Parish Council meeting minutes – 21st December 2021



Minutes of the Meeting of the Council


Tuesday 21st December 2021

Time:                                    7.00pm


Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall



Cllr Tony Durrant (Chair)

Cllr Chris Tomblin


Cllr Steve Day

Cllr Malcolm Bell


Cllr Chris Flooks

Cllr Colin Shimell


Cllr Keith Oborn


In attendance:

Maxta Thomas (Clerk)

1 member of the public


Cllr Simon Mahaffey (Borough)



Cllr Rhydian Vaughan (County)



Cllr Liz Capel

Cllr Bruce Ansell


Cllr Nick Robinson (Borough)






Apologies for Absence



As listed above.



Declarations of Interest



·         Due to his position on the BDBC Development Control Committee, Cllr Tomblin took no part in any vote on planning matters.

·         Cllr Durrant declared an interest in planning application number 21/03449/TWRN for Laurel Lee.  He has already commented via the Planning Portal, and therefore took no part in the decision on this item. 



Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting



The minutes of the full Council meeting on held on 16th November 2021 and the extraordinary meeting held on 15th December were proposed by Cllr Durrant seconded by Cllr Bell and unanimously agreed to be a true and accurate record and duly signed by the Chairman.




Matters arising



·         Noticeboard planning application – the Clerk noted that the planning application for a noticeboard at Vyne Park has been submitted.  The consultation period expires on 23rd December, with a decision due on 7th January. 

·         Bramley Green – Clerk to chase Iain James re cutting schedule

·         Brocas Hall –a history of issues is required.  Clerk to speak to the Clift Meadow Trust.








Open Forum



Cllr Durrant invited comments and questions from the public. 

·         None.



County Councillor Report  – see appendix A



Borough Councillor Report – Cllrs Tomblin and Mahaffey gave a verbal report:

·         BDBC have had many meetings cancelled and moved online in the immediate future due to the Omicron Covid variant. 

·         Community Safety Patrol Officers (CSPOs) – Cllr Mahaffey noted that these officers are employed by BDBC, and have limited powers to deal with anti-social behaviour, dog fouling, parking, and other such matters.  Police Community Safety Officers (PCSOs) are employed by the police and have greater powers to deal with more criminal matters.  Cllr Mahaffey to distribute a presentation detailing what the CSPOs do.

·         Basingstoke Voluntary Action (BVA) – Cllr Mahaffey stated that they are the BDBC chosen partner for the voluntary sector in Basingstoke, but are still relatively unknown in the community.  Cllr Mahaffey to distribute a presentation detailing what BVA do.

·         Local Pan Update – Cllrs are looking at climate policies at the moment, as well as an ‘ecology/biodiversity emergency’;  Cllr Mahaffey is concerned about how this will work alongside other emergency statuses.

·         Grass cutting – it has been noted that this service has not been as it should be in the last year.  BDBC are trying to promote some biodiversity through leaving some verges, and are looking at publicising this more, although Cllr Mahaffey is against roadside signage for this. 

·         Sherfield Hill Farm – 180 houses have been proposed for this site at Sherfield.  Cllr Mahaffey has attended a presentation on the proposals.  He noted that it will have a major impact on the A33.

·         Solar Farm update – the applicant has answered some questions on landscaping, and has reduced panels by around 10%.  The consultation documents have only gone to statutory consultees, and not the wider public. 

·         Economic, Planning & Housing (EPH) Committee – Cllr Tomblin stated that the next EPH meeting is on 6th January and will be online.  The Development Control Committee will continue as a physical meeting but will be in Council chambers.  Full Council meetings are moving to the Haymarket.

·         Budget – there are a number of grants to the arts being cut. 

·         Local Plan Update – Cllr Tomblin stated that there are still a number of key reports missing, making pulling policy together very difficult. 

·         New 2021 SHELAA – Cllr Tomblin stated that this has a few new sites added , mostly in Basingstoke Town Centre , including  Festival Place and the Council offices.

·         Cllrs Mahaffey and Tomblin confirmed that they are happy to grant money for benches at Farriers Field.




Parish Environment



Traffic Calming Measures – Cllr Day gave a brief presentation on the known trouble spots for speeding in Bramley, and possible measures to alleviate the issue.    

Some areas have some reasonably easy fixes, such as repainting existing ‘Slow’ road markings, and adding rumble strips to paint red road markings.  Others are considered a priority, such as by the Village Hall where there is a crossing point, but is also known as a bad area for speeding.  Entry points to the village, particularly along the C32, are candidates for new ‘village gates’. 

A range of possible actions as being considered, many of which would be the responsibility of HCC Highways.  Others could be put in place by other organisations, including Bramley PC, but funding would need to be found for such measures.      

Cllr Oborn observed that the Village Hall is in the process of getting a new road sign to show where it is – this will hopefully be more visible than the existing sign. 

Cllr Tomblin stated that he supports measures to calm speeds.  He suggested a ‘Welcome to Bramley’ sign at the railway bridge in Cufaude Lane, and at other entry points.  These might help to give Bramley a community identity.

Cllr Shimell noted that existing wooden structures at entry points to the village are somewhat consistent – are they therefore conforming to a standard?  This needs to looking into.  Cllr Day remarked that if new village gates are approved and installed, then it should be ensured that they are maintained properly.

Cllr Durrant supported Cllr Tomblin’s comments and noted that such a sign should be placed in Folly Lane as well. 

Cllr Durrant stated that he supports the various suggestions.  The Persimmon statement that their installed gate in Minchens Lane is the HCC standard needs to be clarified.  He also noted that too many signs and warnings can create a ‘sign blindness’, but that this should be a Highways consideration. 

Cllr Day noted that Highways have stated that s.106 money is where the funding for schemes would come from.  Clerk to investigate what funds might be available. 

Cllr Bell asked if there is any evidence that village gate schemes work.  Peter Ash from the Speedwatch team stated that there is little else that can be done, since there has been minimal input from the police.  He also noted that there is minimal signage in Bramley at present.  Bramley is not considered a priority speeding area by the police.  He also noted that there is no appetite from Highways for new pinch points or chicanes. 

Cllr Bell also questioned the identity – should it be ‘Bramley’ or ‘Bramley Village’.

Cllr Mahaffey noted that he has done research into whether gates work.  There is evidence to suggest that the ‘better kept’ villages do seem to slow traffic down.  Village gates contribute to this.  He suggested possibly installing planters at village entrances where gates are installed – Highways would need to be consulted on this. 

Cllr Day summarised – he and the Speedwatch team are still liaising with authorities and looking at funding options.  Cllr Durrant noted that a clear picture of what Highways will allow is needed. 


































New benches – Cllr Durrant has circulated plans for two new benches in the Parish, located on the path adjacent to Farriers Field.  The benches in question would need to be durable and reasonably vandal proof.  Borough Councillor grants of up to £1000 would be available to assist with funding.  Cllr Durrant has met with BDBC officers to discuss locations, and they are broadly supportive of the proposal.    Locations and benches have been agreed by BDBC.  BDBC will cut back brambles in the locations in question. 

Cllr Durrant proposed the installation of two benches, at a cost of £547+VAT per bench, inclusive of fittings but exclusive of installation.  Installation by a local contractor would cost approximately £300 per bench.  This was seconded by Cllr Shimell and unanimously agreed.  Clerk to order benches. 

Cllr Durrant also noted positive resident responses to the recently installed commemoration bench at Clift Meadow.

Cllr Durrant stated that Bramley PC own six benches (post meeting note:  this is a total of 8 benches).  These are located as follows:

·         2 at Clift Meadow

·         2 at the Burial Ground

·         1 at St James Church

·         1 by the football field

·         1 at Minchens Lane

·         1 opposite the Bramley Inn

Cllr Ansell has suggested that some of these could renovated or replaced to improve the village appearance. 











Clerk’s report & Administration



Parish magazine article – The next deadline will be 15th January for the February issue.  Cllr Durrant/Clerk to write the next article. 

Cllr Durrant/ Clerk





New Applications



21/03285/HSE – 3 Ellen Gardens Bramley

Conversion of garage to living accommodation and further loft conversion for additional Bedroom with rear dormer window

·         This application has already been approved by BDBC.  Bramley PC has not commented on it as the planned Planning Committee meeting on 14th December was cancelled due to being inquorate.



T/00556/21/TPO – 53 Coopers Lane Bramley

T1 – Mature Oak: prune.  T2 – Mature Oak: prune.

·         Cllrs noted that the trees are not diseased or causing problems.

·         Objection majority agreed as per the above comment.  Clerk to process. 






21/03384/HSE – 17 St James Close Bramley

Erection of single storey front extension and conversion of garage to living accommodation

·         Cllrs noted that the property will be left with plenty of parking space after the work.

·         No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.








21/03379/ROC – Land Adjoining The Well House Cufaude Lane Bramley

Variation of condition 1 of 21/02426/RES to amend plan numbers to allow for alterations to external materials and window casements.

·         The proposals do not appear to alter anything significantly.

·         No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.







21/03449/TWRN – Laurel Lea Cottage Bramley Green

Fell 4 trees.  Prune 5 trees.

·         Cllrs noted that the trees are not within the conservation area but do impact on the view from it.  They are an important screen between Bramley Green Road and the property. 

·         Objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.








T/00595/21/TPO – 5 North Row Bramley

T1754 Mature English Oak: prune. T1756 English Oak: prune.

·         Cllrs noted that the tree is very close to housing, and is very large. 

·         Defer to tree officer unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.






T/00607/21/TCA – Cedarwood Silchester Road Bramley

Reduction work to trees as per annotated photos.

·         Cllrs could see no reason for the tree work.  Therefore, objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.






21/03604 – Orchard House 5 Tudor Close Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory and extension to existing patio

·         No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.






Any other applications

20/03403/FUL – Site At Minchens Lane Bramley Hampshire

Installation of renewable led energy generating station, comprising ground-mounted photovoltaic solar arrays, battery-based electricity storage containers together with substation, inverter/ transformer stations, site accesses, internal access tracks, security measures, access gates, other ancillary infrastructure, landscaping biodiversity enhancements including a Forest School, associated car parking and Nature Area

Cllrs made the following notes:

·         This is not a new application, but there are a number of new and amended drawings and documents.  Therefore planning officers have put this out for consultation again.

·         Cllr Flooks noted that there are discrepancies in the Highways documents. 

·         Cllr Oborn stated that the applicant has addressed some issues with views of footpaths, but they have not addressed objections from Minchens House or from Brookside Grange. 

·         Cllr Flooks noted that the proposed Forest School is still in the application despite Bramley PC notes that this is not necessary.

·         Cllr Durrant suggested that all members pass on comments to the Planning Committee ready for the 11th January Planning Committee meeting.  This was unanimously agreed.























Approvals/Refusals – these were noted.  Of particular note is the requirement for a full Environmental Impact Assessment for the Stocks Farm site (21/03344/ENSC).



Minchens Lane s.106 issues

Cllrs Durrant and Tomblin met with BDBC officers and Persimmon representatives at the end of November to discuss resolving the remaining issues.  Persimmon have made some commitments – it remains to be seen if they will meet them.

·         Burlington Way junction – there is no further appetite from Highways to address it, but Gregg Chapman from BDBC is taking this forward.

·         Clift Meadow lighting – these are due to be installed in February, and will be painted green as per Bramley PCs request.

·         Tree and shrub replanting – the replacement trees and shrubs by the WI garden have now been planted.

·         Clift Meadow path – this has been raised up slightly and re-tarmacked.  However, there is already a small section that has sunk and is causing water to collect.  Persimmon has been advised of this. 

·         Allotments – Persimmon have promised to tidy up the area. 



Local Plan Update

The Economic, Planning & Housing (EPH) Committee meeting planned for 18th November was postponed until mid-December, and then postponed again due to recent Covid developments.  It is now planned that the meeting will be held online on 6th January 2022.  Cllrs Bell and Durrant will be attending and speaking.






Allotments & Burial Ground

St James Park allotments – Persimmon has requested information on the correspondence trail between their solicitors and the PC solicitors.  This information has been provided, and a response is awaited.



Village Hall Trust – see appendix A.



Clift Meadow Trust

          i.            Ratification of expenditure agreement for repair work at Brocas Hall – as mentioned at the November meeting, urgent repair work has been required at Brocas Hall to rectify drainage issues.  The work was carried out on 6th December, and Cllrs agreed a spend of £3649 excl. VAT via email.  Cllr Durrant proposed ratifying this decision, Cllr Shimell seconded, unanimously agreed.

        ii.            Further to the above, the Clerk is sourcing a surveyor to carry out a full survey of Brocas Hall in the New Year.




Police & Neighbourhood Watch – PC Robyn Gaimster has been in touch with the Clerk.  She is the new PC for the Bramley area.  The Clerk has given her details of traffic infringements at the level crossing, and she has said that she will focus her patrols there at the appropriate times.

Cllr Durrant has again written to the Police and Crime Commissioner. 



Highways & Footpaths – the Clerk has been in touch with Highways and Countryside Services about the bridleway between Folly Lane and Mill Lane (known as Green Lane).  Essentially, the bridleway comes under Highways for general maintenance, and therefore does not need to be adopted as a footpath.  It is scheduled for maintenance fairly soon, although Highways have stated that they must give the formal road network priority.  Any fly tipping on the bridleway should be reported to BDBC.






Road Safety Project – no update at present.



Chairman’s Report – no report.



Consultation documents requiring consideration






Grant Applications











Payments and reconciliation approval – see appendix C

The Clerk noted the payments for December.  Cllr Shimell proposed approving the December payments, seconded by Cllr Day and unanimously approved.  Clerk to action. 






Acknowledgement of Receipts – see appendix C

The receipts for December were noted. 




Date of Next meeting



The next Parish Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 18th January at 7.00pm, venue online. 



Resolution to exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings 






Confidential Items




The meeting closed at 8.40pm






Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….      Date: ………………………………………              

Appendix A –
December Briefing notes



These are the results of the latest deployment of our Speed Indicator Device (SID) on The Street outside the Village Hall between Monday 8th November and Wednesday 24th November.  The SID was positioned facing oncoming traffic coming from the direction of The Church


  • Top speed recorded was 74mph on Saturday 20th November at 10:17 a further 8 vehicles were recorded at speeds in excess of 60mph and a further 159 over 50mph.
  • 54,394 vehicles were recorded passing the SID.
  • 4% of vehicles passing the SID were exceeding the 30 mph speed limit on The Street.


Below are the results of the latest deployment of our other Speed Indicator Device (SID) on The Street outside the Football Club between Monday 8th November and Wednesday 24th November. The SID was positioned facing oncoming traffic coming from the direction of railway line


  • Top speed recorded was 59mph on Saturday 13th November at 02:48 a further 14 vehicles were recorded over 50mph.
  • 55, 848 vehicles were recorded passing the SID.
  • 25% of vehicles passing the SID were exceeding the 30 mph speed limit on The Street.



No written report received.



No written report received.



No written report received.



No written report received.



No written report received. 



No written report received.



No written report received.



  1. Covid-19 guidance

At the time of writing, three cases of the new Omicron Covid variant have been confirmed in the Basingstoke district, including at a local school. It is expected that the number of cases across Hampshire will increase.



Simon Bryant, Hampshire County Council’s Director of Public Health has reiterated that the council will encourage the public to adopt safe behaviours to prevent further spread.  His advice is to “get vaccinated – first dose, second dose, booster. Wear a face covering on public transport, in shops and crowded places. If you have symptoms, then isolate immediately and get a PCR test. 

“Ahead of social events, take a lateral flow test, meet outdoors if possible, or if indoors, open a window to let in fresh air. All of these individual actions can make a difference to help slow the spread of infection and help keep each other safe in the run-up to Christmas.”

  1. Child school/nursery attendance guidance

Separately, new advice was published last month to help parents and carers decide whether to send their child to school or nursery if they are feeling unwell. Produced by Hampshire County Council in collaboration with the NHS and local authority partners, the resource provides quick access to information that will help someone identify a possible health condition from a range of symptoms and whether the child should remain at home.

The new easy-to-follow guidance lists a range of common childhood illnesses and conditions from conjunctivitis to head lice, as well as symptoms such as a high temperature and a sore throat and what these might mean. It includes details about actions to take and when a child should return to education after being treated.  

The information is provided on the Should your child go to school/nursery today? web page; it is a general guide and has been checked by health professionals. However, if someone is unsure about a child’s wellbeing they should contact their GP, call the NHS helpline on 111 or visit their nearest pharmacy.

  1. Waste reduction

Community Waste Reduction Grants of up to £5000 are available for community organisations. Grant funding is available to community groups, small businesses, schools, charities, and parish councils to fund projects which will introduce a new waste prevention, reuse or repair project to the local area. The fund that has supported more than 60 projects across Hampshire since 2017. Among the exciting projects are repair cafes, cookery and upcycling classes in schools, reusable nappy libraries, swap events and many more that have contributed to helping people to reuse more and reduce household waste in Hampshire.

Potential applicants are asked to discuss their ideas first with the Waste Prevention Team before applying. Please contact the team by emailing: to arrange an informal discussion. The deadline for applications is 5pm Friday 18 February 2022.

  1. Fair Funding

County Council Leader, Councillor Keith Mans has written to Hampshire’s MPs to seek their support for a more equitable funding solution. Rural councils like Hampshire have historically received lower funding from central Government than the metropolitan authorities. Although major funding reform at the current time is difficult, a change is needed in the short term otherwise those authorities at the bottom end of the funding tables will continue to be hit the hardest as we recover from the pandemic.

A temporary solution might be to introduce a ‘floor’ into the methodology, so all authorities receive a minimum level of core spending power. This could be done as part of the provisional local government settlement and would cost around £300m nationally – to help benefit approximately 26 lowest funded councils – including Hampshire.

In the meantime, Hampshire County Council has now approved the financial strategy needed to help meet a budget shortfall of at least £80 million by April 2023.

  1. 20 is Plenty

Hampshire County Council have announced a review of the evidence for 20-mph zones in residential areas and this will be undertaken by the Environment, Transport and Economy Select Committee in early 2022. Hampshire Constabulary and the Police and Crime Commissioner will be invited to take part. I am a member of the ETE committee.



  1. Additional climate change support

Hampshire County Council has welcomed news of a successful bid for over £205,000 from the Government’s Community Renewal Fund, which will enable the authority to expand its work with communities to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to climate change. I reported on the current work being undertaken by the council last month.

Separately, a Hampshire County Council scheme, which enables young people to hire mopeds at an affordable rate so that they can get to work or vocational training, is going green with the addition of five electric mopeds to its fleet of conventionally powered bikes. The electric mopeds are now available to hirers through Wheels to Work – a scheme which helps young people aged 16 to 25 years old in some rural areas of Hampshire by loaning them their own form of transport, especially in areas where public transport options may be limited.

  1. Highways maintenance update

Statistics have been published by Hampshire Highways for September this year. In that month 301 emergencies were attended, 59,055 square metres of carriageway were resurfaced and 13,797 gullies and other drainage were cleared. In addition, 9,912 square metres of footway were repaired or resurfaced and around 8,420 potholes were fixed.


Cllr Rhydian Vaughan MBE                                          Happy Christmas

Calleva Division




Appendix B – Planning Summary




21/01069/FUL – Land To Rear Of 22, 24 And 26 Taylor Drive Bramley

Change of use of land to rear of 24 and 26 Taylor Drive and part of 22 Taylor Drive from amenity land to residential including planting of new hedge and erection of new 2m high fence



No objection


21/02689/HSE – Cufaude Cufaude Lane Bramley

Erection of two storey rear extension and single storey rear extension with other minor internal alterations and refurbishment works



No objection


T/00519/21/TCA – Western Boundary Of 1 The Barracks Bramley Green

1 Goat willow: crown reduce all round by approx 2m leaving a finished height of approx 10m with a crown spread 6m

Raise no objection


Defer to tree officer


21/03344/ENSC – Land At Stocks Farm The Street Bramley

Screening opinion for residential development up to 150 dwellings

Environmental statement required

Environmental statement required


21/02383/ROC – 103 Coopers Lane Bramley

Variation of condition 1 of planning consent 20/03124/HSE (Two ground floor pitched roofed extensions) to allow removal of garage door and replaced with UPVC window in-line with remainder of house



No objection


21/03263/HSE – 14 Farriers Close Bramley

Erection of rear ground floor extension


No objection


Pending Applications*


T/00583/20/TPO – Middle Farm The Street Bramley

T1, T2, T3 – Western Red Cedars: prune.

Defer to tree officer


20/03204/VLA – Land At Minchens Lane Bramley

Variation of Section 106 agreement attached to 14/01075/OUT to enable the transfer of the Equipped play area, northern kick about and southern kick about areas to the existing management company instead of the Parish Council

No comment as PC has interest in application


20/03403/FUL – Site At Minchens Lane Bramley

Installation of renewable led energy generating station, comprising ground-mounted photovoltaic solar arrays, battery-based electricity storage containers together with substation, inverter/ transformer stations, site accesses, internal access tracks, security measures, access gates, other ancillary infrastructure, landscaping biodiversity enhancements including a Forest School, associated car parking and Nature Area



21/00521/FUL – Locksbridge Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

Erection of 1no. dwelling and associated parking



21/01219/HSE – Clover Cottage Silchester Road Bramley

Conversion of loft to habitable space, including extension of existing hipped roof and addition of roof lights to the front and rear elevations



21/02396/HSE – Barefoot House Olivers Lane Bramley (see also 21/02397/LBC)

Two storey side/rear extension to provide games and loft room



21/02588/TDC – Land Adjoining Clift Surgery Minchens Lane Bramley

Technical Details Consent for the erection of 6 no. residential units with associated access, parking, and landscaping, pursuant to Permission in Principle Approval Reference 19/01470/PIP for 4-6 no. residential units



21/02650/ROC – Upper Cufaude Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

Variation of Condition 1 of 20/01608/ROC to amend the plan numbers to make elevational and revised internal amendments

No objection


21/02744/HSE – Rose Cottage Sherfield Road Bramley Green

Erection of single storey front and two storey rear extension following removal of existing conservatory

No objection


21/02765/HSE – Middle Farm Cottage The Street Bramley

Erection of single storey side extension, two storey front extension following demolition of single storey front extension, upgrading of external insulation, new fence and gate to front driveway plus changes to fenestration



T/00436/21/TPO – 22 Wallis Drive Bramley

1 Sycamore: prune

Defer to tree officer


21/02791/HSE – Haldene Bramley Lane Bramley

Erection of two storey rear extension, single storey rear extension with conversion of garage to living accommodation, demolition of single storey extension and erection of a front porch. Alterations to external facade of house and replacement windows and doors



T/00508/21/TPO – 24 Wallis Drive Bramley

1 Sycamore: prune.

Defer to tree officer


T/00520/21/TPO – 10 Wallis Drive Bramley

1 Sugar Maple: prune

Defer to tree officer


T/00563/21/TCA – Peregrine House Sherfield Road Bramley Green

T5 Indian Bean Tree & T11 Service Tree of MWA Arb Report

Works: Remove both to near ground level and treat stumps to inhibit regrowth.

Reason: Clay shrinkage subsidence damage at the property.

Defer to tree officer – actively support app.


21/03224/FUL – Cedarwood Silchester Road Bramley

Erection of 2 bed dwelling following demolition of stables/home office and associated landscaping and access


*Objections/no objections listed are the decision of Bramley Parish Council only, and do not reflect any submissions placed by members of the public or other bodies with Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.




Appendix C – Finance

 December Finance documents can be view here