Parish Council meeting minutes – 18th January 2022



Minutes of the Meeting of the Council


Tuesday 18th January 2022

Time:                                    7.00pm


Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall



Cllr Tony Durrant (Chair)

Cllr Chris Tomblin


Cllr Steve Day

Cllr Malcolm Bell


Cllr Chris Flooks

Cllr Colin Shimell


Cllr Keith Oborn


In attendance:

Maxta Thomas (Clerk)

0 members of the public


Cllr Liz Capel

Cllr Bruce Ansell


Cllr Nick Robinson (Borough)

Cllr Simon Mahaffey (Borough)


Cllr Rhydian Vaughan (County)






Apologies for Absence



As listed above.



Declarations of Interest






Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting



The minutes of the full Council meeting on held on 21st December 2021 were proposed by Cllr Tomblin seconded by Cllr Oborn and unanimously agreed to be a true and accurate record and duly signed by the Chairman.




Matters arising



·         Noticeboard planning application – BDBC has stated that the proposed location for the noticeboard is actually just outside the parish border.  The Clerk is to inspect a nearby site and amend accordingly. 

·         Brocas Hall issues/expenditure – the Clerk is liaising with the Clift Meadow Trust (CMT) on this.

·         S.106 funds – the Clerk has submitted an FoI request to HCC.

·         Brocas Hall survey – the Clerk has contacted a number of surveyors and is awaiting responses.

·         Training – Cllr Shimell is booked on the February introductory course for Cllrs.  The Clerk is awaiting confirmation.

·         Upgrading existing benches – for discussion at February meeting.













Open Forum



Cllr Durrant invited comments and questions from the public. 




County Councillor Report  – see appendix A

Cllr Shimell asked if the PC should be publicising HCC support for vulnerable households on the PC website and other avenues.  It was agreed that this was a good idea.  Clerk to put on website and social media, and look at including an item in the Parish Magazine.






Borough Councillor Report – Cllr Tomblin gave a verbal report:

·         Full Council on Thursday at the Haymarket. 

·         Local Plan – Following the last Economic, Planning & Housing (EPH) committee meeting there will be an opportunity to consider the updated draft policies.  In March the EPH committee will study and debate new draft policies, some of which are quite different from existing policies.  There will be a further report on the spatial strategies, which will be discussed in early June.  This will delay the publication of the draft Local Plan Update, which give members an opportunity to wait for the complete consultees reports.  Public consultation is now likely to be later in the year.  Unfortunately the delay is likely to increase the period of time where BDBC cannot demonstrate a 5 year land supply.  Cllr Tomblin noted that the leader of the Council and the portfolio holder have been tasked with pushing back on the housing numbers to central Government.




Parish Environment



Update on Jubilee event – Cllr Bell gave an update.

Bramley PC has registered with the Pageant Master, Bruno Peek, to light the beacon at the desired time, to have a Piper, possibly a Town Crier and a Choir.  A holding deposit has also been placed for a hog roast for residents and drinks.

Original Schedule –

·        Town Crier proclamation: – 1pm.  It is felt that this could be done         before the events leading to the lighting of the Beacon

·        Piper Playing “Diu Ragnar” at 09.09pm – Francis Woods from         Swindon has been booked.

·        Beacon Lighting:- 9.15pm accompanied by choir.  The choir was         suggested to be the School Choir, and Cllr Day indicated that they         would be interested.  The chorus is available now.  Alison Cox         OBE, Chair of “The Commonwealth Resounds” has said that the         chorus available could be as a single melody or in any form that         absolutely any choir could sing, and that a children’s choir would         be lovely and easily able to perform the chorus.

Costs – 

·         Piper £230 including all expenses

·         Hog Roasts through “Hampshire Feast”, sufficient for 500, 4 hog roasts. £3,030

·         Bar by Steve at Sherfield, no costs except for agreed costs of free drinks.

Latest update- due to Media pressure, Bruno Peek has recommended a change in the timetable as follows –

·         Town Crier at 2.00pm.

·         Piper at 9.35pm

·         Bugler to play a unique bugle called ”Majesty” at 09.40pm

·         Beacon Light at 9.45pm accompanied by the Choir singing the chorus.

Cllr Bell has written to Bruno Peek asking the reason for changes and noting that School Choir may not be able to participate at that hour.  His response was that pressure from the media had prompted the change in timetable, but he also stated that Beacon could be lit at 9.15pm as originally planned with Piper also playing as originally planned at 9.09pm, and the bugler if required at 9.13pm.

Decisions required –

1)      Schedule – Cllr Tomblin proposed keeping the original timings.  This was unanimously agreed.

2)      Will the school choir be available?  If not, is there an alternative to the school choir?  Cllr Day to speak to school to see if they are still interested in supplying the choir. 

3)      Is a bugler required?  It was agreed that Cllr bell should investigate obtaining details from Tadley Brass.  Cllr Day also has a possible contact. 

4)      Are Cllrs happy to continue with the Hog Roast? A holding deposit of £50 has already been paid.  It was unanimously agreed that this should be as planned.

Bruno Peek has further suggested that planting 7 trees in the Parish would be a long term commemoration to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.






































Cllr Day


Cllr Bell / Cllr Day


Grounds Maintenance contract – the Clerk noted that the first year with the new contractor has not been without issues, although the work carried out has largely been satisfactory once teething problems were dealt with at the beginning.  The main issue has been with communication, and this continues to be difficult at least by phone – email contact is more reliable.

Cllr Durrant proposed remaining with existing  contractor, Cllr Tomblin seconded, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to continue to monitor work and communication.












2022-23 Budget & Preceptthe Clerk has distributed a draft budget.  She noted that any discussion at this meeting is exactly that, and that no decision on the precept can be made until the EGM on 20th January as this decision cannot be made under delegated authority. 

Key points highlighted were:

·         There are no election costs budgeted – even if BDBC do pass on these costs in 2022-23, Bramley PC is not due an election next year.

·         Staff costs – the costs for the Clerk have risen in line with the NALC recommended scales for this year (next year’s pay scales have not yet been agreed).  It was noted that the Clerk has not had a pay increase since 2018, and Cllr Durrant recommended that this should be rectified from April 2022.  This was unanimously agreed.

·         Litter Warden costs have also increased in line with the cost of living increase.  This is offset by the grant from BDBC.

·         It was agreed that grants for Clift Meadow and the Village Hall under the fixed I&E tab should be moved variable I&E.

·         Youth Worker grant – numbers for the last year at the Youth Club have been lower than previously, mainly due to Covid issues, and there was some discussion as to whether this represented value for money.  Numbers pre-Covid were approximately double what they are at present.  It was agreed that the item should remain in the budget for the present, but that this should be thoroughly reviewed when the contract comes up for renewal in March/April 2022.  Clerk to invite Youth Club leaders to give an update and thoughts for the way forward at the February meeting.

·         General maintenance – it was noted that HCC funding for the Lengthsman scheme in 2022-23 is unlikely to happen, and therefore £1000 has been included in the Bramley PC budget to account for this. 

·         St James Park allotments – a holding figure of £5000 has been placed under variable I&E to allow for possible work at this site should the lease and work from Persimmon be resolved satisfactorily.  It is likely that the capital needed will be approximately £20,000 – the rest will need to come from grant funding.

·         Precept – the projected figure of £101,475 for 20222-23 is based upon a 0% increase per band D household, and takes into account the promised 1.7% correction after the error made for this year. 

·         Income – it was noted that the BDBC grants for the Litter Warden and grass cutting may not be forthcoming.  BDBC officers believe that they will remain, but the BDBC budget will not be agreed until February 2022.

In summary, based upon a precept figure of £101,475, the Bramley PC budget for 2022-23 is balanced.  Cllr Tomblin stated that he felt that this was a sound basis for moving into next year, and that he supported it.  The decision to adopt the amended 2022-23 budget and to agree the precept will be taken at an extraordinary meeting on Thursday 20th January, at 7.00pm in the Bramley Room at Bramley Village Hall. 



Payments and reconciliation approval – see appendix C

The Clerk noted the payments for January.  Cllr Durrant proposed approving the December payments, seconded by Cllr Shimell and unanimously approved.  Clerk to action. 






Acknowledgement of Receipts – see appendix C

The receipts for January were noted. 



Clerk’s report & Administration



Parish magazine article – The next deadline will be 15th February for the March issue.  Cllr Bell to write the next article. 


Cllr Bell





Planning Committee report (appendix B) – Cllr Flooks outlined the decisions of the January Planning Committee meeting.


         i.            Any new applications – none.



Allotments & Burial Ground – the Clerk confirmed that the invoices for 2022 rent have been issued, and that most holders have now paid.  The remainder will be chased by the end of this week.

Cllr Durrant noted compliments from the community via social media for the recent hedge cutting at the Burial Ground. 



Village Hall Trust – see appendix A. 

Cllr Oborn noted that the proposed solar panels are now fully funded.



Clift Meadow Trust

·         Cllr Oborn noted that he has assisting CMT with a grant application of £10,000 to National Grid.

·         Drainage work at Brocas Hall is now complete. 

·         The Pavilion needs some roof tiles re-hanging.  Clerk to take forward.







Police & Neighbourhood Watch – no report.



Highways & Footpaths – Cllr Tomblin  noted the lack of verge cutting on country lanes, which in some areas is becoming dangerous.  He suggested writing to Highways and copying in the County ward councillor.  Cllr Tomblin to draft letter. 



Cllr Tomblin


Road Safety Project – Cllr Durrant has again written to the project engineer highlighting the ongoing issues. 



Chairman’s Report – Cllr Durrant noted the recent investiture of the Rev. Mark Anderson as the new vicar at St James Church, and took the opportunity to formally welcome him to Bramley. 



Consultation documents requiring consideration






Grant Applications






Date of Next meeting



The next Parish Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 15th February at 7.00pm, venue tbc. 



Resolution to exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings 






Confidential Items




The meeting closed at 8.48pm






Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….      Date: ………………………………………              

Appendix A –
January Briefing notes



Paul Holland is stepping down as the Co-ordinator of the Speedwatch group as he is moving.



No written report received.



  • Bookings – these remain steady with 1 to 3 parties each weekend and groups from Hampshire County Council including “newborn to parenting” using the Bramley room more.
  • The car park sign design has been revised and submitted for planning.
  • Quotes should are to be obtained for an ANPR quality CCTV camera.



No written report received.



No written report received.



No written report received. 



No written report received.



No written report received.



  1. Roads update

Highway operations are continuing as normal during the Plan B restrictions.

Statistics have been published by Hampshire Highways for last November. In that month 406 emergencies were attended, 21,173 square metres of carriageway were resurfaced, 18,436 gullies and other drainage were cleared and 7,295 potholes were fixed. In addition, they also coped with Storms Arwen and Barra, keeping the roads clear of fallen trees and other vegetation, debris and excess water.

General road problems should be reported online at  Emergency issues on the highway can be reported outside of office hours by calling 101. In any emergency where there is a danger to life, call 999.

Going forward, Hampshire County Council has agreed to put extra “recurring” funding into highway maintenance, equating to about £7 million per year, from April this year.


  1. Severe weather

At the time of writing, we have had some very cold weather and so road gritting is high on the agenda at the moment.  When we do have freezing temperatures forecast, the Hampshire Highways’ fleet of salting lorries head out, focusing on the main roads first. If you’re driving behind a gritter please keep well back and be patient – as they do their job to help keep you on the move. You can see the priority salting routes at . For the young at heart, all our gritters have names (derived from a children’s competition) such as Snowbi-wan Kenobe, Gritty Gritty Bang Bang, the Blizzard of Oz, Gritter Garbo and so on.

Many of our roads and lanes are not on the priority routes but you will be aware of the blue grit bins provided by HCC across the area. These are filled with salt for community use throughout winter. They’re particularly useful for smaller roads or on the pavements. A small amount of salt from these can make a big impact on frozen and icy surfaces. One tablespoon of salt (20 grams) is sufficient to treat one square metre of road or pavement surface.

If you spot grit bins that are empty or running low, do contact Hampshire County Council for replenishing. This can be done either online at or by emailing Parishes are in any event advised to check these.


  1. Support for vulnerable households

Hampshire County Council has received £7.124m from the Government’s Household Support Fund to support households in need with food, energy and water bills, as well as wider essential costs and housing costs. The county proposes to deploy this funding (which must be spent by 31 March 2022) through its “connect4communities” programme.

The programme includes support for free school meals in holidays and half terms, support with utility bills, community pantries giving access to discounted food and community grants, which could be used for example to assist unpaid carers.

Details can be found at where it is possible to apply for community grants, and at HCC’s online directory (connect4communities | Family Information and Services Hub ( which will also be a useful resource for families and individuals in need of food and fuel support.

Residents can also apply for half term support for food and activities at


  1. New Year resolutions

A new 12-week weight management programme has been funded by Hampshire County Council for residents who want to achieve a healthier weight. Offering free professional support either in-person, through regular online meetings or via a mobile app, Shapeup4life Hampshire is available to anyone with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above and combines exercise and food choices to make positive lifestyle changes rather than a prescriptive diet. To find out more, check your BMI and to self-refer, go to


Councillor Rhydian Vaughan MBE

Calleva Division






Appendix B – Planning Committee Minutes



11th January 2022

Time:                    7.00pm


Online via Zoom



Cllr Chris Flooks (Chair)

Cllr Chris Tomblin


Cllr Keith Oborn

Cllr Malcolm Bell

In attendance:

Maxta Thomas (Clerk)

1 member of the public


Cllr Liz Capel







Apologies for Absence



As listed above. 



Declarations of Interest



Cllr Tomblin noted his position on the BDBC Development Control Committee, and took no part in the decisions on planning applications.



Minutes of the Last Planning Committee Meeting



The minutes of the meeting held on 9th November 2021 were unanimously agreed to be a true record of the meeting and were signed by the Chairman.




Matters arising



  • None.



Planning & Development



New Applications



21/03628/HSE – 6 Churchlands Bramley

Erection of a replacement front porch (part retrospective)

  • No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process. 





T/00616/21/TPO – 4 North Row Bramley

1 Oak: prune.

  • Concern was expressed about the lack of detail in the application.  However, defer to tree officer unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.






21/03654/FUL – Stocks Farm House The Street Bramley

Replacement of derelict three bay corrugated iron clad barn with wood clad, tile roofed, three bay barn

  • Cllr Bell noted that there is no indication on materials (roof tiles, etc). 
  • Members noted that any listed building consent should be looked at carefully.
  • No objection, but request confirmation that there is nothing significant in building that will be removed.  Clerk to process. 










20/03403/FUL – Site At Minchens Lane Bramley – AMENDED APPLICATION

Installation of renewable led energy generating station, comprising ground-mounted photovoltaic solar arrays, battery-based electricity storage containers together with substation, inverter/ transformer stations, site accesses, internal access tracks, security measures, access gates, other ancillary infrastructure, landscaping biodiversity enhancements including a Forest School, associated car parking and Nature Area

  • Cllr Flooks has circulated a paper to all members detailing the previous PC response and whether the concerns raised have been addressed by the applicant.  He stated that it is apparent that the applicant has not addressed all the PC concerns by any means.
  • Cllr Bell supported comments that the site is greenfield, and this should be built on a brownfield site. 
  • Members also noted inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the new documentation. 
  • It was noted that National Grid have stated that it should not be built underneath their powerlines. 
  • Objections to be submitted as per circulated document unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.



















Any other New Applications

21/03714/HSE – 32 Farriers Close Bramley

Erection of a single storey rear extension

  • Precedent has been set by a similar extension at a neighbouring property.
  • The proposed extension is not visible from the road.
  • No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process. 









Approvals/Refusals/Pending (see appendix A)

These were noted.  The Clerk particularly noted that BDBC has responded to the PC objection to 21/02791/HSE for Haldene, Bramley Lane.  The applicant has agreed to use red clay tiles to keep the extension in keeping with surrounding properties.  Clerkt o contact officer. 

In addition to the approvals/refusals already noted, the Clerk noted the following decisions made in the last few days:

  • 21/00521/FUL – Locksbridge Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

                Erection of 1no. dwelling and associated parking – Granted.

  • 21/03379/ROC – Land Adjoining The Well House Cufaude Lane Bramley

                Variation of condition 1 of 21/02426/RES to amend plan numbers to                 allow for alterations to external materials and window casements. –                 Granted.

It was noted that the Ward Cllrs had not received notification of the Locksbridge Farm application.







Planning Appeals



21/00349/FUL – Land At OS Ref 464762 159811 Minchens Lane Bramley

Installation of a battery storage facility with associated works

  • The BDBC refusal of this application has been appealed.  There are no details as yet on either the BDBC planning portal or the Planning Inspectorate portal.  The Clerk will update members as soon as further details are forthcoming.
  • Cllr Bell proposed that Bramley PC make a submission to the Planning Inspectorate at the appropriate time.  This was unanimously agreed.

20/01097/OUT – Land Adjacent The Street Bramley

Outline planning application for the erection of 4 dwellings including access

  • The appeal hearing for this application was in December 2021, although Bramley PC received no notification of the date.  Bramley PC made representations to the appeal in June 2021.  The appeal was allowed by the Planning Inspector







Update on Stocks Farm proposals



The Clerk confirmed that there is no firm planning application to comment upon at this stage.  She will update members and the residents as soon as there are.




Water Issues



Cllr Bell has touched base with the senior engineer at Thames Water, requesting and update on timescales.  He has also asked if Bramley PC can be involved with the Thames Water meeting with Wates re Stocks Farm.

Pollution at North Row – Thames Water has stated that this was not a Thames Water issue, and have passed this on to the Environment Agency. 

Thames Water has reiterated that no development should take place until the necessary upgrades to the sewage system have been completed. 



Minchens Lane s.106 issues



Cllrs and officers from BDBC and Bramley PC met with Persimmon representatives on 30th November.  Persimmon have stated again that will address the various outstanding issues.  Of particular note is their commitment to tidy up the allotments site.  The Clerk has been in communication with Persimmon, and there may be movement on the lease issue in the near future.



Local Plan Update



Cllr Bell attended and presented at the recent online Economic, Planning & Housing (EPH) Committee meeting at BDBC.  Cllr Durrant also attended.  Unfortunately, the meeting was less than satisfactory for attendees who were also presenting to the Committee, since the link was via audio only for them.  Members of the Committee were also advised by BDBC officers that they could not ask questions of those who were presenting, which was less than ideal.  However, Bramley PC has again stated its case on new development in the Parish, and noted that one of the major issues with the Local Plan Update is the insistence of the Government of a 5 year land supply figure. 

Cllr Tomblin stated that Members Advisory Panels have now been stopped, and members are reviewing the policy documents remotely.  There is a ‘wash up’ meeting scheduled to summarise this next week. 

New SHELAA – Cllr Tomblin noted that Festival Place and BDBC Offices are now in the SHELAA tagged as possible sites for residential development.   Bramley sites are all as before. 



Neighbourhood Plan Update



No update at present.  Bramley PC needs to look at possible sites for building the Bramley allocation of new houses in the next iteration of the Local Plan. 





Date of Next Meeting



Tuesday 8th February, provisionally to be held online.


Meeting closed at 7.56pm







21/02396/HSE – Barefoot House Olivers Lane Bramley (see also 21/02397/LBC)

Two storey side/rear extension to provide games and loft room





21/02650/ROC – Upper Cufaude Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

Variation of Condition 1 of 20/01608/ROC to amend the plan numbers to make elevational and revised internal amendments



No objection


T/00563/21/TCA – Peregrine House Sherfield Road Bramley Green

T5 Indian Bean Tree & T11 Service Tree of MWA Arb Report

Works: Remove both to near ground level and treat stumps to inhibit regrowth.

Reason: Clay shrinkage subsidence damage at the property.

Raise no objection


Defer to tree officer – actively support app.


21/03285/HSE – 3 Ellen Gardens Bramley

Conversion of garage to living accommodation and further loft conversion for additional Bedroom with rear dormer window





21/03449/TWRN – Laurel Lea Cottage Bramley Green

Fell 4 trees.  Prune 5 trees.

TWRN split decision



T/00607/21/TCA – Cedarwood Silchester Road Bramley

Reduction work to trees as per annotated photos.

Raise no objection



Pending Applications*


T/00583/20/TPO – Middle Farm The Street Bramley

T1, T2, T3 – Western Red Cedars: prune.

Defer to tree officer


20/03204/VLA – Land At Minchens Lane Bramley

Variation of Section 106 agreement attached to 14/01075/OUT to enable the transfer of the Equipped play area, northern kick about and southern kick about areas to the existing management company instead of the Parish Council

No comment as PC has interest in application


21/00521/FUL – Locksbridge Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

Erection of 1no. dwelling and associated parking



21/01219/HSE – Clover Cottage Silchester Road Bramley

Conversion of loft to habitable space, including extension of existing hipped roof and addition of roof lights to the front and rear elevations



21/02588/TDC – Land Adjoining Clift Surgery Minchens Lane Bramley

Technical Details Consent for the erection of 6 no. residential units with associated access, parking, and landscaping, pursuant to Permission in Principle Approval Reference 19/01470/PIP for 4-6 no. residential units



21/02744/HSE – Rose Cottage Sherfield Road Bramley Green

Erection of single storey front and two storey rear extension following removal of existing conservatory

No objection


21/02765/HSE – Middle Farm Cottage The Street Bramley

Erection of single storey side extension, two storey front extension following demolition of single storey front extension, upgrading of external insulation, new fence and gate to front driveway plus changes to fenestration



T/00436/21/TPO – 22 Wallis Drive Bramley

1 Sycamore: prune

Defer to tree officer


21/02791/HSE – Haldene Bramley Lane Bramley

Erection of two storey rear extension, single storey rear extension with conversion of garage to living accommodation, demolition of single storey extension and erection of a front porch. Alterations to external facade of house and replacement windows and doors



T/00508/21/TPO – 24 Wallis Drive Bramley

1 Sycamore: prune.

Defer to tree officer


T/00520/21/TPO – 10 Wallis Drive Bramley

1 Sugar Maple: prune

Defer to tree officer


21/03224/FUL – Cedarwood Silchester Road Bramley

Erection of 2 bed dwelling following demolition of stables/home office and associated landscaping and access



T/00556/21/TPO – 53 Coopers Lane Bramley

T1 – Mature Oak: prune.  T2 – Mature Oak: prune.



21/03384/HSE – 17 St James Close Bramley

Erection of single storey front extension and conversion of garage to living accommodation

No objection


21/03379/ROC – Land Adjoining The Well House Cufaude Lane Bramley

Variation of condition 1 of 21/02426/RES to amend plan numbers to allow for alterations to external materials and window casements.

No objection


T/00595/21/TPO – 5 North Row Bramley

T1754 Mature English Oak: prune. T1756 English Oak: prune.

Defer to tree officer


21/03604/HSE – Orchard House 5 Tudor Close Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory and extension to existing patio

No objection

*Objections/no objections listed are the decision of Bramley Parish Council only, and do not reflect any submissions placed by members of the public or other bodies with Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.





Appendix C – Finance

 The January finance documents can be viewed here.