National Grid work on the Bramley Network Rail connection

Further to our recent post on the work above, Bramley Parish Council has received a further update from National Grid.

The delivery of the transformer will now not take place on Sunday 21st August 2022 due to delivery delays in Europe.  It looks as thought delivery to Bramley will now be sometime in early September, although a date has not been confirmed as yet.  National Grid will let Bramley PC and the local community know nearer the time.

National Grid have also confirmed some other details that Bramley PC have asked them. 

  • Timing and number of vehicle movements– You may have recently seen some HGVs travelling to and from the site. These vehicle movements are intermittent at the moment as National Grid clear the site within the substation.  These will increase over the coming weeks with the bulk of movements expected to happen in the second half of August as National Grid dig the trench that will accommodate the 1.4km of underground cables .  This ‘muckaway’ process is due to be finished by the end of October.  From the end of July, National Grid will also be taking deliveries of stone for the haul road that will used to access the cable trenching works.  These deliveries will continue for around five weeks. 
  • The number of vehicle movements– For the muckaway process and the stone deliveries combined, National Grid expect there to be fewer than 400 vehicle visits to the site.  
  • No-idling policy– National Grid has briefed their contractors and sub-contractors to reinforce the no-idling policy in the village.  If reports reach them of subcontractors (who will all be displaying vehicle project identifiers) not abiding by this, immediate action will be taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again.  National Grid welcome any feedback via Bramley Parish Council on what we have seen or been told by local residents – on this specific issue and the general vehicle activity that is happening in the local area so that they may address it accordingly.
  • Managing vehicle movements in relation to the level crossing– To minimise the potential impact of vehicles waiting at the level crossing, National Grid are taking two main actions: 
  1. They will coordinate the release of HGVs from Bramley substation with the train timetable, so that they avoid travelling at times when the crossing will be closed. 
  2. They have arranged for a third of the HGV movements to come from the West, which will avoid the level crossing completely. 

Bramley PC are liaising with National Grid on a regular basis, so if you have any queries, please contact the Parish Clerk at or call us on 07810 692486.

Further details can be found on the project website.