National Grid work on the Bramley Network Rail Connection

Update from National Grid on the Bramley Network Rail Connection

Some Bramley residents will be aware of work taking place in the village that’s being carried out by teams working for National Grid at Bramley substation.


What National Grid are doing

To support Network Rail’s efforts to future-proof its network, teams are installing a new Supergrid transformer and then connecting the substation to a new trackside feeder station near Oliver’s Lane.

The transformer is a large piece of electrical equipment that will lower the electricity voltage to enable safe delivery along the underground cables to the trackside feeder station. The teams will use around 1.4km of 25kV underground cabling during the work.


Project update

Work to prepare the site at Bramley substation started in April with the dismantling of an existing building.

The cable installation works will start early this summer. Teams will first work on the existing access and track within the field across from Minchens Lane, build a temporary construction road then dig the trench in which the cables will sit, before installing the cables by November this year. This map sets out the proposed cable route.

To limit any ecological impact, horizontal directional drilling will be used to connect the cable to the east of the substation. Open cut trenching will then take place across Oliver’s Lane.

 There will be increased vehicle movements through the village when National Grid contractors dig the cable trench this summer. A traffic management plan is in place to help limit any disruption to residents. This includes avoiding school drop off times, limiting use of the level crossing route as much as possible, use of the rail timetable to coordinate vehicle movements and adherence to the village no-idling rules.

The Bramley Network Rail Connection is due for completion by May 2023.


Transformer Delivery

Delivery of the Supergrid transformer is currently scheduled for Sunday 21st  August.  The route will bring the transformer into Bramley via Sherfield Road.

We are working closely with local police, the highways agency and local authority on the transportation of the transformer to site.  To ensure its safe and efficient delivery, a number of temporary adjustments will be needed to local roads to be able to accommodate this large load, including temporary removal of traffic dividers and roundabout signs, plus changes to traffic islands.

National Grid will be in touch with residents who may be directly impacted by these temporary adjustments in advance of the delivery date.

More detailed information can be found in these presentation slides.


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