Parish Council meeting minutes – 18th May 2021



Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Tuesday 18th May 2021 Time:                                    7.00pm
Place: Online
Present: Cllr Tony Durrant (Chair) Cllr Chris Tomblin
  Cllr Steve Day Cllr Keith Oborn
  Cllr Chris Flooks Cllr Colin Shimell
  Cllr Malcolm Bell Cllr Liz Capel
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 3 members of the public
  Cllr Nick Robinson (Borough) Cllr Chris Tomblin (Borough)
  Cllr Simon Mahaffey (Borough) Cllr Rhydian Vaughan (County)
Apologies: Cllr Bruce Ansell


1 Apologies for Absence
As listed above.
2 Chairman’s Introduction

i.            The Chairman welcomed Cllr Shimell and Cllr Day to the Council.  He also congratulated BDBC and HCC ward councillors on their election to the Councils.

ii.            The Chairman and Clerk noted the temporary scheme of delegation that was adopted at the extraordinary meeting on 5th May, and that all ‘decisions’ made at this meeting would be made as recommendations to the Clerk and then ratified at the next face to face meeting, currently scheduled for 20th July 2021.

3 Declarations of Interest
Cllr Tomblin noted his interest in planning matters due to his position on the BDBC Development Control Committee.  He took no part in the decisions on planning applications.

Cllr Capel noted her interest in the planning application for Taylor Drive and did not take part in the vote for that item.

4 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting
4.1 The minutes of the meetings held on 27th April 2021 and 5th May were unanimously agreed to be a true and accurate record of those meetings and were signed by the Chairman.  Check prop and seconder.  


4.2 Matters arising  
·         Frith Wood footpath – Countryside Services have confirmed that footpath 6 will be resurfaced over the summer/autumn this year.  They will also investigate footpath 7.

·         Bramley Brook – a section of the stream will be dredged very soon, and the footpath repair work will be done at the same time.  BDBC will check the collapsed bank whilst they are there.

·         Hybrid meetings – not taking forward at present as not urgent.




5 Open Forum
Cllr Durrant invited comments and questions from the public.

·         A resident queried the upcoming cycle race stop.  It appears that their website states the stop is Silchester rather than Bramley.  Cllr Capel confirmed that it is definitely in Bramley, and will liaise with the Clift Meadow Trust to ensure that all media states this.

6 County Councillor Report – Cllr Vaughan gave a verbal report:

·         HCC reorganisation – 50 new County Cllrs have been elected.  The HCC AGM is on 27th May.

·         Donna Jones has been elected as the new Police and Crime Commissioner.  Cllr Vaughan hopes to see action on low level crime.

7 Borough Councillor Report

Cllr Tomblin, Cllr Robinson and Cllr Mahaffey gave a verbal report:

·         Cllr Tomblin noted the three ward councillors for the Bramley ward, and further noted when they will be up for re-election.

·         The make up of BDBC now has a clear Conservative majority.

·         BDBC full council meeting next week to appoint leader and mayor, and also decide committee appointments.  This meeting will be at held at the Haymarket to allow the appropriate social distancing.

·         The Cufaude Lane site was visited last week by BDBC enforcement officers with a police escort to do a site audit.

·         Mark Andrews been employed as a temporary enforcement officer whilst BDBC replace Janine Wright.

8 Parish Environment  
8.1 Key Worker Commemorative Bench – Cllr Durrant and Cllr Bell have contacted various companies, but have had few replies.  Cllr Durrant and Cllr Bell to take further.  

Cllr Durrant/ Cllr Bell

9 Clerk’s report & Administration  
9.1 Councillor Training – the Clerk has circulated details of training Councillors.  The course is run by HALC, and is considered essential for all new Councillors and a useful refresher for long standing existing Councillors.  The cost is £95 per person at HALC offices, or £800 for an in-house course for up to 16 attendees.  The course consists of 2 2.5 hour sessions, or one whole day, and can be run at a venue of our choice or online.  Interest has been expressed by the Clerk at Sherfield Parish Council in a joint in-house course.

Cllr Durrant proposed an in house session in Bramley, online if possible.  Cllr Day seconded, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to liaise with Sherfield Parish Council and HALC.










9.2 Parish magazine article – the next article will be for the July edition.  Cllr Durrant to write the article – the deadline is 15th June. Cllr Durrant
10 Planning  
10.1 New applications

i.            T/00140/21/TPO – 4 St Marks Close Bramley

T1 Silver birch: Prune

·         Cllr Durrant proposed referring to the BDBC tree officer, Cllr Capel seconded, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward.

ii.            21/01002/LDPO – 7 St James Close Bramley

Certificate of Lawfulness for the proposed erection of a single                 storey rear extension

·         Cllr Durrant proposed no objection, Cllr Flooks seconded, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward.

iii.            21/01069/FUL – Land To Rear Of 22, 24 And 26 Taylor Drive Bramley

Change of use of land to rear of 24 and 26 Taylor Drive and part of                 22 Taylor Drive from amenity land to residential including                 planting of new hedge and erection of new 2m high fence

·         The land in question is in the process of being purchased from a private company by the applicant.

·         Cllr Flooks proposed no objection, Cllr Durrant seconded, majority approval, and Cllr Bell abstained.  Clerk to take forward.

iv.            T/00178/21/TPO – 7 And 8 Oakmead Bramley

T1 Oak: prune

T2 Oak: prune

·         Cllr Flooks proposed referring to the BDBC tree officer, Cllr Durrant seconded, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to action.

v.            21/01147/FUL – Land At Latchmere Green Ash Lane Latchmere Green Little London

Erection of 1 no. 4 bed dwelling and detached garage following                 demolition of existing agricultural building

·         This property already has permission for conversion of the existing agricultural building.

·         The land is known to flood as it is in a flood zone.

·         The proposed building will change the look of the area completely – it will be become a mini housing estate.

·         However, given the existing permission, no reason to object.  Cllr Flooks proposed making the above comments to the planning officer, Cllr Durrant seconded, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to action.

vi.            21/01219/HSE – Clover Cottage Silchester Road Bramley

Conversion of loft to habitable space, including extension of                 existing hipped roof and addition of roof lights to the front and                 rear elevations

·         The proposed extension is very bulky and quite close to road.

·         The proposed extension is out of place in the existing street scene, and would be detrimental to the look of the area which dates back to the early 20th century.

·         Cllr Bell proposed an objection due the above concerns, Cllr Oborn seconded, majority approved.  Cllr Day and Cllr Shimell abstained.  Clerk to take forward.

vii.            21/01241/HSE – 1 Tottenham Close Bramley

Part Garage Conversion and new link to existing Kitchen

·         Cllr Oborn proposed a comment on the parking reduction, otherwise no objection.  Seconded by Cllr Shimell, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to action.

viii.            T/00194/21/TPO – 1 St James Close Bramley

T1 Beech: prune

·         Cllr Oborn proposed referral to the BDBC tree officer, Cllr Durrant seconded,  unanimously agreed.  Clerk to action.






























































10.2 Approvals/Refusals – see appendix A.  These were noted.

Cllr Tomblin noted 20/01097/OUT for four houses adjacent to The Street has gone to appeal – closing dates for comments is 8th June.  He further noted that the ongoing issues with Thames Water should be highlighted.  Cllr Tomblin’s report on sewerage should be sent to the Planning Inspector, and also information on what the long term solution is likely to be, and that nothing should be built until this has happened.  Clerk to take forward.








10.3 Update on Solar Farm application (20/03403/FUL) and Battery Installation (21/00349/FUL)

No further update at this time.  Still awaiting meeting dates from each of the applicants.  Cllr Mahaffey noted his meeting with Highways recently, and stated that he doesn’t believe it will go to DCC any time soon.

10.4 Update on Sewerage and other water issues – Thames Water are looking at connecting to Sherfield sewage treatment works.  Issues are ongoing at Centenary Fields – issues with downpipes and drainage in some properties.  This is likely to become an enforcement issue.

Cllr Durrant noted the burst pipe at Campbell Road on C32 today, which was reportedly issuing foul smelling water.  It is unknown if this has been resolved as yet.

10.5 Update on St James Park s.106 issues – the Clerk has circulated a copy email she sent to Persimmon, and their response to it.  This is summarised below:

·         Clift Meadow lighting – there is a long lead time for the supply of these, but Persimmon will check to see when delivery will be.  They have confirmed that the lampposts will be green rather than silver.  They are to supply a cost guide for the replacement solar powered batteries.

·         Clift Meadow path – a plan should be submitted within the next week or so.

·         Ditch clearance – Persimmon state that the ditch is not within the development Title and is therefore not their responsibility.  This needs to be checked.  The blockage should also be reported to HCC as the Lead Flood Authority.  Cllr Flooks noted that the original application did state that the developer was going to look after the stream.

·         Tree planting – this should have been done some time ago, and Persimmon are chasing.

·         Allotments – the lease is with the solicitors, and discussions on other matters are ongoing.

·         Attenuation Pond – there is no intention to install a depth gauge.  This should be added to the report to the Lead Flood Authority.

·         White gateway feature at the 30mph sign on Minchens Lane – this is being dealt with in conjunction with HCC.  There is no timeframe at present.

·         Other Highways issues – again, these are being dealt with in conjunction with HCC.  There is no timeframe at present.  Cllr Flooks noted that Highways stated in June 2019 that the right hand turn into Burlington Avenue is not fit for purpose and should be addressed by Persimmon.

·         Management Company contact – the Clerk now has the relevant contact details, although handover is not complete as yet and all queries should still be addressed to Persimmon.





















10.6 Neighbourhood Plan Working Group – with the Local Plan Update continuing, the need to update the Bramley NDP grows closer.  Cllr Bell noted that a working group should be in place no later than September 2021.  Cllr Bell to take lead on this – Cllr Durrant to put into parish magazine article.  


Cllr Bell/ Cllr Durrant

11 Reports  
11.1 Allotments and Burial Ground

i.            St James Park allotments – the lease agreement is currently with the solicitors for further action.  The Clerk has circulated the current version of the lease to all Councillors.

Cllr Tomblin to draft letter to BDBC planning team outlining Bramley PC difficulties.

Cllr Day asked if BDBC have any power to prevent further development from Persimmon until this development is resolved.  Cllr Tomblin confirmed that that this is not possible, and may well be unlawful as well.





Cllr Tomblin


          11.2 Village Hall Trust – Cllr Oborn gave a brief update.

·         Ongoing bookings are looking healthy

·         Work on the car park is due to begin the week beginning 19th July.  This may affect the first face to face Parish Council meeting after lockdown restrictions are lifted in June – Clerk to monitor and change the venue if necessary.






11.3. Clift Meadow Trust – Cllr Capel gave a verbal report.

·         Issues with anti-social behaviour – large gatherings, noisy, leaving lots of litter, possibility of drug use.  The local PCSO is working with CMT to try to resolve issues.

i.            Playground Surface – the Clerk has received information on the suppliers that BDBC use.  Three quotes will be necessary, of which one has been obtained so far.

11.4 Police & Neighbourhood Watch – no report.

The Clerk noted the new CSPO for Bramley, Samantha Lowe.  Samantha will hopefully be attending a future PC meeting, depending on commitments.  Clerk to organise.




         11.5 Highways/Footpaths – no report.  
     11.6 Road Safety Project – no update at present. Recent accident at the junction  was noted.  Clerk to chase.  
     11.7 Chairman’s report – nothing to report.  
12 Consultation documents requiring consideration  
13 Grant Applications  
Clift Meadow Trustees

Live music event – CMT has submitted more detail on the income and expenditure for the event.  Cllr Durrant noted that CMT are now overdue on some deposits for the event, and that a decision on the grant should be made at this meeting.  Cllr Durrant further noted that CMT have confirmed that they will contact local residents.

Cllr Durrant stated that the issue for CMT is that if they don’t get regular events going, then they will always be referring to the PC for any expenditure.  It also may be good for the community to see such an event occurring.  The likely demographic will be families and older.

Cllr Day observed that CMT could consider concessions to raise more revenue.  However, it appears that will not be possible for this event, although it may be for future events.

Cllr Capel stated that if the event is successful then CMT will consider making it an annual event.  If it becomes annual event, it is not envisaged that the PC will need to help fund further events.

Cllr Durrant proposed giving the grant, Cllr Oborn seconded, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to contact CMT and check grant amount.  Also ask CMT to acknowledge where funding came from.


















14 Finance  
14.1 Payments and reconciliation approval – see appendix B

The Clerk noted the payments for May.

Cllr Tomblin proposed approving the May payments, seconded by Cllr Bell, unanimously approved.  Clerk to action.





14.2 Acknowledgement of Receipts – see appendix B

The receipts for May were noted.



15 Date of Next meeting  
The next Parish Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 15th June and will be online.  
16 Resolution to exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings  
17 Confidential Items  

The meeting closed at 8.54pm



Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….      Date: ………………………………………              


Appendix A – Planning Summary


1. 20/01008/FUL – Land At Locksbridge Farm Cufaude Lane

The erection of 1 no. dwelling and associated parking and access

Application withdrawn


2. 20/01954/FUL – Cedarwood Silchester Road Bramley

Erection of 1 no. single storey dwelling to provide accommodation for parents, associated landscaping and access following demolition of stable/home office




3. 21/00832/HSE – 2 Razors Farm, Stable Cottage Doric Avenue Chineham

Proposed pergola in rear garden


No objection


Pending Applications*

1. T/00583/20/TPO – Middle Farm The Street Bramley

T1, T2, T3 – Western Red Cedars: prune.

Defer to tree officer
2. 20/03204/VLA – Land At Minchens Lane Bramley

Variation of Section 106 agreement attached to 14/01075/OUT to enable the transfer of the Equipped play area, northern kick about and southern kick about areas to the existing management company instead of the Parish Council

No comment as PC has interest in application
3. 20/03299/HSE – 28 Kirby Drive Bramley

Single storey front extension.

No objection
4. 20/03403/FUL – Site At Minchens Lane Bramley

Installation of renewable led energy generating station, comprising ground-mounted photovoltaic solar arrays, battery-based electricity storage containers together with substation, inverter/ transformer stations, site accesses, internal access tracks, security measures, access gates, other ancillary infrastructure, landscaping biodiversity enhancements including a Forest School, associated car parking and Nature Area

5. 20/03485/VLA – Razors Farm Cufaude Lane Chineham

Variation of Section 106 agreement to modify the mortgagee in possession clause

No objection
6. 21/00349/FUL – Land At OS Ref 464762 159811 Minchens Lane Bramley

Installation of a battery storage facility with associated works

7. 21/00521/FUL – Locksbridge Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

Erection of 1no. dwelling and associated parking

8. 21/00789/FUL – QPS House The Street Bramley

Conversion of ground floor from tanning studio (sui-generis) and barber shop (A1) to 1 no. two-bed flat and a E(a) (retail) unit


*Objections/no objections listed are the decision of Bramley Parish Council only, and do not reflect any submissions placed by members of the public or other bodies with Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.




Appendix B – Finance

The May financial statement can be viewed here.