Minutes 21st October 2013

Held in the Bramley Room at the Village Hall on Monday 21st October 2013 at 7.30pm.


Parish Councillors present were:

Chris Holland (Chair), Janet Grieve, Malcolm Bell, Tony Durrant, Alison Jayawardena, Bruce Ansell

Also present were:

Parish Clerk, Borough Cllr. Tomblin, 4 members of the public and June Balcombe to assist with the discussion about the agenda item for the Youth Facility

1.0                    Apologies

Cllrs Richard Wood, and Chris Wright who were both sick, Borough Cllr Jayawardena and County Councillor Chapman who were at other meetings.

Declarations on interest

It was noted that the Parish Clerk had circulated the register of interest forms for Cllrs to update and those which were returned have now been sent to BDBC.

2.0             Minutes of the last meeting

It was resolved that the minutes were a true and accurate record.

Proposed Cllr. Ansell, seconded Cllr. Durrant

3.0                    Finance


3.i              Monthly bank Reconciliation and Accounts for approval

It was resolved that the accounts for payment would be approved. Please see appendix.

Proposed Cllr. Grieve, seconded Cllr. Mrs Jayawardena.

3.ii             To agree a donation of £25 to Bramley RBL for a wreath for remembrance Sunday.

It was resolved that a donation of £25 would be paid to the RBL.

Proposed Cllr. Grieve, Seconded Cllr. Durrant, all in favour.

Cllr. Holland declared an interest, signed the book, and did not vote, as he is a Member of the Bramley branch of the RBL.

3.iii            To agree a grant of £1,500 for the Bramley Village Fun Day 2014

It was resolved that a grant of £1,500 would be paid to the organisers of the Bramley Village Fun day for 2014.

Proposed Cllr Durrant, Seconded Cllr, Bell, all in favour

3.iv            To review the Granary restoration project and possible contingency fund

It was resolved that the contingency fund would be increased by a maximum of £1,000 to cover the higher costs associated with some additional work which needed to be undertaken, specifically involving bat protection measures and a bat licence in order to complete the works to the roof.

Proposed Cllr. Holland, seconded Cllr. Durrant

3.v             To receive a memorandum from HALC regarding Internal Controls

A memorandum alerting Parish Councils to correct internal controls was circulated ahead of the meeting. It was agreed that the finance committee would look more closely at the recommendations within the memorandum, which had been prepared following some incidents of theft at other parish councils. It was agreed that the recent audit of Bramley PC by the author of the memorandum reported that Bramley’s internal controls were very good.

It was noted that other village organisations may benefit from some of the suggestions and that the Clift Meadow Trust and Village Hall Trust may be sent a copy for reference.

The Chairman proposed that the finance committee arrange to meet in November to review the budget for this year and begin to consider the budget for the upcoming financial year.


4.0             Planning Applications

                   It was noted that application 01021 for change of use of outbuildings at the Bramley Inn had received some neighbour objections, to which the applicants had been receptive and suggested solutions to the perceived problems.


4.i              To ratify the PC’s response to the Razor’s Farm planning application

It was resolved that the council supported the response drafted by Cllr Durrant which would be published on the parish council website. All in favour. Please see appendix.

4.ii             To report on the planned consultation by Charles Church

                   Notes from the meeting with representatives from Charles Church were referred to at this meeting, and would be published on the parish council website.

                   The parish council would assist in promoting the open session being organised by Charles Church so that residents knew they had an opportunity to attend and meet with the reps, review the proposed plans, and inform them of their views.

5.0                    Local Plan

Decision: to ratify the PCs response to the draft local plan

It was resolved that the council supported the response drafted by Cllr Durrant which would be published on the parish council website. All in favour. Please see appendix.

Cllr. Durrant also reported that he had spoken with Andrew Hunter at BDBC who confirmed that should a development of 200 new homes proceed either ahead of the Local Plan being adopted or during the Plan period, this would be deducted from the number within the Local Plan for the village to deliver within the plan period, rather than being seen as additional windfall.


6.0             Neighbourhood Development Plan

Cllr. Bell updated the meeting in particular regarding the recent open day which was attended by 94 people. He also explained that he had been asked to submit a financial report regarding the grant money spent to date and that the remainder of the grant funding would be received once the plan was prepared for referendum. He reported that of the £3,218 applied for, £1,181 had been spent so far.

He also explained that of those residents who have expressed a preference about where the 200 new allocation of new homes should be developed, 67% favoured Minchens Lane over 26% who favoured the land adjacent to strawberry fields.               

Public Interval

Judith Foyle made a reference to the inadequate parking facilities in the village and it was noted that the PC had explained these concerns to the representatives working for Charles Church. She said she felt the village was being run rough shod over by the developers who were not waiting for the NDP process to be completed. It was agreed that it was preferable to remain in contact with Charles Church.

Judith Foyle also reported that a jogger had been seen at 4.30am jogging along Cufaude Lane in the dark with a head torch on which she found disconcerting.

7.0             Borough Council reports

Cllr. Tomblin congratulated the parish council for being awarded first place for two of the three Media awards at the HALC AGM in October.

He went on to deliver his verbal report including that the Borough Council had voted to carry out an assessment of the trees across the Borough as some are causing serious issues or are diseased etc.

He mentioned that Charles Church have a local development opposite the hospital which the Parish Council could visit, however it was agreed that it would be of a different density so was not a direct comparison.

8.0             New Youth Facility Project

June Balcombe, the Borough Council Officer who is responsible for the funding for this project was in attendance to answer any questions from Councillors. Cllr. Grieve gave her verbal report about the project progress following the circulation of her briefing note.

She explained that the parish council would be named as the applicant for planning permission which saves money as there is a special arrangement for parish council developments. She also reported that there was an open day to show the public the proposed plans arranged for 14th December 2013 and that owners of neighbouring homes would be written to so that they did not miss wider communications about the event.

It was reported that some Cllrs had previously aired reservations about viability and it was stated that it would not be possible to assume there would be no risk that the parish council may be asked to provide some grant funding in future, but that the risks appeared to be low. June Balcombe reported that her department was very satisfied that the project was meeting the requirements in order to release the funding and that for each facility she has worked on over her 20 years working for the Borough Council, there have been similar concerns. However she explained that while she cannot say 100% that it would be financially self-sufficient, none of the other projects have not been financially viable.

She also explained that they had clearly identified the need and that the number of young people in Bramley had increased over recent years, and their needs demand to be met which is why this funding had been allocated to the village.

There were no questions from Cllrs to June Balcombe.

It was reported that the Clift Meadow Trust, who would assume responsibility for the asset once it was built as it sits on Clift Meadow Trust property, would be further discussing the project and the proposed plans at their next meeting, and they would have a final ‘go/no-go’ decision in December. They have been supportive of the scheme to date but would vote as a point of clarity that they wished to accept the development of this facility.

Following this, the Parish Council would then have a similar vote at the December PC meeting.

9.0             Report from Clift Meadow Trust

It was reported that the current Chairman of the Clift Meadow Trust was moving out of the village and had therefor resigned his position on the Trust. He would be replaced at the next Trust meeting in November.

It was noted that there were some issues regarding the acoustics for the pavilion following the recent refurbishment which were being addressed.

Report from Village Hall Trust

It was explained that the meeting of the Trust planned for September had been cancelled due to a power cut but that it had been rearranged and Cllr. Grieve and Wood would report to the PC at a later PC meeting.

Cllr. Grieve explained that the hall floor was being resurfaced along with some other enhancements, including the repair of some pot holes in the car park.

There was a discussion about grants for the two trusts and it was agreed that all applications would be considered at the December PC meeting at the same time, so that the best overall allocation of the S137 allowances could be considered.

Items for the next meeting

The following would be on the agenda for November:

Allotments project update, youth facilities project update.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.10pm.


Appendix 3.i  Monthly bank Reconciliation and Accounts for approval

BRAMLEY PARISH COUNCIL                                                                                   


BANK RECONCILIATION OCTOBER 2013                                                             


Business Account sheets 47                                                                                   £  159,265.01

Receipts                                                                                                                     £    32,505.53

Payments                                                                                                                   £    25,000.00

Closing Balance                                                                                                          £  166,770.54

Current Account sheets 52                                                                                    £      3,306.58

Receipts                                                                                                                     £    25,296.00

Payments                                                                                                                   £      4,496.49

Closing Balance                                                                                                          £    24,106.09


National Savings Account                                                                                         £    16,183.63

Interest                                                                                                                       £                   –

Closing Balance                                                                                                          £    16,183.63


Totals                                                                                                                           £  207,060.26


Cheques for approval                                                                                                                          

1671           R Gregory burial grounds maintenance                                           £              140.25

1672           Came and Company Insurance renewal                                           £           1,368.83

1673           M Penfold replace cheques                                                               £           3,000.00

1674           Clift Meadow Trust (youth club)                                                        £           2,652.00

1675           Jamie snow pay                                                                                     £              291.67

1676           Clerk’s salary                                                                                         £           1,251.33

1677           Clerk’s expenses and reimbursements                                            £                24.00

1678           South East Water (allotments bill)                                                     £                83.19

1679           Greenhouse Graphics, scan old map                                                £                74.00

1680           Greenbarnes replace notice board (insurance)                             £           1,293.13

Sub total                                                                                                                    £        10,178.40           

NDP expenses                                                                                                           

1681           Greenhouse Graphics (banner)                                                         £                78.00

1690           Lucy Knowles expenses claim                                                            £                25.38

1683           Clift Meadow NDP Open session                                                       £                96.00

1684           Greenhouse Graphics (badges, banners, posters)                         £              347.93

1689           Malcolm Bell expenses                                                                       £                48.91

Sub total                                                                                                                    £              596.22


1685           Open Spaces Society Annual Subscription Renewal                      £                45.00

1686           LCR – Official Magazine of NALC annual subscription                    £                16.00

1687           Wreath RBL                                                                                           £                25.00

1688           Village Hall Trust, Parish Plan room hire                                          £              195.00

Sub total                                                                                                                    £              281.00

Total cheques for payment                                                                                    £        11,055.62

Checked By Chairman Chris Holland                                                                     Date                   




………………………………………………..                                                                             21st October 2013

Appendix: 4.0 Planning Applications


13/00751/FUL Provision of photovoltaic solar park and ancillary infrastructure Land at Beaurepaire Farm

New Road



RG26 5ED

Pending Consideration
BDB/77341 Some amendments to the plans: Outline application to include access for residential development comprising up to 425 dwellings (including up to 40% affordable homes), public open space (inc. children’s play areas), associated landscaping, infrastructure and the formation of 2 no. new vehicular accesses from Crockford Lane Razors Farm

Cufaude Lane



RG24 8LS

Parish Council response being discussed at this PC meeting
13/01228/RET Construction of children’s wooden climbing frame and slide (Retrospective) 16 The Mews



RG26 5QX

13/01868/HSE Conversion of garage loft to living accommodation with the construction of pitched roof dormer to front elevation and 3 no. roof lights to rear elevation 16 The Mews

Bramley Tadley

RG26 5QX

Pending Consideration
13/01021/FUL Conversion of outbuilding to 4 no. flats with new vehicular access Bramley Inn

The Street



RG26 5BT

Pending Consideration
 13/01938/HSE Erection of detached double garage Waverley Cottage

Sherfield Road


RG26 5AG

Pending Consideration
13/02039/ENSC Request for screening opinion for development of 200 dwellings Land At OS Grid Ref 465296 159586 Minchens Lane



Pending Consideration
13/01973/HSE Construction of new first floor living accommodation involving raising of the roof with dormer windows to the front and rear elevations and erection of front, side and rear extensions Dunsandle

Silchester Road


RG26 5DQ

Pending Consideration

Appendix 4.i

Razor’s Farm response: The 5 Technical notes provided by the applicant merely seek to support development of this site and do not present any meaningful analysis to reduce the concerns of the Bramley Parish community represented by the Parish Council.

TN 1 – Personal injury accident analysis – more traffic on any unsuitable road (Cufaude Lane) increases  the risk of accidents. More traffic at the Great Binfields and Crockford Lane roundabouts  will increase the risk of accidents.

TN 2 – Pedestrian and Cycle access from Cufaude Farm [ and Razors Farm]. More protection of cyclists and pedestrians in and around the development area must be considered a high priority, development in this area is contrary to such a priority.

TN 3 Walking and cycling Audit.  At best this is an analysis of what happens now – see above.

TN4 – Bus Services – Again this is historical and based on supposition. It relies upon  a service provider having the will and the cash to provide services. Is that realistic in the current and foreseeable economic climate? We think not.

TN 5 Traffic impact.  Again this uses historical statistics to justify conclusion that the impact of Razors Farm (let us not forget the directly linked development of Cufaude Farm) will have little impact on nearby junctions and Cufuade Lane.

It fails to recognise that people, be they on foot, cycle, car or heavy goods will like water find the line of least resistance and thus Bramley Parish will see increased traffic on Cufaude Lane and the C32. Local businesses and residents throughout the Parish and Chineham will experience considerable inconvenience.

The developer is relying upon residents new and old to change their habits.

Conclusion – Bramley Parish Council on behalf of the Community see no reason to reduce their concerns expressed in earlier responses to this application.