Parish Council meeting minutes – 19th October 2021



Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Tuesday 19th October 2021 Time:                                    7.00pm
Place: Bramley Room Bramley Village Hall  
Present: Cllr Tony Durrant (Chair) Cllr Chris Tomblin
  Cllr Steve Day Cllr Malcolm Bell
  Cllr Chris Flooks Cllr Colin Shimell
  Cllr Liz Capel Cllr Keith Oborn
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 0 members of the public
  Cllr Nick Robinson (Borough) Cllr Rhydian Vaughan (County)
Apologies: Cllr Bruce Ansell Cllr Simon Mahaffey (Borough)


  A 1 minute silence for was held in memory of David Amess MP.  
1 Apologies for Absence  
  As listed above.  
2 Declarations of Interest  
  Cllr Day noted his interest in item 11.2 and took no part in the vote for that item.  
3 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting  
3.1 The minutes of the full Council meeting on held on 21st September 2021 were unanimously agreed to be a true and accurate record subject to the correction of a few minor typographical errors.  These changes were made manually in the minutes and duly signed by the Chairman.



3.2 Matters arising  

·         Village Hall defibrillator – the move of this unit is in hand – the Clerk has put Trustees in touch with the local ambulance service.

·         Covid commemorative bench – this is due for delivery at the end of October.  The bench is to go on the east side of Clift Meadow (to be agreed with the Clift Meadow Trust).

·         Vyne Park Parish Council meeting – this will require a physical mail drop as well as online notice, to ensure that as many Vyne Park residents are reached as possible.

·         Vyne Park noticeboard – the Clerk is awaiting approval on the final two documents.  Once she has this, it will be fully submitted.

·         Air Quality  monitor to be sent off for software update to suppliers this week.

·         Wildflower meadow –one area of Bramley Green will continue to be developed rather than expand into other areas.



4 Open Forum  

Cllr Durrant invited comments and questions from the public.

·         None.


County Councillor Report  – see appendix A

Fly tipping at Folly Lane has now been removed by the Stratfield Saye estate, who are minded to close the track off to vehicular access.




Borough Councillor Report – Cllrs Tomblin & Robinson gave a verbal report:

·         Layout of Bramley Lane junction.  Cllr has received complaints that large lorries cannot get around the new junction layout well.  It has been suggested that the pavement closest to the turning could do with railings since lorries will be very close to pedestrians when turning.

·         Leisure Park – the proposed deal for a new shopping centre to help finance the redevelopment of the leisure park has fallen through, due to the impact of Covid on the retail sector.  New plans are now being developed.

·         Ice Rink – investment in the ice rink is a separate issue from the leisure park, and has been simplified by the shopping centre deal falling through.

·         Deane’s building – usage is being reviewed.  Council Chambers are now much more accessible.  The Parklands building has now been let.

·         Local Plan – this continues to be worked on, with all three ward councillors fighting on Bramley’s behalf.  At a full BDBC meeting last week, councillors backed Council leaders in talking to the Government to challenge housing numbers.  They also backed a policy that infrastructure should lead housing rather than the other way round.  The Local Plan update will continue despite some key reports not being available yet.

·         Economic, Planning & Housing Committee – the next EPH meeting is on 18th November, and should be focusing on the rural economies and development.

·         Manydown Overview committee – building is due to start in 2023, but there is still no outline planning permission – this is waiting on s.106 agreement.  Urban & Civic are taking on board BDBC wishes that the development should  be an exemplar development energy wise.  First phase should be available in the spring 2023.



7 Parish Environment  

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – no update at present.  Need to work around Fete, which is scheduled for the same day.  Cllr Bell to liaise with the Clift Meadow Trustees.

A vegetarian option needs to be considered to the planned hog roast.

Cllr Capel to check if the bar supplier for the fete will be available for the evening beacon lighting event.


Cllr Bell



Cllr Capel

8 Clerk’s report & Administration  
  The Clerk noted receipt of the completed external audit, which has come back clear.  
8.1 Parish magazine article – the next deadline is 15th November for the December edition, and Cllr Capel is due to write it.


Cllr Capel

10 Reports  

Planning Committee Report (see appendix B)

Cllr Flooks gave a brief report on the October Planning Committee meeting.


i.            New Applications – none.

ii.            Local Plan Update – see Borough Councillor report.


Allotments & Burial Ground

Cllr Shimell has drafted updated regulations for the allotments, which has been circulated to all councillors.  Cllr Tomblin proposed adopting the updated regulations, Cllr Durrant seconded, unanimously agreed.  Cllr Shimell to finalise and distribute to allotment holders.

i.             St James Park allotments – no further communication from Persimmon or their solicitors.  The site is not in a state where the Parish Council could take it on.  Cllr Tomblin has raised the issue with the Borough, but there is no s106 money that could be used.




Cllr Shimell


9.3 Village Hall Trust – see appendix A.  

Clift Meadow Trust

i.            Installation of a football wall – Cllr Durrant outlined various location possibilities and their pros and cons.  Cllr Capel noted that she is unaware if CMT have thought any further about it.  Cllr Durrant recommended waiting until CMT come forward with a formal proposal.

ii.            Installation of electric car charging points – wait for CMT to come up with proposals.

iii.            Installation of fencing along the ditch between Clift Meadow and St James Park – Cllr Durrant noted that children are jumping across and eroding the bank, but any fence must be robust and will therefore be expensive.  Cllr Capel to take PC thoughts back to CMT.











Cllr Capel

9.5 Police & Neighbourhood Watch – no report received.  

Highways & Footpaths – no report received.

Community Speedwatch (CSW) – Cllr Day noted the results of the recent CSW survey about traffic calming measures, and also the results of recent speedwatch deployments.  He stated that it is clear that there is a speeding problem in Bramley, and that the survey suggests that the majority of residents would be in favour of a village gate scheme.

Cllr Day noted that the CSW team are limited in what they can do.  The  main road through village in itself causes speeding issues due to it being one long road.  He feels that village gates do have an impact on people and helps slow some traffic down.  Cllr Day observed that not every single road needs to be done in one go – the two ends of the C32, Vyne Road, and Bramley Lane would be key points to start off with.  He is happy to look at grant funding.

Cllrs discussed a range of traffic calming measures.  It was unanimously agreed that Cllr Day will act as the PC representative to the CSW group unanimously agreed.  Cllr Day to investigate sources of funding and assist with proposals to the Parish Council.















Cllr Day

9.7 Road Safety Project – Cllr Durrant has been monitoring the Bramley Lane junction and has written to HCC Highways engineers with issues – people are still overtaking to turn into Bramley Lane and the Bakery, and the pedestrian crossing is being parked across when barriers are down, making it difficult for pedestrians to use.  Cllr Day has asked the school to put something in a newsletter to parents about the scheme, asking them not to overtake to turn right.  Cllr Durrant will continue to liaise with Highways.






Cllr Durrant


9.8 Chairman’s Report – none.  
10 Consultation documents requiring consideration  
11 Grant Applications  
11.1 Bramley School Association – an application was received from the BSA for £1,500 towards the annual fireworks display.  This has been agreed by email.  Cllr CT proposed ratifying the decision, Cllr EC seconded, unanimously agreed.  
11.2 Royal British Legion – Cllr Durrant noted the upcoming RBL commemorations, and invited proposals for a donation to the RBL.  Cllr Shimell proposed a donation of £1500, Cllr Tomblin seconded, unanimously agreed.  Cllr Day declared an interest as treasurer of the local RBL, and took no part in the vote.  
13 Finance  

Payments and reconciliation approval – see appendix C

The Clerk noted the payments for October.  Cllr Tomblin proposed approving the October payments, seconded by Cllr Capel and unanimously approved.  Clerk to action.






Acknowledgement of Receipts – see appendix C

The receipts for September were noted.  The Clerk noted that the quarter 2 VAT claim was due to be made, and that this would be for approximately £1,600.



14 Date of Next meeting  
  The next Parish Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 16th November, in the Bramley Room at Bramley Village Hall at 7.00pm  
15 Resolution to exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings  
16 Confidential Items  


The meeting closed at 8.55pm





Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….      Date: ………………………………………              

Appendix A –
October Briefing notes



These are the results of the latest deployment of our other Speed Indicator Device (SID) on The Street between Monday 20th September and Sunday 3rd October. The SID was positioned facing oncoming traffic coming from the direction of The Village Hall

  • Top speed recorded was 67mph on Monday 27th September at 22:51 a further 12 vehicles were recorded at speeds in excess of 50mph and a further 3 over 60mph..
  • 33,458 vehicles were recorded passing the SID.
  • 2% of vehicles passing the SID were exceeding the 30 mph speed limit on The Street.



No written report received.



  • The VHT has been put forward for a £10,000 grant from National Grid towards solar panels.
  • Bookings have been extremely busy.
  • The Bramley Knitted map will be located somewhere at the Village Hall in the long term.
  • AGM is on 1st November at 7.00pm in the Bramley Room.



No written report received.



No written report received.



No written report received.



No written report received.



No written report received.



Household Waste Recycling Centres – Hampshire County Council is lifting the one visit per week limit for residents taking waste to one of the county’s 24 household waste recycling centres (HWRCs), although the requirement to book visits online will remain in place for the time being.

Residents are however asked to make the most of each visit and separate out items for reuse and recycling to help reduce the amount of waste that has to be disposed of. Greater efficiency in recycling will ensure that the service is more cost effective.

The new arrangement will be effective from Monday 4 October. While there will be no limit on the number of bookings per week, the County Council requests any bookings made which later are not required, are cancelled so that they can be available to others.

Residents can visit the County Council’s waste and recycling webpages for further information and to book an appointment.

Separately, Hampshire County Council has agreed to commission Veolia UK to prepare and submit a planning application seeking permission to develop a new materials recovery facility in Eastleigh, at Chickenhall Lane. This will help enable the county’s waste collection and disposal authorities to meet potential future legislative requirements and recycle materials that current facilities are unable to, including plastic pots, tubs and trays, glass and cartons.


Support for bus services – Hampshire County Council has committed to extend its additional, Covid related support for community transport services – committing to a further six months (1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022) while the country continues its economic recovery from the pandemic.

This means that the Authority will continue the policy of paying 100% contract and concessionary fares payments to Community Transport operators. The move will assist those operators in the recovery and operation of their services, covering them for any loss of service user income which they may continue to experience due to COVID-19 over the winter and into early spring.


HCC budget balancing proposals update – Hampshire County Council has begun important financial planning – with feedback from residents to be considered – on options to help the Authority address an anticipated two-year shortfall in its budget of at least £80 million by April 2023. This is necessary if the County Council is to deliver a balanced budget, which is required by law. Councils across England are facing similar budgetary pressures.

The proposals will include Children’s Services which aim to achieve savings of £21.3 million over the next two financial years (2022/2023 and 2023/2024). Maintaining good quality education and ensuring safe and effective social care services that are targeted to vulnerable children, young people and their families, are the priorities underpinning these savings proposals.

The resulting proposals from all County Council departments be considered by the County Council’s Cabinet and full Council at their respective meetings on 12 October and 4 November 2021.


Road closures at Parkway South roundabout, Whiteley – As Hampshire County Council’s £23 million project to improve the M27 Junction 9 and Parkway South at Whiteley progresses, some planned night works and temporary road closures are required at Parkway South Roundabout this October.

The works include surfacing the new sections of carriageway;  diversions will be in place. to redirect affected traffic during the closures. The works are weather dependent and may need to be re-arranged at short notice. They are planned from 8pm until 5.30am from 4th to 8th October.

The scheme to upgrade M27 Junction 9 and Parkway South Roundabout aims to increase highway capacity and improve the flow of traffic by widening the roundabouts, adding additional lanes to the motorway slip roads and installing traffic lights at the Parkway South Roundabout as well as adding new pedestrian routes.

For programme updates and further information about this scheme, please visit the project webpage:


Walktober – October is the International Walk to School month. As part of this, Hampshire County Council is encouraging parents to leave the car at home for all or part of the school run, and to walk the journey instead – to help build opportunities for exercise in their children’s school day, and to improve air quality around schools. It is one of the County Council’s all year round initiatives to promote active travel and good road safety awareness among all those who use the roads.

Another of these initiatives is the Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) programme which trains Year 5 and Year 6 children to be ambassadors for road safety at their schools. JRSOs lead by example and share their knowledge with their fellow pupils about the importance of safety when walking to and from school.

The number of children walking to school in Hampshire over the last 15 years has risen to over 50% of pupils.


Cllr Rhydian Vaughan



Appendix B – Planning Minutes


Date: 12th October 2021 Time:                    7.00pm
Place: Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall  
Present: Cllr Chris Flooks (Chair) Cllr Chris Tomblin
  Cllr Liz Capel Cllr Keith Oborn
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 5 members of the public
Apologies: Cllr Simon Mahaffey Cllr Malcolm Bell


1 Apologies for Absence  
  As listed above.  
2 Declarations of Interest  
  Cllr Tomblin noted his position on the BDBC Development Control Committee, and took no part in the decisions on planning applications.  
3 Minutes of the Last Planning Committee Meeting  
3.1 The minutes of the meeting held on 14th September 2021 were unanimously agreed to be a true record of the meeting and were signed by the Chairman.




Ratification of planning recommendations under the Scheme of Delegation

The Clerk has circulated a list of all recommendations made at the online meetings in June and July (see appendix A).

Cllr Capel proposed ratifying all recommendations, Cllr Oborn seconded, unanimously agreed.

3.3 Matters arising  
  ·         None.  
4 Planning & Development  
4.1 New Applications  

21/02650/ROC – Upper Cufaude Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

Variation of Condition 1 of 20/01608/ROC to amend the plan numbers to make elevational and revised internal amendments

·         No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward.






21/02689/HSE – Cufaude Cufaude Lane Bramley

Erection of two storey rear extension and single storey rear extension with other minor internal alterations and refurbishment works

·         No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward.






T/00427/21/TPO – 22 The Smithy Bramley

1 Oak: prune

·         The Clerk noted that the determination deadline for this applications is today.  Two of the four members who can vote have commented via email, stating that Bramley PC should defer to the tree officer’s opinion.  This was agreed by all members.


21/02753/LDPO – 5 Taylor Drive Bramley

Certificate of lawful development for the erection of a single storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory

·         No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward.






21/02744/HSE – Rose Cottage Sherfield Road Bramley Green

Erection of single storey front and two storey rear extension following removal of existing conservatory

·         No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward.






21/02765/HSE – Middle Farm Cottage The Street Bramley

Erection of single storey side extension, two storey front extension following demolition of single storey front extension, upgrading of external insulation, new fence and gate to front driveway plus changes to fenestration

·         The applicant spoke about the application.  He noted the house is old fashioned and not set up for modern living.  Updates are to do this without changing character of the cottage.  Existing tiles and windows are being re-used to make the extension look as though it has always been there.  They have tried to make it consistent with surrounding properties – pre-planning meetings have supported this.  A utility, ensuite bedroom and office is being added.  The footprint in increasing but not as much as it appears.  The architect has borne in mind the possible impact on neighbours.

·         A neighbour spoke about the application.  It has caused great stress to them.  There is no overlooking from the property at present – however, the proposals will overlook their garden.  They have tried to negotiate with the applicant, but the architect does not believe the overlooking will cause a problem.  The neighbours do not believe that the documents fully represent the scale of the impact.  They offered an invite to Cllrs to see the site themselves.  Proposals state that there is ample space for turning, they believe this is not the case – there is not now, and the proposals would not alter this.  They also stated that there are no other 2 storey front extensions in area.  The proposed extension will have a disproportionate impact on their privacy.

·         Members noted that there are no measurements of sightlines in the application, although the applicants say these have been measured.  This is also true for the turning space.

·         Members were unable to make an informed decision due to the lack of measurements and detail on sight lines on plans.  More detail is required before an informed decision can be made.  Possibly a site visit would be required.  Clerk to process.






























T/00436/21/TPO – 22 Wallis Drive Bramley

1 Sycamore: prune

·         Defer to tree officer unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.





T/00443/21/TCA – Middle Barn Minchens Court Minchens Lane Bramley

White Beam (T1) is currently 12m tall and 6m wide, which will be reduced to 9m tall and 5m wide.

Field Maple (T2) is currently 10m tall and 13 metres wide which will be reduced to 8m tall and 10m wide.

Field Maple (T3) is currently 15m tall and 7m wide which will be reduced to 12m tall and 5m wide.

Field Maple (T4) is currently 18m tall and 7m wide which will be reduced to 15m tall and 5m wide.

·         Application form on portal is for a property in Dummer.

·         No decision due to incorrect information.  Clerk to liaise with Planning department.












Any other New Applications

T/00519/21/TCA – Western Boundary Of 1 The Barracks Bramley Green

1 Goat willow: crown reduce all round by approx 2m leaving a finished height of approx 10m with a crown spread 6m

·         Defer to tree officer view unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.







Approvals/Refusals/Pending (see appendix B)

These were noted.


Update on Solar Farm application (20/03403/FUL)

No update at present, although this application is scheduled to be considered by the BDBC Development Control Committee in the autumn.

Update on Battery Installation application (21/00349/FUL)

This application was considered by the BDBC DC Committee on 6th October, and planning permission was refused.  The refusal was on the grounds of the impact on the landscape.




Water Issues

No update at present on sewerage issues.

7. Minchens Lane s.106 issues  
  No update on this at present.  There has been no response to emails the Clerk has sent chasing this.  The Clerk will continue to chase.



8. Local Plan Update  
  No update at present.  Full BDBC meeting this week has 4 motions about various aspects of the Local Plan update.  

Neighbourhood Plan Update

i.            Annual Monitoring report – the draft NP Monitoring report has been received from BDBC for Bramley PC comment.  Cllr Bell will reply in due course.



Cllr Bell

10. Date of Next Meeting  

Tuesday 9th November 2021, in the Bramley Room at Bramley Village Hall.


Meeting closed at 8.00pm



Appendix A – Planning recommendations under Temporary Scheme of Delegation


Date Application Decision & notes
08/06/2021 21/01086/HSE – The Stables Cufaude Courtyard Cufaude Lane Bramley No objection
08/06/2021 21/01510/HSE – The Lodge Cufaude Courtyard Cufaude Lane Bramley (see also 21/01511/LBC) No objection
08/06/2021 21/01508/HSE – Cufaude Manor Cufaude Lane Bramley (see also 21/01509/LBC) Objection – plans in wrong position, blocking views across fields, will affect aspect of grade 2 listed building, will overshadow neighbouring properties
13/07/2021 21/01890/HSE – 41 Minerva Road Bramley No objection
13/07/2021 21/01908/HSE – 16 Olivers Close Bramley No objection
13/07/2021 21/01970/HSE – 5 Razors Farm, New Barn Doric Avenue Chineham No objection
13/07/2021 T/00345/21/TCA – Rose Cottage Sherfield Road Bramley Green Defer to tree officer


Appendix B – Planning Summary




T/00345/21/TCA – Rose Cottage Sherfield Road Bramley Green

G1: Leylandii: Group of 6 trees . Propose to remove and replant. Replace with a more suitable “garden” tree species (Acer spp.)

T1: Leylandii: Reasons as above G1

T2: Ash Twin stem: Propose to reduce lateral growth by 2m in directions and remove deadwood. Reduce the risk of partial, or total, limb failure.

T3: Lawson Cyprus: Propose complete removal. Proximity to thatched property, risk of roots encroaching to underground services. Propose to replant further away from the property with an ornamental tree species.

T4: Oak: Previously had pruning works undertaken on lateral growth adjacent the property. Proposal is to reduce this back to suitable growth points as previously done and remove deadwood.

T5: Thuja: Propose to crown lift up to 2m and reduce lateral growth by 1m in all directions. This is to prevent further lower growth from rooting around driveway and to enable good access into the driveway and manage its growing habit.

Raise no objection




Defer to tree officer


21/02505/HSE – 3 Ellen Gardens Bramley

Proposed conversion of existing garage to habitable space and further loft conversion for additional bedroom



No objection


21/02569/HSE – Rivendell 42 Bromelia Close Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension


No objection


21/00349/FUL – Land At OS Ref 464762 159811 Minchens Lane Bramley

Installation of a battery storage facility with associated works




Pending Applications*


T/00583/20/TPO – Middle Farm The Street Bramley

T1, T2, T3 – Western Red Cedars: prune.

Defer to tree officer

20/03204/VLA – Land At Minchens Lane Bramley

Variation of Section 106 agreement attached to 14/01075/OUT to enable the transfer of the Equipped play area, northern kick about and southern kick about areas to the existing management company instead of the Parish Council

No comment as PC has interest in application

20/03403/FUL – Site At Minchens Lane Bramley

Installation of renewable led energy generating station, comprising ground-mounted photovoltaic solar arrays, battery-based electricity storage containers together with substation, inverter/ transformer stations, site accesses, internal access tracks, security measures, access gates, other ancillary infrastructure, landscaping biodiversity enhancements including a Forest School, associated car parking and Nature Area


20/03485/VLA – Razors Farm Cufaude Lane Chineham

Variation of Section 106 agreement to modify the mortgagee in possession clause

No objection

21/00521/FUL – Locksbridge Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

Erection of 1no. dwelling and associated parking


21/01069/FUL – Land To Rear Of 22, 24 And 26 Taylor Drive Bramley

Change of use of land to rear of 24 and 26 Taylor Drive and part of 22 Taylor Drive from amenity land to residential including planting of new hedge and erection of new 2m high fence

No objection

21/01219/HSE – Clover Cottage Silchester Road Bramley

Conversion of loft to habitable space, including extension of existing hipped roof and addition of roof lights to the front and rear elevations


21/02383/ROC – 103 Coopers Lane Bramley

Variation of condition 1 of planning consent 20/03124/HSE (Two ground floor pitched roofed extensions) to allow removal of garage door and replaced with UPVC window in-line with remainder of house

No objection

21/02396/HSE – Barefoot House Olivers Lane Bramley (see also 21/02397/LBC)

Two storey side/rear extension to provide games and loft room


21/02426/RES – Land Adjoining The Well House Cufaude Lane Bramley Hampshire

Reserved matters application for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale (pursuant to outline permission 20/01320/OUT for the demolition of existing stables and riding arena and the erection of 4 no. dwellings)

No objection, comments

21/02439/HSE – Masters House Silchester Road Bramley

Proposed Garage and Garden Store with home office on first floor


21/02515/HSE – 26 Bramley Green Road Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension

No objection

21/02588/TDC – Land Adjoining Clift Surgery Minchens Lane Bramley

Technical Details Consent for the erection of 6 no. residential units with associated access, parking, and landscaping, pursuant to Permission in Principle Approval Reference 19/01470/PIP for 4-6 no. residential units


*Objections/no objections listed are the decision of Bramley Parish Council only, and do not reflect any submissions placed by members of the public or other bodies with Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.




Appendix C – Finance

October finance statments can be viewed here