Parish Council meeting minutes – 15th December 2020



Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Tuesday 15th December 2020 Time:                                    7.30pm
Place: Online
Present: Cllr Durrant Cllr Tomblin
  Cllr Munday Cllr Oborn
  Cllr Flooks Cllr Capel
  Cllr Ansell Cllr James
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 0 member of the public
  Cllr Nick Robinson (Borough) Cllr Tomblin (Borough)
  Cllr Vaughan (County)
Apologies: Cllr Bell


1 Apologies for Absence
As listed above.
2 Declarations of Interest
3 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting
3.1 The minutes of the meeting held on 17th November 2020 were unanimously agreed to be a true and accurate record of those meetings and were signed by the Chairman.  


3.2 Matters arising  
·         Bramley Lane Culvert – some clearance has been carried out, but more needs to occur.  Clerk to take further with Highways.

·         Air quality monitor – Cllr Ansell has downloaded recent data, and needs collate.  He will report at the January meeting.

·         Leaves – Cllr Durrant noted that drains and gullies are blocked.  Clerk to report to Highways.

·         Clift Meadow hedge – Cllr Capel reported that the hedge is due to be cut again in late January.




Cllr Ansell




4 Open Forum
Cllr Durrant invited comments and questions from the public.

·         None.

5 County Councillor Report – see appendix A.

·         Cllr Durrant noted the continuance of the Lengthsman scheme, but that the money is unlikely to increase for 2021-2022.

·         HCC have just been awarded the Electric Vehicle Excellence award for installing over 1000 electric vehicle recharge points.

·         Cllr Durrant and Clerk noted that gulleys and drains are not being cleared regularly by Highways, leading to flooding issues later in the winter.



6 Borough Councillor Report

Cllrs Tomblin gave a verbal report:

·         Local Plan – Members Advisory Panels to be set up to look at policies from January to March.  Site selection will not be until after elections in May.

·         Basingstoke Vaccination Centre will be at Centrecourt Hotel from today.

·         Fly tipping – just completed 25th successful conviction for fly tipping.

·         Smart Ways of Working – this will include the refurbishment of the Deanes building and the closure of Parklands.  It is planned that staff will hot desk, and hold remote meetings.  Rooms for Council meetings are being reviewed.

·         Budget consultation – deadline of 3rd January 2021.

·         Manydown Overview Committee – s.106 agreement to be finalised in spring of 2021.  Developers hope to be on site in January, looking at site access, and then archaeological trenches in March for 7 months.  Utilities and roads should be beginning to be placed at the end of 2021.  First bricks should be laid in January 2022.

7 Parish Environment  
7.1 Update on Wildflower meadow proposal for Bramley Green – Cllr James has contacted the Stratfield Saye Estate (SSE) but has not heard back yet.

SSE happy with PC proposals, and are very supportive.

St James Park – still need to investigate.

Bramley Green – to be cut twice a year.  Cllr James to give Clerk the details.





Cllr James

7.2 Grass cutting Invitation to Tender – the Clerk has distributed a draft Invitation to Tender to all Councillors.  The ITT includes grass cutting and maintenance at Bramley Green, Yew Tree Close, and the Burial Ground.

It was unanimously agreed that the ITT should be issued in its current form subject to changes from Cllr James, with a view to deciding the winning tender at the January meeting.  Clerk to take forward.






8 Clerk’s report & Administration  
8.1 Parish magazine article – the next article will be for the February edition, to be written by Cllr Tomblin. Cllr Tomblin
8.2 2021-2022 draft budget – the Clerk has distributed the draft budget for next year.  The figures are now more or less in place, although there is still time for alterations.  The Council Tax Base figures are not expected to be confirmed until 11th January 2021, which means the precept cannot be finalised until after that date due to the increase in housing in Bramley in the last 12 months.

Youth Club cost – Cllr Durrant noted issues with attendance numbers prior to lockdown, and the need to change who it is run by in the future.

Granary contingency – need to check the building for wear and tear.  Have been advised to remove the bat boxes – Clerk to check with BDBC when this should be done.











8.3 External Audit update – the Clerk has received the results of the 2019-2020 external audit.  The audit has come back completely clear, with no advisories.  The results have been published to comply with statutory requirements.  


9 Reports  
9.1 Reports from Parish Council representatives  
a. Planning Committee – see appendix B.

Cllr Flooks briefly summarised the December Planning Committee meeting.

Big discussion round water issues – check recording.

i.            New applications – there are no new applications requiring attention at this time.

ii.            Update on St James Park s.106 issues – next review is in January.  No further update since December planning committee meeting – see appendix B.

Cllr Tomblin is liaising with officers to ensure that the allotments are finished to BDBC standards.  Quotes are being obtained for secure fencing and a gate for the allotments.

iii.            Deed of Variation – St James Park – the Deed of Variation legal agreement has been raised to change the s.106 agreement to reflect that management of the play area and kickabout areas will fall to the management company rather than the Parish Council.  There is a formal planning application out for consultation at the moment.  Once this is complete, and if all parties are in agreement, then the legal documents can be signed.

iv.            Local Plan consultation response – Bramley PC has submitted a thorough response to this consultation, which can be viewed on the Parish Council website.  Due to the deadline dates, the responses were agreed via email.  Cllr Durrant proposed ratifying the PC response.  This was seconded by Cllr Tomblin and unanimously agreed.

v.            Cllr Durrant noted an email received from Pegasus Group, who are handling new proposals for a battery storage installation on 3.4 hectares of land to the SE of the electricity sub-station, opposite Burlington Way.  This proposal has nothing to do with existing proposals further north of the sub-station.

Clerk to request a map of the site to clarify where they are talking about.  Clerk to set up an online meeting, possibly before Christmas.  Cllrs to let Clerk know availability.






























b. Environment

·         Village Gates – the CSW team are working on having the survey ready for publication in the February edition of the Parish Magazine.  The final version will be circulated to councillors ahead of publication.

·         Street sweeping – BDBC has done further street sweeping, but there are still areas to be addressed.  These will be dealt with by the Lengthsman (at the Parish Council’s expense) in the next few days.

·         The Clerk noted that the broken fence at Kirby Drive has now been fully removed by Taylor Wimpey.




c. Allotments and Burial Ground – see appendix A.

Allotments- 3 plots have been handed back, so there are three vacancies.  Offers to be made to next people on waiting list.  Allotment rent letters to go out before Christmas.



Cllr James

d. Village Hall Trust – see appendix A.  
e. Clift Meadow Trust – see appendix A.

Cllr Capel gave a verbal update.

·         Trustees are looking for grants from other sources as well as the PC.

·         CMT have asked if the PC would be willing to assist with the purchase of a ride-on lawnmower.

·         CMT are putting together list of projects for coming year.

·         Path widening needs to be carried out.

·         Very low income, but ticking over.  This is being constantly re-assessing.

·         New policies and procedures are now up on the website.  These have been signed by all Trustees.

·         Various fund raising options are being considered.

·         CMT has asked who is responsible for the balancing pond at St James Park, and also the ditch not clearing properly.  The Clerk and Cllr Durrant confirmed that Persimmon has responsibility.

·         Cllr Capel noted a large gathering of people last weekend, with lots of rubbish especially broken glass.  The situation is being monitored by police.




f. Police & Neighbourhood Watch – see appendix A.  
g. Highways/Footpaths – see appendix A.

There is a broken footpath sign at Bramley Frith – Clerk to report to HCC.



h. Road Safety Project – see appendix A.

Clerk to chase to see if a firm schedule is in place yet.



i. Chairman’s report – no report.  
10 Consultation documents requiring consideration  
10.1 BDBC Budget consultation – details have been circulated to all councillors, and are available to view on the BDBC website.

There are three proposals of immediate concern to Bramley Parish:

·         A reduction in grants to Parish Councils for grass cutting

·         A reduction in the frequency of grass cutting for Borough and County Council owned areas

·         Introduction of charges for rural car parks in Whitchurch, Overton, Kingsclere, and Bramley to help with the costs of maintaining them.

Councillors to let Clerk have comments, who will collate and respond on behalf of PC.










All/ Clerk

11 Grant Applications  


12 Finance  
12.1 Payments and reconciliation approval – see appendix C

The Clerk noted the payments for December.

It was unanimously agreed to approve the December payments – Clerk to process.





12.2 Acknowledgement of Receipts – see appendix C

There have been no new receipts.



13 Date of Next meeting  
The next Parish Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 19th January 2021, and will be online.  
14 Resolution to exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings  
15 Confidential Items  

The meeting closed at 21.20pm







Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….      Date: ………………………………………              



Appendix A – Briefing Notes


No written report received.



No written report received.



No written report received.



  • Following the second lockdown, bookings are as they were before, with the exception of badminton. Bookings are currently at 69 hours a week.
  • Tender process for car park work will begin in January 2021.
  • An initial funding application has been submitted for planning work on the solar panels. A further application will be submitted once the plans are complete.



No written report received.



No written report received.



No written report received.



Below is the latest update from HCC on when the Bramley Lane work will be done,

  • The works at the junction will commence with BT undertaking diversion work to their infrastructure which is currently located within the verge/open space and the junction with Bramley Lane. The close proximity to the level crossing means that BT have to arrange for their own consent with Network Rail for undertaking this work as agreements and design checks need to be completed with Network Rail to ensure that traffic management and queueing do not have a negative impact on the safety of the level crossing.  This process is ongoing between BT and Network Rail and I have a meeting with BT shortly where I expect to have an update on both their lead-in time, target start date and the duration of their works.

HCC’s contractor shall then commence with the main construction work when BT are off site.  The main works contract will be formally awarded in the next few days and following award, we can agree with the contractor how to phase the construction activities to minimise the impact of the scheme on the local area and adjacent residents. From this HCC will be able to finalise its own arrangements with Network Rail, as well as refine the main works construction programme.

Things should start to progress with more certainty from this point.  I will be in touch with more regular updates as things move forward.



No written report received.





  • £2.9m given to HCC by Government  to support residents in need over the Christmas period
  • £8.8m given by Government for pandemic contingency costs; this is well short of the £15m-£20m we had anticipated.
  • Assaults on emergency workers – Hampshire Fire & Rescue Authority (of which I am a member) recommended an increase in sentencing to 2 years. This has been agreed by the Lord Chancellor.
  • HCC has spent £11m on pothole repairs – we are now in the top 10 councils for improved roads.
  • Estimates are that 63% of Hampshire adult population is overweight or obese causing increased drain on the NHS. (comparisons – England 62%, SE 60%)


HCC continuing success in this pandemic.

  • Better funding for care Homes
  • £150k given for school meals over half term
  • Pilot for improved conditions in visiting care homes.
  • Getting patients out of hospital to step-down centres
  • Good school attendance
  • Continued commitment to carbon free targets
  • Retention of lengthsman scheme with further training (I am waiting to hear as to who pays for the training)




Appendix B – Planning Committee Minutes


Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee

Date: 8th December 2020 Time:                    7.30pm
Place: Online via Zoom
Present: Cllr Chris Flooks (Chair) Cllr Malcolm Bell
  Cllr Liz Capel Cllr Alan Munday
  Cllr Chris Tomblin
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 0 members of the public
  Cllr Tony Durrant
Apologies: Cllr Nick Robinson (Borough)


1 Apologies for Absence
As listed above.
2 Declarations of Interest
Cllr Tomblin noted his position on the BDBC Development Control Committee, and took no part in votes on planning applications.
3 Minutes of the Last Planning Committee Meeting
3.1 The minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 11th November 2020 were unanimously agreed and signed off by the Chairman.  


3.2 Matters arising  
T/00475/20/TPO – 34 Wallis Drive Bramley – Cllr Tomblin gave an update.  The application has been refused, and BDBC are investigating the land issue associated with this application.  It is a matter of acquiring BDBC land without permission.  If enforcement is carried out it will be dealt with BDBC estates team, rather than the enforcement team, due to internal procedures to do with land ownership.  
4 Planning & Development  
4.1 New Applications  
a. 20/02866/LBC – 3 Stocks Farm Cottages The Street Bramley

Replace the clay tiles on lobby roof with slate tiles

·         Cllrs expressed concerns about the replacement of traditional clay tiles with slate tiles.  Slate tiles are not in keeping with character of building.  Cllrs to be guided by BDBC Conservation Officer unanimously agreed.  Clerk to respond accordingly.






b. 20/02928/HSE – 44 Strawberry Fields Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension to dining room and replacement of conservatory

·         No objection unanimously agreed.  It was noted that the extension would be visible from the front of the property, which is not the front elevation as detailed in the plans.  Clerk to respond accordingly.








c. T/00583/20/TPO – Middle Farm The Street Bramley

T1, T2, T3 – Western Red Cedars: prune.

·         Defer to BDBC tree officer unanimously agreed, but comment about the amount of tree work within this part of the Conservation Area.

Clerk to process.






d. 20/03204/VLA – Land At Minchens Lane Bramley

Variation of Section 106 agreement attached to 14/01075/OUT to enable the transfer of the Equipped play area, northern kick about and southern kick about areas to the existing management company instead of the Parish Council

·         Bramley PC will be a signatory to this agreement, so cannot comment on this application.

e. Any other New Applications

·         20/03092/HSE – 70 Moat Close Bramley

Erection of two storey side and single storey front and rear extension

o   No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.


·         20/03124/HSE – 103 Coopers Lane Bramley

Two ground floor pitched roofed extensions

o   Not clear if there will be a loss of parking facility – this should be considered when determining this application.

o   Otherwise, no objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.










4.2 Approvals/Refusals/Pending (see appendix A)

These were noted.

5. Planning Appeals  
a. 20/00319/FUL – Land At Silchester Road Silchester Road Bramley

The inquiry hearing for this appeal was to be held online on 17th November for four days.  Several members of Bramley Parish Council attended.  The decision was issued late last week, and the appeal has been allowed.  This means that planning permission has been granted subject to conditions laid out in the appeal decision statement.

The lack of 5 year land supply was given as a primary reason, although the Inspector also noted that the views across the Conservation Area were not detailed as important in the Bramley Neighbourhood Plan.  He also noted that Bramley is well served for facilities, despite strong PC representation that those facilities are at breaking point.

Cllrs noted their dissatisfaction with this decision.  Cllr Durrant noted that the NDP should be revisited to take account of this – it is due for updating as the Local Plan Update progresses.

The outcome should be reported on the PC website and social media.  Cllr Durrant proposed putting together a formal response from the PC to the local community.  It was agreed that this should be investigated.



6. Water Issues  
6.1 Update on sewerage issues – Cllrs Bell and Flooks have met up with Thames Water on site to discuss the issues that Bramley faces.

Thames Water have admitted that there is an issue with the sewage supply to Bramley.  The solution put forward in 2014 would not have solved the sewage overspill.  The modelling is complete and they have 3 options. They will notify the Parish Council of their decision, but essentially for more housing a new main to Sherfield would possibly be required.  The pumping and storage system is currently not working correctly.

6.2 Update on surface water issues – HCC Highways have carried out some clearance work at the culvert on Bramley Lane, and also cleared the area immediately adjacent to it as a gesture of good will.  There has been no update from BDBC about the Brook banks or the path maintenance.  


7. Minchens Lane s.106 issues  
  Cllrs Durrant and Tomblin met with representatives from Persimmon and BDBC today.

  • Highways issues – gateway feature, kerbs, drainage issues.  Highways want all of the amended plans in one go so that they can approve them.  BDBC to contact HCC to follow up.
  • Replacement trees by Clift Meadow car park – mature young trees to be planted in this planting season.
  • Balancing pond – it will be up to the management company to remove the fencing.  Persimmon to chase this.
  • Clift Meadow lights – Persimmon agreed that the vandalised lights should be cleared as a matter of urgency.  All parties are happy with the new proposals.  The procurement process is around 8 weeks, subject to final agreement from BDBC.
  • Clift Meadow path – Persimmon has accepted that they need to lift the path and camber it.  They will present a drawing for approval to the Parish Council and BDBC.  Persimmon want confirmation from BDBC that this will not be a material change to the planning permission.
  • Allotments – fencing and hedging has been placed.  Gates to the area are not very well oriented.  The allotments are almost ready.  Still waiting on the developers legal team for the lease agreement.


8. Local Plan Update  
A full and comprehensive response has been submitted to BDBC to the Issues and Options consultation.  The response consists of three parts – a response to the Settlement Study, a response to the main consultation, and a response to the Promoted Sites.  All responses are on the Parish Council website, and will be formally ratified at the full Council meeting on 15th December.  
9. Date of Next Meeting  
The date of the next Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 12th January 2021.


Meeting closed at 8.58pm




Appendix A


1. 20/02676/HSE – 49 Longbridge Road Bramley

Erection of two storey side and single storey front extensions and new front bay window following demolition of existing garage



No objection

2. 20/02694/HSE – 7 Lane End Bramley

Erection of first floor rear extension


No objection

3. 20/02738/HSE – Laeburn Coopers Lane Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension


No objection

4. T/00574/20/TCA – Middle Farm The Street Bramley

G4 – 2 no.. Flat Lawson Cypress to reduce in height, to leave at circa 6m from ground level, this will allow the Silver Birch Tree to flourish as it is currently being suppressed.

G5 – Leylandii to reduce in height by circa 40%. leaving at a height of circa 6m,

T6 – 1 no. Willow, sited within the Leylandii, to reduce lateral limbs over the garden by 5m, back to the 1st fork.

T7 – Silver Birch. Fell to lowest level due to it being dead.

T8 – Indian Bean, to remove the northern 1st lateral limb at 2m back to the main stem.

T9 – 1 no. Yew Tree, sited on the Eastern, highway boundary, adjacent to the building; northern lateral tertiary foliage to reduce back in by 2m, back to best practice pruning, stem diameter no greater than 25m

T10 – 1 no Diodora Cedar, footpath highway crown lift over the footway to 2.5m from ground level, tertiary foliage no greater than 25mm – as shown in the photograph.

Raise no objection


Defer to tree officer, comments

5. 20/01608/ROC – Upper Cufaude Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

Variation of Conditions 1, 6, 8, 9, 10, 15, 17, 20 and 21 of 19/00464/FUL to amend drawing numbers to allow for improved siting and alterations to the detailed design of the dwellings. Including amended wording of conditions 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 and 21 to allow the removal of conditions 9 and 17.




6. 20/02392/HSE – 1 Centenary Fields Bramley

Single storey rear garage extension 2.2 metres by 3.25 metres


No objection

7. T/00475/20/TPO – 34 Wallis Drive Bramley

1 Sycamore: fell


Defer to tree officer, comments


Pending Applications*

1. 20/00740/FUL – Qps House The Street Bramley

Conversion of ground floor from tanning salon (sui generis) and retail (A1) to 2 no. one bedroom flats and retail (A1)

2. 20/01008/FUL – Land At Locksbridge Farm Cufaude Lane

The erection of 1 no. dwelling and associated parking and access

3. 20/01954/FUL – Cedarwood Silchester Road Bramley

Erection of 1 no. single storey dwelling to provide accommodation for parents, associated landscaping and access following demolition of stable/home office

4. T/00439/20/TPO – Middle Farm Cottage The Street Bramley

ell/Pruning works as per tree survey report August 2020

Defer to tree officer, comments
5. T/00503/20/TPO – 16 St James Close Bramley

Single mature Lime tree: prune

Defer to tree officer
6. 20/02647/RET – 21 Apple Dene Bramley

Change of use of land to the side and rear of the house to residential land and erection of a 1.8m high fence

No objection, comments
7. T/00503/20/TPO – 16 St James Close Bramley

Single mature Lime tree: prune

Defer to tree officer
8. T/00559/20/TCA – Oakenshaw Vyne Road Bramley

T1 London plane: prune.

T2 Lime: reduce lower limb.

Defer to tree officer, comments
9. 20/02751/LBC – Mill Cottage Vyne Road Bramley

Remove ground floor internal wall. External improvements including brickwork repairs, replacement patio door and repairs to paving

NB: This property is in a neighbouring Parish

No objection

*Objections/no objections listed are the decision of Bramley Parish Council only, and do not reflect any submissions placed by members of the public or other bodies with Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.




Appendix C – Finance