Parish Council meeting minutes – 20th December 2022



Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Tuesday 20th December 2022 Time:                                    7.00pm
Place: Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall  
Present:  Cllr Tony Durrant (Chair) Cllr Chris Tomblin
  Cllr Steve Day Cllr Colin Shimell
  Cllr Chris Flooks Cllr Liz Capel
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 2 members of the public
  Cllr Rhydian Vaughan (County) Cllr Nick Robinson (Borough)
Apologies: Cllr Malcolm Bell Cllr Bruce Ansell
  Cllr Keith Oborn  


1 Apologies for Absence  
  As listed above.  
2 Declarations of Interest  
  ·         None.  
3 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting  
3.1 The minutes of the meeting held on 15th November 2022 were proposed by Cllr Tomblin as being a true and accurate record of the meeting.  This was seconded by Cllr Shimell and unanimously agreed.  The Chairman duly signed the minutes.  


3.2 Matters arising  
  ·         None.  
4 Open Forum  
  Cllr Durrant invited comments and questions from members of the public.

·         A resident asked about the Bramley PC response to the planning application for Acorns.  This was discussed under the planning agenda item.



5 County Councillor Report – see appendix A.

·         Cllr Vaughan noted that he has spoken at the recent BDBC Development Control (DC) Committee meeting about the PIP planning application in Cufaude Lane.



6 Borough Councillor Report – Cllr Tomblin, Cllr Robinson and Cllr Durrant gave a verbal report.

·         Cllr Robinson noted the recent PIP planning application in Cufaude Lane, which the DC Committee refused on the grounds of isolation, biodiversity, and a nearby scheduled monument.

·         Cllr Robinson noted the recent Peer Review report, which concluded that BDBC is one of better councils in the country.

·         There are talks about unitarising BDBC with Hart and Rushmoor – Cllr Robinson is of the opinion that this should be vigorously opposed as BDBC residents will lose out in many areas.

·         Bin collection dates are out and on the BDBC website.  Clerk to put on PC website and social media.  Free glass recycling bins are available for households that will need them.

·         Cllr Robinson noted various electric vehicle charging (EVC) points – six have recently been installed in Bramley, and others in Basingstoke Town Centre.  The BDBC vehicle fleet is increasingly becoming electric.

·         BDBC budget proposals – deadline 2nd January.

·         The recent Cllr grant to Clift Meadow for new chairs was noted.  There is some money left for grants, deadline is 25th January for applications.

·         Warehouse at Dummer – the appeal for the application has been dismissed by the Planning Inspector on grounds of landscape impact.

·         Cllr Shimell asked if there was any way of monitoring EVC points to see what the usage take up is.  Cllr Tomblin to investigate.

·         Cllr Durrant noted the recent BDBC Full Council meeting.  BDBC is looking at council built homes, and having its own social housing stock.

·         Cllr Durrant noted a slight shift in the political make up of BDBC.  There will be some rearrangement of committees as a result.






















Cllr Tomblin


7 Parish Environment  
7.1 Traffic Calming – see presentation slides at Appendix B.

The biggest problem areas for speeding are outside Bramley Village Hall, by Farriers Close, and near Bramley Corner.

Cllr Day proposed that Bramley PC invest in AutoSpeedWatch.  A number of PCs are installing this system.  It is a speed camera which also captures numberplate.  It is not an enforcement camera.  The more councils that employ it the more information police will have about where speeding blackspots are.  It is hoped that the camera itself will be a deterrent.

Privacy laws were not designed to protect law breakers, so there is no issue with an ANPR camera from a police point of view.  Registration plates are not considered to be private information.  A picture is taken of the back of car, not the front.  The system can supply average speed cameras, or one off speed cameras.

The cameras only work in daylight as they are solar powered.  A night-time camera is in development.  Cllr Day proposed putting one camera in now, and review installing a second camera in around six months.  The cost for one camera will be approx. £2800 ex VAT over three years.  £2500 in the first year.  It may be possible to use the existing mounting pole outside the Village Hall.  Units are completely self-contained.  Licenses are a one off cost.  Cllr Durrant asked if there was any guarantee about yearly fees staying same – Cllr Day noted that they may go up.

The camera needs bright sunlight, which will preclude some locations.  The ideal location will be opposite the entrance to the Village Hall.  Camera’s only work in one direction.

Community Speedwatch (CSW) is looking at various ways of encouraging drivers to reduce speed, and this method does look more promising than some others.  The Police are also taking an interest in the system.

Data goes automatically to a server run by the supplier, who forwards it on to police.  Once police have it then the data would be forwarded to CSW.  It will give CSW the opportunity to operate in other areas with their existing cameras.

·         Cllr Tomblin proposed purchasing one camera daytime solar powered camera and the necessary licenses for three years.  Unanimously agreed.  Clerk to work with Cllr Day and CSW to take forward.  Insurance will need to be checked.

·         The licence application will need to come from Bramley PC.

·         Looking to go live in early part of 2023

Cllr Robinson noted that a Borough Councillor grant might be available to help pay for camera.  Clerk to work with Cllr Day and CSW to take forward.  Cllr Durrant noted that CIL money could go towards project as well.  Cllr Vaughan noted that County Councillor grant may also be available.
































Cllr Day/Clerk




Cllr Day/Clerk

7.2 Bramley Green maintenance update

Cllr Durrant and the Clerk have met with Stratfield Saye Estates to discuss the management of Bramley Green, and other related items.  The main points from the meeting are:

·         SSE do not want the whole of Bramley Green to be completely re-wilded.

·         Future management should include:

o   Twice yearly grass cutting of all areas except area 1(the main area of foot traffic across the Green).  This would be in early spring and late autumn.

o   Area 1 and 5 to be cut 3 times a year as it currently is.

o   The land around the wooden posts to be kept clear, and sight lines at Lane End to be maintained.

o   The drainage ditch that runs alongside the footpath nearest the houses to be checked and cleared if necessary.

·         Looking to formalise agreement between Bramley PC and SSE.  SSE are taking this forward.

·         Beech Farm – SSE are likely to look at developing this site in due course, and have already made initial enquiries to do so.  SSE has stated that would like to work with Bramley PC on how best to do this.  They are aware that views from the site are specifically designated in the Bramley Neighbourhood Plan, and should therefore be protected,

·         Tree management – there is an oak tree on the Beech Farm site that immediately neighbours and overshadows a residential car park on the Bramley Green estate.  The branch overshadowing the car park is causing residents to not use the car park.  Bramley PC asked that this branch be sympathetically cut back – SSE to facilitate.

Agreed schedule with Bramley PC is Area 2 and 3 with 2 cuts and arisings collected, area 1 and 5 with three cuts, and area 4 cut as when necessary.  Cllr Tomblin proposed that costs would be investigated based on the above.  Unanimously agreed, Clerk to take forward with info for January meeting.  Clerk to contact Sustainability Group.
































7.3 Silent Soldier storage and deployment update – the Clerk has made enquiries about the silent soldier storage and deployment – the contractor charges a flat rate of £40 per annum to store and deploy as necessary.  This rate would also include any minor repairs.

Cllr Durrant proposed that the silent soldiers should be stored with and installed by the contractor.  Cllr Shimell seconded, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward.








8 Clerk’s report & Administration  
  The Clerk noted that she has attended a recent Friendship Walk session. Despite very cold and foggy weather, the turnout was as good as ever with over 20 people attending.  It is very clear that this initiative has been extremely successful, with participants making a point of thanking the Clerk for the Parish Council’s involvement with project.  The Clerk further noted that all councillors have a standing invitation to attend as when they are able.  
8.1 Parish magazine article – the next issue will be the February issue, and Cllr Bell will write the article.  The deadline is 15th January 2023.  

Cllr Bell

8.2 Policy Review – the Clerk has reviewed and distributed the following draft policies:

·         Social Media policy

·         Equality & Diversity policy

·         Health & Safety policy

·         Scheme of publication

·         Freedom of Information policy

·         HCID policy

·         Recording, filming & photography policy

·         Code of Conduct

The Clerk noted that there is an Expenses policy in a very draft format, which still needs further work before presenting to members for approval.

All policies are largely unchanged from the last policy review, with the exception of the Code of Conduct.  This is based on the BDBC Code of Conduct, which was overhauled in May 2022 to bring it in line with the NALC model Code of Conduct.  There are still some numbering and layout issues to be resolved.

Cllr Durrant proposed and Cllr Shimell seconded that all polices should be approved subject to any numbering or layout changes necessary.  This was unanimously agreed.  Clerk to update and publish on the PC website.



















9 Reports  
9.1 Planning – see appendix C

i.            Planning Report – Cllr Flooks gave a summary of the December Planning Committee meeting.  It was noted that the PIP for land adjoining Clift Surgery has now expired, hence a full application has now been submitted.

Acorns – A resident noted that the proposed extension is very large, and will come within a metre of their property.  Cllr Tomblin noted that Bramley PC are consultees, and that if the resident has an objection then this should be registered with BDBC.  Clerk to note in the Bramley PC response that an objection has been received from a neighbouring property.

ii.            New Applications – none.

iii.            Solar Farm appeal inquiry – this inquiry is ongoing, with the Inspector making a site visit later this week.  Cllrs Durrant and Tomblin have attended, as has Cllr Bell.  Cllr Durrant has raised some issues at the inquiry on behalf of Bramley Parish Council.  The final decision is not expected until late January/early February.

iv.            Stocks Farm appeal – the Clerk noted that there will be time allowed for the Parish Council to speak at this inquiry, to commence on 10th January 2023.  Cllr Flooks to organise Planning Committee representative to speak.


















Cllr Flooks

9.2 Allotments & Burial Ground

i.            St James Park allotments update – the engrossed lease is now ready for signature.  Once this is signed by Bramley Parish Council, it will be returned to the PC solicitors, who will arrange signatures from Westbury Homes (on behalf of Persimmon).

There is one potential easement issue to note.  There is an electricity cable that runs along the southern side of the allotment site, and care needs to be taken when installing the fence and gate between the allotment site and the car park that the area above the cable will be accessible to SSE should it be necessary.  Clerk to contact Persimmon and BDBC to facilitate.

The fencing is due to be installed in the early part of the New Year.

The engrossed lease was signed.  Clerk to return to solicitors for action.













9.3 Village Hall Trust – see appendix A.  
9.4 Clift Meadow Trust – see appendix A.  Cllr Capel gave a verbal update.

·         The Fireworks event in November was a huge success.

·         April 2023 – hall hire rates are going up.

·         A grant from National Grid for ground source heating has been obtained.

·         Electricity in the shed is now installed.

·         The dead tree near the Granary needs to be dealt with.  Clerk to take forward.








9.5 Police & Neighbourhood Watch – see appendix A.  
9.6 Highways & Footpaths – see appendix A.

Lighting at the Cinder Track has now been resolved, and residents are clearly very pleased with this.  There are still a few lights on the Kirby Drive estate that need maintenance – Taylor Wimpey has said that this will occur in the New Year.

Cinder Track – Cllr Durrant has been liaising with officers at BDBC to try to establish ownership of the SINC land next to the Cinder Track.  It does appear to be Taylor Wimpey.  Enforcement of planning conditions, and adoption is being discussed.

9.7 Chairman’s Report – no report.  
10 Consultation documents requiring consideration  
10.1 The Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council 2023-24 budget consultation is now open for comments.  The deadline is 2nd January.  Cllrs Durrant and Tomblin noted that is a fairly reasonable budget.  Members to pass comments back to Clerk for collation and submission.  



11 Grant Applications  
11.1 Bramley 0-5 Group – the 0-5 Group has applied for £500 of funding to make up a shortfall due an upcoming increase in hall rental costs for the group.  They have also received funding from other parties.

Cllr Tomblin proposed that a grant of £500 should be made.  This was seconded by Cllr Capel and unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.






12 Finance  
12.1 December payments and reconciliation approval – see appendix D

The Clerk noted the payments for December.  Cllr Shimell proposed approving the December payments, seconded by Cllr Capel and unanimously approved.  Clerk to action.





12.2 Acknowledgement of Receipts – see appendix C  
13 Date of Next meeting  
  The next full Parish Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 17th January 2023, with Planning Committee the week before on Tuesday 10th January 2023  
14 Resolution to exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings  
15 Confidential Items  
  The meeting closed at 9.00pm  





Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….      Date: ………………………………………              

Appendix A – December Briefing notes


  • Concerning speeds: The Street still remains the highest concern. A recording of 80mph was recorded, East Bound, outside the Village Hall on 20th November at 18:51.
  • SIDs: Both SIDs were in use throughout November at various locations throughout the Village. See Table 1.

1 new location was used, Tudor farm by entrance to the allotments,  this was in response to several complaints I received regarding lorries waiting on the bend waiting to enter the Tudor Farm building site. See SID Data Table below for recorded data at this locations over a 7 day period. (*).

The data continues to show high levels of vehicles speeding.


  • Recent Local SpeedWatch Activity: 4 Manned Deployments (data available on request) were carried out during November all by Farriers Close .The Details of 73 vehicles were passed onto the Police. Max speed recorded during deployment was 45mph. It was concerning that several of the reports were HGV’s.

After the initial training and familiarisation on the SpeedGun the hit rates were a considerable increase over that previously recorded when using a SID. It is suspected that the 2 main reasons for the increase in the hit rate are:

  • The SpeedGun is able to detect speeding much earlier than a SID, thus giving the driver less time to react and slow down before observing the SpeedGun.
  • Due to the SpeedGun portability it is possible to monitor traffic flows in both directions. This is useful given the lulls in traffic flow due the level crossing.


  • Equipment: A Parish Council Grant has been submitted to enable the purchase of a Police approved SpeedGun (same as trialled). The grant was approved at the November PC meeting and the new SpeedGun has been purchased.
  • General: Several enquires have been made to Highways and Hampshire Police regarding deployment of the SIDs, responses have been somewhat less than helpful. A FOI request has been submitted to see in any further information can be teased out. The request has been noted and the response is awaited.

We lost one member from SpeedWatch this month due to them relocating abroad. Current membership stands at 22.

  • AutoSpeedWatch: I have been speaking to Swanmore Parish Council who are currently in the process of installing an AutospeedWatch system. They have been helpful and provided some useful information regarding the License requirements.

They like Bramley SpeedWatch have confirmed that currently Hampshire Police, although not objecting to the system, will not currently accept any data output from it.

There are currently several Parish Councils (that I am aware of, Swanmore, Nether Wallop, Eversley there may well be others) looking to install AutoSpeedWatch, some of which have started the process. It seems that this system is being generally accepted as a cost effective means of reducing speeding at the local level.

I have included a link to the proposed AutoSpeedWatch system which was successfully trialled in Beech (Hampshire) and attached the Beech AutoSpeedWatch Report from that trial.








Table 1: Speed Indicator Device (SID) DATA :


SID Location Days deployed Traffic direction % of vehicles exceeding

30 mph

No vehicles exceeding

60 mph

Max speed recorded (mph)
Triangle  Minchens lane/The Street 7 West Bound 23% 0 58
Farriers on School flashing sign 7 West Bound 46% 0 57
The Street Village Hall 7 East Bound 43% 8 77
The Street Village Hall 7 West Bound 21% 0 47
The Street by Churchlands 7 West Bound 46% 4 67
The Street by Churchlands 7 East Bound 46% 0 57
Tudor farm by entrance to allotments* 7 East Bound 47% 0 57
The Street Village Hall 7 East Bound 41% 5 80




No written report received.



Nothing major to report.



No written report received.



No written report received



No written report received.



No written report received.



  • HCC reorganisation – Hampshire County Council is carrying out an internal reorganisation, with some changes in its senior leadership. This has necessitated a change in responsibilities of the Council’s Cabinet. With effect from 1 January 2023, there will now be as follows:
    • Adults’ Health and Care – Cllr Liz Fairhurst (lead member) and Cllr Jan Warwick
    • Children’s Services – Cllr Edward Heron (lead member) and Cllr Steve Forster
    • Universal Services – Cllr Nick Adams-King (lead member) and Cllr Russell Oppenheimer
    • Hampshire 2050 and Corporate Services – Cllr Rob Humby (leader) and Cllr Rob Chadd (deputy leader)

Cllr Kirsty North will continue as Cabinet Member for HR, Performance, Communications and Inclusion and Diversity.

  • Leader calls on Government to address local government underfunding – Rob Humby, the leader of Hampshire County Council has called on the Government to take urgent action to address the looming financial crisis facing upper tier local government over the next few years. In a letter sent to the Prime Minister, Chancellor and Secretary of State, Councillor Humby, and Kent County Council Leader, Councillor Roger Gough, have outlined the drastic budget implications facing the two authorities, and the need for Government’s immediate help and a clear plan for long-term financial sustainability, if the two County Councils are to avoid filing bankruptcy notices within the next year or so.

Councillor Humby commented that “both Hampshire and Kent are high-performing, financially well-run and long respected County Councils. However, we face budget deficits over the next few years of a scale that has never been seen before – but not of our own doing. Our budgets are now at breaking point. We have gone as far as we can to close the budget gaps we have faced to date, and there is nowhere left to go in future without severely impacting some of the most vulnerable people in our society.”

The two leaders have asked the Government to put local councils on a long-term sustainable financial footing. Their request includes more annual funding to keep up with growing demand for adults and children’s social care services or legislative changes to reduce the demands on these services; fully funding the social care funding reforms and more money for growth in special educational needs; as well as greater freedom and flexibility around setting council tax and charging for services, alongside legislative changes to help local government help itself.

  • Winter support – Hampshire’s most vulnerable residents will not be left out in the cold this winter, thanks to a range of measures to help people with the costs of food, fuel and other essentials. Using its latest round of Household Support Funding from the Department for Work and Pensions, Hampshire County Council will be investing more than £7 million in a wide variety of schemes and initiatives targeting households facing hardship, between now and March 2023.

The initiatives will expand on what was offered in the previous funding round to include support for foster carers registered with the County Council, unpaid carers, care leavers, and people with disabilities. It will also widen the support available to reach out to those who may not be eligible for other assistance but are nevertheless in need.

Details can be found by emailing or visiting the connect4communities website.

  • Minerals and Waste Plan update consultation – Hampshire’s five minerals and waste planning authorities are asking residents, local groups and businesses to help scrutinise proposed changes to Hampshire’s Minerals and Waste Plan to ensure that it will continue to ensure provision of a steady and adequate supply of minerals and sufficient waste infrastructure, as well as maintain communities, protect the local environment and address the impacts of climate change.

The consultation allows residents to comment on local sites that have been identified for minerals extraction and transportation. Sites for waste processing, recycling and disposal facilities are also indicated in the Plan – so that the millions of tonnes of household and commercial waste generated across the county can be dealt with as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

The proposed updated plan and the response form can be found at The consultation will close at 17:00 hours on Tuesday 31 January 2023.

  • Boundary Commission review of constituencies – The Boundary Commission for England have published their revised proposals for parliamentary constituency boundaries. A final public consultation has commenced which closes on 5 December 2022.


The revised proposals and maps can be viewed here


Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.


Cllr Rhydian Vaughan




Appendix B – Presentation on AutoSpeedWatch

 The AutoSpeedWatch presentation can be viewed here.



Appendix C – Planning Committee Minutes

Date: 13th December 2022 Time:    7.00pm
Place: Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall  
Present: Cllr Chris Flooks (Chair) Cllr Malcolm Bell
  Cllr Keith Oborn  
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 0 members of the public
Apologies: Cllr Bruce Ansell Cllr Chris Tomblin



1 Apologies for Absence  
  As listed above.  
2 Declarations of Interest  
3 Minutes of the Last Planning Committee Meeting  
3.1 The minutes of the meeting held on 8th November 2022 were unanimously agreed to be a true record of the meeting and were signed by the Chairman.  


3.2 Matters arising  
4 Planning & Development  
4.1 New Applications  
a. T/00481/22/TPO – Campbell Road/German Road Bramley

Chestnuts: pollard every third tree

·         Refer to tree officer unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.




b. T/00499/22/TCA – Middle Farm Cottage The Street Bramley

T8 – Oak.  Following major stem failure:

Reduce broader areas of the canopy (to the north and east) by approximately 6m to leave a lateral canopy spread lateral spread which is no more that 5m radius.

Reduce tree height by approximately 6m down to 11m.

Cuts will be graded around the canopy to leave a natural-looking canopy shape

·         Refer to tree officer unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.









c. 22/03067/FUL – Land Adjoining Clift Surgery Minchens Lane Bramley

Formation of highway access and erection of 2no two-bed; 3no three-bed; and 1no four-bed houses with garaging, carports, landscaping and associated works

·         Members noted that this application is very similar to the previous Technical Details application.

·         Cllr Bell noted that access will have to be private as HCC will not adopt due to limited access.

·         Objections surrounding highways and landscape.

·         Cllr Bell noted the Thames Water response for the Stocks Farm appeal – that would apply to this application too.

·         Local Plan Policy SS6 housing in the countryside – this application is contrary to that policy.

·         Members had questions about the offsite diversity enhancements.

·         Objections as outlined above unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.















d. 22/03076/LDPO – Land Known As Plot 4 Cufaude Lane Bramley

Certificate of Lawfulness for the proposed use of an area of established hardstanding. This is shown on the Block Diagram.

An access has been established to Cufaude Road. This is shown on the Block Plan.

The works took place in about 2017.

The access has been identified as being safe and does not increase flood risk. The hardstanding is not and has not been used residentially, and is semi permeable

·         Members noted that the applicant claims that site has not been used for residential occupation – Bramley PC know this to be untrue.

·         Planning enforcement notices for previous applications state that the land should be returned to its original state.

·         Flood risk, road safety, landscape objections.

·         Objections as outlined above, and in line with previous planning responses for this site unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.
















e. 22/03131/LDPO – 11 Oakmead Bramley

Convert existing loft space into 2no habitable rooms and 1no bathroom, including flat roof dormer to rear and 3no Velux to front

·         Extension will remove barn effect of the hipping, which will make it not in keeping with other properties.

·         Members questioned the existing elevations – the roof is actually much shallower than the elevations suggest, and the elevations are inconsistent with each other.

·         Objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.










f. 22/03224/ROC – Land At Silchester Road Silchester Road Bramley

Variation of condition 1 of 20/00319/FUL to make design changes required for ease of maintenance and build costs associated with affordable units and other design changes

·         Changes will not be in keeping with character of area – removal of chimneys on 2 of the units on plots 8 and 9.

·         Objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.








g. Any other new applications

22/03261/HSE – The Acorns The Street Bramley

Front side and rear single storey extension to accommodate an annexe

·         No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.





4.2 Approvals/Refusals/Pending (see appendix A)

These were noted.

5. Planning Appeals  
a.  21/00349/FUL – Land At OS Ref 464762 159811 Minchens Lane Bramley – Installation of a battery storage facility with associated works

Planning Inspectorate reference APP/H1705/W/21/3289603

No further update at present.

b. 20/03403/FUL – Site At Minchens Lane Bramley

Installation of renewable led energy generating station, comprising ground-mounted photovoltaic solar arrays, battery-based electricity storage containers together with substation, inverter/ transformer stations, site accesses, internal access tracks, security measures, access gates, other ancillary infrastructure, landscaping biodiversity enhancements including a Forest School, associated car parking and Nature Area

Planning Inspectorate reference APP/H1705/W/22/3304561

·         The inquiry for this appeal is taking place this week, and is expected finish by 19th December 2022.

c. 21/03758/OUT – Land At Stocks Farm The Street – Outline planning permission (with all matters reserved except for access) for the demolition of one dwelling and erection of up to 140 dwellings and a community building of up to 250sqm under Use Class E, together with sports and leisure facilities.

Planning Inspectorate reference APP/H1705/W/22/3302752

·         This appeal is to be determined on an inquiry basis.  The inquiry is due to be held in January 2023, beginning on 10th January 2023.  Bramley Parish Council’s representations have been submitted.

6. Water Issues  
  The Senior Engineer at Thames Water handling the Bramley sewerage issues has provided a copy of the statement he made for the Stocks Farm planning appeal.  This essentially restates that Thames Water:

·         are working on a strategy for Bramley’s existing waste water problems

·         are not building in any capacity for future expansion of the village

·         have no firm timescale for the completion of the strategy and resulting work

·         would normally request as a planning condition that no occupations are made from the development site until either (1) the network reinforcement works are completed or (2) an infrastructure phasing plan has been agreed between Thames Water and the relevant developer(s)

This statement is available to view on the BDBC planning portal.

7. Minchens Lane s.106 issues  
  Clift Meadow lighting – the newly installed lights are still not operational.  The Clerk is liaising with Persimmon to resolve this.

Allotments lease – the lease is with the solicitors for finalising.  Bramley PC has requested that signature and completion happens before Christmas.

8. Local Plan Update  
  No update at present.  
9. Neighbourhood Plan  
  The NP working group has met recently.  Members are at a loss as to how to tackle the update, and with this in mind, Cllr Bell is meeting with the Planning Policy Team Leader at BDBC next week.  
10. Date of Next Meeting  
  The next Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 10th January 2023, to be held at the Bramley Room at Bramley Village Hall.


Meeting closed at 7.48pm





1. 22/02275/OUT – Land At The Street Bramley

Outline application for the erection of 4 dwellings with associated access

Application withdrawn


2. 22/02326/HSE – 30 Coopers Lane Bramley

Demolition of existing garage and construction of a 1.5 storey side and single storey rear extensions. Construction of a timber framed cycle store within the front garden



No objection

3. 22/02864/LDPO – Renaire Coopers Lane Bramley

Certificate of lawfulness for the proposed development of a rear single storey extension and side porch.



No objection

4. 22/02922/HSE – 9 Doric Avenue Chineham

Installation of a side entrance door to the east elevation


No objection


Pending Applications*

1. T/00583/20/TPO – Middle Farm The Street Bramley

T1, T2, T3 – Western Red Cedars: prune.

Defer to tree officer
2. 20/03204/VLA – Land At Minchens Lane Bramley

Variation of Section 106 agreement attached to 14/01075/OUT to enable the transfer of the Equipped play area, northern kick about and southern kick about areas to the existing management company instead of the Parish Council

No comment as PC has interest in application
3. 22/00444/PIP – Land North Of Cufaude Cottage Cufaude Lane Bramley

Application for Permission in Principle for the erection of 4 no. dwellings

4. 22/00744/FUL – Bramley Garage Sherfield Road Bramley

Demolition of existing garage and bakery buildings, erection of two buildings comprising a Class E commercial unit and 9 residential flats, change of use of land to residential use associated with Spring Fields, change of use of parts of residential curtilage of Spring Fields to form part of new development, associated car parking, servicing and landscaping.

5. 22/01703/VLA – Land At The Street The Street Bramley

Variation of section 106 agreement attached to 15/02682/OUT to insert mortgagee in possession clause

No comment
6. 22/01797/FUL – Land East Of Ash Park Business Centre Ash Lane Little London

Installation of a battery storage facility and ancillary development.

7. 22/02029/HSE – 17 Moat Close Bramley

Proposed two storey side extension and single storey rear extension

No objection
8. T/00400/22/TPO – 6 Pound Close Bramley

Willow/ mixed species – prune

Defer to tree officer
9. 22/02540/HSE – Stocks Farm House The Street Bramley (see also 22/02541/LBC)

Installation of 5 solar panels on the hidden valley south facing tile roof

No objection, defer to Conservation Officer
10. T/00450/22/TPO – Street Record North Row Bramley

T1753 Tree Tag: 2624 English Oak: Prune, T1755 Tree tag: 2264 English Oak: Prune, T1760 Tree Tag: 2260 English Oak: Prune

Defer to tree officer
11. 22/02937/HSE – 9 Longbridge Road Bramley

Proposed single storey side extension

No objection
12. 22/02956/HSE – Oakdale Silchester Road Bramley

Proposed Porch and Two Rear Ground Floor Extensions, New Windows and Doors. Render of Brickwork Walls

No objection

*Objections/no objections listed are the decision of Bramley Parish Council only, and do not reflect any submissions placed by members of the public or other bodies with Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.



Appendix D – Finance

 The December finance statement can be viewed here