Submission to the Economic, Planning and Housing Committee

Bramley Parish Council has submitted the following text the members of the Economic, Planning and Housing Committee at Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council, prior to their key meeting about the Local Plan on 2nd September.  The full document can be read here

Reasons for NO more development in Bramley in the LPU

  • Sewage and drainage infrastructure is unsustainable for the current housing numbers

Thames Water on April 19th 2021 stated in a letter to the Parish Council “we would request a planning condition that no further development took place upstream of Bramley No1 SPS ahead of any works taking place………. Timescale would be 2-3 years from approval.”  This is critical infrastructure work between Bramley and the Sherfield-on-Loddon treatment plant and not including work at the plant.  This is currently a showstopper.


  • Bramley has already contributed far in excess of its need and current LP targets

This fact has been noted by the Inspector in a review early in the plan period.


  • The Doctor’s Surgery is at capacity and there is no adjacent land available for future expansion

Dr N Fisher confirmed in writing on 27th August 2021 that the surgery cannot accommodate more patients.  Quote “This is to state that the Clift Surgery is at full capacity not only as building but also as a workforce.”


  • Flooding across the Parish remains a significant issue as it has for many years

The history of Bramley tells us it is a very wet area prone to flooding.  An independent study of 2016 provided to the Borough Officers warned of and predicted the issues at the recently completed Centenary Fields development.


  • Transport infrastructure is reaching its limitations and at times exceeds capacity

Bramley is served by one heavily used and poorly maintained “C” class road, which is not prioritised as a major thoroughfare by the Authorities despite being the only viable east/west route north of Basingstoke.  The network of narrow rural roads is often jammed with traffic especially when the A33 has problems.  The bus service is at best inadequate.  The railway station has no dedicated parking and is in fact serving many other communities other than Bramley which causes major traffic issues and adversely impacts resident parking.  Fares are too expensive for many thus isolating some residents.  Level crossing down time is 35 minutes out of every hour and adds to Bramley’s unsustainability.  Air pollution is an issue around the level crossing area.


  • The local school has little or no capacity in its current form

The school includes other settlements in its catchment area which also have proposed development.  It was confirmed by school representatives on 27th August 2021 that there are plans being worked on but to increase capacity would require building and therefore land along with more staff.  Short term capacity increases are not realistic.


Further information and references can be found at where there are reports on infrastructure and housing, a flood study, traffic reviews, air pollution, and sewerage information.  A more recent update on the sewerage issues can be found here: