Minutes 20th January 2014



THOSE PRESENT:  Cllr C Holland (Chairman), Cllrs B Ansell, M Bell, A Durrant and Cllr J Grieve.

Borough Cllr C Tomblin and 2 members of Public.

APOLOGIES:  Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs R Wood, C Wright, C Greggor and Borough Cllr R Jayawardena.

IN ATTENDANCE:  Recently elected Clerk to the Council Mrs T Predeth and recently departed Clerk to the Council Mrs S Smart.

DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: There were no declarations of Interest.


The Chairman welcomed Mrs Tracy Predeth to the meeting.  Mrs Predeth was appointed on 13 January 2013 as the Proper Officer/Parish Clerk.  The Chairman confirmed that Terms and Conditions of services have been agreed with Mrs Predeth.  Details are held in confidential notes.  It has been agreed to pay Mrs Smart up to 10 hours a week during a hand over period which may last until the end of February 2014.

The Chairman confirmed that the Minutes circulated have been updated with suggested changes.  He stated that minutes are not a verbatim record of the meeting but should show clearly the topic of the subject matter and a record of the resolution and actions agreed.

Cllr Durrant stated that the discussion papers are a useful source of information.  It was suggested that these are placed on the Parish Council (PC) website.  Cllr Wright has control of the PC website; he will work with the Parish Clerk to ensure appropriate documents are added and that files will be maintained.

Mrs Predeth confirmed that Minutes are a historical recording of the meeting and should clearly identify the agenda item being discussed and record the resolutions of the meeting.

Mrs Predeth was asked to review Standing Orders and offer advice on changes to confirm future status of electronic communication.

Action: Mrs Predeth to Review Standing Orders and make recommendations by 10th February.


The Minutes of the meeting held on the 16 December 2013 were approved and signed as a true record of the meeting.


Members received the bank reconciliation as at 20 January 2014.  Members authorised the Chairman to sign the bank reconciliation.  A copy is appended to the minutes.

Members received the schedule of accounts for payment.  It was Resolved that the accounts for payment are approved.  A copy is appended to the Minutes.

  1. BUDGET 2014/15

Members received the draft budget for 2014/15.  Members Resolved the budget for the financial year 2014/15.  A copy is appended to the Minutes.


Members Resolved the Precept demand for 2014/15 is £65,000.

  1. GENERAL GRANT 2014/15

Members agreed to apply for the General Grant for 2014-15 as advised by the Parish Clerk.


Members received the schedule of planning applications and agreed comments made.  A copy is appended to the Minutes.


Basingstoke & Dean Borough Council – Local Development Framework (LDF) Update.  Cllr Durrant provided an update on the LDF.  He suggests the PC a response for the next consultation period to express the concern of the Council regarding the possible increase to the proposed 1010 dwelling being built within the parish boundaries.

The Chairman suggested an informal meeting takes place with Members to discuss the LDF and invited members to suggest a suitable date.

Charles Church (CC) – Cllr Durrant provided an update on a meeting he attended with CC.

Full copies of both reports are appended to the minutes.

Action: Members to meet to discuss LDF


Apologies were received from PCSO J Rickaby.  The Chairman stated that the police are doing an excellent job. He stated that the Police reports indicate a low level of crime in the Parish.  PC Martyn Evans has now taken over as the Beat Officer; he previously worked as the Beat Officer for Tadley.

The Chairman welcomed Borough Cllr C Tomblin to the meeting and invited him to update members regarding Borough matters.  He stated that he would be attending a series of meetings to discuss the LDF.  He advised the Borough Elections in May 2014 may delay decisions being made.

He stated that there is flooding on the Cufaude Lane site that has an illegally sited mobile home, the rejected planning application is in the appeal process; a hearing is arranged for 13th May 2014.


The meeting was adjourned to allow public participation.

The following questions were raised:

  • CC development, is there a possibility of remodelling the village to include moving the shop?

The Chairman stated that developers are still negotiating with the PC and other stakeholders in the community; there is currently no plan to move existing shops and businesses although there is an aspiration to consider creating a village centre.  The PC is look at how to maximise the area for the community.

  • Flooding to the rear of North Row (off Bramley Lane) was causing water and sewage pollution through flooding in gardens.

The Chairman explained that behind North Row the natural ditch has been banked up, this causes water off the fields to flood gardens to a depth of about one foot.  The sewers were also backing up due to the community pumping station being overloaded.  The Chairman stated he had assisted at Christmas to create a channel to the ditch.  The water authorities are assisting residents to solve the problem.

  • Youth facilities.  What was happening?  The Chairman stated that planning still ongoing; the Parish Council undertook a public consultation and their views are taken into consideration.  The proposals are passing through the Borough planning authorities; approval is expected in February or March.  The architect and PC project team are using the time to prepare.

The Meeting resumed at 8.40 pm.


Cllr Grieve gave a verbal update on the New Youth Facility. She explained that there are some minor changes that will not affect planning permission and that she is confident that all the requirements will be able to be achieved.  A copy of the report is appended to the minutes.


Cllr Bell provided an update on the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). He stated that there is a problem with receiving support from the community and their help is required to make this project a success.

Members Resolved to adopt the NDP Terms of Reference which had previously been circulated for comment.

Cllr Bell stated that the Transport Section is on the website and asked members to comment by 8th February.

Action: Members to make comment on the Transport Section of the NDP by 8 February 2014.


Cllr Ansell provided an update on the allotment project and reported on the cost statement provided by the Borough Council which is £78,890.  The total budget allocation agreed by the Council is £80,000. The full report and revised plan is appended to the minutes.


The Chairman provided an update on Transport in the Parish.  He stated that the Parish Council, the NDP Steering Group and County Cllr K Chapman, had met with Mr Found, Hampshire County Council (HCC) to discuss how transport problems in the Parish can be reduced, they also discussed parking and rural paths.  The plan for 2014 is in place and will be dominated by the creation of a roundabout at the bottom of Campbell Road; this project will commence in April and aim to conclude in October.

The Chairman stated that he has also asked HCC to look into HGV’s passing through the village.

Cllr Durrant asked to whom problems should be reported to regarding Rights of Way and landowner’s responsibilities. The Clerk confirmed that there is a facility on the Parish Council website to report Highway problems.  A transport portfolio is appended to the minutes.


The Chairman provided a verbal update on the Clift Meadow Trust (CMT). He stating that business is returning after the internal flood within the Pavilion which resulted in an insurance claim and a six month closure. The newly proposed Village organisation booking system will be a vital part of advertising current and future facilities.  The CMT has begun to market its facilities through the Bramley Magazine.


Cllr Grieve gave an update on the Village hall.  She confirmed that the upgrade of the car park has been delayed because of the weather and a revised schedule will be advised.  After a full inspection of the electrical systems, work is required to bring these up to standard and an electrician is being appointed to undertake this work as soon as possible.  A new treasurer has been appointed.  The next meeting of the Village Hall Trust is scheduled for Monday 3rd February 2014 at 8 pm in the Village Hall.

Cllr Grieve is the project lead on the community booking system; she provide an update.  Cllr Wight is developing the software and is preparing a training package which will be available to current users in February.

Cllr Durrant asked if all community facilities (CMT, VHT and Cross House) will be contributing to the cost of this system. Cllr Grieve confirmed that the set up costs of the booking system were funded by the PC, however through life costs would be shared.


The Chairman provided an update on the Granary.  The Parish Council has spent £14,000 refurbishing the Granary.  This has been supported by grant funding from HCC ecological team, Natural England and Community Heritage Environmental Fund.  The Chairman stated the Council must ensure the Granary is protected from the community impact of development.


The Chairman stated that there is plenty of activity from the school and community; committees meetings are held monthly.  He stated the Council should consider a wet day contingency and look towards having their own marquee or an efficient way of loaning a marquee.


Cllr Ansell asked about the Borough led Community Infrastructure Fund (CIF); an explanatory note and linked forms are provided by the Borough Council; £292,000 is currently available to be bid for by Bramley Clubs, Societies and Trusts.  The Chairman stated he would send the notes and forms to all who might wish to apply for a grant from the fund.  The Chairman confirmed that grants will be allocated on 31st Mar and 26th Sep 2014 and a further two dates in 2015.

The date of the next meeting is scheduled for Monday 17 February 2014, 7.30 at Bramley Village Hall.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.40 p.m.