Parish Council meeting minutes – 21st September 2021



Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

Date: Tuesday 21st September 2021 Time:                                    7.00pm
Place: Brocas Hall, Clift Meadow
Present: Cllr Tony Durrant (Chair) Cllr Chris Tomblin
  Cllr Steve Day Cllr Malcolm Bell
  Cllr Chris Flooks Cllr Colin Shimell
  Cllr Liz Capel Cllr Keith Oborn
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 2 members of the public
  Cllr Simon Mahaffey (Borough) Cllr Rhydian Vaughan (County)
  Simon Gill, Clift Meadow Trustees
Apologies: Cllr Bruce Ansell Cllr Nick Robinson (Borough)


1 Apologies for Absence
As listed above.
2 Declarations of Interest
3 Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting
3.1 The minutes of the full Council meeting on held on 20th July 2021 were unanimously agreed to be a true and accurate record of the meeting.  The minutes were duly signed by the Chairman.  


3.2 Matters arising  
·         Battery installation – Cllr Tomblin has replied to officer about HCC Fire and Rescue response which does not appear to take into account that these would be electrical fires.

·         Expenditure summary – Cllr Durrant distributed this at the meeting.

·         Honours Board to be located and retrieved.






4 Ratification of recommendations under the Scheme of Delegation
All Councillors have received a list of the recommendations made to the Clerk under the Scheme of Delegation (see appendix A) between May and August 2021.

Cllr Durrant proposed ratifying all the recommendations as Council decisions.  This was seconded by Cllr Tomblin and unanimously agreed.

5 Open Forum
Cllr Durrant invited comments and questions from the public.

·         None.

6 County Councillor Report

Helping Afghan evacuees  – Hampshire County Council is working with local partners including all District and Borough councils to assist Afghan families re-settle as part of the Government’s Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy programme.

Several families have now been welcomed to the county and we want to ensure they have all the local information they need and are made to feel welcome.

If you wish to donate or help, please visit the website of the registered local charity: Donating to help Afghan Evacuees – Community First ( who are co-ordinating support across the county.

Back to School –  As pupils across the county return to school, plans are in place to keep COVID-19 risks to the absolute minimum. Good hygiene, frequent hand washing, and using twice weekly Lateral Flow tests for eligible pupils is encouraged.

·         Parents or carer of 16 -17-year-olds, are encouraged to them to take up the vaccine

·         Bubbles in schools and the requirement for wearing face coverings in school are no longer in place (though they are still recommended on public transport to school)

·         Activities such as singing and brass bands are back

·         Under-18s no longer have to isolate if in contact with a Covid positive individual but anyone who is unwell, with or without Covid symptoms, should stay at home

·         12-15-year-olds 15 with underlying health conditions or who live with someone that is clinically vulnerable can also be vaccinated.

Pilot to begin for Active ‘School Streets’ – A trial scheme is underway in the county to create a healthier and safer environment for young people walking and cycling to school. It will create low traffic areas at the start and end of the school day by closing selected roads close to schools to all non-essential traffic.

Residents, businesses, and the school community will be surveyed, and traffic volumes monitored. This will inform the decisions about potential future permanent School Streets schemes in Hampshire.

Tougher legal action on fly-tippers – Hampshire County Council and their local authority partners have joined over 150 other local authorities and 10 professional bodies to call for the Sentencing Council to consider tougher fines and sentences for fly-tipping offenders.

More information about fly-tipping, including advice on how to report it, can be found on Hampshire County Council waste and recycling webpages.


Cllr Vaughan also noted the following:

·         The Government has finally put in measures for adult social care.

·         The pandemic has resulted in a lack of funding for many areas, such as the recent cut to child services.

·         County Deal – HCC has been negotiating with Government for greater devolution to counties to better distribute services to local area.  Local boroughs and district councils have also been approached and have mostly responded positively.

·         The Fire Service does not appear to have been involved much in battery storage installations.  This will be looked at.

·         Cllr Tomblin asked about the fire response – it is of concern when one looks at incident history in this country alone.  He is concerned at the generic fire response to the Bramley battery installation application, which does not seem to take into account electrical nature of proposed site.  Cllr Vaughan will raise this with the fire authority.

·         Verge cutting – Cllr Vaughan asked about this a while ago and was told that they would be done by the end of September.  He acknowledged that there are difficulties with sight lines and not cutting back verges regularly.

·         Cllr Bell asked about fly tipping – what are the statistics for people being caught and fined?  Cllr Oborn noted that a BDBC officer has stated that it is only a small percentage of fly tippers.



7 Borough Councillor Report – Cllrs Tomblin and Mahaffey gave a verbal report:

·         The Local Plan Update (LPU) is now being work on in earnest.  The LPU is due for draft form consultation in March 2022.  The BDBC Economic, Planning and Housing (EPH) Committee has had two meetings on the subject, with 29 speakers protesting about housing numbers.  Cllr Mahaffey is a member of the EPH Committee, and he noted the heavy documentation given to members, which they only had a week to read.  The documentation was essentially officers working documents, and not anything like a final plan.  There is some push back from Cllrs on whether the Local Plan should be updated at this time, as some key reports are missing.  BDBC is possibly looking at ‘exceptional circumstances’ to push back on the Basingstoke housing numbers; however, a recent motion to pause the LPU was voted down, and the LPU will continue as planned.  The methodology is to put Basingstoke development first, and then rural development much later – rural sites could be put in NDPs or imposed by BDBC.  This is at the very early stages for at present – Cllr Mahaffey has sought and received assurance that the EPH meeting did not sign any plans off, and this was minuted.  Cllr Mahaffey has submitted a paper to the EPH committee raising a number of issues.  His key issue is that sites being put forward at present mean dual development in parishes – for instance, Razors Farm being a very different community to central Bramley.  He will circulate the document on site selection to Bramley PC councillors, and recommended that the PC  go through and give factual reasons why each site is unsustainable.  Cllr Tomblin noted that the Planning Bill has been put on hold by government – this will inevitably have an effect on Local Plans.  The Environmental Bill going through at the moment will also have an impact.  A number of local district councils have decided to pause their local plan process for now as a result.

·         Basingstoke town centre has lost a large number of retailers – the empty areas may offered as space for flats.

·         Cllr Oborn enquired about land to the east of Sherfield Park – why is an access road being put in?  It was confirmed that this is for the Redlands development.

·         BDBC members visited the Ice Rink this week – the EPH Committee does not have answers to problems at present.

·         Cllr Bell asked about how Bramley has been categorised for the LPU– did Cllr Mahaffey get anywhere with officers about this?  Cllr Mahaffey has not as yet, but he will raise issue again separately.  He agrees that Bramley should be a large village rather than a small service centre.



8 Parish Environment  
8.1 Key Worker Commemorative Bench – the bench has now been ordered, and delivery is expected late October/early November.  The Clerk will liaise with Clift Meadow Trustees on delivery, since it is planned that it will be stored in the Clift Meadow storage facility until installation.  Cllr Durrant noted that there is a spare plinth near the existing war memorial bench.  Nigel Alderman suggested a new plinth near the pub to install the bench would work well.  The location will be decided nearer the time.  


8.2 Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – no update at present.  The only thing awaiting confirmation is the bar – Cllr Bell is waiting for information from the supplier.

Cllr Capel noted that CMT has suggested that the PC should liaise with CMT more on the event.  Simon Gill noted concerns that two similar events on the same day at the same venue could be problematic, but Cllr Bell assure him that the PC event is mainly a beacon lighting event, and not intended as anything like the fete that CMT has planned for the same day.  Liaison between CMT and PC will be helpful.

9 Clerk’s report & Administration  
9.1 Parish magazine article – the Clerk put together the article for the October edition, as the deadline was 15th September.  The next deadline is 15th October for the November edition, and Cllr Durrant is due to write it.  


Cllr Durrant

9.2 IT Policy and emails access  
After some discussion around the issue of allowing emails on mobile phones and balancing convenience against security, Cllr Tomblin proposed amending the IT policy to allow Cllrs to view their Cllr emails on their mobile phones as well as on their tablets, but not any other devices.  This will allow greater ease of access to Council emails.  This was seconded by Cllr Oborn and unanimously agreed.

Instructions are needed on how to save to onedrive and other everyday tasks.

9.3 Parish Council Insurance  
The Clerk has received the insurance renewal documentation from the brokers, Came & Co.  They have recommended that the PC insurance should be through Axa this year, at a total cost of £1,582.  All Cllrs have received a copy of the policy summary, and the Clerk has again reviewed that it is adequate for Bramley PC’s requirements.  It should be noted that this is in the final year of a 3 year long term agreement with Came & Co, and that a full insurance review will be carried out next summer ahead of the agreement expiring.

Cllr Durrant proposed proceeding with the insurance as quoted.  Cllr Shimell seconded, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward.










10 Reports  
10.1 Planning Committee Report (see appendix B)

Cllr Flooks gave a brief report on the September Planning Committee meeting.

Battery installation application (21/00349/FUL) – this is due to be heard by the BDBC Development Control Committee on 6th October.

S.106 issues – the Clerk has chased Persimmon again, as have officers at BDBC.  No reply to date, and no obvious action to date.  The road closure of Minchens Lane in October to allow Persimmon to complete their Highways obligations was noted.

Water issues –Thames Water are still looking at alternative solutions to Bramley issues.

i.            New Applications – none.

ii.            Local Plan Update – the second half of the EPH meeting was held on 16th September.  Bramley PC prepared two documents – the first was a six bullet point summary, and the second was an expansion of those bullet points.  Both were submitted to EPH Committee ahead of meetings.  Cllr Durrant noted that Bramley PC takes pains to be as factual as possible.  Cllr Bell asked if the local MP was getting involved with planning issues in the Bramley Ward – this is not known at present.  Maria Miller is taking concerns of parishes back to parliament – but this is being verified.  Cllr Tomblin noted that Bramley PC have been very proactive during the process so far, and therefore he is disappointed that officers do not appear to have taken this into account more, particularly on water and sewerage issues.  The issue is a big challenge, and Bramley representatives need to continue to be proactive throughout the process as new information becomes available.  Cllr Mahaffey noted that all sites are still up for consideration, whether they have been shortlisted or not.  Cllr Durrant observed that Cllr Robinson has stated that if you have land that will be annexed by Basingstoke, then it is not fair that a parish should also have an allocation as well.  Next EPH  meeting is 18th November.

iii.            Site allocation for Bramley – BDBC officers have suggested that Bramley PC might like to consider including site allocation of the 50-70 houses within the Neighbourhood Plan, rather than having them imposed by BDBC.  This was generally agreed to be a good idea.  Cllr Durrant proposed, Cllr Oborn seconded, unanimously agreed.

10.2 Allotments & Burial Ground

i.             St James Park allotments – the date for the legal work to be completed is now past.  Nothing has been heard from Persimmon’s solicitors, despite them being chased in August for comment or action.  Any further work by the PC solicitor will incur charges over and above what has already been agreed with Persimmon, and a further undertaking for extra charges has been sought.  There has not been a response to this.

Cllr Durrant gave a background to the history of the site – the original lease agreement  they submitted was not suitable, and the PC returned a number of questions.  Some have been answered by the PCs solicitor, but the others have not.  Cllr Tomblin and other ward councillors will raise issues with original s.106 agreement, which do not outline the basic standards expected for the provision of allotments.  Clerk to supply written history and questions, and a summary of the situation and the issues that Bramley PC sees.  This should also to be sent to the solicitors.  Solicitors to chase Persimmon again.

Grays Meadow allotments are now 100% occupied.















10.3 Village Hall Trust – The car park work is now mostly complete – snagging work was carried out last week.

Solar Panel gran app to National Grid – they have heard back from National Grid, possibility of £1000 grant (about half the cost).

The defibrillator needs to be moved to a new location – the Clerk is working with Trustees to facilitate this.

The AGM is scheduled for 1st November.



10.4 Clift Meadow Trust

i.            Update on music event – The CMT Chair of Trustees, Simon Gill, gave a brief update on the music event held in August.  Profit from the event was £2,681.  Without the grant from the PC, the event would have made a loss of £69.  300  tickets were sold.  Litter was non-existent.  There does not appear to have been any trouble, and feedback from attendees and other residents has been positive.  Unsure at present if the event will be repeated.

ii.            CCTV quotes – The Clerk has clarified the quotes for CCTV at Clift Meadow.  To supply and install 1 ANPR camera will be £1314+VAT, and then adjusting the existing camera and adding an extra camera to view both buildings and the whole car park will be £550+VAT.  It should be noted that the existing camera was damaged over the summer, and will need to be replaced at a cost of £389+VAT.  Cllr Tomblin proposed accepting both quotes and the replacement camera, Cllr Capel seconded, unanimously agreed.

iii.            Clift Meadow funding – Cllrs met with Clift Meadow Trustees over the summer for a tour of the facilities and a brief presentation from Trustees on how they work and their thoughts for the future Simon Gill questioned the purpose of CMT – is to put on events for village, or just as custodians for buildings and grounds?  What is the PC feeling on this subject?  Cllr Durrant stated that events give CMT funds to run the building and grounds, and are a welcome part of village life.

Football wall – Simon Gill noted that CMT would like to install a football wall.

a.       Funding for Brocas Hall shutters – funding for the new security grilles for the entry and exit doors will cost around £5000.  Cllr Durrant proposed expenditure, Cllr Tomblin seconded, unanimously agreed.  The rest of the projected expenditure unlikely to be until the next financial year.  This should be reviewed again at next month’s meeting, especially replacement tables and chairs.

Finally Cllr Capel noted that CMT are considering installing electric car charging points.  Cllr Tomblin will enquire with Borough about the BDBC charging point strategy.  Bramley PC is generally supportive, but more detail needed.  This should be on the November agenda , along with consideration about the football wall, and a stick fence for running along the ditch between Clift Meadow and St James Park.

































Cllr Tomblin




10.5 Police & Neighbourhood Watch – no report received.

The new Police & Crime Commissioner wrote to the Chair asking what issues there were in Bramley.  Cllr Durrant has responded, but there has been no reply to date.

10.6 Highways & Footpaths – no report received.  
10.7 Road Safety Project – work on the Bramley Lane junction is now mostly complete.  HCC Highways will be monitoring the traffic situation over the next few weeks, and will apply tweaks to the layout should this become necessary.  There has been some comment via social media about the new junction, but positive and negative.  Cllr Durrant has drafted a reply to this comment, giving a brief history of the project and reasoning behind it, and emphasising that the project was always about safety rather than traffic flow.  He proposed placing this on the PC website and social media.  This was unanimously approved.  Clerk to take forward.

Once work and monitoring is fully complete and HCC Highways sign off the project, the Clerk will notify BDBC and claim the last of the retained monies from the LIF funding.











10.8 Chairman’s Report – no report.  
11 Consultation documents requiring consideration  
12 Grant Applications  
12.1 Citizens Advice –  An application has been received for £750 funding towards the Out of Hours service.

Cllr Tomblin proposed giving a grant of £750 seconded by Cllr Capel, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward.





12.2 Community Speedwatch – An application has been received for funding of equipment insurance – £296.

The most recent report from the Speedwatch Team was noted – the latest deployment of a Speed Indicator Device (SID) on Silchester Road between Monday 6th September and Monday 20th September.  The SID was positioned facing oncoming traffic coming from the direction of Bramley Corner.  The top speed recorded was 78mph on Saturday 18th September at 16:43 a further 188 vehicles  were recorded at speeds in excess of 50mph, 22 over 60mph and 2 over 70mph.  30,732 vehicles were recorded passing the SID.  58.8% of vehicles passing the SID were exceeding the 30 mph speed limit on Silchester Road.

Cllr Shimell proposed giving the grant, Cllr Oborn seconded, unanimously agreed.

12.3 Bramley PPG – details have been received from the PPG for a startup ‘Friendship Walk and Café’.  This would be aimed at people who are isolated in the community, and initially would need funding for a room at Clift Meadow for 1 hour a week for six months – approximately £390.  It is hoped that after this point the initiative will be self-funding.  There may be a possibility in the Spring of a couple of Carers courses being run as well, although this would be funded from elsewhere.  Cllr Day proposed funding the scheme, Cllr Tomblin seconded, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to take forward.  
13 Finance  
13.1 Payments and reconciliation approval – see appendix C

The Clerk noted the payments for September.  Cllr Durrant proposed approving the September payments, seconded by Cllr Day and unanimously approved.  Clerk to action.





13.2 Acknowledgement of Receipts – see appendix B

The receipts for September were noted.  The Clerk noted that the VAT return for Q1 has been submitted, and will be for £609.



14 Date of Next meeting  
The next Parish Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 19th October, venue TBC.  
15 Resolution to exclude press and public from items that may require discussion of possible legal and financial proceedings  
16 Confidential Items  

The meeting closed at 9.35pm





Signed:                 ………………………………………………………………….      Date: ………………………………………              

Appendix A –
Recommendations to Clerk to be ratified – 21st September 2021


 Date Decision
18/05/2021 To accept the minutes of 27th April 2021 and 5th May 2021 as a true and accurate record of those minutes
18/05/2021 To book in house training for all Councillors with HALC
18/05/2021 Planning recommendations as follows:

• T/00140/21/TPO – 4 St Marks Close Bramley – refer to tree officer

• 21/01002/LDPO – 7 St James Close Bramley – no objection

• 21/01069/FUL – Land To Rear Of 22, 24 And 26 Taylor Drive Bramley – no objection

• T/00178/21/TPO – 7 And 8 Oakmead Bramley – refer to tree officer

• 21/01147/FUL – Land At Latchmere Green Ash Lane Latchmere Green Little London – no objection, comments

• 21/01219/HSE – Clover Cottage Silchester Road Bramley – Objection

• 21/01241/HSE – 1 Tottenham Close Bramley – No objection

• T/00194/21/TPO – 1 St James Close Bramley – refer to tree officer


18/05/2021 To give a grant of £2750 to the Clift Meadow Trustees towards holding a music event at Clift Meadow
18/05/2021 To approve the payments for May 2021
15/06/2021 To approve the minutes of the Annual Meeting, held on 17th May 2021, and Full Council on 18th May 2021
15/06/2021 To approve work on digging out the ditches at Bramley Green (£3400)
15/06/2021 To approve booking meetings at a location close to Vyne Park when in person meetings resume
15/06/2021 To leave the temporary scheme of delegation in place until September 2021
15/06/2021 Call for Sites for Green Uses and Gypsy & Traveller Pitches – consultation aimed more at landowners, therefore no PC comment.
15/06/2021 To approve work to narrow the entrance to Clift Meadow by the pub car park (£675)
15/06/2021 To approve the payments for June 2021
20/07/2021 To approve the amended minutes of the 15th June 2021 meeting
20/07/2021 To approve wording and expenditure (£1372) for the key workers commemorative bench
20/07/2021 To approve a £5000 spending cap for the Queens Platinum Jubilee event
20/07/2021 To approve a £50 grant to Victim Support
20/07/2021 To approve the payments for July 2021
23/08/2021 To approve the payments for August 2021




Appendix B – Planning Minutes


Date: 14th September 2021 Time:                    7.00pm
Place: Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall
Present: Cllr Chris Flooks (Chair) Cllr Malcolm Bell
  Cllr Liz Capel Cllr Keith Oborn
  Cllr Chris Tomblin
In attendance: Maxta Thomas (Clerk) 0 members of the public
Apologies: Cllr Simon Mahaffey


1 Apologies for Absence
As listed above.
2 Declarations of Interest
3 Minutes of the Last Planning Committee Meeting
3.1 The minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2021 were unanimously agreed to be a true record of the meeting and were signed by the Chairman.  


3.2 Matters arising  
  • None.
4 Planning & Development  
4.1 New Applications  
a. 21/02383/ROC – 103 Coopers Lane Bramley

Variation of condition 1 of planning consent 20/03124/HSE (Two ground floor pitched roofed extensions) to allow removal of garage door and replaced with UPVC window in-line with remainder of house

  • No objections unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.





b. 21/02396/HSE – Barefoot House Olivers Lane Bramley (see also 21/02397/LBC)

Two storey side/rear extension to provide games and loft room

  • Proposed windows and doors on south elevation do not appear to be in keeping with windows at the front of the house.
  • Destroys symmetry of south elevation view.
  • Objections as above unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.







c. 21/02426/RES – Land Adjoining The Well House Cufaude Lane Bramley Hampshire

Reserved matters application for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale (pursuant to outline permission 20/01320/OUT for the demolition of existing stables and riding arena and the erection of 4 no. dwellings)

  • Members suggested a condition of a charging point for electric cars for each house.
  • Members suggested a condition of no building vehicles to be parked in the road – Cufaude Lane very narrow and parked vehicles will block it.
  • Members observed that proposed houses are very crammed in to the available land.
  • Comments as above, otherwise no objections.  Unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.














d. 21/02439/HSE – Masters House Silchester Road Bramley

Proposed Garage and Garden Store with home office on first floor

  • The building seems excessively high for the proposed purpose.
  • Members requested a condition that it should not be used or converted for residential use.
  • Objections on as outlined above – unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.






e. 21/02515/HSE – 26 Bramley Green Road Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension

  • No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.



f. 21/02505/HSE – 3 Ellen Gardens Bramley

Proposed conversion of existing garage to habitable space and further loft conversion for additional bedroom

  • No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.




g. 21/02569/HSE – Rivendell 42 Bromelia Close Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension

  • No objection unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.



h. 21/02588/TDC – Land Adjoining Clift Surgery Minchens Lane Bramley

Technical Details Consent for the erection of 6 no. residential units with associated access, parking, and landscaping, pursuant to Permission in Principle Approval Reference 19/01470/PIP for 4-6 no. residential units

  • This application will go against advice from Thames Water to not develop upstream of Bramley no.1 SPS.
  • Members requested a condition that construction and delivery vehicles should not be parked off site – Minchens Lane is narrow and very busy.
  • Development of this site precludes any further expansion of the surgery, which is now at capacity (ref Dr Fishers’s note of 27th August 2021).
  • Proposed dwellings are very tightly packed in to the land available.
  • Objections as above unanimously agreed.  Clerk to process.













i. Any other New Applications




4.2 Approvals/Refusals/Pending (see appendix A)

These were noted.

5. Update on Solar Farm application (20/03403/FUL)

No update at present, although this application is scheduled to be considered by the BDBC Development Control Committee in the autumn.


Update on Battery Installation application (21/00349/FUL)

No update at present, although this application is scheduled to be considered by the BDBC Development Control Committee in the autumn.



6. Water Issues

No update at present on sewerage issues.

Cllr Tomblin gave an update on water issues across the Borough.  There has been a lot of discussion about the water supply to the Basingstoke area in general.  The water supply for the northern side of the Borough is from Greywell SINC, which is rapidly draining.  There are plans to mitigate this, but these may not be viable as there a several areas of water supply stress in the south of England.

7. Minchens Lane s.106 issues  
  No update on this at present.  The Clerk has chased Persimmon for a progress report.  
8. Local Plan Update  
Members of Bramley Parish Council met with BDBC officers in late August to discuss the progress of the Local Plan Update, the methodologies being used, and to talk about site selection.  Bramley has been identified as a ‘small local service centre’, but BDBC have taken into account the development that has already occurred within the settlement policy boundary.  It is for this reason that Bramley’s allocation of houses is likely to be between 55 and 70 units – much less than some other rural areas.  However, in view of the recent heavy development and ongoing issues with infrastructure, particularly sewerage issues, Bramley PC contends that there are severe constraints on any further development in the Parish.

There has also been the first part of a meeting of the Economic, Planning and Housing (EPH) Committee at BDBC, where many local parishes (including Bramley PC) and other organisations expressed concern at the housing numbers in rural areas.  The meeting will be continued on Thursday 16th September, and Bramley PC has sent in a written submission outlining why Bramley is unsustainable at this time for further development.

A brief discussion around the issues was held, and tabled until the September full Council meeting.

9. Neighbourhood Plan Update  
One item that has been raised by BDBC Officers as part of the Local Plan Update, and will need to be considered by full Council is that BDBC officers have asked if Bramley PC would consider incorporating site allocation for 55-70 units into the Neighbourhood Plan, rather than BDBC imposing the site allocations.  This is to be considered at full Council.  
10. Date of Next Meeting  
Tuesday 12th October 2021, in the Bramley Room at Bramley Village Hall.


Meeting closed at 8.17pm







1. 21/00789/FUL – QPS House The Street Bramley

Conversion of ground floor from tanning studio (sui-generis) and barber shop (A1) to 1 no. two-bed flat and a E(a) (retail) unit




2. T/00178/21/TPO – 7 And 8 Oakmead Bramley

T1 Oak: prune

T2 Oak: prune



Defer to tree officer

3. 21/01147/FUL – Land At Latchmere Green Ash Lane Latchmere Green Little London

Erection of 1 no. 4 bed dwelling and detached garage following demolition of existing agricultural building



No objection, comments

4. T/00194/21/TPO – 1 St James Close Bramley

T1 Beech: prune


Defer to tree officer

5. 21/01086/HSE – The Stables Cufaude Courtyard Cufaude Lane Bramley

Erection of a single storey front extension and dormer windows


No objection

6. 21/01510/HSE – The Lodge Cufaude Courtyard Cufaude Lane Bramley (see also 21/01511/LBC)

Conversion of existing car-port section of existing dwelling into habitable accommodation. Removal of dormer windows and installation of new dormer windows. Alterations to existing rooflight positions

Application withdrawn



No objection

7. 21/01508/HSE – Cufaude Manor Cufaude Lane Bramley (see also 21/01509/LBC)

Erection of detached garage




8. 21/01890/HSE – 41 Minerva Road Bramley

Erection of single storey side extension


No objection

9. 21/01908/HSE – 16 Olivers Close Bramley

Erection of single storey rear extension


No objection

10. 21/01970/HSE – 5 Razors Farm, New Barn Doric Avenue Chineham

Erection of conservatory to rear elevation and garden/outbuilding in rear garden



No objection


Pending Applications*

1. T/00583/20/TPO – Middle Farm The Street Bramley

T1, T2, T3 – Western Red Cedars: prune.

Defer to tree officer
2. 20/03204/VLA – Land At Minchens Lane Bramley

Variation of Section 106 agreement attached to 14/01075/OUT to enable the transfer of the Equipped play area, northern kick about and southern kick about areas to the existing management company instead of the Parish Council

No comment as PC has interest in application
3. 20/03403/FUL – Site At Minchens Lane Bramley

Installation of renewable led energy generating station, comprising ground-mounted photovoltaic solar arrays, battery-based electricity storage containers together with substation, inverter/ transformer stations, site accesses, internal access tracks, security measures, access gates, other ancillary infrastructure, landscaping biodiversity enhancements including a Forest School, associated car parking and Nature Area

4. 20/03485/VLA – Razors Farm Cufaude Lane Chineham

Variation of Section 106 agreement to modify the mortgagee in possession clause

No objection
5. 21/00349/FUL – Land At OS Ref 464762 159811 Minchens Lane Bramley

Installation of a battery storage facility with associated works

6. 21/00521/FUL – Locksbridge Farm Cufaude Lane Bramley

Erection of 1no. dwelling and associated parking

7. 21/01069/FUL – Land To Rear Of 22, 24 And 26 Taylor Drive Bramley

Change of use of land to rear of 24 and 26 Taylor Drive and part of 22 Taylor Drive from amenity land to residential including planting of new hedge and erection of new 2m high fence

No objection
8. 21/01219/HSE – Clover Cottage Silchester Road Bramley

Conversion of loft to habitable space, including extension of existing hipped roof and addition of roof lights to the front and rear elevations

9. T/00345/21/TCA – Rose Cottage Sherfield Road Bramley Green

G1: Leylandii: Group of 6 trees . Propose to remove and replant. Replace with a more suitable “garden” tree species (Acer spp.) the leylandii are now of a large size and will continue to grow in excess. Due to their height a risk of partial failure under wind loading.

T1: Leylandii: Reasons as above G1

T2: Ash Twin stem: Propose to reduce lateral growth by 2m in directions and remove deadwood. Reduce the risk of partial, or total, limb failure. Manage its growing habit.

T3: Lawson Cyprus: Propose complete removal. Proximity to thatched property, risk of roots encroaching to underground services. Propose to replant further away from the property with an ornamental tree species, willing to take advice on what the council would prefer, we can suggest a Liquid Ambar.

T4: Oak: Previously had pruning works undertaken on lateral growth adjacent the property. Proposal is to reduce this back to suitable growth points as previously done and remove deadwood, to allow suitable space, ventilation for thatched roof and reduce safety concerns.

T5: Thuja: Propose to crown lift up to 2m and reduce lateral growth by 1m in all directions. This is to prevent further lower growth from rooting around driveway and to enable good access into the driveway and manage its growing habit.

Defer to tree officer

*Objections/no objections listed are the decision of Bramley Parish Council only, and do not reflect any submissions placed by members of the public or other bodies with Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.




Appendix C – Finance

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