Parish Council Newsletter – Autumn 2020

Bramley Parish Council

News Update – October 2020

Welcome to Autumn in Bramley.

The Parish Council sincerely hope that everyone is keeping themselves and others safe during these difficult times.  Despite all the restrictions and uncertainties, the Parish Council have resumed monthly meeting via a “Zoom” link on the third Tuesday of every month.

Much has been happening over the summer thus our article this month is in the form of a newsletter which covers the key activities and points of interest.  The most noticeable disappointment is the further delay by Hampshire County Council on the “Safe Route to School” work on the junction of Bramley Lane and Sherfield Road.  We now have a new website and urge you to check it out and let us know what you think of it.  There are a number of ongoing issues around the Parish but rest assured nothing has been forgotten and we are working hard to get resolution on these important matters.

Once again, please keep safe and well.

 Bramley Green bus shelter – many of you have expressed concern about the demolished bus shelter at Bramley Green, which was knocked over in June.  It has taken some time for the insurance to come through for this, and then for our contractor to find a space in his schedule.  However, the bus shelter is being rebuilt as we speak, and we anticipate the work being complete very soon.

Lane End Pond – the balancing pond at Lane End has been looking very unkempt in recent months.  Our thanks go to residents Jane Kirkwood and Wendy Castle for organising a litter pick in the area.  The eagle eyed among you will have spotted that Oliver Harman has just completed some maintenance work at the pond, which is now looking much tidier.

Cinder Track – the Parish Council has carried out ongoing maintenance at the Cinder Track over the late summer/early autumn, with fly tipping and broken branches being removed on a regular basis.  After it being confirmed that HCC Rights of Way will not be cutting back the overgrown vegetation on the stretch between Mekanix and Lane End, the PC has arranged for a local contractor to carry out the work.  This happened in the second week of October.  The footpath is part of the National Route 13 (Brenda Parker Way) so the Parish Council is at a loss as to why the HCC Rights of Way team are not maintaining the path; we will follow up with them.  As it is a major route in constant use, we determined maintenance was a not a matter to leave unattended.

Bramley Lane junction improvement – this work was due to be carried out by HCC Highways over this summer, and was then delayed until November 2020.  However, the work has been delayed again, partly due to the pandemic.  The latest we have heard is that work will commence in January 2021, with some minor utilities work ahead of that.  We will keep you all updated with any news as we get it.  The Parish Council has expressed its disappointment to HCC Highways over the delays – as it stands at the moment, delivery of the project will be 5 months behind schedule.

Clift Meadow Path – Following an on-site meeting between the Parish Council Chairman, Ward Councillor Tomblin, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council (BDBC) enforcement officers and representatives of Persimmon Homes, a number of topics requiring remedial action on the site were discussed, and a review meeting will be held in two months.  However, regarding the Clift Meadow path, the Borough Planning Officers will not get involved and the developer is dragging its feet. The Parish Council has put in a proposal for a different and vandal proof lighting system but again we await specifications from the developer.

Solar Farm proposals – many of you will be aware of the proposals for a solar farm on a large site near the Bramley Sub-Station.  At present, there is no full application, just a request to establish whether a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required.  This has now been decided, and the developer has been told that a full EIA must be submitted with the full planning application.  The Parish Council supported the need for a full EIA, and will let residents know about the formal application as it becomes available.

Local Plan Update – the BDBC Local Plan update has reached a consultation stage, on Issues and Options.  This can be found here: .  We would encourage residents to take part in the survey and let BDBC know of their views about development in Bramley.  It’s also worth bearing in mind Government consultations on an overhaul to the planning process – details can be found here:

Website – the Bramley Parish Council website has had a major overhaul, and has changed address.  It can now be found at .  However, those of you still using the old address will automatically directed to the new website.  Please bear with us whilst we resolve any “glitches” that may occur during the early days of its use.

Monthly Parish Council Meetings – Meetings resumed in September and will continue to be held via “Zoom” session on the third Tuesday of every month. Planning Committee meetings have also resumed.  Please check notice boards and the website for details.


Tony Durrant, Chair, Bramley Parish Council

Maxta Thomas, Clerk to Bramley Parish Council