St James Park developer issues

*UPDATE* – 4th January 2021

More news on the Clift Meadow path to and from St James Park.
We are sure you are aware that the path does not drain well, leaving surface water and flooding in places.
Along with the lighting matter the Parish Council raised the drainage issues with Persimmon Homes again before Christmas. After some discussion they reluctantly agreed to “re-shape” the path profile and surfacing to improve the drainage.
This is good news but do not hold your breath as they do not act quickly in these remedial matters.
In the meantime, given the wet and freezing weather forecast for the coming days, PLEASE TAKE CARE WHEN USING THE PATH. For now the path remains the responsibility of Persimmon Homes, however the PC will keep an eye on things during this cold season.


5th November 2020

Bramley Parish Council has been liaising with Persimmon and Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council (BDBC) to resolve a number of issues surrounding the St James Park development and some outstanding s.106 agreement issues. Of particular concern to the Parish Council is the new footpath on Clift Meadow, leading from the footbridge down towards The Street. Residents will be aware of the flooding issues on this footpath, and the vandalised lights along the path. To help illustrate the issues that the Parish Council are facing, a timeline of events can be seen here.

We have just (04/11/20) been informed, by Persimmon, that removal of the broken lights and fencing is imminent.

The Parish Council will continue to work with Persimmon and Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council, and will keep residents updated.

The next meeting between the Parish Council, Persimmon, and Borough Council officers has been postponed from November until December at the request of BDBC, due to the latest lockdown constraints.