Minutes 21st July 2014

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council
Date: Monday 21st July 2014 Time: 7.30pm
Place: Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall
Present: Cllr Durrant (Chair) Cllr Bell (Vice Chair)
Cllr Wright Cllr Ansell
Cllr Grieve
In Attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 40 members of the public
Apologies: Cllr Holland Cllr Jayawardena (Borough)
Cllr Chapman (HCC) PCSO Nathaniel Johnson
1 Apologies for Absence
As listed above.
2 Declarations of Interest
Cllr Grieve declared a pecuniary interest in the Village Hall grant submission, and in the allotments item. She took no part in the discussion or decision for these items.
3 Minutes of the Last Parish Council meeting
3.1 The minutes of the meetings held on 16th June 2014 and 25th June 2014 were proposed by Cllr Bell and seconded by Cllr Ansell as a true and accurate record of the meetings, and agreed unanimously. They were duly signed by the Chairman.
3.2 Minutes procedures – the Clerk has circulated procedures for publishing minutes – she noted that minutes must be marked as draft if published prior to official agreement at the next meeting. Councillors requested that a synopsis of the minutes to go on noticeboards. Unanimously agreed.  



4 Open Forum
The Chairman invited questions and comments from those present.

A number of questions were asked with regards to the Gleesons proposals for developing land near Strawberry Fields. These were fully addressed at item 5.3

5 Planning & Development
5.1 New Applications

T/00354/14/TPO – 10 Wallis Drive, Bramley

Trim ball of 1 no. Sugar Maple

It was noted that there is a preservation order on the tree in question. Object in principle but defer to tree officer at BDBC – unanimously agreed. Clerk to process.

14/01870/HSE – 2 St James Close, Bramley

Conversion of garage and infill of porch

This is a large extension, but should not impact on neighbours. The garage will be lost, so parking could be an issue. Cllr Tomblin was asked for his view – he felt that there is no issue in this instance. Clerk to check on parking, but no objections in principle.

14/01854/HSE – 4 Holman Close, Bramley

Rear and side ground floor extension

No objections. Clerk to action.

T/00356/14/TPO – Woodside, The Street, Bramley

Fell 1 no. Cedar T1, T2/T3 reduce height of both trees by 3 to 4m to suitable points and fell Fir T4

Reference is made to health issues with trees, but no details attached to application. Objection to be made on the basis of no expert advice being included, as is required. Clerk to action.



















5.3 Council Response to proposed development near Strawberry Fields
Cllr Durrant gave background to the proposed development. The Council have had some frank meetings with Gleesons. The PC wish to continue discussions with the Stratfield Saye Estate and Gleesons.

PC feel that the site cannot yield benefits by way of mitigation against the impact on the context of the conservation area and protected views across the site. Increased traffic on the C32 and around the Parish will have a significant adverse impact. The site also does not offer much scope for improved facilities for the village. Therefore, the Parish Council unanimously agreed that it cannot support the proposed development.

The following further point was made:

  • There is no conflict of interest between the two development projects (Minchens Lane and Strawberry Fields. Each planning application is looked at in isolation, and on what it will do for the community. Cllr Durrant also noted that the PC is just one consultee, and that each resident should also make representations to BDBC. Cllr Durrant observed that the PC is very protective of the Conservation Areas around Bramley.
5.4 Update on Minchens Lane development
The planning application is due to go before the Development Control Committee, probably in September.
5.5 Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF) – road safety at Level Crossing
Cllr Durrant gave background to the New Homes bonus, which is now the LIF. There are rules on how the fund can be used. The PC does not support existing proposals for a footbridge at the railway station.

The PC are very keen to improve safety at the level crossing area, particularly for pedestrians. The LIF would be a good way to fund this. Various suggestions have been put forward.

Cllr Durrant proposed putting a project team together to build on existing ideas and put them into a formal project plan. It was noted that Cllr Holland has already done significant and thorough work on this and should therefore be involved. Cllr Durrant also appealed members of the public to get involved.

Cllr Durrant noted that a working party should meet to lay out a project brief, preparatory to discussing funding and resourcing. The working party should meet as soon as possible.










Cllr Durrant/ Cllr Holland

5.6 To consider the need for a Planning Committee
Cllr Durrant proposed that whilst the Council is still reduced in numbers, it will be very difficult to continue with a Planning Committee. Therefore, the Planning Committee should be suspended and all planning applications should be considered in open council until the Council is up to full strength. After some discussion, this was unanimously agreed.
5.7 Flyer on finding and responding to planning applications
Cllr Durrant outlined plans for a village wide flyer detailing how to find and respond to planning applications from BDBC. He also noted that this would be a good way of advertising for new Parish Councillors, and the two could be on the same flyer.

Clerk to investigate distribution costs. Cllr Wright to put together, with contributions from the Clerk on Council vacancies, and Cllr Durrant on planning and LIF.

The aim is to get published as soon as possible with a target of mid-August. An electronic version will appear on website. Clerk suggested contacting HCC re grant towards printing.





Cllr Durrant

Cllr Wright

6 Clerk’s Report & Correspondence
The Clerk gave a brief verbal report.

I have spent much of my first two weeks in the position familiarising myself with the files and processes of Bramley Parish Council. I have concentrated mainly on finance, travellers and getting everything ready for this meeting. The summer will be spent reviewing much of the procedural side of the Council.

6.1 Update on Casual Vacancies

The three vacancies have now all been through the appropriate notice period with BDBC, and the Council is able to co-opt. There have been expressions of interest from two people, both of whom have been sent information on what is involved, and invited to attend a Council meeting. It is hoped that the Council will be able to co-opt in either September or October 2014.

Draft Version

7 Reports
7.1 Reports from Parish Council representatives
a. Allotments Project Update – Cllr Ansell has contacted BDBC for an update quote on the associated costs for the potential site at Bullsdown farm. BDBC have indicated currently due to commitments and staffing levels they are unable to support the Council in this project. Costs that were originally given are now three years out of date, and will only have increased in the interim to a level above the budgeted sum.

Since the survey the waiting list with all responses received and updated now stands at 17.

PC to optimise current use. Plots 1 and 2 will be cleared and prepared for use and some plots can be split, which would further reduce the waiting list.

Cllr Bell asked if Sherfield-on-Loddon allotments have any vacancies – Cllr Ansell noted that there is unlikely to be any available plots, but he will check.

Cllr Ansell proposed rescinding the previous decision for Bullsdown Farm, and going forward optimising current plots, and utilising funds for other community projects. Cllr Durrant seconded the motion – unanimously agreed. Cllr Ansell to obtain quotes for clearing plots 1 and 2.














Cllr Ansell

b. Burial Ground Project Update – Cllr Ansell stated that the current assessment is that there is 5 years’ worth of plots remaining.
c. Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Bell reported that July has been a quiet month – the NDP group are meeting on 22nd July. Assessments of sites are going forward. Site development, site assessments and policies on how sites are approached in future are on the agenda. Consultants are working on best approach for Bramley. Timescales need to be reviewed.
d. Village Hall Trust – Cllr Grieve gave an update.
e. Youth Facility Project – Cllr Grieve gave an update as follows:

Youth Facilities Building – The building work is progressing well with the roof trusses in place. The next site meeting will be held on 4 August and following this a further payment will be progress.

Recreational equipment and amenities – Having received more specific quotes from 3 specialist suppliers, Janet Grieve met with Richard Wareham of the Community Development Team at B&DBC and he is putting in a report to request funds for the outside gym equipment in Clift Meadow. Chris Holland and Janet Grieve met with June Balcombe also of the Community Development Team, following discussions with the Bramley Football Club, whose request for drainage was added to the above report.

An outcome on the funding approval for these two projects should be received around the end of July.

f. Education & Schools – no report.
g. Traveller activity – Cllr Durrant gave an update.

The travellers are currently in Ordnance Lane after having been moved on from the Green by the Stratfield Saye Estate, and have gained access to Clift Meadow and exercise their horses. The entry point was near the pub, where two dragons teeth were found to be damaged. These have now been repaired, and there has been no further access.

There is a second issue with ponies being grazed in the field behind the school, and in the Moat Close playing area, about which several communications from residents have been received. The Parish Clerk has advised residents of the actions they should take and is working with the Traveller Liaison officer at BDBC. Cllr Chris Tomblin will chase through BDBC, and also recommended contacting environmental health.









Cllr Tomblin

7.2 Borough Councillor Report
Cllr Tomblin gave a verbal report.

BDBC have been key player in M3 enterprise zone, and have been awarded an £11 million grant for improving infrastructure – this may possibly be used for improvements to the A33 and A340.

Local Plan is being assessed and is going to the Planning Inspector very soon. Another developer is looking to build 150 houses at the entrance to the Chineham Business Park, which is close to the Bramley Parish border

7.3 County Councillor Report
No report received from Cllr Chapman, who is away at the moment.
7.4 Chairmans Report

No formal report – thanked all councillors for taking up slack with being short of councillors, and thanked public for attending

8 Parish Environment/Maintenance
8.1 Ideas for a Community Recreational Facility
Deferred to September when Cllr Holland is present.
9 Highways
9.1 No report provided
10 Consultation Documents requiring consideration
11 Finance
11.1 Payments and Reconciliation Approval – Appendix A

The clerk outlined the payments and reconciliation for July. She particularly pointed out the invoice from BDBC for £630, which is for inspection fees for the Youth Facility Project, and a new invoice for the Rural Community Profile for Bramley. Approval also sought for the August payroll. Unanimously agreed.

The Clerk also noted that payments to Strongbond and Macallan Penfold will be due in August and September before the Council is next due to meet. The payments will be in line with the pre-agreed schedule; however, exact amounts are not yet known. It was unanimously agreed to pay these as soon as the invoices are received. Clerk to process.










11.2 Acknowledgement of Receipts – Appendix A

Two receipts for the Allotments and the Burial Ground have been received, as well as grant money from BDBC.

11.3 VAT registration

The Clerk has addressed the outstanding VAT claims for 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14. These claims will be sent to HMRC immediately. Once they have cleared, a claim will be made for the first quarter of 2014/15, and thereafter claims will be made quarterly.





11.4 Clarification on Audit Report

The Clerk gave a brief report on the recent audit advisories. She noted that most of the procedures (Standing Orders, Finance Regulations, etc) would be reviewed over the summer recess period.

12 Grant Applications
12.1 Bramley Primary School – Tyre Park

After some discussion – agreed unanimously for a £750 grant.

12.2 Bramley Village Hall Trust – Fire Exit Gate

After some background and discussion – unanimously agreed a £2000 grant.

13 Date of Next Meeting
The meeting closed at 9.25pm.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 15th September 2014 at 7.30, in the Bramley Room at the Village Hall.

Draft Version

Appendix A – Accounts

Bank Reconciliation
21st July 2014
Closing Balance from statement #011, 1st July 2014 £164,443.64
30 Jun 14 000007 Allotment Rent 2013 – Hillier £24.00
03 Jul 14 000008 Interment & Inscription – Gibson £118.00
10 Jul 14 BDBC – Litter Picking Apr-Sept 2014 £1,614.60
30 Jun 14 BDBC – S106 for Youth Facility £60,807.49
15 Jul 14 122 Macallan Penfold Ltd – Youth Facility 420.00
15 Jul 14 123 Macallan Penfold Ltd – Youth Facility 1,184.40
21 Jul 14 124 Strongbond Construction Ltd – Youth Facility 59,203.09
21 Jul 14 125 J Snow – Litter Picking 291.67
21 Jul 14 126 Mrs M Thomas – Clerk’s Salary 821.31
21 Jul 14 127 Mrs M Thomas – Clerk’s Expenses £314.55
21 Jul 14 128 L Marshall – Clerk’s Salary & Expenses 827.22
21 Jul 14 129 Bulpitt Brothers – Burial Ground Maintenance 430.00
21 Jul 14 130 Do the Numbers Ltd – Internal Audit fees 475.00
21 Jul 14 131 HALC – Affiliation fees 664.00
21 Jul 14 132 BDBC – Inspection fees – Youth Facility 630.00
22 Aug 14 133 Mrs M Thomas – Clerk’s Salary 969.34
22 Aug 14 134 J Snow – Litter Picking 291.67
Nett Balance including uncleared cheques £160,485.48