise an Extraordinary PC meeting.  If a referendum is a agreed, then there will need to be public open days leading up to the event.









Village Hall Trust – no report.



Clift Meadow Trust – Cllr Capel gave a verbal report.

There has been vandalism of the storage shed.  Security lighting is being installed, and police are aware of the issue.

A Quiz night, Christmas market, and Farmers Market are all planned in the run up to Christmas.

The Facebook page is up and running and working well.

A bench has collapsed – CMT are trying to contact relatives with a view to replacing it.

Cllr Durrant noted that the WI needs to be contacted with reference to the Jubilee Garden at Clift Meadow.








Cllr Capel/ Clerk


Education & Schools – Cllr Capel gave a verbal report.

Cllr Capel is hoping to meet the new Head very soon after half term.



Policing & Neighbourhood Watch –no report.

Cllr Durrant noted that the police presence has increased in Bramley since reports about catapult damage.  He also suggested a quarterly meeting with the PCSO – clerk to organise.





Highways & Road Closures – the Clerk gave a verbal update.

  • Amended plans have been received for the Campbell Road roundabout changes.  HCC have responded to the PCs previous comments, noting that the MOD have stated that the Army Camp ‘does not have any extra width or loading requirements but they do use this road for coaches and buses entering Bramley Training area.’   Therefore they deem that the roundabout is more than able to cope with this usage.  They also noted that the farm access was not included on the original roundabout, and there has been no request to include an exit from the farm onto the roundabout at this point in time.  Councillors noted the loose kerbstones and made a request for timescales on changes and ongoing maintenance work.  Clerk to process.
  • Details of a traffic order have been received today for no waiting restrictions along Longbridge Road, Ringshall Gardens, Coopers Lane, and Jibbs Meadow.  Details of these will be placed on the website.
  • Work on the Bullsdown path is now complete and awaiting inspection from the grantee.  Cllr Durrant noted that residents have remarked favourably on the path.












Road Safety proposals – Cllr Ansell gave a verbal report.

  • Due to the requirements of the LIF fund, the PC have been unable to get HCC under contract, so it is likely that it will need to go out to completive tender.  However, discussions on this are ongoing.  Early planning work is continuing.
  • Dates are being sought to meet with Network Rail to discuss land for the project.
  • Staged payments to be released once contractor is engaged and project is fully underway.



Borough Councillor Report – Cllr Robinson gave a verbal report.

  • Taylor Wimpey are still working on getting Kirby Drive adopted.  Will hopefully happen soon, but HCC is making sure that work is done thoroughly before adoption.
  • The Waste Recycling Centre at Wade Road no longer accepts fridges or freezers, as the grant to handle them has been removed.   There is a motion at BDBC to take over the running of the Centre from HCC.
  • Beech Farm is likely to be on the agenda for the DC Committee on 3rd November.  Part of this will be to query why the restoration of the Beech Farm Cottages is directly linked to building new houses.  Cllr Robinson asked for information from the PC on what they would like to see happen at the site.  Councillors stated that they would like to see it as an enhancement to the Conservation Area, and see the owners meet their obligations on the listed buildings.
  • Cllr Robinson will be attending a guidance meeting on policies SS6 and SS6a, which deal with strategies for development in the countryside.



County Councillor Report – no report.


Chairmans Report – no report.



Commemorative Plaque – the Clerk has obtained a quote for a commemorative plaque for three long standing council members.  The quote is for a stainless steel plaque on an oak backing, with the PC logo and tile across the top and details of the councillors below.  It will be approximately A4 size.  The quote is for £376+VAT.  Clerk to investigate which names need to be included.  The cost was unanimously agreed.





9 Consultation Documents requiring consideration


2017/18 Local Government Finance Settlement consultation – the Clerk has circulated details.  In summary, the proposal is for all councils with a precept of £500,000 or over and a council tax base of £75 or over for band D properties to have a referendum on any precept increase of over 2%.  Whilst this will not affect the majority of parish and town councils for 2017/18, there is a further proposal for this to be rolled out to smaller councils for 2018/19.  The Clerk noted that referendums may need to be paid for by Parish Councils, and also noted the knock on effect on localism and devolution.  Cllr Durrant proposed objections as above, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to respond accordingly.









10 Grant Applications


Clift Meadow Trust – Pavilion re-decoration and signage – a grant request for a total of £4296 has been received for re-decorating the Pavilion following a recent flooding incident, and for signage for the Pavilion.  Councillors asked to see the final design of signage before approving the grant for this.  Redecoration grant approved unanimously.  Clerk to process.






Clift Meadow Trust – drainage repairs – whilst a formal grant request has not yet been received, the Clerk has been made aware of quotes received by CMT for drainage repairs and improvements at the Pavilion.  This will come to around £1600.  Councillors requested more detail on CMT accounts, but recommended that a County Councillor grant be sought.  It was also recommended that the drainage work is done prior to re-decoration.  Clerk to process.







Cross House – furnishing – the Clerk noted receipt of a request from the PCC to use the remainder of a grant made in 2014/15 to refresh some of the furniture in Cross House.  The Clerk confirmed that £1215 remained of the £5000 grant.  Two sofas have already been purchased at a total cost of £450, and they would also like to purchase a large wall mounted monitor.  Unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.






11 Finance


Payments and Reconciliation Approval – see appendix B.

The clerk outlined the payments and reconciliation for September.  She noted the following:

  • The invoice for the Bullsdown path work is now due.
  • Cllr Durrant will be attending the upcoming Remembrance Sunday service, and will be laying a poppy wreath on behalf of the Parish.  The Clerk noted that a donation of £100 was made last year under s.137.  It was unanimously agreed to do the same this year.
  • All other payments are as expected.

It was unanimously agreed to approve the payments for October – Clerk to process.












Acknowledgement of Receipts – see Appendix B.

Receipts were noted.

12 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on 16th November 2016.


The meeting finished at 9.13pm


Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….      Date:………………………………………


Appendix A – Planning Summary


Planning Applications for Consideration

1 16/03525/HSE – Ringshall The Street Bramley

Erection of two storey side and front extension, with single storey front, side and rear extensions, following demolition of existing conservatories

2. 16/02770/HSE – 1 Ellen Gardens Bramley

Erection of part first floor side extension above garage and conversion of roof to living accommodation, to include dormer window and roof lights

3. 16/03462/RES – Aurum Site Crockford Lane Chineham

Reserved matters application pursuant to outline planning permission 14/03343/OUT, for the erection of 130 dwellings, including appearance, landscaping, layout and scale


The outline application was not subject to the considerations of an EIA



1. 16/00117/HSE – 29 Taylor Drive Bramley Tadley

Erection of two storey rear extension



2. 16/02548/HSE – 104 Coopers Lane Bramley

Proposed front extension and rear external door


No objections

3. 16/02845/HSE – 36 Moat Close Bramley

Single storey conservatory to the rear


No objections


Pending Applications*

1. 15/03423/FUL – Land Adjacent The Street Bramley

Erection of two no. 4 bedroom dwellings with detached garages and associated landscaping and access works

2. 15/04506/FUL – Royal British Legion The Street Bramley

Erection of 10 no. dwellinghouses (4 no. 2 bed dwellings and 6 no. 4 bed dwellings) to include parking, access and amenity space, following demolition of existing private members’ club building

No objections, comments
3. 16/00697/FUL – Land At Beech Farm Lane End Bramley

Erection of 15 no. dwellings, together with the widening of the existing access onto Lane End and provision of an area of public open space with associated landscaping

4. 16/03052/FUL & 16/03053/LBC

Works of restoration to external elevations, roof and new entrance porch, and internal alterations to Beech Farm Cottages for use as two dwellings. Creation of a parking area to the west of the building. Demolition of dilapidated wooden shed/store to the south of the building

5. 16/02870/FUL – Land At Larchwood Crockford Lane Chineham

Erection of building for flexible B1c, B2 and B8 use with associated access, landscaping and parking



*Objections/no objections listed are the decision of Bramley Parish Council only, and do not reflect any submissions placed by members of the public or other bodies with Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.

 Appendix B – Finance

Bank Reconciliation
19th October 2016
Closing Balance from statement #040 1st October 2016 £131,774.58
20/09/2016   HMRC – VAT claim Q4 2015/16 9,530.64
Southern Co-op Ltd – Burial Ground fees 97.00
21 Sep 16 513  Litter Warden salary 291.67
21 Sep 16 514  Clerk’s salary 1,156.15
21 Sep 16 515  HMRC – Tax/Nics – Q2 1,238.10
21 Sep 16 516  Greenhouse Graphics – Leaflets re level crossing 220.00
21 Sep 16 517  Bramley Village Hall – Hall Hire – August 24.00
21 Sep 16 518  Bulpitt Brothers – Churchyard Maintenance 900.00
21 Sep 16 519  Came & Company – Insurance 2016/17 1,350.24
21 Sep 16 520  BDO llp – External audit fees 480.00
19 Oct 16 521  Litter Warden salary – October 291.67
19 Oct 16 522  Clerk’s salary – October 1,156.15
19 Oct 16 523  Clerk’s mileage expenses 69.12
19 Oct 16 523  Phone & postage expenses 27.25
19 Oct 16 523  Parking for training 8.50
19 Oct 16 524  Hall hire – EGM 30.00
19 Oct 16 525  Hall hire – September meeting 70.00
19 Oct 16 526  Budgeting workshop 90.00
19 Oct 16 527  Water charges for allotments 36.72
19 Oct 16 528  Bullsdown path resurfacing 4,692.00
19 Oct 16 529  Churchyard Maintenance 720.00
19 Oct 16 530  Repair of shutters 486.00
19 Oct 16 531  Donation for Poppy Wreath 100.00
 Balance including uncleared cheques £127,964.65