Minutes 20th November 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Tuesday 20th November 2018 Time:                                    7.30pm
Place: Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall
Present: Cllr Durrant (Chair) Cllr Tomblin (Vice- Chair)
  Cllr Flooks Cllr Munday
  Cllr James Cllr Oborn
  Cllr Capel Cllr Bell (Vice-Chair) – late arrival
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 1 members of the public
  Cllr Robinson (Borough) Cllr Rowland (Borough)
  Cllr Vaughan (County)
Apologies: Cllr Ansell PCSO Richard Fisher



1 Apologies for Absence

As listed above.

2 Declarations of Interest


3. Co-option of New Councillors

A casual vacancy exists on the Parish Council.  The Clerk confirmed that BDBC have received no call for a by-election.

Cllr Durrant proposed and Cllr Capel seconded that Alan Munday be considered for co-option to the Bramley Parish Council.  Mr Munday was unanimously elected by the Council.

Cllr Munday signed his Acceptance of Office form, and took his place on the Council.

4 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting


The minutes of the Annual Parish meeting held on 22nd May 2018 were unanimously agreed to be a true and accurate record.

The minutes of the meeting held on 15th October 2018 were unanimously agreed to be a true and accurate record.

Both sets of minutes were signed by the Chairman.




Matters arising


  • Leighton Close planning application – Cllr Durrant noted that he has raised this with planning officers, with reference to the Neighbourhood Plan.  The senior officer stated that the NP was not ignored, as it must be considered in planning decisions. However, after a site visit, it was felt that there was no reason to refuse the application.  Had there been another critical reason to refuse the application, then the NP would also have been considered.


5 Open Forum

Cllr Durrant invited comments and questions from the public.  The following questions were asked:

  • None.



6 County Councillor Report


Cllr Vaughan gave a verbal report:

  • HCC budget – £650 million has been given to social care requirements.  This is not enough to cover what is required.
  • The latest government guidance publication on air pollution was noted.
  • The nimber 14 bus has been saved, with a lower service level – it will run every two hours during the week.  This is likely to be reviewed again in 4 years’ time.
  • RBL headquarters has said that silent soldiers should remain until November 2019.  However the local branch has recommended taking them down at the end of this year, and then putting them up again in remembrance next November.
  • Street lights will be switched off between 1am and 4am in all but a few areas.  This will save £230,000 a year.
  • People who live outside Hampshire to be charged for using HCC waste services.
  • A resident has complained about the no right turn at Minchens development – this is not being adhered to.  Cllr Vaughan is unsure that it is a Highways issues at present as development is still going on.  Cllr Durrant will take the issue up with developers first and then Cllr Vaughan with Highways if necessary.  It was noted that the current arrangement is not fit for purpose.
  • Schoolchildren are being asked to name the HCC salting and gritting lorries.










Cllr Durrant

Cllr Vaughan

7 Borough Councillor Report (see appendix B)


Cllrs Robinson and Rowland gave an additional verbal report:

  • Bramley PC Cllrs noted that residents have not been informed about the Upper Cufaude Farm development brief.  Ward Cllrs took this on board.
  • Bramley PC support on s.106 issues was noted.
  • Fence at Yew Tree Close – the officer who originally dealt with this is on long term sick leave.  Cllr Robinson to chase with other officers.
  • Farriers Close land issue– one of the two residents concerned has now written to his MP about BDBC reclaiming land.  BDBC are liaising with MP.  Enforcement is ongoing.
  • BDBC budget strategy – Cllr Robinson summarised the proposed budget strategy for next year– details can be found on the BDBC website.







Cllr Robinson

8 Planning & Development



Summary of Planning Committee meeting – Cllr Tomblin gave a brief summary of the Planning Committee meeting held on 14th November 2018 (see draft minutes at appendix A).




New Planning applications

  • Upper Cufaude Farm Development Brief – this supplementary planning document has been released for consultation by BDBC in the last week.  The deadline for responses is 17th December.  To be considered at the December planning committee meeting.    All councillors to review before then and let Clerk have comments.  The consultation can be viewed here:  http://ldfconsult.basingstoke.gov.uk/portal/fpt/spd/ucfdb_1



9 Parish Environment



Lengthsman tasks –  the Clerk noted that she is planning to ask the Lengthsman to carry out some pavement clearance very soon, and asked councillors if they were aware of any other issues that needed addressing.  The following items were suggested:

  • Removal of tyres from ditch at Bramley Green, by Bullsdown Farm
  • Litter picking – on Sherfield Road between Bramley and Sherfield, and on Olivers Lane, Folly Lane, and Minchens Lane.





Bramley Road Race notification – the Clerk has received a letter from the Reading Roadrunners about the 2019 Bramley Road Race, to be held on Sunday 17th February 2019.  They will be placing the usual no parking signs, with the main race parking being at the MOD site.  There will be a half road closure on Sherfield Road between 10.15am and 10.45am.  They are keen to ensure that as many residents as possible are aware of the event, and details will go up on PC noticeboards, social media, and the website nearer the date of the Race.



Bramley Station – upkeep proposals – postponed until January meeting – no quotes received as yet.

Cllr Ansell


Review of Beacon event – Cllr Bell gave a final review of the successful Beacon event, held on 11th November.  There was a good turn out from residents, and the event went well despite a technical glitch with lighting the beacon.  This was overcome, and the beacon was eventually lit around 15 minutes later.

The Clerk distributed a final breakdown of costs for the event, and these were unanimously ratified by the Council.  S.137 expenditure will be used to cover the costs.  Left over Prosecco has been sold – the funds will be donated directly to RBL.



Update on Air Pollution monitoring – a presentation on the last 12 months data, methodology, data and conclusions is ready. It has been reviewed by Cllr James, and is now ready for presentation to the Environment Portfolio holders at HCC and BDBC. Clerk to organise meeting with Borough and County ward councillors.



10 Clerk’s report & Administration


The Clerk gave a brief update on the HALC AGM, held on 10th November.  She noted the presentation on the Parish & Town Council Investment Fund – the £500,000 fund is to assist Parish Councils to work on projects alongside Hampshire County Council where there is a local need that might be better met by the Parish Council rather than the County Council.  The first round of applications will be considered by the HCC cabinet member in January.

Also noted was the presentation from the Police & Crime Commissioner, who stated that he was actively supporting and protecting frontline policing in the County, despite budgetary pressures.

Both presentations have been circulated to councillors, and it was agreed that the PCC presentation should go on the PC website.










IT Project update -see appendix B.  Cllr Ansell gave a verbal report.

Cllr Ansell has the tender document ready, and proposed a working group of himself, Cllr Durrant, the Clerk, and one other councillor to work on the tender process and make a recommendation to full council once all tenders are received.  This was unanimously agreed, and Cllr James volunteered to join the working group.  It is anticipated that the working group will be ready to make a recommendation in the middle of January.




Cllr Ansell


Parish magazine article – Cllr Capel is due to write the next article.  The deadline is 15th December.

Cllr Capel


Resignation Policy – the Clerk noted that the current resignation procedures outlined in the Standing Orders are not very easy to enforce, and has distributed an alternative policy whereby email resignations will be accepted after a cooling off period of three days.  This was unanimously agreed.  Clerk to update Standing Orders accordingly.





2019/20 budget – the Clerk has distributed this to all councillors as a discussion document.  She noted that the precept decision must be made by 31st January 2019.

Cllr Durrant noted that true fixed costs need to be considered.  Also noted were:

  • The loss of the Council Tax Support grant, and the effect this might have on precept considerations.
  • Several bigger projects have budget lines.
  • A budget line for the Yew Tree Close fence project should be included.
  • The spend this year on security measures in the Parish has been over £14,000 thus far – this exceeds this year’s precept increase, which was to cover this.

The budget is to be given further consideration ahead of December’s PC meeting.








11 Reports



Reports from Parish Council representatives



Allotments and Burial Ground – see appendix B

i.            Allotment rent review – Cllr James proposed that the allotment rent for 2019 remain at the same level as 2018.  This was unanimously agreed.

ii.            Cllr James has now taken over responsibility for the Allotments and Burial Ground.  The Council formally thanked Cllr Ansell for his work on this.

iii.            Cllr James noted that a winner for the 2018 ‘Best Kept Allotment’ competition has been decided upon, and Cllr Rowland will make a presentation of the prize next week.  It was agreed that the prize should be a £100 voucher for a local garden centre.




Village Hall Trust – see appendix B.

Cllr Oborn has agreed to take over as the PC representative until May 2019.

Questions from report:

  • s.106.  Money is already allocated from Taylor Wimpey development at Cufaude Lane.
  • The Minchens Lane developer will be re-instating trees at Clift Meadow.

Little Apple are meeting with Cllr Ansell and Cllr Durrant later this week.





Clift Meadow Trust – see appendix B

Cllr Capel gave a verbal update:

  • A burned out motorcycle was removed from the path at Clift Meadow – this was reported to the Police.  BDBC has advised that the path has been damaged beyond repair, and will need to be replaced.  In the meantime, earth has been spread across the damaged area.
  • Trustees meeting is next week.
  • Fireworks event went extremely well.
  • Car park resurfacing is now complete.


i.            Barriers for SE entrance to Clift Meadow – Cllr Durrant noted that barriers should be considered for this entrance.  They should allow pedestrians and cyclists through, but no other traffic.  Cllr Capel to feed this back to CMT.













Cllr Capel


Police & Neighbourhood Watch – see appendix B.

The Clerk noted the departure of PCSO Fisher, and the appointment of his replacement, PCSO Emma Page, who starts in December.

Clerk to set up meeting with new PCSO.

Poster campaign on reporting incidents to be run again on the website and noticeboards.






Highways/Footpaths – see appendix B.



Road Safety Project – see appendix B.

Cllr Durrant gave a verbal report on behalf of Cllr Ansell.

  • Cllrs Ansell and Durrant met the land owner and the bakery owner and they have proposed an alternative to the current parking proposal put forward by HCC.
  • Cllr Ansell has arranged a meeting with the County Councillor and HCC consultants with an Engineer for Friday 29th November. The aim is to review options for car park and path, also to discuss level of detail provided within existing proposals for road junction improvement to meet Highways criteria.



Chairman’s report – Cllr Durrant gave a verbal report:

  • A letter has been received from Ranil Jaywardena MP, requesting an update on the situation at the Cufaude Lane traveller site.  Cllr Durrant has written with the details requested, but has received no further response.  It was unanimously agreed that the original letter and response should be placed on the PC website.  Clerk to let MP know that letter and response will be published.
  • Cllr Durrant proposed that Phil Lewis, ex-Chair of the Village Hall Trust, should be put on the Honours Board – this was unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward.
  • RBL – the local group’s standard is falling apart and needs replacing.  Cllr Durrant proposed that the PC should give a grant towards the replacement – no costs at present.  This will be considered in due course.








12 Consultation documents requiring consideration



Community Remedy consultation­ – details of this consultation from the Police & Crime Commissioners office have been placed on the website.  The Clerk confirmed that an organisation response may be made.  The deadline is the end of November.

All councillors to comment via email, and Clerk to collate and submit.




13 Grant Applications



Clift Meadow – replacement Pavilion shutters – this grant application for between £2500 and £5000 has been distributed to all Councillors.

Concern with proposed shutters is that catapults will still be able to damage windows and doors, although footballs will not.  Other options were discussed – toughened glass, extension of CCTV.

Cllr Tomblin proposed a grant of up to £5000.  This was agreed by majority vote.  Clerk to process, and note vulnerability and specification of the glass.







Ratification of donations

i.            Children in Need Rickshaw Challenge – a donation of £100 was agreed by majority vote.

ii.            Bramley WI – whilst a grant was agreed at the October meeting, it was noted that the incorrect amount was agreed.  The correct donation should be for £1000.  This was unanimously agreed.


14 Finance



Payments and reconciliation approval – see appendix C

The Clerk noted the payments on the reconciliation.  She noted the following:

  • The full bill is expected imminently from the external auditors.  This should be in the order of £400.

It was unanimously agreed to approve the payments– Clerk to process.






Acknowledgement of Receipts – see appendix C

Receipts were noted.


15 Date of Next meeting


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 18th December 2018.


16 Resolution to exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings




17 Confidential Items




The meeting closed at 10.00pm







Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….      Date:………………………………………


Appendix A – Draft Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee


Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee

Date: 14th November 2018 Time:                    7.30pm
Place: Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall
Present: Cllr Chris Tomblin (Chair) Cllr Malcolm Bell
  Alan Munday Cllr Tony Durrant
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 1 member of the public
Apologies: Cllr Chris Flooks Cllr Nick Robinson (Borough)



1 Apologies for Absence

As listed above.

2 Declarations of Interest


3 Minutes of the Last Planning Committee Meeting

3.1 The minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 10th October 2018 were unanimously agreed and signed off by the Chairman.



3.2 Matters arising


Cllr Bell noted replies received from Councillors on the NDP monitoring report.

  • Comments re policy D1 (Leighton Close) were accepted and will be included with the response.
  • Comments re small businesses were accepted and will be included in the response.
  • Cllr Durrant noted there have been a number of decisions since the review period of the monitoring report that have been contrary to the NP, and felt that these should be fed back to BDBC.  He also noted that in some areas, the policy has not been fully tested, and should therefore not be classed as compliant as yet.

Clerk to respond accordingly.












4 Planning & Development



New Applications



18/03035/FUL – Qps House The Street Bramley

Change of use of ground floor of building from a Barber shop (A1) and Tanning Salon (Suis Generis) to a two bedroom flat (C3) on one side and a 4 bedroom HMO (C4) on the other

  • Cllrs noted that the applicants’ statement that the building is not suitable for supporting businesses does not appear to be true – indeed there is local evidence that the recent hair salon was very successful before they were forced to move out.  There have also been viable businesses in the units in the past.  The NP actively supports small-scale employment within Bramley (NP BSA5 Aims and Objectives).
  • Councillors were unsure why this change is not covered under permitted development rules, similar to the change of use at Minchens Barn.
  • The Planning Statement states that the change of use will contribute to a local housing need by improving the supply of one and two bedroom housing in the District.  This may be true for the District; however, Bramley’s needs have already been amply met by recent and planned developments within the Parish.  This application and its justification fails to demonstrate the need in Bramley.

Objections unanimously agreed as per above comments.  Clerk to process.













18/03022/LDPO – 1 The Crescent Bramley

Certificate of lawfulness for the proposed loft conversion, involving raising of the roof to rear by changing hip roof form to barn hip to match front, installation of side/rear rooflights and raising of rear chimney to maintain height above roof

  • It was noted that careful consideration and planning during the construction phase should be given to contractor vehicle access to the site, to maintain safe pedestrian routes at the side and front of the building.  This should be made a planning condition.

No objections unanimously agreed.  Comments to be submitted as above.  Clerk to process.









18/03184/HSE – 6 Churchlands Bramley

Erection of a part first floor and part one and a half storey side extension

  • The Committee noted the recent tree applications, particularly for removal of cypresses/western cedars.
  • The raise in the ridge/roof line will be very overbearing on the neighbouring property and will overshadow their garden directly by the house.
  • The size, bulk and proximity of the northern elevation of the proposed extension give excessive shading and overlooking to the neighbours property.  The dormer windows will overlook the privacy of the neighbour’s garden.  Thus, the Committee objects to elements of the design of this proposal.
  • The scots pine that is being left to develop should be strongly considered for a TPO.  T/00349/18/TCA – the reason given in this application for removal of the cypresses was their proximity to the existing structure and to allow the scots pine to develop.    Such a large extension in close proximity to this tree contradicts the tree application.  The Parish Council previously objected to both of the recent tree applications.
  • The Committee noted that the scots pine roots are to be protected during the construction phase; however the proximity of the tree to the proposed extension gives Committee members’ great concern as to the longevity of the tree.  The Committee would not wish to see this tree held responsible for future land heave of future footings.
  • It was noted that other trees on site (of which there are several) have been omitted from any elevation diagrams.  The Committee would request that the TPO status of other trees at property is checked.
  • The Committee questioned what the ‘storage area’ will be used for – members were concerned as it is open either end and items stored there will be clearly visible from both the front and the rear of the property.  It is not clear from the design statement, as it refers to this area as both a ‘car port’ and a ‘storage area’.
  • It was unanimously agreed to ask ward councillors to call the application in to the BDBC Development Control Committee.

Objections unanimously agreed as per the above points – Clerk to process.





















T/00451/18/TCA – 3 Churchlands Bramley

Mature Ash (T1): Approx. 18 metres tall and 14 metres wide to be felled to ground level.
Hawthorne (T2): Approx. 4 metres tall and 3 metres wide to be felled to ground level.
Hawthorne (T3): Approx. 4 metres tall and 3 metres wide to be felled to ground level.
Hawthorne (T4) – Approx. 4 metres tall and 3 metres wide to be felled to ground level.
Hawthorne (T5) – Approx. 4 metres tall and 3 metres wide to be felled to ground level.

  • The Committee questioned whether, in the interests of biodiversity, the hawthorn could be laid into a formal hawthorn hedge.
  • It was agreed that ash tree should be removed as it is showing signs of disease.

Objections were unanimously agreed as above.  Clerk to process.


18/03304/FUL – Minchens Barn Minchens Court Minchens Lane Bramley

External alterations to create new door openings from existing window openings, new entrance canopies and new roof lights. Erection of enclosed and secure bin and cycle stores, along with additional cycle and car parking spaces for visitors

  • The Committee noted that the increase in the number of doors windows substantially changes the character of the building – making it less rural than the original intention.
  • The application refers to additional windows and doors as being suitable for continuation of use as a business unit.  The Committee refutes this statement on the basis that more windows and doors would clearly offer a greater security risk to any operating business.  It was also noted that the internal plans show 14 individual ‘offices’, none of which appear to have facilities such as rest room access and kitchen access without going outside.
  • The application states that these modificationss will allow continuation of use as B1 office units, but has shown the windows and doors necessary for residential occupation.  Therefore the Committee has a mixed and unclear application presented to them, which is neither one thing nor another.
  • Concerns were expressed that that the units do not meet industrial unit design standards.
  • Proposed 2nd floor plans show no doors or means of access.
  • Light pollution over fields – Bramley is a non street-lit area and this will add to light pollution.  This proposal generates a three storey block of flats which would illuminate the open countryside surrounding the building.
  • The application is contrary to the NP which states no 3 storey buildings, only 2.5.  It is also contrary to the rural nature requirement of any development.
  • Permission has already been given to convert the building into residential units.  This application appears to convert the building into a greater number of offices, which is contrary to that permission.  However, the PC would support it staying as business use as the NP actively supports small-scale employment within Bramley (NP BSA5 Aims and Objectives).
  • It was unanimously agreed to ask ward councillors to call the application in to the BDBC Development Control Committee.

Objections unanimously agreed as outlined above.  Clerk to process.


18/03083/VLA – Land At Minchens Lane Bramley

Variation of Section 106 agreement to remove the obligation to provide the north west footbridge from Clift Meadows to the site

  • The application was noted.  There is no need to comment as the application has been instigated by the Parish Council.



































Approvals/Refusals/Pending (see appendix A) – these were noted.


5. Update on Unlawful Development


  • Cufaude Lane – the Clerk confirmed that the Planning Inspectorate have requested any supporting submissions for the planning and enforcement appeal by 28thNovember.  After consultation with members of the Planning Committee, she has submitted further evidence on the flooding issues at the site, and also on recent Highways issues due to the site occupancy.

There is no date confirmed as yet for the appeal, but it is likely to be           in early spring 2019.

The Clerk also noted a recent letter to the Chairman of the PC from                 Ranil Jayawardena MP, requesting an update on what action has                 been taken by the Parish Council for the Cufaude Lane site.  The                 Chairman has replied, and both Mr Jaywardena’s letter and the                 response will be placed on the website once Mr Jayawarda has had                 an opportunity to respond further.

  • Farriers Close– Cllr Durrant gave an update on BDBCs action to reclaim land taken by two properties in the Close.  One of the householders has refused to move their fence, and BDBC are looking to enforce.


6. Contractor issues at development sites


  There have been a number of complaints from residents in the last few weeks about issues with lorries and contractor access, particularly for the site by Strawberry Fields.  The Clerk has brought these issues to the attention of BDBC enforcement officers and the developer, who have made arrangements to try and alleviate the problems.  The situation should be monitored going forward.

Three way traffic lights – Clerk to contact Cllr Vaughan at HCC re obtaining three way lights at Farriers Close and Cufaude Lane – to make it safer for traffic pulling out of both roads.






7. Update on Minchens Lane development – s.106 issues


  The Clerk noted that the Deed of Variation for the unneeded footbridge at Clift Meadow is moving forward – the planning application is out for consultation, with an expiry date of 24th December.  A decision is expected in the New Year.


8. S.106 – Letter to Borough Council


   Deferred to next to meeting.


9. Date of Next Meeting


The date of the next Planning Committee meeting will be on 12th December 2018.




18/01517/GPDOFF – The Upper Barn, Middle Barn And South Barn Minchens Court Minchens Lane Bramley

Notification of proposed change of use of Class B1(a) office to Class C3 (dwellinghouse) consisting of 14 no. flats




18/01665/VLA – Land To The North Of Sherfield Road Bramley

Request for modification of section 106 Agreement relating to application 15/02708/OUT to allow the change of 2 no. 4 bed affordable houses to 2 no. 3 bed affordable houses



No objection

T/00313/18/TCA – 6 Churchlands Bramley

T1 Ash – remove.

T2 Ash – remove.

T3 Horse Chestnut – remove.




18/02491/HSE – Barefoot House Olivers Lane Bramley 

Erection of garden shed/store


No objection

T/00349/18/TCA – 6 Churchlands Bramley

2 young Cypress trees: Remove.



18/02789/ENSC – Land At Upper Cufaude Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

Residential development of up to 350 dwellings

Enquiry not required

Enquiry requested

18/02646/HSE – Kingfisher Vyne Road Bramley

Erection of first floor front extensions with entrance canopy, two storey rear extension and conversion of garage to living accommodation. Erection of a detached double garage and workshop building



No objection


Pending Applications*

17/00942/FUL – Land Adjacent To The Oaks Cufaude Lane Bramley

Change of use of site as a private gypsy site for one family comprising a mobile home, utility room and touring caravan


Appeal lodged – non-determination

18/01226/VLA – Land At The Street The Street Bramley

Removal of reference to the Designated Protection Order under clause 16.10 of the Section 106 agreement relating to planning permission 15/02682/OUT

Clarification sought
18/01982/LDEU – Cufaude Courtyard, The Lodge Cufaude Lane Bramley

Application for Certificate of Lawfulness for the use of The Lodge as a single dwelling house (Use Class C3)

No objection
18/02792/HSE – 16 Wallis Drive Bramley

Conversion of part of garage to living accommodation

No objection, comments



Appendix B – Briefing Notes


No written report received.



  • Finance – Prediction is to at least break even for year.
  • Bookings – these are good, no new regulars. Ballet school now 12 hours/week.  There is a proposal to increase and simplify booking rates.
  • Extension project – minor plan changes have been approved by BDBC.  The architects are submitting a building regulations application, due at the end of November. Tenders to go to 6 contractors, to be identified. Need clear timescale targets.  Bookings are being taken as normal, but the work may have an impact. 6 weeks internal work would mean a shutdown, so preferably in school holidays. This depends on the builders schedules. More will be known by April 2019.
  • Parish Council – can the Village Hall apply for car park surfacing out of S106 from the development at the top of Cufaude Lane?

Will the Minchens Lane developer reinstate the trees removed to make room for the cancelled path?



No written report received.



September-October 2018 – Please find below the latest news summary of some of the crime which has occurred in the Bramley & Sherfield area over the past three months.

In the month of September there have been 24 incidents, 21 in October and 6 so far in November which have been classified as crimes by the Home Office.


Current Neighbourhood Priorities:

  1. Dwelling Burglary / Non-Dwelling Burglary
  2. Traffic Related Incidents/Speeding
  3. ASB


Burglaries – There have been 4 reported Burglary Business or shed/garage burglaries in the last month for Bramley & Sherfield-on-Loddon area.

  • Garage was broken into, entry was gained by unknown suspects had made a hole in the wooden side of the garage block.
  • Business along Minchens Lane was broken into, untidy search carried out, with two laptops taken.
  • Shed broken into overnight in Sherfield-on-Loddon with two Ryobi Drills taken.
  • Business on Campbell Court was broken into using a drain cover to smash the bottom glass panel of the door. Large quantity of computers, iMacs and laptops taken.


Thefts – We have had 11 reported incidents of theft since beginning of September.

  • A number of batteries were taken from the temporary traffic lights along Sherfield Road.
  • An unknown male offender stole a Hermes delivered package of a doorstep along Farriers Close.
  • An offside front sidelight was taken off a red Vauxhall Corsa that the victim was rebuilding on Goddard’s Lane, Sherfield-on-Loddon.
  • Owner of some farmland off Minchens Lane has had 10 Guineafowl stolen from a bird pen.
  • Overnight a Ford Tipper along Lane End was broken into and a Bomag Tarmac Wacker Plate
  • A Moped was stolen and found by the owner in the woodland at the end of Beckett Gardens.
  • Another Moped was stolen from in front of a property on The Street and found burnt out only 500m away from where it was taken.
  • Overnight a 4 12v batteries were taken from a building site just off The Street
  • Theft of bathroom goods valuing £3000 was taken from a construction site along Cufaude Lane
  • A post box was broken into in a communal flat on Garside Close, two packages were taken.
  • Another 4 batteries have been taken from road work traffic lights along Farriers Close


Speeding – Recent speed watch was carried out in Bramley on Sherfield Road on the 13/10, 8 vehicles have been caught speeding, with 7 being their first time being caught, 1 2nd time offenders and have all received warnings regarding their speed.


Anti-Social Behaviour – We have had 8 incidents reported to us regarding ASB within the Bramley and Sherfield area.

A number of complaints regarding youths around Clift Meadow pavilion where they have been abusive to members of the public, over recent months we have actively targeted the communal park areas of Bramley and Sherfield-on-Loddon due to reports, we have stopped and dealt with a number of youths, some have been caught with cannabis on them, some have been caught underage drinking and have been dealt with appropriately. We often come across these groups but due to only occasional reports unless there are grounds or complaints made a simple request is made for them to be quiet and respectful, placing their rubbish in the bin etc. If more complaints are made, if available we will get the youths to move on from the area etc.

  • Search “Immobilise” online (www.immobilise.com) to register your pedal cycles, electronic devices and property so that the Police can identify anything found in future.
  • Please ensure your out-buildings and vehicles are locked and secured to prevent theft. Avoid keeping valuables in out-buildings and vehicles where possible.
  • Please consider installing CCTV and alarms in order to protect your property. This also assists Police with investigations.
  • Do not leave your garage or car doors unlocked, even while you are in the property. Opportunist thieves have been known to operate in the area.


Other Incidents – Regarding the two Criminal Damages in Clift Meadow Pavilion, the first one that occurred on 8th of April 2018, this was damage done to the gate and fence in the Pavilion as this was both the youths first offence for Criminal Damage both aged 15 they were dealt with by Community Resolution, they attended Community Court (a youth court run by youth volunteers in Basingstoke). They both attended and wrote an apology letter, since this incident neither have re-offended or committed any other criminal offences.

The second incident of criminal damage was the memorial bench within the swing area on the 8th July 2018. Two youths aged 16 were given Community Resolutions as it was their first offence, both were referred to Community Court in Basingstoke and provided an apology letter and offered their services as volunteers to Clift Meadow Trust. From speaking with one youth’s parents, their son has now joined College and is now spending less time with his previous group of friends, neither have been involved in any incident since.


Please report any suspicious people, vehicles or activity to the Police via 101 or to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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I would like to inform that as of Dec 16th 2018 I will be no longer be your local beat PCSO as I have been given a formal offer as a Police Constable in Thames Valley Police. The PCSO taking over from me will be covering Tadley as well as Bramley, Sherfield-on-Loddon, Stratfield Turgis, Hartley Wespall. The PCSO will be Emma PAGE who was previously the Overton/Kingsclere beat PCSO.


Kind regards,


PCSO 16452 Richard Fisher

Bramley & Sherfield Neighbourhood Policing Team


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A33 Roadworks in General – At the same meeting Borough Councillors were advised that the roundabout works should all be done now and the final bits and pieces will be finished off.  Early Christmas Present we joked!

Thornhills Crossing A33 – And, when you were thinking it was safe to go out on the A33 – work will commence in the February 2019 time frame for approximately 12 weeks which will again impact the A33 and traffic flow.  I have attached the slide the Borough Councillors were provided in a short meeting.  The reason for this work is to “Green Light the A33”.

S106 and CIL – I have concerns about S106 funds residing at BDBC which is currently at the beginning of November of some £8.5million with £1.5m with no refund clause and £2.8m being held for over 5 years.  In a letter that Sherfield on Loddon Parish Council sent to parishes there are have at least 6 who have advised that they are concerned about the scoping process which has resulted in S106 funds available but unable to be used due to incorrect scoping by BDBC.

Whilst there was much talk about CIL – and with Bramley having a NP would benefit by 25% there is still not a great deal of clarity on how this will materialise and the “rules around it”.  I have been pushing for the guidance which was promised some time ago – this will be available in the New Year.  This will set out how the payments system will work in more detail, as well as providing advice on what the Parish Council can spend the money on and how the Parish Council must provide a public report on what it has received and how it has been spent CIL, in line with Government regulations.


A consultation on planning guidance for the Upper Cufaude Farm housing allocation site is underway, giving people the chance to put forward their views on what is needed including the type and size of homes, community facilities, transport, access, design and layout.  Views are sought for 17th December.  The consultation is only for that site and not the HCC site (approx 40 houses) across Cufaude Lane – at this time there is no “access” on to the Lane proposed from that site.  There are also no improvements suggested by Transport for Cufaude Lane.  We have raised the issue of the “school” at meetings and I also raised it at the EPH committee meeting – there is no commitment from HCC to allocate a school on this site.  Community facilities are proposed which could result in little/no integration with the village of Bramley.



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