Minutes 20th July 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Monday 20th July 2015 Time: 7.30pm
Place: Committee Room, Bramley Village Hall
Present: Cllr Durrant (Chair) Cllr Bell (Vice Chair)
Cllr Lane Cllr Clarke
Cllr Capel Cllr Marshall
Cllr Ansell
In Attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 3 members of the public
  Cllr Tomblin (Borough) Cllr Robinson (Borough)
Apologies: Cllr Murphy Cllr Wright
  Cllr Lane Cllr Keith Chapman (County)
  PCSO Nathaniel Johnson



1 Apologies for Absence

As listed above.

2 Declarations of Interest


3 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting


Cllr Ansell proposed and Cllr Clarke seconded that the minutes of the meeting held on 15thJune 2015 were a true and accurate record.  Unanimously agreed.   The minutes were signed by the Chairman.




Matters arising


Grant information for NDP still to be forwarded to Borough Councillors.

Cllr Durrant still to forward planning criteria.

Memorial stone theft – ongoing.

Cllr Bell

Cllr Durrant

Cllr Durrant

4 Open Forum


The Chairman invited questions and comments from those present.

No questions were asked..


5 Planning & Development


15/02098/ROC – Ashmead House Ash Lane Latchmere Green

Variation of conditions 1 and 9 of planning permission 14/00459/FUL to state new drawing reference showing amended landscaping scheme and driveway/access layout

No objections.

15/02169/HSE – 7 Pound Close Bramley

Erection of single storey rear & two storey side extension

It was noted that this was a very large extension.  However, no objections.

15/02340/HSE – 3 Campbell Road Bramley

Erection of single storey front and rear extensions with first floor extension over garage

Late application – to be distributed and decided via email.  Report at next meeting.



Approvals/Refusals – recent approvals and refusals were noted (appendix A)


Cufaude Lane traveller site – no further news.  The Clerk is awaiting an update from BDBC.  It was noted that there seems to be some activity at the site.



Strawberry Fields Development –Cllr Bell has met with James Hare of SSE, who has said that Gleesons are waiting for Neighbourhood Plan to come out, and that he expects some movement on this in the very near future.


Local Development Plan update – the consultation is now complete, and the Inspector has published dates for public hearings in October.  The deadline for confirming participation in this stage is 31st July.  Cllr Durrant has asked to speak on behalf of Bramley PC.



Cllr Durrant

6 Clerk’s Report & Correspondence

The Clerk and Cllr Marshall have met with Vicky Jacomb of Came & Co, the PC’s insurers, for a review of the PC insurance.  The discussion was wide ranging, with particular attention being paid to the need for separate risk assessments for the Burial Ground and allotments.  Came & Co and have increased their panel of insurers, and will provide quotes in early September for PC consideration.  The Finance Working Group will meet at this time to review the quotes.





Meeting Dates – the Clerk has been in touch with all councillors regarding moving meeting dates from the third Monday in each month to the third Wednesday, with effect from September 2015.  This was unanimously agreed.




Councillor Training Event – the Clerk has obtained dates from HALC for the proposed Councillor training event.  This will consist of two evening sessions of two hours each.  The proposed dates for these are 8th and 22nd October (both Thursdays).  It was unanimously agreed to go forward with these dates.  It was also proposed by Cllr Durrant that neighbouring councils be offered places on these dates in Bramley, at no charge.  This was unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward. Clerk to distribute the course outline.







7 Reports


Reports from Parish Council representatives


Allotments & Burial Ground Update – see appendix B.

The Clerk noted a quote for £120 for replacing the gate between the Burial Ground and the Allotments.  It was unanimously agreed to accept this quote and replace the gate.

Cllr Ansell has met with John Lenton, who has stated that the Church would prefer to inter cremation caskets rather keep a book of remembrance.   This will impact on the proposals that have been put forward for the Burial Ground.  Cllr Ansell to liaise with contractors and have an amended proposal ready for council review in September.


Clerk/Cllr Ansell





Cllr Ansell


Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Bell gave a verbal update.

The NDP public consultation is progressing, with a lower response rate than expected.  The first Open Day drew around 30 residents – a second is planned for 25th July.  Further posters are planned.  Four statutory consultees have responded thus far.  Printed copies of the plan are available at various locations around the village.

One of the responses from a resident included details of a proposed development of 82 new homes at a greenfield site at the Cufaude Lane/The Street junction – this is currently being handled by Hollins Strategic Land.  Strong local opposition was noted by the PC.  Cllr Bell has drafted a response to the proposals noting the local opposition to the plans, which has been circulated to all councillors.  The response was unanimously agreed.  Cllr Marshall asked if councillors are able to respond on a personal basis – it was confirmed that they can.  The plans are to go on the website and social media.











Clerk/Cllr Wright


Village Hall Trust – see appendix B.  Cllr Durrant noted that a PC representative is still required, and proposed a rota arrangement for attending meetings.  This was unanimously agreed.  Clerk to obtain dates of VHT meetings.





Clift Meadow Trust – see appendix B.

Cllr Capel noted the parking problems at Clift Meadow car park with commuters, and invited suggestions for solutions.  It was noted that CMT are investigating erecting ‘patrons only’ parking signs – the PC did not object to this plan.

Cllr Durrant observed that the PC could offer more support to CMT on governance, and suggested that up to two councillors could act as CMT trustees in this capacity.  He noted that the CMT governance document states that three parish councillors should be part of the Trust – currently there is only one.  Cllr Durrant has discussed this with Simon Gill, who is receptive to the idea.



Education & Schools – no report.



Policing and Neighbourhood Watch – no report.  Cllr Marshall to make contact with PCSO Johnson.  Noticeboards need to be updated with current police details.




Highways & Road Closures

  • Minchens Lane flooding
  • Olivers Lane fallen branch
  • Pothole at the Bramley Lane/Olivers Lane junction
  • Collapsed culvert at Folly Lane

The above issues have all been reported.  The Clerk is awaiting an update from HCC Highways.

Campbell Road roundabout – this has been reported to Steve Pellatt at HCC Highways, via Keith Chapman.  The Clerk is awaiting a response.

Cllr Durrant has received a letter from a resident in Coopers Lane about the bank of soil left after the ditching work.  They have also complained to HCC and the local MP.

Campbell Road bus stops need repair work – Clerk to obtain quotes for work.

Campbell Road roundabout – ditches need clearing of rubbish.  Clerk to progress.

Potholes – HCC have stated that potholes are only being repaired if there is a safety issue.















Road Safety proposals – see appendix B.

Cllr Ansell has met with Barry Ford, who is responsible for parking in the Borough.  Problem parking areas in the village were checked.  Current temporary restrictions appear to be working well.  BDBC plan is to make the current temporary measures permanent.  Other areas are to be surveyed, with possible new temporary measures put in place.  The School area will also be monitored over the summer holidays.  BDBC will not support parking charges at Jibbs Meadow or any rural area; however, this does not prevent the PC from putting forward proposals.  Barry noted problems with parking at the local shop (which is considered a county issue); however, there is little that can be done about this.  Cllr Durrant noted a previous suggestion to put posts on edge of pavement for a distance either side of shop to prevent parking and keep pedestrians safe.

It was unanimously agreed that Cllr Ansell should write a letter of support for temporary parking measures.













Cllr Ansell


Borough Councillor Report – Cllrs Tomblin & Robinson gave a verbal report.

Cllr Robinson

  • BDBC is running a surplus budget for this year.  Some of the surplus will be used on formal housing for homeless in the borough.
  • Railway electrification – BDBC are investigating proposals for a station at Green Park again.
  • Traveller strategy – this is being reviewed.
  • RBL site –BDBC is not happy with current proposals – RBL need to revisit plans.  Cllr Robinson suggested RBL meeting with the PC on the subject.  Cllr Durrant noted that the PC supports RBL maximising their return, and are therefore not looking for a greater number of houses on the site.

Cllr Tomblin

  • Local Plan progression was noted.
  • Campbell Road weeds – Cllr Tomblin is also awaiting a reply from HCC.
  • Pothole repairs are being chased up with County Councillor.
  • Combined authority proposals were noted – these would be similar to unitary authorities, with two separate entities for North & South Hampshire boroughs.
  • Attended MAP for LIF- looking at how LIF may be managed better.  Some discussion on how projects have to start at £25000 – this level may fall in the future.
  • The BDBC planning process is due to be audited – there is concern about the high level of applications going to appeal.

Cllr Durrant asked about reserved matters for Razors Farm and whether it was moving forward.  Cllr Tomblin stated that the information should be passed to the PC – he is not aware of anything being put forward.  Cllr Durrant noted that there appears to be a backlog on the issue.

Cllr Bell asked how the planning audit will affect planning applications – are the planning committee likely to be more sympathetic to applications as a result?  Cllr Tomblin does not know at this stage – he noted that the committee is bound by the law coming from central government.  It was noted that the new MP for the area may be supportive of planning issues in the borough.



County Councillor Report – no report.


Chairmans Report – no report.


Anti-Social Behaviour initiative – Cllr Durrant outlined ideas for the PC to lead an initiative to establish viable activities that will give 11-16 year olds in the parish some focus and purpose – activities such as basic mechanical skills, hair and beauty, plumbing/electrical, etc.  The PC would not be running the activities; it would act more as a facilitator.  The Clerk noted that Basingstoke Voluntary Organisation (BVO) may be able to assist.  Cllr Durrant asked if the PC was happy to spend some money on finding possible solutions.  Cllr Tomblin noted that he may be able to bring in BDBC experts if the ASB is at or above a certain level.  This will need to be followed up with the police and local residents.  Cllr Marshall asked if there was scope for a shop to be opened in the German Road area of the village – Cllr Durrant noted that retailers have proved reluctant to take up an option on this.

It was unanimously agreed to look into possible solutions.











Cllr Durrant

8 Parish Environment


Longbridge Road Green – no further progress.  Still awaiting contact details for the landowner.  Cllr Durrant to contact resident who has details.


Cllr Durrant


LIF/Footbridge Funding – Cllr Ansell started that BDBC have confirmed that the feasibility study for the LIF footbridge project is now complete, and has shown that the footbridge will not be feasible due to Network Rail not match funding the project.

Cllr Ansell is now going through the formal process to obtain further funding for road safety proposals.

Cllr Ansell has been in contact with HCC re Bakery and Mekanix car park.

There should be more information for the September meeting.



Station Car Parking – Cllr Capel noted the ongoing problems with parking for the Station, and the knock on effect on side roads nearby.  Noted added concerns that residents are being blocked in by commuter parking.  Residents have also begun placing cones to reserve ‘their’ parking space – this is frowned upon by BDBC.  Cllr Ansell to raiser these points with Barry Ford of BDBC, and also HCC.





Cllr Ansell


Station improvements update – Cllr Capel gave an update on the Station improvements.

Flowerbeds are now in place are looking very good.  They are being well maintained.  Further beds are planned on the platforms.  New signage has gone up.  Station is being decorated thoroughly, which will make a significant difference to the appearance of the station.

Cllr Ansell noted grant opportunities from Great Western, which may give possibilities for further improvement at the level crossing.


9 Consultation Documents requiring consideration


Electoral Review of Hampshire – the Clerk noted this consultation, which has been circulated to all Councillors.

It was unanimously agreed to not respond, as it has little direct impact on Bramley.




10 Finance


Payments and Reconciliation Approval – see appendix C.

The clerk outlined the payments and reconciliation for July.  She noted the following:

  • Payments are now due for NDP expenditure.  This includes multiple printing costs, and particularly the invoice for the SEA report.
  • A final reminder letter has been received for water charges at the allotments.  The Clerk has contacted SE Water to give them the correct contact details for the Parish Council.
  • Payments are now due for the recent Village Hall work.  These are as per the agreed PC grant.
  • The salary payments for August have been processed for agreement tonight.  This will cover the summer recess period.
  • An invoice has been received for replacement windows and locks at the Clift Meadow Pavilion.
  • £5000 for CMT as agreed last month – VAT money is now through, so this can be processed.

All other payments are as expected.

It was unanimously agreed to approve the payments for July – Clerk to process.



















Acknowledgement of Receipts – Appendix B

Payments were received in July for:

  • Burial Ground fees

Cllr Bell noted that further grant money is due for the NDP.

11 Grant Applications


Village Hall Trust – application for £1000 to install a public address system at the Village Hall.  The total project cost will be around £6000 – the VHT have obtained several quotes.

Cllr Ansell asked if other funding streams had been approached – Phil Lewis confirmed that they have.  Clerk to investigate County Councillor grant.

The work is due to be carried out over the summer during the hall’s closure.

It was proposed by Cllr Durrant to give the grant – this was seconded by Cllr Bell, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.








12 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th September at 7.30pm, in the Bramley Room at the Village Hall.


13 Resolution – To exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings i.a.w Public Meetings – Admission to Public Meetings Act 1960

No confidential business to discuss.


The meeting closed at 9.37pm.






Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….   Date:………………………………………             


Appendix A – Planning Summary


1. 15/02098/ROC – Ashmead House Ash Lane Latchmere Green

Variation of conditions 1 and 9 of planning permission 14/00459/FUL to state new drawing reference showing amended landscaping scheme and driveway/access layout

2. 15/02169/HSE – 7 Pound Close Bramley

Erection of single storey rear & two storey side extension

3. 15/02340/HSE – 3 Campbell Road Bramley

Erection of single storey front and rear extensions with first floor extension over garage




1. 14/02347/FUL – Beaurepaire Park Bramley

Construction of new vehicular access onto Morgaston Road, and associated new sections of drive across park, and associated landscaping works

2. 15/01502/HSE – 5 Ringshall Gardens Bramley

Erection of a first floor side extension

3. 15/01478/HSE – Brambledown Sherfield Road Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension and raising of roof to create living space. Erection of porch. (Amended scheme to that approved under 14/03852/HSE to reduce floor space of rear extension)

4. 15/01627/HSE – 5 Churchlands Bramley

Removal of existing UPVC conservatory and construction of new oak framed garden room

5. T/00199/15/TCA – Oakenshaw, Vyne Road, Bramley

Notice of Intent to T1 London Plane – reduce by 2-3m approx. to good growth points leaving an approx. finished height of 7-8m, T2 Cypress – reduce by 6-7m approx. and shape leaving an approx. finished height of 3m, T3 Weeping Silver Birch – reduce by 0.5m and crown raised by 2m, T4 Cherry – reduce by 0.5m leaving an approx. finished height of 3m

6. Lime Tree Cottage, Vyne Road, Bramley

Notice of Intent to T1 Beech – to be reduced by 2-3m approx. and shape leaving an approx. finished height of 7m, T2 prunus – reduce by 5m approx.  leaving an approx.  finished height of 8m



Pending Applications


1. 15/01327/LBC & 15/01326/FUL – Bullsdown Farm German Road Bramley

Conversion of farm buildings to 2 no. four bedroom live-work dwellings, reconstruction of 1 farm building to form part of 1 no. four bedroom live-work dwelling and erection of 2 no. two bedroom live-work dwellings following demolition of existing outbuildings, conversion of 1 no farm building to car ports and work unit with associated parking and alterations to existing access road

Summary obtained – awaiting PC comments
2. 15/01453/FUL – 1 Moat Close Bramley

Raise roof to form two storey dwellings with two and single storey front extensions. Demolition of single storey elements to north-west. New pedestrian and revised vehicular access



Appendix B – Briefing Notes


Briefing Notes – July 2015



Total plots currently under lease agreement

  • X7 full plots
  • X10 half plots


Waiting list – The waiting list has increased to 14, with new applications in recent weeks.

Total plots available for lease – All plots available are under offer/lease

Actions – None



As briefed to the council by the Parish Clerk and Cllr Ansell, available space allocated for cremation memorials is becoming very limited with the Parish Burial area.


We scoped out a potential 4 stage costed plan –

  • (Current stage – approved) Stage A Pre-Design – Initial briefing meeting, site visit and client brief document. Design analysis and research in conjunction with Bramley PCC. Site survey and analysis including taking measurements, aspect, soil type, ph and composite photographs. Includes a visit to site by landscape contractor to inspect ground and consider drainage issues. Produce Black and white site survey plan @1:100 scale.
  • Stage B Design –
  • Stage C Planting Plans –
  • Stage D Project Management Fee –
  • We have established the rough design of the area, i.e. entrance, redesign of suitable hedging, however a focal memorial point is needed and perhaps a book of remembrance established within the church. I have a meeting with Rev’d John Lenton Monday 1600.

Bruce Ansell



No written report



The Village Hall Trust had a meeting on 25 June at which there was the usual financial update and the VHT rolling budget is within the parameters set. VHT are utilising some funds for minor upgrades, repairs and the annual clean and decoration. The latter will be undertaken at the end of July and early August fitting around the users and after Little Apples closes for the summer. Prior to this the sheds have been cleared and the bowling alley items have been passed to Clift Meadow Park for their use.

A revised schedule of charges is under review and a decision will be made on this within the next few months. Any small increase is to keep pace with utilities costs and allow for maintenance.

Insurances are up to date and the asbestos report has been completed. There is very little within the building and it is deemed safe.

Wifi is now set up and a PA system is being installed along with a hearing loop. The Treasurer of the VHT has been able to gain a small amount of independent funding for some of this.

The Trust Deed is being reviewed as some minor aspects are no longer applicable. This is being done with advice from the Charities Commission.

Events scheduled include the Bramley Show on 22 August, Barn Dance on 10 October and Mistletoe Fayre on 29 November. In addition other events are being organised for all Bramley venues by the Community Development Manager including the Vintage Fair this weekend and a Roller Disco event later in August which it is hoped will generate more parties.

The VHT are putting in a request for half the Bullsdown development funding for new chairs. We have advised Clift Meadow Trust who are putting in a request of their own for the other half of the funds by the end of July

A feasibility study is expected to be completed shortly which will identify ways to improve the VH facilities so that an application can be made for LIF (similar to Sherfield on Loddon’s application earlier this year).

Janet Grieve



As the Parish Council are aware there is still some funding for open space and recreation with the Borough from previous developments in Bramley.

The application for Bromelia Close low level recreation and Moat Close small goals and landscaping which was requested in February has been agreed this week. The Borough have offered to project manage this, although the resident representatives I met with want to be closely involved to ensure that they have the best possible outcome which closely matches the information and quotes submitted.

We are contacting the Borough very soon with the aim of meeting with the Project Lead and progress this as soon as possible, especially in light of some issues around anti-social behaviour in the area as it is felt this will be an asset.

Borough Councillor, Chris Tomblin, has been most supportive in ensuring this was approved.

Janet Grieve



The Local Infrastructure Fund Steering Group met on 14 July. The meetings are usually held every 6 weeks to review progress and make decisions.

The Development Manager has been in the role for just 3 months and much has been achieved already. The Development Manager has been working on new events and activities, some of which are shown below. ‘Taster’ sessions have been set up with the aim of encouraging future bookings and the majority are things that can be repeated as regular items or else lead to private bookings at the venues using the highlighted services and activities and bringing in revenue:

–          Tennis coaching – open sessions already held and the next is on 18 July

–          Vintage Fair at Village Hall on 20 July

–          Roller Disco sessions on 23 August

–          New natural cosmetic stall for the farmers’ market at Clift Meadow

–          Football with Pop up Café at Clift Meadow Park

–          Art Class Workshops under discussion

–          Movie Company to put on films

–          Ladies pampering sessions


Added features at the venues such as the projector at Clift Meadow and wifi coming to the Village Hall will help support new ventures.


Activities are being considered for all age groups and the Development Manager is in touch with groups across the village. There are regular updates in The Magazine with contact details for Christine Rowley, so anyone can get in touch with requests, ideas or with services.


Key to promoting community activities is the website and quotes have now been received so the Bramley Hampshire site will be built with input from the two Trusts over the next couple of months. There will be information about Bramley and the facilities available across the village with links to appropriate sites such as the Parish Council, as well as bookings online. This will provide a route to inform and update residents and visitors about the village and what is going on.

The Trusts are kept up to date through their Steering Group members and the Development Manager works with Trustees from both. The facilities of the Trusts vary of course and so new ventures tend to be dictated by the amenities and the requirements of new customers/users. However, new ventures are being found across the sites and the focus is on variety and shared usage.

Janet Grieve



No written report



No written report



Issues –

  • o   Pigeon Close, off Bramley Green Road, reported tree root obstruction to pathways, reported to BDBC
  • o   Bullsdown Path, between Campbell Road and Bramley Green Road.
    • We regularly receive complaints that the path during winter degrades with numerous puddles etc.
    • The path is a permissive path and therefore comes under Parish responsibility, the land is owned by BDBC. Some permissive paths arise from public funding through environmental management schemes or other grants.
    • There is no legal protection to users of a permissive path and no requirement on the landowner to maintain it.
    • I am looking to obtain quotes for upgrading and resurfacing the path in a manner, which still fits the environment (i.e. not tarmac). With quotes obtained we could apply for supportive funding from Small Grants Scheme COUNTRYSIDE ACCESS, our target is the October 2015 for applications.
    • I have made contact with HCC to arrange an inspection to see if the path would qualify under the scheme – Ref SGS575870


  • Obtain sufficient quotes for application of Small Grants Scheme.
  • Update the 2010 Bramley Walks leaflet to present to the council. – Sept 2015
  • Obtain printing costs for an updated ‘Bramley Walks’ leaflet – Sept 2015

Bruce Ansell



Establishing LIF project plan

  • BDBC council have confirmed “Network Rail has today confirmed that having explored options to support joint funding of a footbridge at Bramley station, the scheme cannot be supported. Network Rail (NR) have been keen to ensure that full consideration was given to the proposal and due diligence applied, however the level of benefit that would be provided by the footbridge was not felt to be sufficient to support the required contribution and that there are more pressing risk reduction measures in other locations.”
  • I have not asked why local conservatives had indicated the funding from Network Rail was secured prior to any assessment.
  • I have shared the update from BDBC with HCC & Network Rail contacts and proposed further meetings to now progress viability on the safety proposals we submitted.
  • Meeting with Barry Ford BDBC Monday 20th July – Parking commuter/resident issues


  • Pursue engagement with all agencies to present back to BDBC viability on the BPC plans.

Bruce Ansell



The CMT continues to have a small but upwards trajectory in our business activities.  We are still trading at just below profitability on a monthly basis which will be impacted by a number of the regular classes closing for the bulk of the summer.  However following a more open policy that we have adopted the Trust has seen a number of enquiries for private bookings which may help offset some of the losses incurred from the holidays. In addition we have rented out both buildings to a summer school for a week in August and we have sourced a tennis coach.


Following the AGM we have a new Trustee in Jo Kemp-Williams.  Jo instigated the Farmer’s Market and has brought a bucketful of energy to launch events on CMT, including a Bramley Dog Show in August (fully sponsored by local enterprises), a Ladies Night in October, in addition to the Beetle Drive and a Disney Disco in December.  With Farmers Markets in September and November this means we have an event every month until the end of the year.


All is not plain sailing.   There are two areas of concern for us.  One is storage and the other is the Youth Club. All clubs that use Clift Meadow want storage and what we have is not sufficient. We badly need to buy a new storage container for the cricket equipment so they can have their own facility thus freeing up the new shed for users. Estimated costs are approx £1500. Regarding the Youth Club, it is not for me to update the PC on the Youth Club, suffice to say that they are running low on funds and these funds are not being replenished.  The knock-on effect is that CMT have been asked to reduce our rental charges for the YC.  Following our meeting last night the Trustees have agreed to do this however there was concern that the CMT is not in a strong enough financial position to be subsidising the YC, while also acknowledging that we all want to see it succeed.


At the last PC meeting there was much talk about the lack of parking in the village.  Clift Meadow car park is now being used by the Surgery, some of the businesses on Minchens Lane as well as regular commuters.  As a result there are times when patrons of CM Park are unable to park in the car park. We shall be exploring ways of resolving this which will include offering a limited number of parking spaces to nominated vehicles in return for a donation while erecting some low level boards that clearly state certain areas are parking for patrons only. However many may feel that the car park is effectively village property, while users of CMP will be increasingly frustrated at having to park on the road.  This problem is only likely to get worse. We shall be seeking input from the PC to proceed with this.

Simon Gill


Briefing notes for Clift Meadow Park Trust AGM 18.6.15

Maureen Cole and Graham Miles both resigned as Trustees but will still belong to Friends of Clift Meadow.

Simon Gill was re elected as chairman.

Graham Miles will now be Finance Controller and Eileen Gulston will be treasurer.

Sarah Stubbs was re elected as Secretary.

Ben Burton Brown, Jo Kemp Williams, Allan Kemp, along with Sarah, Simon and Eileen were all elected to be Trustees of Clift Meadow Trust.

Briefing notes for CMT meeting 18.6.15

Youth Club; Monday evening is doing well with on average 25-30 members per night but Friday night just doesn’t seem to have taken off. CMT is going to review it at the next meeting and decide whether or not to cancel it and make Mondays Club open to all ages. Tuck shop will open during school holiday.

Helen and Eileen to write a small easy to access booklet for both Pavillion and Brocas Hall users containing information regarding what to do if there is a flood, power cut, fire or emergency etc and who to contact. It will also contain information about how to find stop cock, use the alarms and general hiring information etc.

Football; Loddon Boys FC still very keen to use CM and details will be finalised in the next few weeks. They will not know how many teams will be playing and what weeks they will need the pitch until the fixtures list is published at the start of the season. They will provide their own goals etc which will be stored at CM.

Ben or Jo looking at setting up a CM website.

Few new bookings/repeat bookings but still new more new business.

Farmers Market/Big Lunch made a profit of around £150.00.

New booking form to be designed by Eileen.

Funds secured for decoration of the Pavilion so work will start shortly.

Briefing notes for CMT meeting 16.7.15

Jo to set up a CM website. The website needs to be designed so that it may be merged onto a Bramley Village Website if needs be at a later date.

Wifi was not installed in Brocas Hall (should have been) so quotes were obtained but were fairly expensive (so was the installation charge) so more investigation into this is needed and a better price is required before a decision is made. Need to see if any quote is cost effective against the usage of it.

Decoration is due to start in Aug/Sep.

There will be a small shortfall in the finances in July/Aug and fewer bookings made as clubs etc stop for the summer holidays.

Disney Evening taking place in July and a Dog Show in August.

Youth Club; Decision taken to close Friday’s Youth Club and concentrate on expanding Mondays.  A Youth Club funding review will take place in September but one suggestion to help with funding is that the Youth Club themselves do some fund raising in the local community. CM are keen to help and work with them to do this. Several ideas have been put forward including a reduced rental rate for them.

Football; Going ahead and they will let us know match fixtures as soon as they get them. Pop up café will operate on these days. When dates are confirmed CMT will be able to book other events in on the days the pitch is not required.

106 Money; CMT and Village Hall Trusts can bid for monies from this pot ( monies due to  The Bullsdown Developement). Monies could be used for more storage units or repairing the pot holes in the car park.

An info leaflet has been drafted out which looks to include everything and was given to Simon for his views.

A major concern at the moment is that the CM car park seems to be being used by non Patrons of the facilities. Little Apples had a recent event and due to railway commuters/Drs employees/patients vehicles Little Apples had to park their cars elsewhere. Understandably they were not very happy. As this seems to be a growing problem CMT are looking into the legality of putting up signs in the car park to remind people that it is for the use of CM patrons only. BPC to be asked whether CM can do this at their July meeting by Liz Capel. CMT realise that parking is limited in the village so also looking into whether for a small charge Drs employees can park their as well.

Liz Capel




Appendix C – Finance